Metal Gear Solid:The Days of Darkness (Also known as Metal Gear Solid:The Eventual Days of Darkness) is a fanon written by Jim Logan, and serves as a sequel to Metal Gear Solid:Blacklight and an alternate path to Metal Gear Solid V. The story's protagonist's will be Catherine Black and Big Boss/Punished Snake.

Chapter 1:Big Boss (1975)Edit

Rain pounded the concrete, as Big Boss was standing inside the doorway of the now-occupied church, now belonging to [[Militaires Sans Frontières after Operation Trojan Horse, lead to the destruction of Mother Base and the deaths of over ninety percent of MSF, leaving only fifty members alive, including Big Boss, Kazuhira Miller, Amanda Valenciano Libre and Chico. Big Boss tossed his now burnt cigar over the edge and let out a deep cough that nearly knocked him over. Ever since the Peace Walker Incident, Big Boss's voice had started to change, Kaz has speculated that it had been due to Big Boss's heavy cigar smoking and it had finally caught up to him.

Big Boss turned and found Kaz and Amanda talking over recruitment papers. Despite Big Boss's protests, Kaz insisted that they continue trying to rebuild MSF before XOF discovered that they had in fact survived and attacked before they had a chance to recover. Amanda met Big Boss's glare and gave him a weak, tired smile. When the attack on Mother Base started, she was just waking up and she claimed she witnessed a soldier's head get smashed by falling rubble. Big Boss and Kaz had barely made it in time to save as many MSF personnel as they could. Big Boss couldn't help but think, three months later; was rescuing Chico and Paz really worth it? Kaz stood up and handed Big Boss a clipboard, Big Boss coughed and asked "What's this?" Kaz said "We have another potential recruit, she's waiting for you in the interview room." Big Boss sighed and followed Kaz into the other room which was a purely gray colored and it consisted of a red table with a water fountain and a coffee maker. Big Boss read the clipboard and tried to learn as much as possible about the recruit from her notes.

As soon as Big Boss sat down, he tried to examine the woman, she was an average build, dark blonde hair, blue eyes and she seemed to be in her mid to late twenties. Before he could speak the woman said "Mr...Big Boss..before we start, may I say something?" Big Boss grinned "You just did." The woman sighed "Please?" Big Boss waved his hands and said "Be my guest." The woman let out a breath of relief and said "Sir, I'm not that great of a solider, I'm a terrible shot, I have no leadership skills, I can't run for my life and I have zero clue why you would even consider hiring me but, I need this job. I need it, it's my last chance-" Big Boss interrupted her and asked "What for? Family in jail and they need bail?" The woman shook her head "No, sir." Big Boss asked "You have someone to depend on you?" The woman just looked away and said "Yes, sir." Big Boss looked at her for a second and said "You look a little young to be a I'm going to gues-" The woman shook her head "You're right there, I have two daughters, twins who are depending on me at home. Sara and Holly White."

Kaz leaned in and said "Come on Boss, if not for her, think of her kid-" Big Boss said "Just trust me." Big Boss turned back to the woman and asked "What's your name?" The woman said "Oh, Grace, sir. Grace White." Big Boss said "Grace, you're hired. You'll be Kaz's new assistant." Kaz raised an eyebrow "Wait, what?" Big Boss smiled "You heard me. Grace, you'll start Monday." Grace raised her eyebrow "But I have no one to watch-" Kaz asked "What about their father?" Grace turned away and shook her head "He's...not around." Kaz said "You can bring them here, if you want." Big Boss thought about yelling at Kaz, but reconsidered after evaluating the situation. Big Boss excused himself and went back to his room and found EVA waiting on his bed. Big Boss's mouth hung open in shock and he mumbled "E-Eva!?"

Eva gave Big Boss a drowsy smile and said "I take it you're surprised to see me, Snake."

Chapter 2:Catherine (2023)Edit

A year and a half has past since Catherine reunited with her father and mother, both of whom had "officially retired" and moved to Alaska to live in peace. Since then, the war between China and Mother Russia had escalated into Europe and most of the East, causing mass destruction and a constantly raising death toll. Also, The United States started sending soldiers into the Middle East and Eastern Europe after the Chinese bombed Langley, causing the deaths of five hundred people. Catherine and Katnis had also moved back into the United States, choosing to stay in Hollywood where it was always sunny. It reminded Catherine so much of her home city of Chicago, and she loved it.

Catherine was sitting in her lazy chair, listening to the tapes recorded by her grandfather, Big Boss given to her by Snake over eight months prior when someone tapped her on the elbow. Catherine peered down and saw little Sunny, now fifteen standing there and gave her a smile. Catherine returned it and asked "What cha need Sunshine?" Sunny asked "I was going to make lunch, I wanted to know if you wanted anything." Catherine shook her head "No, thank you Sunny." Sunny smiled and skipped off to the kitchen. Six months prior, Uncle Hal Emmerich had given Catherine the adoption rights to Sunny and decided to move in with Snake in Alaska. Since then, instead of referring Catherine as "mom" or "mother", she instead chose to call Catherine, "Oni-sama" or "big sister." Catherine had guessed she chose to do this due their close age. Before she had a chance to put her earbuds back in, Katnis walked in wearing a sports bra and sweatpants and appeared to have having trouble catching her breath. Catherine asked "You alright?" Katnis nodded "Yeah, yeah. I just went for a jog." Catherine rolled her eyes "How long this time, four hours, five?" Katnis smiled "Seven." Catherine tossed a pencil at her and Katnis said "You're going to be nothing but skin and bones before long." Catherine gave her the bird and said "Shut up." Katnis walked over to Catherine and peered at what she was writing down and said in a sarcastic voice "As soon as you start writing Redrum, I'm taking the kids and I'm getting out of here." The other kid Katnis was referring to was Molly, Katnis had given birth to her seven months earlier and had been trying to work off the baby weight ever since. Catherine asked "Don't you have something better to do?" Katnis said "Not really..but I could think of something we could do." Catherine said "I have...thirty minutes left on this tape, we'll watch a movie or something, kay?" Katnis sighed "You've been listening to those tapes for almost two years now. Aren't you done yet?" Catherine said "I've listened to seven..there are twelve in total. You tell me." Katnis said "Just skip around, if you think you miss something you can just reverse." Catherine rolled her eyes and said "I'm not lazy." Katnis walked away and mumbled under her breath "Says the one who doesn't help taking care of the baby." Catherine raised her eyebrow "What?" Katnis said "Nothing."

Ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door, and with Katnis in the shower, Catherine sighed, got up and opened the door, and was shocked to see her father, Jack and her mother Meryl standing the doorway. Meryl smiled "Aren't you going to invite us in?"

Chapter 3:Big Boss (1975)Edit

Big Boss could only stare in shock as his long-lost lover, whom he hadn't seen for years was laying on his bed, half naked as if he had been expecting her. Eva asked "Well, don't you have anything to say to me?" Big Boss nodded "Yeah, I do. Where the hell have you been?" Eva sighed "Didn't you listen to [[[w:c:MetalGear:Operation Snake Eater|my message?]] I've been in China. After I was excommunicated, I traveled, here. There. Everywhere." Eva motioned toward the world map on Big Boss's wall and continued "I tried to find you, and I know you were looking for me too. I just didn't know where." Big Boss extended his hand and said "Yet you knew I was at Mother Base." Eva said "You're right, I did. But I was on a mission at the time." Big Boss knew he couldn't get a straight answer out of her and he knew no matter what he did she wouldn't budge. Eva said "I knew you wouldn't want me here." Eva went to leave and Big Boss grabbed her arm, causing her to flinch. Eva asked "You have something to say to me?" Big Boss said "I want you..." Big Boss had to force the words from his throat. Big Boss continued "I want you to join us." Eva asked "Join you?" Big Boss said "Yes, I want you to join MSF." Eva asked "Why?" Big Boss said "The more the merrier?" Eva shook her head "You have plenty of man power, Snake. I have nothing to offer." Eva turned to leave again and Big Boss said "We need a spy. Maybe you can train the ones without any experience." Eva sighed "I'll think about it." Big Boss released his grip from her arm and went to sulk on his bed when Eva returned with a backpack and tossed it to him. Big Boss asked "What's this?" Eva said "A gift." Big Boss went to open the bag and Eva finished "From her." Big Boss pulled [[the Patriot from the bag and asked "How did you...where...when..?" His voice trailed off as he tried to find the right question. Eva said "I have my ways. I'll be back in a day or two with my things." Big Boss's heart jumped and he asked "So, you're staying?" Eva said "It's the least I owe you." Big Boss asked "For what?" Eva placed a hand on her stomach and said "I'll...I'll tell you in two days." She left the room and soon he heard the engine of her motorcycle rev and drive off. He was left alone again, but at least he knew she was staying with him.

Chapter 4:Catherine (2023)Edit

Catherine had been sitting in her chair across from her father, Snake for the past half hour while Katnis, Sunny and Meryl fawned over little Molly on the couch. Catherine, for some reason felt like the only mature one in the house. Snake went to light a cigarette but Katnis shouted "Hey! No smoking!" Snake raised his eyebrow and asked "Why?" Katnis nodded to Molly in her arms. Snake sighed and placed the cigarette back into it's container. Snake leaned toward Catherine and asked "Is she always like this?" Catherine felt a smile break on her face and she nodded "Yeah, she doesn't even let me have any alcohol around her." Snake said "I see." Catherine said "I'm sorry, I haven't even asked. Why are you guys here?" Snake said "Besides seeing the baby? Well. Otacon is showing off some new Metal Gear prototype to the guys at the military base. Meryl decided on visiting." Catherine asked "Why is he making another Metal Gear?" Snake cupped his hands and said "They want to end this "war", rookie. They only see Metal Gear as a way to end it quickly." Catherine tried to wrap her head around that. The last time the military tried to use a Metal Gear unit, World War III nearly broke out. Snake cleared his throat "So, did you finish the tapes?" Catherine said "Um, I think I have five left?" Snake said "You're slow on learning or something?" Catherine shook her head "No, whenever Molly over there can't sleep, I sometimes play the tapes for her too." Snake sighed "Listen, rookie. I want you to go on a mission for me." Catherine nearly jumped out of her chair at the opportunity. Catherine said "Just tell me where." Snake said "Russia." Meryl appeared at Catherine's back and asked in a sinister tone, "What about Russia?" Snake said in a nonchalant tone, "I was just telling her that." Catherine said "Come on, just tell me." Snake said "Campbell needs someone to look over the American soldiers deployed over in Russia. He asked me to do it, but I've become too old to do it. I need you to do it?" Catherine asked "That's it?" Snake nodded "That's it." Catherine said "Sounds boring." Snake asked "Would you rather stay here and listen to those tapes for the rest of the year, or would you like the possibility of seeing some fighting?" Catherine could only think "He's got a point." Snake asked "Well, what do you say?" Catherine nodded "I'll do it." Katnis said "Although I'm against you going to a war zone...I know you want to do this, so I'll just say this. Come home safe, and clock some morons while you're there." Catherine smiled "Will do."

Chapter 5:Big Boss (1978)Edit

Big Boss had just finished testing out his newly-constructed motorcycle and pulled it into Diamond Dogs' garage when the snow had just started to fall, leaving the ground in a crystalline image. He quickly went up to his room, and hit a switch, showing that behind a painting of himself and Eva on a beach, there was a wall of weapons he had collected over the years. Big Boss placed his assault rifle and M9 into their appropriate slots and returned the wall to it's hidden state when he hit the switch again. Big Boss placed his now-wet leather jacket in the closet and changed into a lime green T-shirt and black track pants before there was a knock at the door. Big Boss, expecting it to be Eva, shouted "Come in!" The door opened,and little Sarah White entered the room, obviously hiding something behind her back. Over the course of the past year and a half, Sarah and her sister Holly had grown to look up to him as a father figure, however Holly remained distant from him. He guessed it was due to she feared him. Sarah, unlike Holly was a trouble child, she often snuck into forbidden rooms, and picked the locks to the pantry, however she was still a sweet girl. Big Boss eyed what was behind her back and asked "What did you break this time?" Sarah looked up at him with her blue/gray eyes and said "Nothing, sir. But I have a present for you!" Big Boss said "For what?" Sarah handed him a pink paper cut-out heart and said with a gleeful smile "Here you go!" Big Boss asked "What's this for?" Sarah's smile faded into a questioning stare "You know it's valentine's day, right?" Big Boss smiled "And you want me to be your valentine, is that it?" Sarah shook her head and said "No...sir." She paused, took a deep breath and said "Sir, would you please be my mommy's valentine?" Big Boss choked down a laugh and said "What are you talking about?" Sarah cocked her head to the side and looked very confused. Sarah asked "Don't you like my mommy?" Big Boss said "Err...Why do you ask?" Sarah said "Well, you spend a lot of time together, sir. I thought if adult s spent a lot of time together, they liked each other." Big Boss smiled at the girl, sat down on his bed and motioned for her to sit down as well. Once Sarah sat down she asked "Do you like my mommy...?" Big Boss patted her on the head and said "Sarah, if she asked me on a date, I would happily say yes." Sarah asked "But you don't like her, like you like that Eva lady..." Big Boss raised his eyebrow "How do you know about me and Eva?" Sarah smiled "The way you look at each other." Big Boss, wanting to change the subject, asked "How's your sister doing?" Sarah said "She's OK, I guess." Big Boss was about to ask something else when there was a knock at the door. Big Boss aid "It's open." Eva walked in, wearing sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt and looked about as exhausted as he felt. Eva looked at Sarah sitting on the bed and asked "What are you doing here small fry?" Sarah said "Nothing, ma'am." Eva asked "Shouldn't you be in your room? It's past curfew." Sarah sighed "Yes, ma'am. Is it OK if we talk tomorrow, sir?" Big Boss nodded "Sure." Sarah gave them both a salute and went skipping down the hallway. Eva asked "What was that about?" Big Boss said "She just wanted someone to talk to." Eva asked "Isn't that what her sister is for?" Big Boss gave her an angry look and said "Why are you so cold tonight?" Eva nodded outside "Because it is cold." Big Boss said "Come on, let's get some sleep, you look tired as hell." Eva looked him over and said "You look like hell." Big Boss and Eva lied down in bed and turned off the lights. However, what seemed like seconds later, Big Boss's Codec went off. He answered it with an annoyed tone "What is it Kaz?!" Kaz said "We have a problem, Boss." Big Boss said "I'll be there soon." Big Boss went to get up but Eva placed a hand on his chest and asked "Can't they handle it?" Big Boss shook his head "No."

When he arrived in the meeting room, he found Grace holding Sarah in her arms, still asleep and Holly holding her mother's other hand and looking as if she was not far behind her sister. Big Boss ignored them and asked, "What's going on?" Miller said "Snake, we have an issue." Big Boss said "You told me that already." Miller continued "Paz has informed us that Cypher has been moving two very special 'products' for the past year." Big Boss asked "And the importance of them are?" Miller said "Boss...they're..they're your sons." Eva appeared at Big Boss's side and said in shock "The hell do you mean by that?" Miller pointed to the map of the world at Afghanistan and said "The only one we could pin-point is located here. The other one went missing around a month ago in Alaska." Eva turned Big Boss around and looked him in the eye and she appeared to be on the verge of tears. Eva said "Please, rescue him Snake. He's your son too." Big Boss felt the urge to hit something..he was cloned without his consent, while he was in a damn coma and now he was being told to rescue that clone, who had the possibility to kill him one day. Then he calmed down and said "Fine. What's his name?" Eva smiled "His name... is David."

Chapter 6:Catherine (2023)Edit

It had been three days since Catherine arrived in the war-torn Moscow Russia. The nation had been suffering from not only from it's gruesome war with China, but also from the worst snow storm they've had since the 1940's. Catherine herself was bundled up in a broken-down sneaking suit, used by her father during the 2005 Incident, a heavy sweatshirt and a winter coat, and her teeth were still chattering from the cold. Her UN appointed escort named "Ivan" said "You alright, Miss Black?" Catherine smiled "Yeah, Ivan. Just used to warmer temperatures." Ivan said "You need to keep moving. If you stop, you will freeze to death." Ivan continued moving as if Catherine was right behind him. Ivan was a nice man, possibly in his mid forties, he had graying hair and a stereotypical Russian beard growing which had a yellow splotch near his mouth, which she guessed was from his heavy smoking. Catherine sighed and followed her escort like a lost puppy in the ever-growing blizzard, when she peered over and saw the dozens of homeless people slouched up against the walls with small fires going while others rested in cardboard boxes. Ivan stopped and asked "Sad, isn't it?" Catherine nodded "Yes. It's terrible to think people are suffering like this." Ivan finished for her "While others are living in mansions, eating their hearts out while these kind people are starving." Catherine couldn't tell if he was talking about America, or the few richer Russians. Catherine felt someone poke her in the leg and turned, nearly causing her assault rifle to smack the person in the head. Catherine looked and saw young boy, possibly seven wearing torn and tattered clothing looking back at her with sad, hungry eyes. Catherine asked "Can I help you?" The boy said something she couldn't understand and turned to Ivan. Ivan said "He's asking for a little food. For his little sister." Catherine felt like crying for the boy, before digging in her coat pocket and only found half a chocolate bar, shook her head and withdrew ten UN credits and handed it to the boy who bowed to her and ran off back to his cardboard box. Catherine turned to Ivan who had a smug look on his face. Catherine asked "What?" Ivan said "That was a kind thing to do. You could have just given him that chocolate bar in your pocket, but instead you gave him your hard-earned money. I must thank you for that." Catherine shivered from the cold again and said "No one deserves to suffer like that."

Ivan patted her on the back and said "Come. Let's get to the tavern. Get some alcohol in you." Catherine raised a fearful eyebrow asked "For what?" Ivan chuckled "Not for any reason you might be thinking. We don't have hot chocolate here, or coffee. We drink alcohol to stay warm." Catherine nodded "I see..but it's not permanent, nor legitimate. It's only in your head." Ivan smiled "It's the only thing that helps." Catherine nodded and followed Ivan to a brightly-lit tavern which had half of it's windows boarded up. Once inside she noticed there to be dozens upon dozens of people inside. Most of them were men, ranging from teens to old men, almost all with their heads on the table, groaning in pain or from other cause. A few, were actually laughing in a drunken haze. In the far right corner, there was a table which contained children who were drinking bowls of what appeared to be soup. Once at a table near the counter, Ivan said "Sit down. This is the..VIP table." Catherine nodded and unzipped her coat, causing a stream of melted snow to flow out onto the ground. Ivan returned from the counter with two bowls and said "Eat while I get the alcohol." Before she could protest, he vanished toward the bar. She sighed to herself and started eating, and found the soup to be nothing more than meat and hot water. She peered over to the children's table and thought to herself; "Why is their soup yellow?" Ivan returned with a bottle of old whiskey and asked "You enjoying the soup?" Catherine nodded her head toward the children's table and asked "What. Are they eating?" Ivan said "Listen, supplies are running was the best we could afford for them..." Catherine asked again in a harsh tone "What, are they eating, Ivan?" Ivan said "Nothing more then grease and bacon bits." Catherine was appalled, she wanted to smack Ivan across the face, but she knew it wasn't his fault, she knew the "good stuff" had to go to the Russian military. Ivan said "We've tried to convince the UN to send more supplies, the last time we tried was just before the blizzard destroyed all our crops and killed our cattle." Catherine asked "What about your government?" Ivan chuckled "As you could have guessed, American. They only send supplies to the soldiers on the front lines. While the people...get the leftovers. Disease, hunger and cold riddle us. We may be a strong people. But us as humans, have our breaking points." Catherine finished "How long until you reach yours?"

Before Ivan could answer, a black haired man who appeared to be in his late thirties or early forties, wearing a traditional Russian jacket sat down at the table. The man shouted "Ivan! How's it going dude?! Who's the young lady, you two on a date!?" Catherine only gave him an annoyed, angry stare. The man looked at Catherine's face for a few moments and snapped his fingers in recognition. The man asked "Where...oh where have I seen that face before?" Catherine raised an eyebrow "Excuse me?" The man said "Someone I know, made that same face to me when we met..who was it?" The man eyed Catherine's FoxHound necklace and continued pondering to himself. Ivan said "So Catherine, you never did tell me." Catherine asked "Tell you what?" Ivan said "You never did tell me what your codename was." Catherine smirked "My codename is Black Snake." The man snapped his fingers again and shouted "I know! It was him!" Catherine raised an eyebrow "Again. Excuse me?" The man said "I worked with your father,Solid Snake back in 2007. "- The man extended his hand - "The name is Pierre. Pierre LeClare." Catherine shook his hand and said "Catherine. Catherine Black." Pierre asked "Do you mind if I called you Snake?" Catherine shrugged "I don't mind." Pierre asked "So..Snake. Might I ask what you are doing in this place?" Ivan eyed Pierre for his tone of "this place. Catherine said "The UN sent me here to oversee pedestrian conditions in Russia." Pierre asked "And what do you think?" Catherine mumbled "It's a cold. Cold. Hell." Pierre nodded sadly, "Too true." Catherine continued to drink her whiskey when Pierre asked "Mind if I ask you something else?" Catherine said "If it's your last question." Pierre asked "Why aren't you named 'Sexy Snake'? That's a far more appropriate codename for you." Catherine blushed "Well thank you."

Before Pierre could continue talking, a truck stopped at the front of the bar, and seven soldiers stepped out of the car and lined up and raised their guns. Catherine shouted "Get down!" and Pierre and Ivan jumped behind the table as the seven soldiers unloaded their paygrade into the unsuspecting bar, killing a majority in the building. However, before Catherine had a chance to retaliate, when their leader walked into the bar, two Russian soldiers opened fire at the man, but the bullets seemingly bounced off of him as if by magic. Catherine was in shock as the man didn't seem to care about the bullets, and only surveyed the bullet-ridden bar, snapped his fingers and two people entered. A blond-haired man with an AK-47 on his hip and a woman who was wearing tattered and ruined clothes, her hair was messy and overgrown and she only appeared to be armed with a pair of Desert Eagles. The older man whispered something and the woman raised her hands, fired her guns and quickly put them back in their holsters in the blink of an eye. Catherine peered over and saw the two Russian soldiers crumple to the floor, dead with bullet holes in their foreheads. Catherine went to pull her SOCOM|SOCOM and open fire on the other two, but the blond haired man appeared out of nowhere and aimed a Rail gun at her head, and said in a mocking tone "Ah, ah, ah sugar tits." Catherine placed her pistol back in the holster and raised her hands in surrender. The older man walked nonchalantly up to her and asked in a heavy, gruff voice that reminded her of someone "What. Do we have here?" The blond haired man said "She doesn't look Russian." The older man said "Ah, this must be the UN Representative. Listen, young lady. I'll make this simple. You give those damn government primates a message for me, and I promise we will not slaughter anyone else in this bar." Catherine snarled "I would need a name for that." The man said "Yes, that is important. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours." Catherine eyed the blond man's rail gun and nodded. The man smiled and said "My name is Gabriel. The woman mumbling to herself who looks like a drug addict is Nix and the man holding a rail gun to your cheek is Jericho. What's your name?" Catherine grumbled "My name's Ca-." Catherine caught herself, she knew she couldn't give them her real name. Gabriel asked "I'm sorry, speak a little louder, if you please." Catherine said in a loud voice "My name's Snake." Gabriel made a note on a piece of paper and returned it to his pocket before stating "Strange codename. But I guess it will suffice." Catherine asked "The message?" Gabriel smiled "Ah, yes. Tell those imbecile government primates this. We don't care about this petty war between Mother Russia and China. We are not allies with either. We want to see the world ruled under a single iron fist, not a bloody council of corrupt politicians. We are The Savior Society." Catherine mumbled "More like Nazi's." Gabriel shook his head and looked at her as if she were a child and said "Such single mindedness. Now, Miss Snake. If you attempt to retaliate after we depart. My associate Mr. Jericho will be more than happy blowing this bar to the ninth circle of hell with his rail gun. The same threat goes to you Mr. Leclare." Pierre snarled at him as the trio departed back onto their trucks and drove off. Once Catherine couldn't hear the engines anymore she said "Get out!" Catherine, Ivan and Pierre jumped out of the bar as a shot from Jericho's rail gun collided with the building, setting it ablaze.

Pierre asked "What do you want to do?" Catherine took a cigar out of her pocket, lit it and said "I can only tell the UN the message. I can't fight back right now, not until I know everything I can about them." Pierre tossed her an IDroid and said "Here." Catherine asked "What's this?" Pierre smirked "I put a tracker on the blond guy's rail gun." Catherine smiled "You're the best." Pierre asked "You're surprised by this?" Catherine said "I could show this to Otacon, he could help me track them down." Pierre said "I'll try to join you when my tour is over in a week." Catherine nodded "Good." Ivan asked "So, after you deliver the message, what will you do?" Catherine said "Target Jericho. Kill him, then kill Nix, then Gabriel."

Chapter 7:Big Boss (1978)Edit

Big Boss had found himself in Afghanistan, he had just taken out four Cypher guards with his Hush puppy and went to open the door the guards were standing in front of. Big Boss took a deep breath and as quietly as possible, he slowly opened the door and found a small boy, possibly five or six sitting in front of a TV watching and old movie. Big Boss quickly ducked behind a counter and when he peered over the edge, he saw a guard sitting in a chair, leaning up against a wall smoking a cigarette. Big Boss picked up an empty bottle of what appeared to be scotch and tossed it across the room, causing it to smash into a thousand pieces and the guard snapped to attention and shouted "Did you do that?!" The child only shook his head "I haven't moved." The guard grumbled to himself as he investigated the broken bottle. Big Boss took this opportunity and put the guard in a choke hold. The guard struggled to free himself, but Big Boss placed a knife against the man's throat and said "Make a sound, and I will kill you." The man dropped his AK-47 and raised his arms. Big Boss took advantage and smashed the man's head against the ground, knocking him unconscious. Big Boss turned to the boy, who seemed unfazed by what he saw happen in front of him. Big Boss asked "You alright, kid?" The child nodded "Why are you here?" Big Boss said "Your uh...mother sent me to rescue you." The child asked "From who?" Big Boss said "The bad guys." The child asked in a smart tone "You're a good guy?" Big Boss said "As close to one as you can get in this world." The child asked "What's your name?" Big Boss said "Big Boss" The child said "My name's David." Big Boss said "I'm aware of that. Now unless you want to have me shoot our way out of here. We have to get going." David asked "What about the sandstorm?" Big Boss just smiled "That's the easy part."

Two days later, after getting David onto an escape chopper and back to Diamond Dogs headquarters, Big Boss arrived, his clothing torn and tattered from fighting his way out of the compound. He had lost his tranquilizer pistol back at the base and had to rely on his assault rifle as well as the guns he picked off enemy guards. Big Boss walked through the door and was met by not only EVA, Kazuhira Miller and Grace as expected, but he was shocked to see Huey Emmerich, Dr. Strangelove, Amanda, and Paz waiting for him. They all stared at him for a minute before Big Boss said in a mocking tone "Calm down everyone." Kaz said "Good job Boss, David arrived yesterday. The pilot had to take a different route after the helicopter was attacked by Cypher guards." Big Boss nodded "Where is he?" EVA said "He's with Holly and Sarah in the other room. How was it?" Big Boss said "It was easy, I could've sent one of the recruits instead." EVA asked "How was he? Did he ask anything?" Big Boss said "Just my name." EVA asked "Did you tell him you were his father?" Big Boss shook his head "He's ready to hear that." Eva said "Well, thank you for saving him." Big Boss asked "What about the other one?" Kas said "We're still trying to pinpoint him, we'll contact you when we find him." David appeared around in the doorway and asked "I have a brother?"

Big Boss stared in disbelief at how easily the child snuck through everyone's eyesight and listened to their conversation. His first thought; "We need better guards."

Chapter 8: Catherine (2023)Edit

Catherine was sitting in her lazy chair in her home, a glass of wine on her table next to her, Sunny toying with the Mark V, Jack and Meryl chatting over what happened in Russia. She herself had been awake for at least three days since she got back in the United States. When she got home, a very drunk Katnis nearly tackled her out the door. Catherine opened her right eye when Jack sat down in the chair next to her with either a relief-filled sigh, or an annoyed one, even after knowing him for nine years, she couldn't tell the difference with his gruff voice. Catherine asked "What's wrong, Boss?" Jack replied "You met Pierre?" Catherine nodded "Yeah, I invited him over here, why?" Jack smiled, not a normal happy smile, more of a "I'm going to kill someone" smile, she last saw that smile when he was about to kill a guy who hit on Meryl in front of him. Jack said "He and I worked together back in either 2006 or 2007." Catherine smiled "He told me." Jack asked "Did he try anything?" Catherine shook her head "Well, yes and no. He flirted with me but that's about it. I think he knows." Jack raised an eyebrow "Knows what?" Catherine nodded her head to Katnis and Molly, and said "What do you think?" Jack asked "So, you going to be alright?" Catherine raised her eyebrow "What are you talking about?" Jack playfully slapped Catherine on her left cheek and said "From what you told me, you could be sleeping with the fishes if you didn't react as quickly as you did." Catherine mumbled "Luck." Jack said "In my experience, there is no such thing as luck." Catherine said "Shut up Ben."

Catherine heard Katnis open the door and she raised her head to witness Pierre walk through the door and place a trench coat on the coat hanger to reveal his all-black attire. Katnis said in a cheerful voice "Welcome Mr. LeClare." Pierre gave a bow and said "Why thank you Miss...." Katnis finished "Miss Rowe. Katnis Rowe." Pierre said "I've never seen such young, raw beauty in a woman before." Catherine cleared her throat and said "She's mine, Frenchie." Pierre exchanged a look between Catherine and Katnis at least four times before a look of realization dawned on his face. Pierre said "I see." Catherine smiled "Took you long enough." Pierre took a seat on her couch and said "So, before I left Russia. We received a report from the UN that Gabriel and his team had taken over a large force of PMC's based in the Middle East and the northern Africa. One of our planted spies has reported that they plan on launching attacks in both China and Russia. We don't know when. We don't know where." Catherine sighed and took a drink from her glass. She couldn't believe how little they didn't know about such a dangerous threat. However, a thought clicked into her head. Catherine asked "What about that tracker you but on the blond guy?" Pierre shook his head "We lost signal over twenty six hours ago." Catherine planted her head into her knees. She felt defeated before the war even started.

Catherine felt a hand mess up her hair, she guessed it was Katnis trying to make her feel better. She looked up and saw Jack standing there with a comforting smile on his face. Pierre said "Relax, Sexy. As soon as they do anything, the UN will send in a bunch of AI's to wipe them off the map." Catherine said "Gabriel can't be hit by bullets. What good would that do?" Pierre mumbled "Damn, you are a downer, aren't you?" Catherine smiled "You really need to get to know me better." Katnis said "Good things come to those who wait." Catherine said in a mocking tone "Shut up." Pierre, apparently wanting to change the subject, asked "So, Catherine. Mind if I ask you something?" Catherine nodded "I guess." Pierre asked "How did you get your codename?" Catherine said "Black Snake?"-Catherine nodded toward Jack -"He gave it to me." Pierre said "I think Sexy Snake suits you better." Catherine chuckled "You said that already." Jack gave Pierre an angry glare and asked "What would suit her better?" Pierre said "Silver Snake!" Jack, apparently satisfied with the answer sat down next to Meryl in the kitchen. A few minutes later, Sunny shouted from her room "Catherine! Phone for you!" Catherine, confused about how she didn't hear the phone ring, picked it up and on the other line, a member of the UN explained that they had captured four PMC's and they wanted her to interrogate one of them.

After an hour long drive, they arrived at the UN Military compound where they had one of the soldiers imprisoned. Catherine met the Commander, he was an older gruff man. He said that the soldier they captured belonged to a squad they ambushed in Egypt. He had been one of Gabriel's lieutenants. Catherine said "Just give me a few minutes..I'll make him talk." Jack stopped her at the door and asked "What are you going to do?" Catherine looked him in the eye and said "Just something he taught me." Jack gave her a thoughtful, stare and moved out of the way.

Catherine walked into the room and found the man handcuffed to the chair, she noticed the tools she requested were also in there waiting for her. The soldier himself appeared to be in his late thirties, he had a five o'clock shadow and he had a scratch spreading across his face. The man looked up at her, and a wide, perverted smile spread across his face. The man asked "You gonna give me a lap dance, girlie?" Catherine said in a venomous tone "Shove it you piece of crap." The man said "What you gonna do to me then?" Catherine took off her jacket and placed it on another chair. Catherine said "You, are going to tell me where your boss is." The man asked "And what makes you think I'm gonna tell you that?" Catherine took out a monkey wrench and said "If you don't...I must break you." The man showed fear in his eyes as Catherine stepped closer, she raised the wrench and smashed his left knee cap, moving it a few inches to the right, causing the man to shout in pain. Catherine asked "You ready to talk?" The man shook his head and shouted "Screw you!" Catherine let out an evil chuckle and drenched him with a bucket of water and took out a pair of jumper cables. She turned the machine on and tapped the cables together causing them to spark. Catherine said "Last chance. Tell me, or you are going to be in a world of hurt." The man defiantly shook his head as Catherine stabbed his skin with the cables, causing electricity to course through him. The man shouted in pain. After a few minutes she pulled away and let the man catch his breath. Catherine asked "You ready to talk now?" The man shook his head "No." Catherine sighed and said "Your funeral." Catherine withdrew her final tool; an SAA, loaded three bullets into the chamber and clicked it shut. The man asked "Wha-what are you doing?!" Catherine said "You've refused to cooperate. You've outlived your purpose." Catherine pointed the gun at the man, and he started to panic. She shot him twice in the crotch and asked "Now are you ready to talk?" He shakily shook his head as Catherine placed the gun against his forehead and brought the hammer back and said "I guess I'll see you in hell." Just as she was about to pull the trigger, he shouted "Wait! They're about to attack Moscow and Beijing! Their attacks are going to start in three hours!" Catherine smirked "Thank you for cooperating. Goodbye." Catherine shot the man in the forehead, painting the back wall with chunks of brain and blood.

Chapter 9: Big Boss (1975)Edit

David asked again, now with anger in his eyes "I have a brother?" From his tone, he wasn't just asking, he was accusing. Miller said "Uh...listen I need you to-" Eva interrupted him and said "Yes, you do." Big Boss wanted to yell at her, but her saying that seemed to calm David down. David asked "Where-Where is he?" Miller said "We uh, we don't really know." Eva added "We're trying as hard as we can." David silently walked away, apparently finished with the conversation. Eva went to go after him, but she looked back at Big Boss, as if asking him permission. Big Boss crossed his arms and nodded, and Eva ran down the hall after her son. Miller coughed and said "Well, Boss. I'd like to report something, if I may." Big Boss sighed and said "What, Kas?" Miller said "Well, Paz is finally able to walk around without the aide of a wheelchair.." Big Boss said "And I care, why?" Miller asked "I thought-" Big Boss snapped "You thought I cared for her? She's a means to an end. She betrayed us Kas, she nearly killed us." Miller said "But she didn't." Big Boss shook his head "She will never be able to earn my trust." A weak, female voice broke their argument "Even mine, Snake?" Big Boss turned and saw Paz, clad in a black jumpsuit holding herself up against the wall, her hair had at least grown back to chin-length and she appeared to be struggling to stand. Part of him wanted to move to help her, but the rest of him refused it. Big Boss sneered "What do you want?" Paz said "I'd like to make a deal." Big Boss, not amused said "What do you want?" Paz said "I want to be able to traverse the facility, I am sick of being confined to the infirmary." Big Boss asked "What do you have to offer?" Paz's face filled with shock and offense. She shouted "I helped you retrieve your son!" Big Boss said "And that gives you leverage over me?" Paz's eyes started to water, she whimpered "Please, Snake." Big Boss scoffed "That's not going to work on me." Paz asked "What about that night on the beach?" Big Boss shook his head "No." Miller said "Come on, Boss. At least give her a leash." Big Boss said "The last time I gave her a leash, she nearly killed us with Zeke." Miller raised his arms "We don't have any Metal Gears, Boss. What would she kill us with? The weapons vault is locked and-" Miller stopped himself. He collected himself and continued- "Come on Boss. Do it as a favor, to me." Big Boss looked over to Paz who was now sobbing in her knees. Dr. Strangelove tapped him on the shoulder and said "I'll keep a watchful eye on her, if you want." Big Boss sighed "Fine, Paz. You will be able to walk around the facility from nine AM, to seven PM. You will either be escorted by Strangelove or another guard, or both. If you show any signs of trouble. You're gone. Do I make myself clear?" Paz nodded 'Yes, Snake." Big Boss said "Call me Boss." Strangelove went to help Paz up when she said "Wait! Boss, I have something to tell you. About Cypher." Big Boss eyed her "What?" A grin spread across her face. "They're building a new Metal Gear based on Zeke's design." Big Boss grabbed her by the shoulders and shouted "Where!?" Paz said "Brazil." Big Boss said "Strangelove, take her to her room. Kaz, get a team ready." Miller asked "Which one?" Big Boss said "Infiltration." Miller asked "Anything else?" Big Boss said "Get a helicopter on standby. Either we haul that Metal Gear out of there, or we are going to need an evac."

Chapter 10:Catherine (2025)Edit

Catherine had just finished cleaning the blood off herself and changed into a plain white t-shirt and blue jeans when she walked into the living room, she found her birth-mother Holly White chatting with her parents and Pierre. Catherine smiled and said "Hey Aunt Holl- Mo- err.." Even after all this time, she still had no idea what do call her. Holly laughed and said "Just call me Holly." Catherine nodded and asked "What are you doing here?" Holly nodded toward Jack and said "He invited me over. He told me about how you helped prevent that attack in Moscow. I'm sorry you weren't able to prevent the one in Beijing." Catherine sighed and said "Yeah, thanks." Pierre asked "Well now we need to coordinate our next plan of attack." Catherine wanted to ask Jack what he thought to do next, but she felt she needed to do this on her own. Before she could answer him, Holly said "You can burn that bridge when you get to it, right now, you have to celebrate! You saved thousands of lives today!" Catherine nodded, thankful for Holly's cheerful attitude. Holly looked over to Jack and Katnis and asked "You mind if I borrow her?"

Both of them shrugged and Holly lead Catherine outside to the patio. Catherine asked "What's up?" Holly said "I know you want to talk to me, I know you have questions." Catherine sat down and asked "How long have you known Jack?" Holly said "Well...we met as children, I knew him back then as David, however about a year after we met he was abducted by them and he apparently forgot about me. We met again back in the Zanzibar Land incident, we didn't even recognize each other. It wasn't until he adopted you that I realized who he was." Catherine asked "Do you think he remembers you now?" Holly chuckled "I highly doubt it. I think he might have a vague recollection, but I don't think he actually remembers me." Catherine said "Why don't you ask him?" Holly said "It's none of my business, and I don't need to know. All I care about now is knowing that we're friends." Catherine took that to heart and nodded. Holly smiled again and said "I think the reason he took you in is because you reminded him of your mother and I." Catherine repeated her words "I highly doubt it."

Holly asked "How's mighty Molly doing?" Catherine said "She's doing fine. She's become a pain in the ass since she learned how to crawl, we're just waiting for her to start talking." Holly said "Your father told me how you've finally started using your codename." Catherine suddenly felt embarrassed, she guessed it was because it took her so long to use her codename she considered nothing more than a joke for nearly ten years. Holly said "Pierre told me that the name suits you..." Catherine lowered her head so her hair covered her eyes and asked "I just I deserve it?" Holly asked "What do you mean?" Catherine said "The only reason I have this codename is because he adopted me, he chose me. If he chose anyone else, like Katnis, I doubt I would be in the position I'm in now." Holly placed a hand on her shoulder and asked "Is that why you wouldn't use the name for so long? You didn't think you deserve it?" Catherine nodded "What have I ever done to deserve it?" Holly smiled "You can't expect to do the things your father and grand father or your great grandmother have done. Especially when you're so young. Your father was given the title in his mid twenties. Your grandfather in his early thirties. They had both stopped world war three how many times?" Catherine said "At least four or five." Holly asked "And how in the world did you; and eleven year old at the time, expect to do any of that?" Catherine said "I didn't." Holly said "You have the chance to save the world now. As soon as you get the chance. Take it." Catherine nodded and said "Thanks..." Holly said "Just call me Holly." Catherine shook her head "But you're my mother. It feels disrespectful." Holly said "Well, you're welcome Catherine. If you ever want to talk, just give me a call." Catherine gave her a hug and said "Thanks, mom."

A few seconds later, Catherine's codec started going off. She answered it to find a UN Captain on the other line. Catherine asked "What?" The soldier said "We've located them! They're located in Iran!" Catherine said "Thanks." The soldier said "There's one more thing, ma'am." Catherine asked "What is it?" The soldier said "The one called Nix, she was killed in a firefight yesterday." Catherine nodded "Thanks." She signed off and turned to Holly, who noticed her sad expression and asked "What's wrong?" Catherine said "One of the freak trio got axed." Holly asked "And you're not happy about this because?" Catherine said "I think she just wanted a fair fight with me. Now she's robbed of it." Holly said "One less bad guy to bight the dust, right?" Catherine nodded and headed inside.

Chapter 11:Big Boss (1976)Edit

It had been a year since Paz had sent them to the supposed XOF Metal Gear testing facility, and all they found were the remains of a facility. After an investigation from Miller and Amanda, they had discovered that they were tipped off by a spy planted in Diamond Dogs. Paz had no idea who the spy was nor that they would be tipped off. Six months earlier, while Big Boss and Kaz were out on a mission helping Amanda and her squad, Diamond Dogs were attacked by XOF, which resulted in David being abducted.

Big Boss stared over the torched corpse of the building Diamond Dogs had called their home, all their equipment lost, all their data gone. But most of all his "son" abducted because of his own negligence, ego and stupidity. He felt a hand placed on his shoulder and turned to Eva and said "It's not your fault Snake." Big Boss shook his head "No. The first time it was luck. This time it was my fault. I left the wrong person in charge. Now we just lost everything. Again." Eva said "Well...I guess it's time for me to take my leave." Big Boss raised an eyebrow "What?" Eva said "Snake, I'm going after our son. You have your men to lead. Plus-" Eva cupped his chin in her hands - "You could also use a spy in their ranks." Big Boss turned away "I guess..." Eva smiled "Good luck, Snake." Eva hopped on her motorcycle, blew him a kiss and rode off. After she was out of sight, Kaz, followed by Paz and Amanda appeared. Kaz asked "What now Boss?" Big Boss said "...We're going to form our own nation." Kaz and Amanda exchanged a look before he turned to Big Boss and asked "Haven't we tried that already?." Big Boss shook his head "No. We have to find our... Outer Heaven."

Chapter 12:Catherine (2025)Edit

It had been three days since she arrived in Iran. She had been given a silenced tranquilizer pistol, CQC knife, and an M4. She had been walking around the bustling streets for hours waiting for her military contact when she saw someone rush into an alley. As soon as she walked past the alley she was grabbed and thrown into the wall. Catherine in retaliation kicked the figure and noticed he had a FOXHOUND logo on his chest. Catherine protruded her pistol and pointed it at him. Catherine shouted "What's the passcode?" The man held his hands up and stated "La Le Lu Le Lo." Catherine lowered her pistol and asked "What's my intel?" The man said "Both Jericho and Gabriel are on that ship set to depart in half an hour. They're course is set for Florence Italy." Catherine nodded and just as she turned her back, she asked "What's your name?" The man said "Johnny." When she turned back he was gone.

She shrugged it off, tossed her cloak into the street, and activated her stealth camo and made her way onto the boat. Once in a proper hiding place, she had a strange feeling, so she placed her M4 and knife in her Octowatch , and proceeded to take out a guard with a tranquilizer shot to the back of the head. Once she hid the body, she took his assault rifle and go below decks. She quickly found herself in the cargo bay where she found Jericho and Gabriel conversating. She couldn't make out what they were saying, but before she could get any closer, Gabriel shouted "Welcome, to your death... Snake." Before she could react, Jericho fired a rail gun shot into the roof, Catherine jumped just as the shot hit the roof. As soon as she landed she pulled out the assault rifle and opened fire, hitting Jericho in the knee, but before she could fire upon Gabriel, she was hit in the back of the head by the butt of a rifle.

When she awoke, she found herself chained to a chair. She looked up and saw Jericho and Gabriel standing in front of her, Jericho seemed to me chuckling to himself, as always while Gabriel was standing behind him with his arms crossed with an angry scowl on his face. Catherine sighed to herself "Dear god. What a rookie mistake." Gabriel said in his monotone voice "'re going to tell us everything." Catherine smirked "Come on, it's going to take more than that to get me to talk." Jericho waved his hand and two guards brought in a car battery and jumper cables. Jericho quickly set the machine up and tapped the cables together causing them to spark. Jericho said in a sinister voice "Last chance sugar tits." Catherine shook her head and Jericho jammed the cables against her stomach causing the current to flow through her body. After what seemed like hours, he pulled away. Catherine trying to catch her breath, looked up and Jericho asked "You ready to talk now?" Catherine started laughing intently "You're joking...right?" Gabriel, now with a curious look on his face asked "What do you mean?" Catherine said "That was nothing compared to what he did to me over ten years ago. What you just did was like a little spark compared to what he did." Gabriel smiled "Well... Jericho I will be on the other ship. Keep a watch over her, maybe she will talk later." Both departed and after several minutes, her codec started going off and she answered it, seeing Otacon on the other line. Catherine asked "How long was I out?" Ocelot said "About three hours." Catherine's eyes widened "Otacon...I need the shot...the nanomachin-" Otacon said "Calm down. The syringe is in your inventory with the Mark 4, on the deck. I'll unlock you in a second, just wait."

A minute later, her locks clamored to the floor with a heavy thud. As soon as she stood up she felt the light headedness start, and she could hardly keep her balance. Catherine found what gear she had on the table. She picked it up and started walking. She found the halls sparsely guarded, however she assumed it was due to the impending attack. Just as she made it on deck, she fell over into a pile of boxes, invisible to anyone who would walk by. She graced herself up against a box and her vision started failing her, her veins started going cold. She thought to herself "....This...wouldn't be a bad place to die." A few seconds later she felt something jammed into her neck and her vision cleared. When she looked down she saw the Mark 4 putting the syringe away and giving her a mock salute. She smiled and said "Thank you." Before passing out. A few minutes later she awoke and saw Jericho standing on deck. She took out her M4, but she shook her head and said "He could be useful..." So she switched to her tranquilizer gun, snuck up behind him, placed the gun to the back of his head and shouted "Freeze" Jericho raised his hands and asked "Now what, sugar tits?" Catherine said "Give me your rail gun." Jericho nodded and placed it on the deck of the ship. He asked "Now what?" Catherine said "Now you go to sleep." Jericho asked "What?" Catherine shot a dart into the back of his neck, knocking him out instantly.

After securing him into a life jacket she looked over to the other ship and saw Gabriel shouting orders to his men. Catherine mumbled under her breath "You're next." Catherine activated her stealth camo and hopped in the water, she used the waves from the ship to disguise her splash. She quickly climbed up the stern of the ship and flipped over the rail, and placed herself up against the wall. A second later the stealth camo staticed out. She swore to herself and called Otacon. Otatcon picked up and asked "Everything alright, Snake?" Catherine shook her head "No, Otacon. The Stealth Camo's busted. It won't work anymore." Otacon said "Hmm, maybe when Jericho electrocuted you, he must have hit the power supplier. Sorry, I can't do anything for you." Catherine nodded "Thanks." She signed off and peered around the corner and saw Gabriel screaming into a walkie talkie, possibly trying to reach Jericho. Catherine took out her M4 and positioned it so it was aiming at his head. However before she opened fire her codec started going off. Catherine cursed herself and answered the codec to see Jack. Catherine nearly shouted "What do you want?" Jack said "Check your inventory, rookie. I have something there for you." Catherine opened up her pack and saw the Patriot. Catherine marveled at it, she turned it in her hands three times before she went back to her codec. She asked "Why'd you give this to me?" Jack said "Sunny did some research for us." Catherine raised an eyebrow "What?" Jack said "He's using a device to make him resistant to bullets. However, his device is a much more downgraded version. Use a Chaff grenade to jam it, then open fire. You will only have four seconds to do it." Catherine nodded "Thanks, Jack." Jack said "No problem, Snake."

Catherine signed off for the "final" time and pointed her new weapon at Gabriel who just now put away the walkie talkie.Catherine stood up and shouted "Freeze!" Gabriel smirked "So Jericho failed to kill you, eh?" Catherine said "He didn't get the chance. I shot him before we could fight." Gabriel asked "A little dark for you, isn't it?" Catherine asked "And what makes you think you know me?" Gabriel smirked "You still don't know who I am, do you?" Catherine shook her head "No." Gabriel tossed his hat into the water and said "My name... is Travis Barry Black. Your father Vincent,is my brother." Catherine just shook her head "You think I'd really fall for that?" Gabriel said "No. But I'd just thought you should know before you kill me." Catherine raised an eyebrow "What?" Gabriel motioned outward toward the ocean and said "Either you kill me here...or the UN Marine corps blow this ship to bits. It's your choice." Catherine said "Fine." Catherine took out a Chaff grenade, tossed at him, shot it causing it to explode. Gabriel jumped, knowing his fate was sealed. Catherine took advantage and opened fire but missed. Catherine walked around the corner but Gabriel punched her in the face, causing her to drop her gun and fall to the floor. Gabriel went to smash her head into the ground but she moved out of the way, grab him by the shoulder and toss him to the ground, and before he got up, she grabbed the Patriot and pointed it at his head. Gabriel smiled "So, this is how it ends?" Catherine nodded "I guess...Uncle." Catherine pulled the trigger, followed by the sound of thunder.

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