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Specification Information
Known Naming ZEKE II, PAZ, Type II (C)
Type Humanoid Bipedal AI Metal Gear Operating System
Developed From Metal Gear ZEKE, Metal Gear Stegodon (Type-Minda I) (Partial)
Origin The Household Faction
Designer Dr.Ayberk
Crew AI-Controlled
Height 14.6 m, 15.2 m(Rail-Gun Facing Upwards)
Armor Deflective Titanium Composite Armour lite

Strengths: Hexagonal Balanced Aspects

Weaknesses: AI Cannot Self Launch

Structure CharacteristicsEdit


  • 2x Revamped Machine Cannon
Mark II's standard Anti-Infantry/Armored Car machine gun developed from Metal Gear ZEKE Itself. However the difference between the original is that this weapon isn't categorize as an ordinary machine "Gun" replaces with a word "Cannon" instead, capable of dealing penetrative-explosive Firepower due to rounds being HEAP load-outs.
The weapon concealed within its left and right side torso compartments almost near the shoulders. when activated or used it slides towards the lower bottom as the machine cannon are rotatable towards its target by 45° arc.
  • 2x Portable Dual Rail-gun
  • 2x SDS-ACM (Self Defence System - Anti-missile Counter Measure)
  • 3x Anti-Infantry/Tank Implode-Splinter Spear
  • ??x Micro Missile Container Armor

System FeaturesEdit

  • Jump Jet "Stratosphere"

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