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Metal Gear Solid:The Lone Fox is a fanon written by Jim Logan with input from Daniel Lassiter. It's set three years after the events of Metal Gear Solid:Dark Syndicate. The protagonist is Catherine Black and it's set in the year 2026 and 2030. It's slated to be the last entry in the Blackseries.


Catherine was sitting on her "private deck" at FoxBase, baking in the sun, while two shells over recruits and trained soldiers beat each other to a pulp, training in CQC, she could imagine Sunny and Naomi ordering scientists around in the R & D lab, trying to perhaps put out a fire accidentally started by one of Sunny's failed experiments, or perhaps Naomi and Sunny arguing over how to handle their next project. In the next shell she imagined their Metal Gear ZEKE they recovered from Vergil being repaired after the bombing raid by the ON. In the next shell over, to her left, she imagined Pierre and Katnis running drills on the new recruits in the hot sun without water, trying to toughen them up, while older recruits laugh their asses off watching the newbies begging for mercy. Finally she imagined Molly walking around with Metal Gear following her around like a lovesick puppy while she tried to cure her boredom. Catherine was brought back, she was leaning against an empty container, legs outstretched, only wearing her swim suit, trying to catch some of the sun's rays. For the past two and a half years, her and her team operated as soldiers for hire, coming to aide of smaller countries who couldn't raise their own army, but since most of the world was preoccupied with World War III going on in Russia and China, business was slow. However, Catherine compensated this by building their base in the Atlantic, they had many passing ships visit them and trade resources, including sugar, spices and exotic foods. Catherine dug into her effects which were sitting at her side, trying to find her pack of cigarettes, but she couldn't find them. She swore and said to herself "I knew I forgot something." She hit the back of her head against the container, causing a loud clang. A few minutes later, she heard footsteps radiate off the metal grating. Catherine shouted "I told you, no disturbances!" A female voice replied "Nice to see you too, honey." Catherine opened her eyes and saw Katnis standing over her, blocking her sunlight. Catherine gave her an annoyed wave prompting Katnis to take a seat beside her. Catherine noticed Katnis was still wearing her military fatigues, fully decorated with "Paix Sans Renards" (Peace Without Foxes) logos.

Katnis asked "How long have you been baking here?" Catherine mumbled "Three or four hours." Katnis asked "No water?" Catherine shook her head "Nope." Katnis said in a mocking tone "You should be complaining like those rookies over there who are vomiting on the roof." Catherine said "I really didn't need to know that." Katnis smiled "Oh yes you did." Catherine smirked "You're so weird." Katnis placed her hands behind her head and said "Shut up, you love me." Catherine asked "Where's Molly?" Katnis craned her neck and said "Watching the Ka-60 Kasatka's take off." Catherine nodded to herself, and she remembered; Molly had watched every helicopter take off and landing, every week for the past two years, Catherine guessed Molly just loved helicopters, maybe flying in general. Catherine said "Hey maybe she'll be a pilot." Katnis nodded in agreement "Maybe we can get Uncle Hal to teacher her." Catherine growled at the mention of Otacon's name. Katnis asked "You still mad at him?" Catherine nodded "Yeah.." Katnis dug into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, her favorite brand entitled The Saints and asked "You want some?" Catherine nodded "Sure, what the hell?" Catherine took a cigarette, and started smoking, she found it to be too bland for her taste, more spark less flavor. She shrugged it off and just enjoyed it.

Catherine's codec started going off, and she pressed against her ear, causing a holographic image of Sunny to appear in front her eyes. The holographic images used for the codec were designed by Sunny herself, projected by the nanomachines around the user's brain, it came in handy in case the user needed to see the other person, but it was somewhat stressful on the eyes, as from tests it has been proven it causes eye strain. From the image of Sunny, Catherine could see oil smudges on her cheeks and what appeared to be soot on her nose, she guessed something blew up. Catherine asked "What do you need, Sunny? Did one of your experiments light on fire?" Sunny asked "Why don't you turn the holo off? You know it hurts your eyes." Catherine said "Yeah so do other things, what do you need?" Sunny said "Oh! There's someone who wants to talk to you in the comm room." Catherine grumbled "If it's some Russian diplomat begging us to help their border dispute with China, I swear to god I am torching your lab!" Sunny let out a laugh and said "It's not, I promise." Catherine sighed "Fine, thank you Sunny." Sunny chirped "With pleasure!" Sunny signed off, causing the hologram to vanish before her eyes. Even after using the hologram for about a year she still hadn't gotten used to it. Catherine stood up, stretched and went to put on her uniform when Katnis asked "Why don't you go in looking like that? Whoever it is might like what they see, I know I do." Catherine rolled her eyes "I'm in a two piece, unless they're a major pervert, I doubt they will care." Catherine, now dressed in an olive drab military fatigues, put on a pair of dark sunglasses. Before she started walking toward Shell 1, Katnis grabbed her leg and said "Give me back my sunglasses." Catherine rolled her eyes "You're wearing yours, dumbass." Katnis winked through her glasses and said "Don't be too rude to whoever wants to talk to you. Kay?" Catherine smiled "Always."

Catherine made her way into the communications room, and although the lights were off, one could easily walk through the room due to the multiple lights constantly flashing on the equipment, which she could only hope to understand how any of it actually works. She took a seat in front of the large screen, flipped a switch and a larger man, possibly in his forties, gray haired with a chin-length beard. He had several large scars going across his face. He had a tired expression, but looked as if he could fight an entire army and come out on top. Catherine asked in an annoyed tone "What do you want?" The man said in a sympathetic tone "We wish for your group's assistance in our fight against the Chinese dogs." Catherine sighed and said in a practiced tone "And why should we?" The man scoffed "We are getting our asses handed to us! We are losing the Motherland to those commies!" Catherine said "Then just bomb them." The man said "They have anti-aircraft." Catherine rolled her eyes "Of course they do..tell me, what makes you think this "rag tag team of pirates all the way out in the middle of the ocean" can do against the Chinese military, that you; the largest military fighting force on the planet couldn't." The man said in a sad tone "We are begging you, we need all the help we could possibly get." Catherine asked "And what's in it for us?" The man said "I have sent you some information, you and your crew might be interested in." The printer to Catherine's left started dispensing seven large pieces of paper, all decorated with designs to what appeared to be Metal Gear's one particular one that caught her eye was one that resembled the Shagohod/Pupa. Catherine asked "What's the meaning of this?" The man said "Our scientists were working on designing our own Metal Gears to help us in the war, but the labs were all seized by those China army. We assume they have taken then back to Beijing." Catherine placed the papers on the table and asked "Mind if I get back to you on this?" The man nodded "With pleasure." Catherine flipped the switch, causing the image of the representative to disappear. She sighed to herself, and dialed Molly on her codec. Molly answered in a cheery, and made an almost chirping noise, "Hi mom! What cha need?" Catherine said "Get me the flamethrower." Molly asked "Did one of Sunny's experiments break out?" Catherine mumbled "Something like that."

Chapter 1Edit

Four days later, storm clouds were hovering over the base, emptying it's contents of heavy, cold rain, making it extremely hard to see fifty feet around the base. Catherine and Molly were sharing a chair, while the child was sipping hot chocolate, Catherine was listening to Sunny as she tried to explain her latest experiments. A message popped up on the screen reading [ALERT], she hit a button and the man in charge of the hangar appeared on the screen. Catherine asked "What is it, was there an accident?" The man shook his head "No ma'am, we have a helicopter landing." Katnis, who was lying on the couch, asked "Who in their right minds would fly in this weather?" Catherine replied "Two people, a crazy Russian, or dear old dad." Molly shouted "Grandpa!" Catherine lightly tapped her on the back of the head and said "I gotta get up. We've got some guests to greet."

Twenty minutes later, Catherine was standing out in the rain, and watched at the Hind D land on the helipad, her soldiers surrounded the plane and raised their guns awaiting the order to fire. Two forms stepped off the vehicle, an older man, and a young woman, possibly seventeen. Catherine raised her arm, indicating to lower their weapons, but keep on guard. Catherine said to the pair "Please, come inside, we are glad to give you refuge until the storm passes." The two followed silently, with the dozen soldiers following them, weapons at the ready. Catherine lead the two into the break room in Shell one, and had Katnis make them each a cup of coffee. Catherine asked "So what brings you two here?" The man raised his hood, revealing himself to be the man who she talked to several days earlier, which wasn't a surprise to her. The man spread his hands and said "My name is Karl Kristoph, this is my associate, Charlene Casino Cryla." Catherine smiled as she lit a cigarette "Funny initials. But you haven't answered my question, why are you here?" Karl said in a polite tone "We've come here to request your assistance." Catherine raised an eyebrow "And if I still refuse?" Karl spread his hands "Then we go to your American government to request their assistance." Catherine said in a mocking tone "Are things that bad out East?" Karl asked "What do you mean?" Catherine said "The Russians reduced to asking America for assistance." Karl sighed "Both governments have threatened nuke strikes unless the other side surrenders. It seems as if China truly is going to attack Moscow. If we lose Moscow, the war is over, and Communism shall spread throughout Eurasia, unchecked by your petty governments ." Catherine tapped off more soot from her cigarette and said "Not my problem, bub." Karl threw the papers of the Metal Gears, China posses on the table and shouted "Hasn't it been your family's duty to destroy these monstrosities throughout the world?!" Catherine said "My grandfather also created those monstrosities at one point in his life. Unless they're used against me, I really don't care." Karl said in a slightly more calm tone "You must understand, those abominations are going to be used against Mother Russia! They will be used to murder innocent lives! Catherine looked him in the eye and said "I know, and I'm sorry about that, but it's not my problem, I'm not a nomad, I'm not the Church, I am not some sympathizer, I'm a soldier, I fight wars, I kill people. That's my job. It's what I'm good at. Now I am telling you, we will not help you simply because you idiots created a Metal Gear despite it being an INTERNATIONAL law not to." Karl said "I didn't make them, I am asking you to destroy them before they are used as innocents!" Catherine asked "So it'd OK for you to use the Metal Gears to end the war by murdering innocent Chinese people, but it's not OK for Chinese to use the Metal Gears to end the war by killing innocents. Oh I can see open minded you are." Karl said "I didn't come here to be mocked and ridiculed, American. I came here asking for your help to end the war for us. Take the Metal Gears for all I care, just help us destroy them! If they're used we are doomed! They will not stop with Mother Russia! They will spread throughout the world!" Katnis appeared at Catherine's shoulder and said "We could use the parts from the Metal Gears to complete our project, it could work for well for us." Karl asked "And who is this beautiful woman?" Catherine growled "She's mine." Katnis waved her away and said "My name is Katnis, everyone around here calls me Kat." Karl said in a pitiful tone "Please, help us. We are begging you." Catherine sighed "Fine, I'll do it. But only for the Metal Gear parts. Not for the Russian people, and especially not for you."

Shortly after their meeting, and the rain had ceased, Catherine had Karl and his companion sent back to Russia, she dialed Sunny on the Codec and asked "You got my gear ready?" Sunny said in a chipper tone "Affirmative. We're all ready down here!" Catherine made her way over to the weapons lab, stopped at the door marked with a five. Catherine turned to the slightly hidden camera above the door, which performed it's ID scan before saying in an automated Otacon-like voice "Welcome, Catherine." She slowly walked in and was met with the scent of burning oil. She saw many of the workers assigned under Sunny and Naomi working hard on other services while she met the pair on the second floor. Both of them were dressed in their normal white lab coat, which were covered in grime and seemed like they hadn't been washed in weeks. Sunny herself had her hair tied up in a bun, a headset around her neck, and her face was covered with what appeared to be dark oil. Naomi on the other hand looked moderately clean, despite what the state of her coat was in. Catherine guessed Sunny was the one who did all the "dirty work" while Naomi gave instructions.

Sunny turned, gave a mock salute and said in a commanding tone "Commander Snake, on board!" Catherine peered over to Sunny's workers who, didn't seem to pay attention to Sunny's decree, and only continued on with their tasks. Catherine asked in a mocking tone "You want me to fire them so you can get some more obedient workers?" Sunny shook her head "No, it's fine. They get work done." Catherine asked "So have you two set up my gear?" Naomi nodded "Yes but first..." Naomi protruded a syringe and went to stick Catherine in the neck, but Catherine blocked her hand and asked "What's in that?" Naomi rolled her eyes "Let that go, you big baby." Catherine grunted "Fine" as Naomi stuck the syringe into Catherine's neck. Once she was done, Naomi patted Catherine on the neck and asked "Not so bad, was it?" Catherine snarled "What was in that?" Sunny asked "Want me to explain?" Naomi said "Sure, I'll get the gun wall ready." Naomi disappeared around the corner, and Sunny started explaining "You see, larger countries like Russia, China, several countries in Europe and even America started using a downgraded SOP System, guns are ID locked for every soldier, even cards, trucks, planes et cetera." Catherine said in a slightly annoyed tone "Please, get to the point." Sunny gave an understanding nod and said "Those nanomachines we just injected into you should disguise your ID and allow you to use ID locked weapons, and vehicles without any problem." Catherine clenched her fist and said "Alright, I'm game. What else you got for me?" Sunny said "Follow me, if you please." Catherine put her hands in her pockets and followed Sunny through the maze of passages while the smell of smoke, burning oil and the sounds of pounding medal and intense arguing filled the air.

The pair moved to the ground level and went to the darker corner of the room which was sectioned off with a level six painted on the door. Catherine and Sunny each performed their individual camera scan before entering the room and found Naomi already waiting and ready. Catherine looked at the wall of weapons and asked "What am I taking?" Sunny said "Well we created, this." Sunny tapped a twenty seven digit code into a wall safe, dug in it for a minute before taking out what appeared to be a watch. Catherine asked "What's this?" Sunny said "Well, we know you can't exactly go walking into a war zone with Metal Gear following you around holding all your weapons and items for you, so we had Uncle Hal help us design this watch!" Catherine said "It looks like that thing Samsung threw out in 2013." Sunny nodded "Yeah, it was either that, or a huge bulky version that would take up half your wrist." Catherine smiled "I'll take this one, but what exactly does it do, and give me the short version please." Sunny said "Alright, similar to the Mark II, it uses special shrinking technology and can store anything from the size of a pocket knife to the size of a rail gun." Catherine asked in a sly tone "Can it store vehicles, people?" Sunny laughed "Oh god no." Catherine said "Just joking." Sunny said "So if you're captured, just put your weapons and any items into the watch, it can only be accessed by you, and us in here with a level seven access." Catherine asked "So what weapons will I have access to?" Naomi waved her hand at the wall of weapons "All of them that are present here, suppressors pre-equipped and all." Catherine asked "How many weapons will I be able to have on me, and what kind, lethal or non lethal?" Naomi said "One side arm. One rifle or machine gun on your waist, and one on your back, maybe a sniper or a heavy machine gun for larger groups. What you take, is your choice." Catherine said "Well, I'll start out with a SOCOM and... an AM MRS-4 Rifle." Sunny smiled "I have something you might enjoy." Catherine gave Sunny a concerned look and asked in a scared tone "What...?" Sunny hoisted a gun that resembled a weapon out of a James Cameron movie and said "This is an Impulse Rifle, semi automatic, and even though it's heavy it can pierce the strongest of armors!" Catherine said " offense Sunny, but that doesn't look like something I would be able to use in a sneaking mission." Sunny gave an understanding nod and said "Next time." Catherine asked "So what's my gear gonna look like?" Sunny said "You have several alternate outfits you can switch between already calibrated into the watch, but your default with be a dark blue-gray sneaking suit." Catherine nodded "It's now or never...and I really would have it be never." Sunny saluted "Good luck."

Chapter 2Edit

Catherine cautiously crawled on her stomach toward the edge of the cliffside. Rain was pounding around her, and she could hardly see in front of her, she pushed her night vision goggles. She dialed Sunny and said "Yo, Sunny I'm at the 'starting point'." Sunny said in a positive tone "Great job Snake! Age hasn't slowed you down one bit!" Catherine growled "What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" Sunny let out a nervous laugh and said "Nevermind that. We need you to get on with the mission." Catherine said "Will do." Naomi's voice chimed in "We should use codenames from here-on-in, just incase." Catherine nodded "Alright. What do you want to be called?" Sunny said "You can call me err... Miss X, or just X." Katnis said "You can call me Phoenix." Catherine asked "What about you, Naomi?" Naomi said in a proud tone "You can call me Fox." Catherine asked 'After your brother?" Naomi nodded "Yes." Catherine said "Alright, now what am I doing?" Sunny replied "There's a truck that's supposed to be going to head to the Metal Gear base about to pass by that mountain any minute now, and in this rain they will have to stop for a minute to clear out debris. You will have to get into the truck and ride it to the base, find the Metal Gear and take it out." Catherine said "Doesn't sound too hard." She signed off and waited in the pouring rain for about four minutes when a truck sped up the mountain pass before stopping to a halt. Two soldiers, heavily armed with emblems on their shoulders, which she couldn't see in the rain. She took advantage and sprinted down the cliff, climbed into the back of the truck and briefly inspected the contents, finding them mostly to be boxes filled with medical supplies and weapons. Catherine whispered into the Codec "How the hell do I hide in this?!" Naomi said "Equip a cardboard box. You should be able to blend in with the other equipment." Catherine gave Naomi a disbelieving scoff and asked "When has a cardboard box ever worked?" Naomi said "It worked for your father." Catherine sighed "If I get shot, I am haunting you for the rest of your life." Sunny shouted "Shut up and do it!" Catherine sighed, and placed the cardboard box over her head and bent down. A few seconds later, the truck started up again, and started moving. Catherine mumbled to herself "This is going to be a bumpy ride." About ten minutes later, just as Catherine was dozing off, the truck stopped once again and the boxes were all unloaded, including hers, however once her box was placed, it tilted off and fell to the floor, but no one came to pick her box up. Catherine took out her AP Sensor and checked to make sure no one was around, and once she was satisfied with the results she unequipped the box. Catherine took cover behind a pile of boxes and said into her codec "Successfully infiltrated the base." Sunny smiled "Great job, Snake! Now get to work!" Catherine took out her Solid Eye, switched to binocular mode and scanned several soldiers patrolling the area, she spotted one of the soldiers' emblems and saw it was a modified Russian flag. Catherine said in a disbelieving tone "X, they're Russian troops! They look like KGB!" Naomi shouted "What the hell?!" Catherine used the Codec's camera feature to snap an image of one of the patrolling guards' emblems on his shoulder and sent it to Naomi. Catherine said "Do a search for them, I want to know exactly who I am dealing with." Naomi nodded "Right."

Catherine quickly spotted a two-man team of patrolling guards on the second floor. Catherine whispered into the Codec "I got a bad feeling, I'm going to put my weapons in the watch..thing how do I do that?" Sunny said "Just press the button, wait a second and wait for the ping. That's the sign that the watch ID's you and you will be able to use it." Catherine hit the button, and a second later, the watch made a hardly audible ping sound. Catherine asked "Now what?" Sunny quickly gave her the run-down on how to use the watch and after only a minute, Catherine's equipment was hidden in the safest place imaginable. Catherine almost felt naked, but she knew at least if she was captured she had viable means of escape. Catherine threw herself behind a wall as the two guards were conversating about something. The taller of the two said "I will start inspecting the other level, you stay down here. The boss said it will be a quiet night. Good luck." The shorter of the two nodded "Thank you, comrade." The taller guard vanished around the corner, and the shorter guard watched his friend go. Catherine took advantage and quickly snuck up behind the guard and said in a low voice "Guten tag." The guard gasped and went to turn around, but Catherine caught the guard mid-turn and quickly snapped his neck. The man's body crumbled to the floor, and Catherine swiftly hid the man's corpse, took his AK-47u and extra ammo. Catherine whispered to the corpse "Thank you, comrade." Catherine crept through the building going around several twists and turns until she found a room full of at least a hundred guards. All standing in rows, as if it was an assembly. Catherine mumbled "I would not like to fight through that." Naomi said "I wouldn't either. They're a Russian PMC, Доминаторы." Catherine snarled into the Codec, "I can't speak Russian." Naomi said "If you'd let me finish, the Dominators are a Russian PMC, that work mainly in the Middle East, and Western Asia." Catherine asked in disbelief "Russians took over a Russian base for Chinese?" Naomi nodded "Seems that way." Sunny cut in "Hey! It looks like someone is about to make a speech!" Catherine peered up toward the stage and a man dressed in a black trenchcoat, pants and wearing a fedora walked up to the mic and shouted in an elegant voice "Brothers! For twenty years we've lived as slaves for our Motherland! We fought, we lived and died on the battlefield for our country and they repayed us by stabbing us in the back!" Catherine asked "What the hell is he talking about?" Naomi said "The group was known for extremely dangerous black ops missions which resulted in heavy civilian casualties. I don't recognize this man, he seems to be a newbie." Catherine said "He looks maybe...twenty, twenty five." The man continued his speech, and brought up references to the Shadow Moses and Big Shell Incidents. He blamed a certain people for their miseries before declaring "And now! We have a weapon, that will show the entire world a message!" Catherine's eyes flicked up as what looked like the Shagohod rose up to the stage behind him. Catherine said "And there's the Metal Gear." The man shouted and in a prideful tone "And you men will defend our right to glory! You will bring greatness back to our long-dead motherland! In six months we will launch a nuke into the heart of China, crippling them, allowing for our homeland to win the war!" The man tipped his hat and went to leave the room, but just before he left the stage, he looked directly at Catherine and said in a mellow tone "And to you Snake, try not to damage her too badly." The soldiers in attendance looked around in confusion as the man in black left the stage. A few seconds later, the Metal Gear studdered awake and opened fire on the unsuspecting guards, murdering them all within a few seconds. Catherine said " the hell am I going to...?" Catherine couldn't finish her sentence as the Metal Gear locked it's gun on her position and opened fire, forcing her to jump from the guard rail, landing on her left ankle. Catherine opened fire on the monstrosity but, as expected it had no effect. Catherine dove behind cover and asked as she reloaded her gun. "Anyone got any advice?" Sunny said in a frightened tone "Uh-uh, the treds at the bottom seem to falter when it turns, an explosive be able to cripple it!" Catherine asked "And how the hell did you find that out?" Sunny said "I paid attention to the machine as it turned to kill the guards." Catherine smirked "About as good as I am going to get right now." Sunny smiled "We'll be her-" What sounded like an explosion interrupted Sunny's speech, Catherine assumed it was the Metal Gear still trying to find Catherine by blasting everything in sight. She took out a grenade she swiped from a grenade from her pouch and with careful aim, she tossed it making it land just below the treads. When it exploded, it seemed to do the trick as the Metal Gear stopped moving. Catherine thought to herself "A few more should do the trick." Catherine repeated this maneuver four times until the Metal Gear seemingly stopped moving.

A voice appeared over her Codec "Don't bother trying to salvage anything from the Metal Gear, the only thing in it is a broken AI. If I were you, I'd be getting back to your friends." Catherine asked "And who's this?" The voice replied "Your base is being attacked as we speak." Catherine signed off the Codec and darted for the entrance of the compound. Once outside she called for a helicopter. She was picked up a few minutes later and made the trip over to the base, but once there she found it on fire, bodies surrounding the base while jets and other helicopters were bombing the hell out of the base. Catherine yelled at the pilot "Search for the survivors!" The pilot shouted back "Roger, ma'am!" But before another anything could be done, there was a white flash, and then nothing.

Chapter 3Edit

Darkness slowly faded, she fought to open her eyes, but she only managed to open her right eye. When she did she was met with a blinding light, and she felt like someone was shinning a flashlight in her eye. When the light cleared, she noticed a little figure sleeping on her chest. She braced herself on her elbow and noticed it was Molly. For some reason she was taller, her hair was longer and she seemed to have a scar right below her left ear. Katnis walked in, sighed and said "Molly how many times do I-" Katnis noticed Catherine awake, shrieked with glee and embraced her like never before. Catherine smiled and said in a cracked voice "Nice to see you too." Katnis said with tears flowing out of her eyes "I was so afraid you'd never wake up." Catherine asked "How long have I been out?" Naomi walked in with a clipboard and said in a "just-so-you-know" tone, "We can't tell you that medically, due to the fact that you might slip back into a comatose state." Catherine rolled her open eye and said "Just tell me." Naomi shook her head "Sorry." Catherine sighed, looked down at the still-sleeping Molly and handed her over to Katnis just as Naomi sat down and said "Let's start the examination, shall we?" Catherine nodded "Let's get it over with." Naomi shined her flashlight in Catherine's throat and said "Looking good there.." Naomi shined her light in Catherine's right eye and said "Minor over-sensitivity.-" Naomi forced Catherine's left eye open, and shined the light, but Catherine shrieked, and dug her face into the pillow from the pain. Naomi sighed "I was afraid of that." Catherine rose, still covering her left eye with her hand and asked in a shaky voice "What?" Naomi said "You suffered damage to your iris. Your left eye has an over sensitivity to light. You shouldn't have to worry though, your eye should fix itself within a year or two." Catherine groaned "Great." Naomi dug into her pocket and handed her an eyepatch, upon examination it seemed to be top-of-the line leather kind; in other words: expensive. Catherine took it with a thanks and put it on. Naomi chuckled and said "Welcome back to the world of the living." Catherine asked "So what did I miss?" Naomi replied, keeping busy on her notepad, "We got a new President, America entered World War III, we sided with Russia, that kind of thing." Catherine asked in a joking voice "Where's the rest of the family?" Naomi stopped writing and said in a sorrow-filled tone "Your mother is in Alaska...your father he uh...he stayed at your bedside for weeks-on-end, past new years..he had a heart attack about a month ago, he didn't make it." Catherine nodded in sadness "Oh." Catherine buried her head into her knees and let out a few tears before asking "How long, have I been out?" Naomi stopped writing, got up and looked Catherine straight in the eye and said in a monotone voice "I'm afraid you've been out for, three years. Welcome to 2030." Catherine said in a depressive voice "Yay."

A man dressed in a dark navy blue colored suit walked in the door with shaved blond hair, a five o'clock shadow and was holding a briefcase. The man said in a dictatorial tone "Well hello there, sugar tits." Catherine peered up at the figure and said in an annoyed tone "Hello, Jericho." Naomi corrected "That's President Jericho." Catherine shouted "Oh you gotta be lodding me!" Jericho said "Watch your tone, it's the American people's money that has kept you alive for three years, you show me some respect." Catherine asked "Why'd you keep me alive?" Jericho spread his hands "Repayment, maybe?" Catherine said "I'm not here to be your carrier boy, Jericho. Screw off." Jericho said in a mocking tone "Tsk, tsk, tsk. Just think about what your father would say for disobeying an order from a superior officer." Catherine said "Shut your freaking mouth, before I break your damn jaw." Jericho mocked "Big words for a woman who not ten minutes ago was chewing on her own tongue." Catherine went to punch the man in the throat, but Naomi and Katnis held her back. Another figure walked in the room, spinning a revolver on his finger. The man said in a rough tone "Like father, like daughter, I presume." When the figure stepped into her line of sight, her struggles were only raised two fold.

The man placed his gun in his holster and said in a more elegant tone "I am, Shalashaska, but you may call me. Revolver-Ocelot!" Catherine shouted "How the hell are you alive?! I shot you point blank in the freaking face over a decade ago!" Ocelot spread his hands "I am not the same Ocelot as you once knew, I am a whole different man. I'm the President's personal body guard."

Chapter 4Edit


Rain pounding on the ground, a haze of steam floating back to the sky in return. She saluted a grave marked "Son of a Legendary Solider. David Hay- 1972 - 2029." To the left, a grave marked for Big Boss, and to the left of that, an unmarked grave which the only words that were legible were, "A Patriot". For a few minutes she stood in still, still saluting her father's grave while the rain hit the ground hard and fast in the early noon. She tried to keep her composure, but collapsed to her knees and let out a wail before crying into her palms. A man who is standing at her side, holding an umbrella said "Dry your tears girl, he wouldn't want it like that." Catherine looked up and saw Ocelot, now clean-shaven standing over her with a sour look on his face. Catherine looked back at the grave and said "How would you know what he wanted?" Ocelot said "You think he would want his only child to be crying over his inevitable death?" Catherine sighed "I should be the one in the ground, not him." Ocelot grabbed her shoulder and said in an angry tone "You think you dying three years ago would've done anything? He still would have died the day he did. The only difference is both of you would be dead instead of one of you." Catherine only stared at his grave for a few minutes before Ocelot bent down and said "Think of it this way, instead of you being left without a father, your child would be left without a mother." Catherine said in a silent tone "She has Kat..." Ocelot shook his head "Death is a natural part of life, girl. You can't fight it, you can't dodge it, you can't cheat it." Catherine said "Says the Walking Dead." Ocelot didn't reply, but he stood up and lit a cigar.

Some time passed and a car drove up to the entrance to the cemetery. Ocelot said "Car's here." Catherine nodded "Alright." She stood up, gave a final salute to the grave and whispered "Thank you for being by my side until the end, I am just sorry I didn't wake up before it happened." She put down her arm and slowly walked to the taxi cab. Just before getting in, she gave one final look at her father's grave before getting in. The car started moving, and Ocelot offered her a towel, saying "You'll catch a cold." Catherine said "I don't care." Ocelot rolled his eyes and placed the towel next to her. Catherine stared outside the window, watching the raindrops move across the glass, and then to the outside world, she watched people go about their daily lives, oblivious to anything else. Then a thought hit her mind. She asked Ocelot without turning to him "Do you remember where you...woke up?" Ocelot thought for a second "Yes, why?" Catherine said "I want you to give us the location." Ocelot asked "Why would you want to know that?" Catherine said "Naomi told me that you two are part of the batch of people cloned from the Shadow Moses Incident.." Ocelot said "Your father is not going to be in that, or any batch, girl. Your father couldn't be cloned." Catherine nodded in sadness and said "Then we blow it to hell." Ocelot's eyes narrowed "That is not going to be necessary." Catherine asked "Why?" Ocelot said "All the other clones are dead, either by my hand or that of nature." Catherine said "We have to be sure." Ocelot sighed "If your mind is set on this, then..." Catherine cut him off "I am sure." Ocelot, knowing there would be no changing her mind, nodded "Alright."

A few hours later, Catherine watched as Ocelot tapped away on a top-of-the-line "iTable" while he tried to get the exact coordinates of the base. Naomi explained "We are no longer working as a lone entity, we have several bases situated around the globe, codenamed "Bureaus" that are at our disposal for missions." Catherine asked "Do we have any.. Bureaus near the base, Ocelot?" Ocelot shouted back "Working on it!" Catherine's face turned into a scowl from her impatience, which was apparent enough for Naomi to notice. Naomi smiled "Relax, it will take a few minutes." Ocelot said "I found it, it about a half-a-days trek from the nearest Bureau, in Russia." Catherine asked "Why don't we just HALO jump it?" Ocelot shook his head "Too many trees, plus we'd probably be shot down before we could get close." Catherine sighed "I'm gonna have to walk it?" Ocelot said "We are going to have to walk it." Catherine raised an eyebrow "And why the hell would I bring you along?" Ocelot said "I know the terrain girl, you don't." Catherine sighed "Fine. We'll head to this bureau, and we will head to the base, and blow it sky-high." Naomi asked "But what if you find a living clone?" Catherine said in a serious tone "I kill it."

Chapter 5Edit


Catherine ran out her hair once more, causing drips of sweat to hit the ground. It had been the third or fourth time she was forced to do this from the extreme humidity. Naomi claimed it was due to nuclear testing in the area that caused the amount of heat. She placed her eyepatch over her eye, but found it difficult to get the other two straps on. Ocelot asked "You need help over there?" Catherine shouted back "No, I got it." However she felt another pair of hands take the straps from her hands and wrap them around her head. Catherine asked "Didn't I say I didn't need any help?" Ocelot smirked "It was my pleasure." Catherine looked at the man dressed in his tan trenchcoat, spurred boots, and his hair was tied in a ponytail, which she now regretted not doing. Ocelot asked "Ready to continue walking?" Catherine nodded "Yeah." She placed her hands behind her head and they continued their stroll through the seemingly-endless forest. A few minutes later, Ocelot, wanting to break the silence asked "So, you're still not used to wearing the eye patch yet?" Catherine sighed in annoyance "Yeah, the other morning I forgot to put it on when I went to take a shower, my eye felt like it was on fire." Ocelot chuckled "Sorry to hear that, girl." Catherine rolled her eyes "Not funny." Ocelot asked "So, any idea when your eye will get better?" Catherine shook her head gravely "No, Naomi estimated a year or two." Ocelot said "Sorry to he-" Catherine cut him off "Just save it, I know you're not." Ocelot, now slightly offended asked "Why do you hate me so much?" Catherine shot him a look and said "You know the reason. You kidnapped me to Mexico, electrocuted me, beat me with a lead pipe, and nearly shot me in the face with an SAA." Ocelot stopped short and said "But that Ocelot, was not me." Catherine said "You look a like, sound alike, you have the same name, same code. You're the same." Ocelot shook his head "No, that was an entirely different batch." Catherine rolled her eyes again "Whatever." and continued her pace through the forest.

An hour past, and the two found themselves at the entrance to what looked nothing more than a storage facility used by civilians. Catherine gave Ocelot a skeptical look and asked "You sure this is the place?" Ocelot nodded "A hundred percent, I will never forget this place." Catherine waved a pack of C4 and said "And we'll be the last to see it." Ocelot sighed "Let' search the interior first." Catherine raised an eyebrow "Why?" Ocelot said "If we find a survivor, we should put it out of it's misery." Catherine said "Half hour, then this place will be wiped off the face of the earth." Ocelot muttered as he walked through the front door "Bit over dramatic, don't you think?" Catherine followed close behind.

Once inside, she noticed the walls were entrenched with blood and guts, and bullet holes, shells littering the ground, but not bodies. She felt like she just stepped into a Resident Evil game. Catherine said in a sarcastic tone "Maybe someone beat us to the punch?" Ocelot said "The blood's dried, it's been at least a week. They came to what appeared to be a meeting room. However there were two doors on opposite sides of the room. Ocelot said "I'll take the left side, you take the right." Catherine nodded and started walking. Once through the door, she found dozens upon dozens of pods, either with four or five bullet holes or the power to the life support was cut off, or for the survivors, a mix of both. Catherine inspected one of the pods, and it was a woman, her mid early to mid thirties, white hair, a scar that seemed partially healed across her face and resembled Sunny greatly. Upon examination her nameplate read "Mr. X" Catherine said to herself "Guess they messed the genders up or something." She gave the corpse a minor salute before taking a picture via the codec and sent it to Sunny. A minute later, Sunny called back and said in a sorrow-filled tone "They mom?" Catherine asked "Your mom was known as Mr. X?" Sunny said "Yeah, back in the Big Shell Incident, she used it as a codename." Catherine said in a consoling tone "I'm sorry, kiddo." Sunny asked in a prideful tone "Do you think there's a chance we could clone her?" Catherine shrugged "I don't know, I'm not the one to ask." She signed off and continued her examination before stopping at another pod labeled Raiden, but his pod had at least a dozen bullet holes in it. Catherine smirked "Someone did not like you, Cousin."

Catherine's codec stated going off, and she answered to an a codec number she didn't recognize, and the other party blocked their image. Catherine asked "Who is this?" The voice on the other end, a female replied "If you want to find the good clones, go up one level until you find the red door." Catherine thought about signing off and just blowing the place sky-high but she remembered her father telling her to always take advice, even from an anonymous tip. She did as she was told and found the red door, but found it needed a number code. She asked "I don't suppose you know the key number to this door?" The voice replied "N312." Catherine punched in the code and the door creaked open. She said "Thanks for the help what's-your-name." The voice replied "You may call me, Sister Abigail, Daughter of Snake." Catherine shouted "Wait how did you know that?!" The voice replied in a seductive tone "See you around!" Before the call ended. Catherine's mind clicked when she realized that the voice was the same one that warned her of the attack on FoxBase three years prior. Before she could try to re-dial the person, Ocelot appeared at her side, causing Catherine to jump back. Ocelot smirked "Startled huh?" Catherine said "Shut up, I am not used to being in a horror movie!" Ocelot nodded "What's in there?" Catherine shrugged "I have no clue." Ocelot said "Let's find out then, shall we?"

The two entered the darkened room, SOCOM and Single Action Army at the ready, Catherine flipped on the light switch, and found three corners of the room each housing four pods. Eleven of which where shot out, but the last one was empty. Catherine said "He must of tried to fight." Ocelot asked "What's the nameplate say?" Catherine wiped off dried blood and said "NULL." A sound of cracking glass brought Ocelot to draw his gun in the direction, but saw nothing. Catherine chuckled "A piece of glass fell, god calm down." But she knew something was in the room, it wasn't behind her, below her or around her. She and Ocelot looked up just as a figure dropped down from the ceiling holding a large scalpel, very nearly cutting off Ocelot's right hand at the tendon. Ocelot and Catherine each jumped back and raised their guns at the figure as it stood up. Upon examination, the figure was a boy, gray hair, gray eyed, dressed in what appeared to be nothing more than gray sweat pants and a plain white tank top. He looked malnourished, she could only guess the last time he ate.

Catherine asked "What's your name?" The boy said "I...have none." Catherine asked "Are you sure it's not, Null?" The boy's eyes flashed and he collapsed to his knees, screaming in pain. Ocelot went to bend down to help the boy, but stopped short, either out of fear or just caution. Catherine said "Your name, is Null." The boy shook his head fiercely "No, my" Catherine nodded to Ocelot and they put their guns away. Ocelot asked "What are you doing?" Catherine said "Can you tell us what happened?" The boy looked at her in the eye and said "A man in black...he lead a team of soldiers in white, they slaughtered everyone else, all my brothers and sisters, I tried to fight, but they shot me with a tranquilizer, left me to die, locked me in this room. I've been here for a week..." Catherine sighed "Why don't you come back to my place? We can get you fed, a place to sleep, and..." The boy asked "What's your name?" Catherine said "You can call me Snake." The boy said "I'd gladly come with you, Snake." Catherine turned to Ocelot and said "Start planting the C4, I'll see if I can call for a ride."
Null MPO

Chapter 6Edit

Catherine walked into the kitchen, yawned loudly and looked around to see Molly cowering behind Katnis's leg as Ocelot introduced Frank to the team, now clad in olive drab military fatigues, complete with a red bandana around his neck. Catherine picked up her cup of coffee and asked in a mocking tone "Don't everyone say hello at once." Catherine eyed Molly, who usually jumped to someone new to greet them, but was now just cowering behind her mother. Catherine guessed she grew out of her over-friendly days. Frank said "Uh...hello...I'm Frank." Everyone in the room replied "Hi, Frank." She felt like she was in an alcoholics anonymous meeting. Molly crept toward the young man, stopped at his feet, looked up and extended her hand with a smile and said "I'm Molly! It's nice to meet you, sir!" Frank cautiously took the child's hand, and returned a smile, although it seemed he was uncomfortable. Catherine smiled at the sight and looked up and Katnis and asked "Yo, you seen Naomi?" Katnis shook her head "Nope, I think she's still asleep." Catherine said "Then go wake her lazy ass up." Katnis nudged Molly and said "Can you get Auntie N up?" Molly nodded "Aye aye!" Molly scurried down the hallway with the sound of Metal Gear following close behind. Ocelot tapped Catherine on the shoulder and whispered "I think I remember where I've seen this boy." Catherine asked in an equally hushed tone "Who?" Ocelot replied "It's Frank Jeager, also known as, Gray Fox. He worked with your father in the Outer Heaven Uprising and Zanzibar Land Incident, and he also worked with your grandfather after the Snake Eater mission." Catherine mumbled in a happy tone "So he has strong ties to the family, eh?" Ocelot said "I don't think he remembers anything from his former self's life, he would've reacted when he heard the name 'Snake', and when he saw my face." Catherine asked "You have history with him too?" Ocelot sighed "He cut off my hand." Catherine gave him a pat on the shoulder and said "My condolences." Naomi walked into the room, still in her night gown with a peanut butter stick in her mouth with Molly skipping ahead and announcing "She's here!" Naomi stopped short at the sight of Frank, dropped her breakfast and ran up to the young man and locked him in a death hug. The young man had no time to react and the two plunged to the floor. Catherine said in a sarcastic tone "This the first good looking guy you seen in a while, Naomi?" Ocelot shouted "Hey!" Frank said in a nervous tone "Uh,'am." Catherine said "This is Naomi Hunter, she's the co-head of the R & D division." Catherine and Sunny helped the two up before Naomi cupped the young man's face in her hands and said "You look...just like him..." Frank, now confused asked "What are you talking about, who do I look like?" Naomi said "My brother, Frank Jeager." Catherine nearly spit out her coffee and said "You never said you had a brother." Naomi said "You never asked." Frank asked "Do I...know you?" Naomi wiped a tear from her eye and said "Of don't remember I- uh..." Sunny stepped in front of Naomi and said "Frank, this is your sister, Naomi." Frank's eyes widened in realization before he said "It's nice to see you, sis." Naomi nearly broke down into tears, but Frank and Sunny gave them a comforting hug.

After the "joyous" family reunion, Frank walked up to Catherine, who was sitting informally on the couch, and stood as still as a statue, awaiting an order. Catherine said " ease?" Frank said "I think I have knowledge of something you might want." Catherine, gave him an indulging look and asked "Well, spill it then!" Frank cleared his throat and said "When the man in black attacked and killed my brothers and sisters, one of his assistants mentioned a data disk about one of their projects, called "DETERRENT" I assume they want to end World War III." Catherine asked "Do you have any idea where this place would be located, did they mention?" Frank shook his head "No, ma'am." Catherine rubbed her head in annoyance "Thank you, Frank. Dismissed." Frank saluted and said "No problem, ma'am." Catherine said "Spend time with your sister for me, would ya? She gets annoying when she's lonely." Naomi shouted "I can hear you!" Catherine said "That's the point." Sunny walked up tapping away on her PDA. Catherine asked "What's up Sunny?" Sunny said "We got a message from the head of the CIA, there's an offshore plant in the Mediterranean sea, near Italy." Catherine asked "So what?" Sunny said "It's believed the terrorists have taken over the plant, the President wants you to go over there are try and steal their data." Catherine sighed, got up and moaned "What am I, some Echelon Six agent?" Frank asked "Would you like assistance, Snake?" Catherine shook her head "No thanks, I can deal with this solo." Frank nodded "Alright."

Catherine felt the crushing force of the water around her as she started cutting through the oil fence with her single-use hand-held torch cutter, she tried staying straight, but the green colored lenses were difficult to see through. Finally after what seemed like an eternity she made her way through and discarded the tool before making her way up to the lower docks of the location. She took off her breathing mask, that reminded her of something out of The Fly. She took off the breathing apparatus and tossed them aside before she looked over her equipment, a single M9 tranquilizer pistol, and the watch Sunny created three years prior. Catherine dialed Naomi's codec number and said "This is Snake, I have successfully infiltrated the facility through the harbor." Naomi said "Great job Snake! Age-" Catherine said "Don't finish that sentence. I'm twenty seven!" Naomi asked "What's the interior look like?" Catherine replied "Uh, a bunch of boxes, oxygen tanks, a submarine, a few harpoons, what looks like food cans, and a lot of sea lice, disgusting creatures." Naomi said "Well, just try to get the data we need fast, that place is infested with sentries. Let's look over your equipment." Catherine said "One M9, trident night, one Solid Eye." Naomi asked "Over your left eye?" Catherine replied in an angry tone "Over my left eye." Naomi said "Well get to it!" Catherine said "Will do." She signed off, withdrew her weapon and crept down the hallway where she found a lone guard. The man yawned, stretched and said " report." Catherine waited three seconds, and carefully crept until she was at the man's side, held up her gun and said "Freeze!" The man, in his startled state raised his arms and said "Please! Don't kill me!" Catherine said "" She quickly snapped the man's neck before he could utter a cry for help, and dragged the body behind a couple of large storage containers. Sunny said "Kind of dark, don't you think?" Catherine whispered "Nope."

She made her way up to the second level, hiding in shadows when guards came near. Catherine advanced to what appeared to be the control room, but couldn't open the door. Upon examination she found she needed a level three card to open it. Catherine went to punch the wall in anger but she stopped herself knowing that she would only raise the alarm. Then she had an idea, she looked into the room, and saw at least nine guards. She thought about knocking on the door, but thought it would be too childish, and it probably wouldn't work. She sighed and asked Naomi via Codec "Any guards I can hold up?" Naomi said "Two in the next hallway." Catherine said "Thanks." She crept along the hallway and found the two guards, each dressed in rain ponchos and armed with AK's. Catherine silently stalked her prey before one fell behind the other, and she grabbed the slower one and held her knife to his throat and said "Tell me, which guard has a level three card?" The man trembling in her arms said "The front of me! He-He has one around his neck!" Catherine said "Much obliged." Catherine pulled out her tranquilizer gun and shot the other guard and proceeded to slice the man's throat open. She dropped the fresh corpse to the ground and proceeded to swipe the card from the other guard and returned to the door. She swiped the card and the door slowly crept open.


Faith Hunter

She made her way into the room, finding streams of blood and eight dead bodies littering the floor, all with pieces of flesh ripped off their necks. Catherine whispered to herself "What the hell?" She carefully counted the bodies and said "Where's the last one.." Then a blood curdling scream was let out, followed by a sound of gun fire. Catherine rushed toward the gunfire and found what appeared to be a tall, black haired woman,, scantly clothed with her mouth around the guard's neck, followed by a slurping noise. Catherine looked in awe at what was going on in front of her. The woman dropped the now-twitching corpse to the ground and let out a satisfying sigh and said "A positive, my favorite..." Catherine stepped out of the shadow and held her gun high. The figure said "nine today or maybe ten?" The woman turned, revealing her to be modestly built, she seemed to have a set of self-inflicted scars on her belly, and left wrist. She appeared to be in her late teens or early twenties, but her dark brown eyes spoke decades of horror. Catherine asked "Who are you?" She said to herself Better question would of been what are you.. The woman bowed and said "My name is not important..." Catherine cocked the gun and said "Answer me." The woman finished "You may call me, Faith Hunter." Catherine said "You're not US Army, and you're not one of them..." Faith replied "I am neither enemy..nor a friend." Catherine asked herself "Now why do I feel like I've, heard that before? Faith said in a seductive voice "Why don't you put down the gun? We could have a lot together.." Faith stepped forward, slowly making sure Catherine got an eyeful of her figure, and proceeded to make several passes, and with each one, Catherine's arms started to sulk lower and lower until she felt them drop, and her eyes closed. Faith asked "Now isn't that better?" Catherine's eyes flew open and she raised her gun below Faith's chin. Catherine said sharply "I'm not that kinda girl." Faith smirked "It appears so." Catherine said "Tell me what you're doing here." Faith spread her arms, slightly waving to the pile of corpses and said "Besides feeding...?" Catherine nodded and Faith continued "I'm retrieve this...for a client." Faith protruded a disk, which she guessed is what she needed. Catherine shouted "Give it to me!" Faith smiled "It can all be yours...for a price!" Catherine asked "What do you want?" She was afraid of the answer the woman could come up with. Faith said "Fifty thousand, in cash." Catherine asked "That's it?" Faith smirked "You want me to have you give me a kiss?" Catherine said "No, that's fine."

Faith tossed the disk to which Catherine caught it, she said "Thanks." Faith said "There's one thing I'd like to ask..." Catherine gave Faith an uncomfortable stare before asking "What...?" Faith pointed to the insignia on her shoulder "What unit you belong to?" Catherine said " I'm with Paix Sans Renards." Faith tapped her head with her knife, which made Catherine more uncomfortable. Faith said "Ah! Peace Without Foxes, am I right?" Catherine nodded "Yes...why?" Faith started cutting into her left shoulder, and asked "What does it take to join?" Catherine said "Why should I trust you?" Faith said "I could've killed you the second you walked through the door, but I didn't, now did I?" Catherine gripped her nose and said "Would you give me just a minute?" Faith gave a slight bow "Why yes, of course." Catherine dialed up Naomi and asked "What do you guys think about her?" Naomi said "She could be useful as an ally." Sunny chimed in "I think she'd be great to have around! She seems interesting." Catherine sighed "Alright..." She signed off and turned to Faith who had started licking her knife. Catherine cleared her throat, and Faith proceeded to place her knife back in it's holster. Faith asked "Well?" Catherine said "Welcome to the unit, Miss Creepy-As-Hell." Faith planted a kiss on Catherine's cheek and said "Thanks..Boss." Catherine said "Please don't do that again."

Chapter 7Edit

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ocelot Profile

Sand and dust kicked up into the air. People littering the streets, either slouched up against walls passed out drunk, moaning in pain or talking to themselves. The buildings in the city were scorched with flame and soot. Ocelot mumbled "Tragic..." Catherine replied "Who says war changes?" Ocelot went to answer but he stopped himself. A few minutes of walking through the city in silence between the two, Ocelot asked in a curious tone "So...tell me girl, how is rehabilitation going?" Catherine tapped her eyepatch and said "As good as it can be." Ocelot asked "You know when you can take it off?" Catherine said "Naomi says six months at the max. Three months at the earliest." Ocelot tapped the gun danging by her left hip and asked "How do you like the new gear? Got any questions?" Catherine said "Sunny gave me the run down on how it's pretty much a four-in-one gun. It can operate as a sniper rifle, a fully automatic, a semi auto and a burst rifle." Ocelot said "Correct, it's a PR.M4." Catherine asked "There a reason we need such high tech weaponry when gunning down normal guys?" Ocelot slapped her in the back of the head and said "Ever since the rise in popularity of Cyborg Ninjas, no thanks to the incident your cousin caused, the governments needed more high tech weaponry to be able to combat the Ninjas if faced in battle." Catherine looked at the man and said in a joking manner "And you still carry that SAA because..?"

Ocelot said "It was essential in the times of the Old West, it was still an overwhelming weapon during the Cold War and even today it is still able to outclass half the weaponry of today." Catherine asked "Why do half these people have metal sticking out of their heads, it shrapnel?" Ocelot stopped, spread his hands apart and said "Also, since the rise of Cyborg Ninjas, augmentations on soldiers has become popular. Some augs allow soldiers to wall-run, do backflips in battle, being able to endure more firepower than normal and so on. However augmentations also have prevented some soldiers from getting vital medical attention, leading to some to be forced to retire from the battlefield. Most of them inhabit the Middle East." Catherine asked "Why's that?" Ocelot said "Ever since your coma, both Russia and the Republic of China displayed Metal Gears, which were demonstrated, and both sides suffered great casualties." Catherine asked "What happened next?" Ocelot said "A wall was built on the Russian-Chinese border, and most of the fighting has been occurring out here in the Middle East. Before you ask another question, I must explain that the CIA has also been sending in spies to try and rally these veterans to rebel against Republic soldiers to push them back into China." Catherine said "And it hasn't worked..." Ocelot shook his head "Sadly, no." Catherine asked "So what does that have to do with us?" Ocelot said "Word has it a CIA operative has been captured by the Republic and we need to save them." Catherine asked in an angry tone "Why? We owe nothing to America." Ocelot said "Still angry about Jericho wanting to use FOXDIE against people I see." Catherine nodded "Yeah..." Ocelot said "Well, we need information on where the operative is being held."

Catherine asked "And where do you suggest we start?" Ocelot stuck his thumb up and said "Right here." Catherine peered up and saw a sign that read "Cantina." Catherine gave the man a look and said "Really? We're going to a bar, to get information. I know you're really into the Old West thing, but this is pushing it!" Ocelot said "Just step inside girl, this will only take a minute." The two stepped inside the air-conditioned bar and found it packed with augmented soldiers all washing away their sorrows. Ocelot nodded toward the back and said "Back there." The two took a seat in a corner booth that was mostly covered by shadow. A waiter walked around and said something she couldn't understand. Ocelot said "We'll have a bottle of whiskey." The waiter bowed and walked back to the counter. Catherine elbowed him in the ribs and said "I don't drink!" Ocelot gave her an angry look as the waiter returned with a bottle of whiskey, Ocelot took the bottle, poured it into two glasses, forced one into her hand and said "Drink up, don't be rude."

Catherine removed the bandanna from in front of her mouth and wrapped it around her neck, and said "I don't drink." Ocelot said "You want to blend in, don't you?" Catherine swallowed her pride and took a drink of the cheap alcohol, nearly gagging in the process, she noticed Ocelot put his feet up on the table. Catherine rolled her eyes "You totally aren't Clint Eastwood." Ocelot ignored the remark and continued drinking. Eventually, Ocelot whispered "I'm going to ask around, don't cause any trouble." Catherine gave him the bird as he got up and she continued to drink the cheap liquor in front of her. Another man took a seat in front of her and said something she didn't understand. Catherine ignored the man, and he went on another rant, to which she continued to ignored him. Now angry he slapped the glass from her hand, smashing to the floor. She sighed, looked and the man and said "I have no idea what you're saying." The man went to punch her, but Catherine grabbed the bottle of whiskey and smashed it into his face, leaving several shards in his cheek. The barkeep looked at her and said "You gotta pay for that, chica." Catherine tossed the barkeep a coin and said "Sorry for the mess." Ocelot appeared at her shoulder and said "What was the one thing I told you not to do?" Catherine said "Not cause trouble." Ocelot asked "Then why'd you break the bottle over his face?" Catherine said "He started it."

Chapter 8Edit

Catherine and Ocelot walking through the sandstorm riding on top of their horses when the sound of gunshots filled their ears. Ocelot said "Hold up." The two dismounted, crouched down and walked to the cliffside to witness a battle commencing between two factions in the middle of the desert, both sides opening fire on the other with blue-colored bullets. Ocelot pointed to the ones with red-colored sashes and said "Those are the Russians. The ones in blue are the Chinese." Catherine pulled up her gun, rested it on the cliffside, and switched it to sniper mode, causing the barrel to extend. Ocelot tapped her on the shoulder "What, do you think you're doing?" Catherine said "I'm going to take a shot." Ocelot shook his head "Unless you want the entire red army or Republicans trying to off us, I wouldn't." Catherine sighed "Fine, let's just see how this ends." Ocelot tapped her shoulder again "No, I think it's best we take advantage of the fight and go to the prison itself to rescue our ally now. Less security." Catherine nodded "Good idea."

The two remounted their horses and continued riding for several hours, with the sounds of gunshots although getting louder, also became more distant. Ocelot said "Here's fine." As they stopped at another cliffside. Ocelot asked "You see those two campfires?" Catherine looked through the bleak dusk light and saw two small campfires with three guards at each site. Catherine nodded "Yeah." Ocelot pointed "Our prisoner is in there. That lone cage. You get them out and I'll cover your escape." Catherine asked "How are we getting out? I don't think we're going to be able to get away from an army on two horses..." Ocelot said "I'll shoot the guards with my sniper, we'll get away in a helicopter." Catherine felt her stomach twist into a knot "God...why?" Ocelot asked "What's the matter?" Catherine said "Me and helicopters don't mix..." Ocelot said "You got to get over your fear sometime. What better way then in the middle of a firefight, eh?" Catherine said "Yeah and then that one will get shot down and I will be blinded in both eyes!" Ocelot said "Stop procrastinating!" Catherine sighed "Fine."

She made her way down the hillside up to the wall, she scanned the scene and found only six guards at the campfire, and with the Solid Eye, she saw three more signatures inside, one chained to the wall. Catherine mumbled to herself "I can easily blast my way in, but that'd be bad in the long run..." She spotted a jeep of off to the side of the compound, she smirked, crawled on her stomach to the vehicle and placed a pound of C4 on the bottom. Then she made her way around back until she found a place she could crawl under it, and set off the explosives, causing eight of the nine guards to surround the torched vehicle. Catherine made her way under the wall, and into the building itself, finding the only guard to be chastising the prisoner, who had their face covered. Catherine lined up her shot, made her the suppressor was active and shot a hole through the man's skull.

The prisoner let out a yelp and started trembling. Catherine removed the cloth bag over the prisoner's head, revealing a woman, possibly in her late teens or early twenties, dark brown hair, green eyes, a few scars across of forehead and on her lip. Catherine asked "Can you hear me?" The girl nodded "Yeah.." Catherine asked "Can you tell me your name?" The girl said "M-My na-name is uh... Kassidy F-Fox..CIA...friends call me...Kas...who are you with?" She was now trembling. Catherine said "I'm one of the good guys." Kas said "I..that's what these bastards said.." Catherine asked "Are you hurt?" Kas shook her head "Besides a bruised rib..they broke my arm." Catherine dialed Naomi on her codec and said "If I switch to X-Ray, could you look her over?" Naomi said "I should be..but I don't know how well of a job I can do from here." Catherine said "If she can move that will be good enough for me."

Catherine switched the Solid Eye over to X-Ray mode and looked over the girl's injuries. Catherine asked "Well?" Naomi said "She's only got a sprained arm, she'll be fine for travel." Catherine nodded "Thanks." She turned back to Kas and asked "You think you'll be able to hold a gun?" Kas nodded "Yeah I should be." Catherine dug into her pack and handed the girl a PSS and said "Alright, there are nin-eight guards out there...we might have to shoot our way out." Kas carefully stood up and said "Let's do it...I'm sorry I don't know your name?" Catherine said "For can call me Snake." Catherine and Kas carefully walked out the door to find all the guards already dead with holes protruding from their foreheads and chests. Kas asked "Did you do that?" Catherine looked up toward the hillside to see Ocelot giving his trademark gesture with his sniper rifle on his back. Catherine said " mentor." Catherine returned a salute and gestured for Kas to follow.

Kas closely followed Catherine up the hillside where they met up with Ocelot who had been putting away his IDroid. Ocelot said "The chopper has been called." Catherine nodded "Good." Ocelot slapped the horses and they started fleeing back toward the city. Kas asked "And who might you be?" Ocelot said "They call me Shalashaska...also known as Revolver! Ocelot!" Kas tilted her head "I see where you get the name..." Ocelot said "Just like your grandfather." Catherine asked "Wait, you know her?" Ocelot nodded "I knew her grandfather." Kas shouted "Who was he?!" Ocelot said "Kazuhira Miller."

A voice broke over the radio "This is Charlie! Coming to the LZ right now!" Kas said "This conversation isn't over!"

Chapter 9Edit

Catherine walked into the medical wing to find Naomi looking over Kassidy, who was staring at Naomi's partially exposed cleavage. Naomi tapped her chin and said "Hey! Eyes forward!" Kas said "Sorry, ma'am." Naomi said "Don't be. Just need to examine your eyes." Catherine asked "How's she looking, Naomi?" Naomi said "Besides the broken wrist, she's looking good. But..." Kas's eyes flashed open "But-But what do you mean but?!" Naomi said "Calm down, you just lost a lot of blood. Nothing major, just drink a lot of water." Kas nodded "Are we done?" Naomi playfully tapped her on the cheek and said "Just stop staring at me and you'll be alright." Catherine said in a mocking tone "Hey you're the one who let's those puppies out all the time." Naomi said "I've caught, you, Katnis and even your daughter staring." Catherine spread her hands "You blame us?" Naomi just rolled her eyes and left to the science wing. Catherine turned to Kassidy and asked "So how's the patient?" Kas asked "You mean prisoner...right? I know you posted a guard at the door last night." Catherine said "Nope, once you're all healed up, if you want to, I can have a pilot drop you off back in America." Kas asked "No catch?" Catherine said "No catch." Kas asked "Then why did you rescue me?" Ocelot walked into the room "We wanted a potential ally, however the Boss here changed her mind." Catherine said "Please don't call me that." Kas asked "So what you don't want me here?" Catherine said "If you want to stay you can, but you'd have to pull your weight." Kas took a pair of silver aviators on and said "I'm your girl, Boss." Catherine said in a calm down "Please, don't call me that." Kas winked "You got it, Snake." Catherine said "Come on, let's meet the rest of the crew." Kas followed Catherine and Ocelot to the break room, where most of the crew had congregated. Katnis and Molly were sitting on the couch, to the right of them Naomi was chatting with Frank, and Sunny was tapping away on her computer as normal. Catherine said "Hey everyone, we'd like to introduce our new crew member, this is Kassidy, Kas Fox." The entire group said in unison "Hi Kas." Kas smiled "Pleasure to be here." Molly said "Excuse me, Miss Kas... would you like something to drink? I'm heading that way anyway." Kas said "No thanks...uh..." Molly said "Molly, ma'am." Molly ran off to the kitchen area with Frank following close behind. Kas pulled in close and asked "Why's the cute guy following the little girl around?" Catherine said "She's my and Katnis's daughter, I told him to be her guardian." Kas asked "Anyone else you want me to meet?" Catherine nodded 'Yeah but she's on a mission right now."

Kas said "I do have some info..if you want it." Catherine asked "On what?" Kas said "You remember the man in black?" Catherine's eyes flickered up "I'm listening..." Kas said "The last the CIA told me, he's hiding out in Russia, overseeing development of a Metal Gear."

Chapter 10Edit

The noise of the helicopter were far outclassed by the battle going on only a few hundred feet below her as she watched countless Russian troops fighting the AI's belonging to Sunny. Catherine gripped the mesh harder as the helicopter started it's landing run. Ocelot at her side said "Reminds you of the good old days, huh?" Catherine looked back at him "What do you mean?" Ocelot said "This mirrors what happened oh over sixteen years ago when FOXHOUND raided my lab to rescue yo-." Catherine smirked "It's fine...but this time I can actually see the battle...oh and I'm not being electrocuted right about now." The helicopter landed and the two stepped off onto the command center established on the ground only an hour earlier. It operated as a relay to help strengthen the signal to the countless AI's. Catherine asked through her Codec "How's the fun up there going Sunny?" Sunny replied "The battle's going smoothly, although we're going to need backup soon." Catherine said "How long until Raiden gets here?" Sunny said "About half an hour." Catherine asked "Where's Faith at?" Sunny said "Raising hell inside the compound already." Catherine asked "How's participating with the surrogate things?" Sunny said "Molly and Null." Catherine rolled her eyes "I thought I told you I don't want her to be apart of this." Sunny said "Don't worry, to her it'll just be like a video game." Catherine sighed "That's what I fear the most." Sunny said "You better hurry up. I don't know how long these AI's will hold up, they're the older models..." Catherine said "I know, I know. Thanks Sunny, for everything." Sunny said in a confused tone "What do you mean?" Catherine said "Just in case we don't make it out..."

Catherine signed off and turned to Ocelot "You ready...Adam?" Ocelot smiled "I was born ready..." Catherine nodded "Let's go." Ocelot grabbed her shoulder and said "Let's wait for this platoon to dismount." A group of AI's all stepped off a helicopter and went to join the fight, but one stayed behind. The holographic image of Molly's face showed through the "helmet" Molly shouted "Hi mom!" Catherine said in a sarcastic tone "Hi sweetie, have fun and don't get hurt!" Molly said "I will!" Molly turned to the enemy soldiers and shouted "Say hello to my little friend!" and opened fire.

Catherine said "You ready?" Ocelot nodded "Ready." The pair snuck their way around most of the battle, nearly being spotted twice by a pair of snipers, but they stayed to what little shadow there was and avoided contact. The pair made their way into the building via the air ducts and saw most of the hallways covered in blood. Catherine mumbled "Faith's having some fun." Ocelot said "Let's not let her have it all to herself, shall we?" They made their way to a dead-end and Catherine said "Well...this is far as we're going." Popped open a vent cover and hopped down to see two guards, one of them went for their walkie talkie, but Catherine used her keen reflexes shot both of them in the head with her suppressed pistol before a word could be uttered. Ocelot said in a sarcastic tone "Your aim's gotten better."

Catherine said "Shut up and let's keep moving." A second later her codec started going off, and Catherine said "This is Snake." Faith said "I've cleared the entire East side of the building." Catherine said "We need to get to the central room. We don't need to explore!" Faith said in an embarrassed tone "Oh..whoops." Catherine asked "Do you know how we can get there?" Faith said "Yup, just keep going straight and there will be a red door marked TR. You'll find him there." Catherine asked "How do you know that?" Faith said "I got it out of this guy before I sucked his blood." Catherine said "God you're creepy!" Faith said "Yup." and signed off.

Catherine asked "You hear that?" Ocelot nodded "Let's hurry up before more guards get here." Catherine nodded "Alright." The two found the door, and opened it to find the entire hangar empty. Catherine asked "The hell is this? Where's da Metal Gear?" A clapping sound and the entire hangar was lit, and the man in black appeared on a stage. He was dressed in a black trenchcoat, a black fedora and white gloves. In short, he looked like the phantom of the opera. Catherine pointed her gun at his head and fired but the bullet only ricocheted in the other direction. Catherine swore to herself and Ocelot said "I think he's challenging you to go down there." She said "Right...great." Ocelot said 'I'll stay up here and keep watch over the door."

She handed him her guns and made her way to the stage where she noticed the man had a chest-length white beard, a mullet and he looked like he had been through hell and back. The man shouted in a religious tone "Catherine Aya Black! The daughter of the Legendary Mercenary Solid Snake! The Granddaughter of our lord and savior Big Boss! And great-grand daughter of The Mother of the Special Forces! The Boss! Are you not?" Catherine nodded "Yeah." The man pointed his index finger in her direction and shouted "You are a disgrace to your family lineage! You are a tainted leech on their bloodline! You are not worthy of being the shadow of Big Boss!" Catherine said "And why do you worship him so much?" The man continued "I served under your grandfather with Diamond Dogs! I served under him in Outer Heaven! I watched his rise! I saw his inevitable fall at the hands of his flesh and blood! The sins of the family shall be repeated for all of time until the circle is broken!" Catherine spread her hands "Last time I checked my father didn't create his own solider nation, I didn't kill him in cold blood. I'd say the circle is broken." The man chuckled "Then explain the loss of your eye! Explain the involvement of Revolver Ocelot! EXPLAIN! Dear girl! Your possession of the Patriot!

Catherine shrugged "Fate. Luck. Something. But what's your stake in all of this, Big Boss died fifteen years ago." The man said "Dear child, dear sweet child! I shall resurrect his monument! I shall fulfill his dream of seeing a free nation for soldiers across the globe!" Catherine said "By stopping World War putting every soldier on the planet out of work...sounds like a nice retirement." The man said "And you, Daughter of Snake. May join me at my side! And we will rule the nation together!" Catherine took out her knife and said "I think I'll pass!" The sound of three gunshots filled the room, and half the lights went out. Catherine looked up toward Ocelot who had shot out the control panel. Catherine smirked and said "Thanks." Ocelot said "Don't thank me yet!" He spun her pistol on his finger before throwing it down to her. She caught it, checked the clip, reloaded it and pointed it at the man who was raising his own gun.

Catherine said "We don't have to do this, you can walk away quietly." The man said "I'd rather die then rot in some prison like half my comrades because of your father." Catherine said "Suit yourself." Both of them ran behind cover, the man hid behind several pipes while Catherine hid behind several boxes, covered by shadow. The man shouted "Today! Is your reckoning! Today I end the line your grandfather started!" Catherine opened fire but found none of her shots hit the man. He returned fire, blindly and nearly hit her in the forehead. She swore to herself, placed the gun on the edge of the box to steady her aim, waited for any subtle movement, and when he went to peak around the corner of the hiding place she fired two shots and hit him in the arm. In response he threw a grenade that landed in front of her boxes and she dove off the stage just as the boxes were blown to hell. The man stepped into the light, carefully checking to make sure she was dead.

She sprung from the shadows and placed three gunshots into the man's chest. The man dropped his gun and in his dying words he said "And with that...I shall join Big Boss in whatever circle of hell he resides..." He let out a final sigh before passing.

Metal Gear Solid:The Lone FoxEdit

Faith said "Yes ma'am...that old hermit is dead...he was the last of Big Boss's soldiers...he did his job. Snak-I mean Catherine? She played her role to the letter. Yes she will be vital in things to come...yes ma'am I shall keep a very...very close eye on her...I will...I love you too, mother."

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