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Weeks after its defeat by Phantom Boss, the Household engineers would re-construct the damaged Stegodon however scrapped the phase. They've considered making a more 'Balanced' Metal Gear using portion data derived from ZEKE by an Unknown Client. Thus Metal Gear ZEKE MK.II was phased in under a Codename as "PAZ".


Specification Information
Model No. P/AMG-STE097t-m
Type Bipedal/Quadrupedal Anti-Metal Gear
Origin The Household Faction
Designer Dr.Ayberk
Crew AI-Controlled
Height 13.6 m
Length 29.2 m
Width 14.5 m

Strengths: Heavy Artillery All-Range

Weaknesses: Low Mobility

Structure CharacteristicsEdit


  • 4x Dual Anti-Infantry/Tank Gustav Rifle Cannon Turret
  • 2x Portable Rail-gun (Replaced with Battery Coil Cannon Later Date)
  • 4x SDS-ACM (Self Defence System - Anti-missile Counter Measure)
  • ??x Micro Missile Container

Gameplay (MGS Peace Walker: AA [Fanon])Edit

Other VariantsEdit

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