Sword Snake is a former Triple Agent working for DIO, but later reassigned himself to WOLFHOUND after realising that his actions could cause Wars. He was assigned as a Triple Agent for GRU of Russian, CIA of the US, and ISS of Oman. Despite his codename, he has no genetic or biological relation to Solid Snake except that he was taught CQC by Snake after he started reusing it.

Early life and Career Edit

Prior to his career in the DIO, Jamie was a member of an Australian Army Cadets, but never goes into detail about it. He met Ocelot during this time, and soon idolized the older man. He was defeated in a Hand-to-Hand combatant by Ocelot, and was later left badly beaten. He was rescued by Otacon, and whom recuperated him. He adopted the Ocelot as a nickname, and when he joined DIO in 2014, he took on the codename Zero Ocelot, after it was discovered that he could Zero Shift. He had unnatural strength, and speed. This was before he got his Nanomachines, and after all his abilities where increased including his Zero Shift ability. DIO assigned him to be a Triple Agent, and keep tabs on the CIA, GRU, and ISS. However after months of spying, he learnt that what he is doing could cause a potential War, and left to join WOLFHOUND; a Military Nation that tries to keep the peace. He later became known has Sword Ocelot, by changed it to Sword Snake after Ocelot's codename caused him grief from the world, after an unknown operation he became widely known as Sword Strike a legendary title to WOLFHOUNDers, and soon became feared by many other terrorists, and agency. He rejected the title thinking he wasn't ready for it.

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