Metal Gear Solid Fanon:Sins of the Patriots is a fanon written by Jim Logan

Chapter 1Edit

"Shortly after Big Boss died, and I vowed to live life like a normal person, I was approached by a guy from the CIA, who said he could help my aging problem, when I asked him how, he said a special kind of Nanomachines could do it, at first I didn't want to do it, but then I said "Hell, I am only gonna live a few months, so what the hell?" I went through the process, and now, three months later, I look like I do back at the Big Shell Incident, and now Sunny and Otacon won't shut up about it. I am starting to think I should have stayed old. And Meryl and Johnny's marriage was an apparent failure due to, the priest not having his license or something, and now are living in a hotel, acting like a married couple, when they are not. . . I am confused" — Snake on his recent situation

Snake, getting dressed, putting a camo jacket and pants over his OctoCamo walked over to Otacon and Sunny working on the computer, Snake started to admire himself in the mirror, pleased with his youthful appearance.

Otacon asked "So Snake, now what?"

Snake replied "Well, right now, I think I am gonna get a new identity."

Sunny asked "Well, what did you use during that Big Shell incident?"

Otacon replied "Didn't you use, 'Iriquios Pliskin?"

Snake said "Ya.Why?"

Sunny asked "What about Snake Pliskin?"

Snake laughed "I am pretty sure that is copyrighted."

Sunny gave Snake a confused look. Otacon said "It's a movie."

Snake activated an electric cigarette "Why not ..  David Pliskin?"

Otacon replied "Sounds good! Now what do you want to do?"

Snake asked "I don't know, what do you want to do?"

Sunny said "Well, we have the Fox reunion in three hours."

Snake asked "What reunion?"

Otacon said "Oh ya, I forgot, Meryl and Raiden set up a reunion for us, we are meeting them at their hotel in a few hours."

Snake shouted "And when did you set this up?"

Otacon looked away "Uh  . . . a few days ago."

Snake finished "When I was out cold?"

Otacon nodded "Whoops."

Snake walked off grumbling, looking for his black suit.

An hour and a half later, Snake, Otacon and Sunny, all dressed up knocked on Meryl's hotel door.

Snake whispered "Hey, Otacon, $50 says Meryl thinks I am wearing FaceCamo.

Otacon said "I'll take that bet"

Meryl, wearing a skin-tight black tank top, and green camo shorts opened the door with a wide smile.

Meryl shouted "Hello everyone!" Meryl spotted Snake and her face turned to stone breifly.

Snake asked "What are you looking at Meryl?"

Meryl replied "Why are you wearing FaceCamo?"

Snake smiled at Otacon "You owe me $50"

Mery looked confused, and Otacon said "Snake was given a treatment, and it de-accelerated his age."

Meryl gave Snake a quick hug and said "Everyone, come on in!"

After a few minutes of looking around the room, Meryl asked Snake out to the patio.

One outside Snake jokingly said "If you're here to tell me that you're not really married to Akibia, just save it."

Meryl said "No, first, do you have a cigarette?"

Snake smiled "I only have an electric."

Meryl accepted it with a smile.

Snake asked "So. what did you need?"

Meryl sighed "Well, a week ago, Johnny said he was feeling ill . .. Well, more ill then usual, so we went to the doctor office and well, we were told uh, Johnny apparently cannot have children."

Snake coughed "What?"

Meryl replied "Well, apparently in the Shadow Mosses Incident, something happened where well, you know. . . "

Snake asked "What does this have to do with me?"

Meryl smiled at Snake "Well, I was wondering if you could uh . . . "

Snake's eyes widened "You want me to . . " Meryl nodded.

Snake asked "Can I think about it?

Meryl nodded "Of course."

The rest of the night was spent in  fun, when Raiden came with his family, he was also shocked to see Snake young again as well. Later in the night, Snake and Meryl were left alone in the main living area, fireplace crackling with newly-lit wood, lights darkened and the mood, all so sexy.

Meryl asked "Snake, have you thought about my request?"

Snake nodded a little. Meryl asked "So . . What's your-" Snake leaned in and planted a long, satisfying, and love-filled kiss onto Meryl's unsuspecting lips, to which she melted to him she smelled of roses, and her lips tasted of honey.The rest of the night, was filled with leisure. The morning afterword, Snake found himself lying in bed, with Meryl sleeping soundly on his chest.

Snake nudged her and whispered "I think it's time to get up."

Meryl yawned "What time is it?" Snake looked at the clock, which said it was 8:32 AM.

Snake said "8:30." Meryl nodded "Yeah. Did you have fun last night?"

Snake, putting on his clothes said "Hell yeah, I hope you did too." Snake heard Meryl enter the shower, and thinking she needed a little privacy, gladly gave it to her, stepping out into the living room. Snake looked around the now-devestated room and only saw Raiden, Rose and Johnny sleeping on the couch. Snake checked his Codec to see where Otacon and Sunny were, but no one answered. Snake looked at the counter and found a note from Otacon saying they went back to the Nomad.Snake shrugged it off and looked for something to eat, but found literly everything eaten form the party the night before. Snake heard Meryl come out into the room, again wearing a sexy, skin-tight tank top and panties.

Meryl asked "So ,where do you want to go for breakfast? McDonalds, Subway,IHop?"

Snake replied "I don't care, wherever you wanna go." Snake looked around for his electric cigarette, but couldn't find it. Meryl held up a pack of "Lucky Strikes" with a smile. Snake asked "You know I am trying to quit?" Meryl shrugged "You deserve a treat." Snake took it with a thanks, and lit it with careful accuracy, and when he inhaled the smoke, it felt satisfying. Meryl asked "So, how do you feel?" Snake replied quickly "Even more relieved, thanks." Meryl said "No problem Snake." The couple went out for breakfast, and weren't seen again by anyone for two months.

Two months later, Snake and Meryl were on a Tahiti, sleeping in their  hut. Snake, dreaming looked to see Meryl no longer near him, got up and looked around but found no trace of her anywhere in the two-story hut, or on the beach, but found no trace. Snake shouted "Meryl!" a a man's voice instead behind him said "Young warrior . ." Snake turned and drew his Operator at the man. Snake shouted "Where's Meryl?" the man replied "She is in the physical world. But no need to worry, she is fine, it is still around midnight." Snake gave him a questioning look. the man chuckled "You're in the dream world, the bridge for the physical and the afterlife, where time moves slowly." Snake put away his gun. The man said "I have someone who needs to speak to you." Snake nodded and his father, Big Boss, who now looked like he was in his 20's and not wearing an eyepatch appeared to his son, smoking a cigar. Boss smiled "Hello, Snake." Snake said "Hey Boss, you must have needed to say something urgent to contact me in the afterlife like some Jedi." Boss nodded "I wanted to say congrats." Snake asked "Congrats for . .?" Boss chuckled "For your child, of course." Snake coughed "What?!" Boss replied "Oh yes, your friend, Meryl, she is carrying your child. She has been for two months now." Snake asked "Wait, Naomi told me I couldn't have kids back in South America I can't have kids!" Boss nodded to the other man, who waved his hand mid-air and Naomi appeared before his eyes. Snake in shock asked "Can you make anyone appear?" The man looked at Snake and said "I could make anyone who wants to be summoned appear." Boss smiled "Snake, this is The Sorrow, he is the summoner of dead warriors. Our paths crossed once or twice." Snake asked "The Sorrow?" Naomi said "Snake, it's good to see you." Snake and Naomi hugged for a minute. Naomi said "Congrats on the child, by the way." Snake smiled "Thanks, but I thought you told me I couldn't have any kids, because of the 'no reproduction' thing." Naomi replied "Well, I never got to finish my examination completley thanks to Liquid . . But, I think it has something to do with the new FoxDie, and the fact it isn't a complete clone of you." Snake asked Is that the short, non-confusing version?" Naomi nodded. After a few minutes Snake asked "Sorrow, is it possible for you to bring someone here?" The Sorrow replied "That depends if they wish to be summoned, or are not already occupied." Snake said "Revolver Ocelot?" Sorrow replied "I will see for you." Sorrow disappeared as if he was never there." Snake turned to Boss, still in shock to see Boss looked almost exactly like him. Snake asked "Ocelot said we didn't match, but you look just like me." Boss laughed "We are clones,Snake." Snake smiled "I know that, but when I saw you well, last saw you. You looked like Solidus, not me." Boss shrugged "I don't know, I don't ask." Snake asked "Wait, do you decide your age or something after death?" Boss nodded "Something like that, time has no relevance after death, once you die, you have near limitless choices on what you want to do. I enjoy viewing my life in a third person perspective." Snake asked "What?" Boss replied "It's like watching a movie at a movie theater." Snake asked "Have you seen Big Mamma since you died?" Boss nodded "Yeah, I have seen alot of her. Also, her name is Cynthia, she is annoyed when I call her Big Mamma, or EVA." Just before Snake could ask Naomi a question, The Sorrow returned with Liquid and Ocelot. Snake said "Hello Liquid,Ocelot." The two nodded to their former rival and said "Congrats on the child." Snake shouted "O.k, who the hell doesn't know about this?" Boss chuckled "Your friends, Meryl, Cindy." Snake turned to Boss "How does she not know, aren't women, you know suppose to?" Naomi sighed "Snake, you have been away from actual civilization for a month and a half, how is she suppose to find out?" Snake looked at Liquid and smirked. Liquid asked "What are you looking at?" Snake replied "Wasn't it you who joked ten years ago that me and Meryl would end up together?" Liquid laughed "I wasn't joking dear brother, I knew it would happen, ever since Sniper Wolf took Meryl out." Snake smiled "Bastard." Snake looked at his watch, and saw it was nearing dawn. Snake asked "Wait, I thought you said time moved slower here?" The Sorrow replied "Time has no relevance in the afterlife it has relevance here." Snake frowned "Will I ever see you again?" The Sorrow replied "If you ever want to contact them, as you drift to sleep, contact me, and I shall see what I can do. Snake nodded and thanked The Sorrow for setting up the meeting, and hugged Big Boss before the Sorrow opened the door to leave for Snake.

Chapter 2Edit

Snake, now back in his bed, felt like he was witnessing an earthquake, quickly sat up in the pitch-black darkness. Snake looked around, and saw no ghosts of his past, sighed in relief and layed back down. Meryl whispered with a, less then half-awake voice "Is something wrong Snake?" Snake kissed her on the forehead "Nothing, nothing." Snake drifted back to sleep, and dreamed nothing more then baby strollers, and babies crying, he was awakened by a bikini-clad Meryl, who spent most of the early morning swimming. Snake avoided telling her about the baby until about lunch, where Meryl asked what was bothering him. Snake replied "Meryl, um you're uh." Meryl shouted "Snake if you're going to say something then say it!" pointing her knife at him. Snake said "Meryl, you're pregnant." Meryl shouted with glee and ran up and down the beach jumping for joy. After calming down, Meryl asked "Snake, how did you know about this before I did?" Snake replied "Uh, long story." After finishing their lunch, Snake called Otacon who picked them up in a helicopter a half hour later. After getting back to the Nomad Snake told Otacon the news, to which Otacon broke down crying in joy for his friend. Sunny asked "Sssso, when is the wedding?" Snake started coughing "What?" Meryl laughed "Wasn't one wedding enough for you Sunny?" Sunny replied "Well your first one wasn't legitamite." Meryl said "Well, uh... I don't know. Snake?" Snake said "Don't look at me." as he was lying down on the couch.


The following half year was a literal hell for Snake, with the morning sickness, to mood swings to cravings from Meryl not limited to choclate and twinkies, peanut butter and pickles, and last but not least, ice cream and hot sause. Finally, the day came on July 4, 2015, one year after the death of Big Boss. Snake rushed into the hospital room, but was stopped right outside the actual room due to being the rules of the hospital. After 12 long hours, a nurse walked out the door with a smile on her face. Snake asked "Is Meryl alright?" the nurse nodded "They're ready for you." Snake walked into the door to see Meryl holding the baby, she looked at him and smiled with a tired expression. Meryl said "Snake . . We are never, doing this again." Snake replied "Well, what is it?" Meryl smiled "It's a girl!" Meryl handed Snake the newborn, who resembled her grandmother, with blonde hair and blue eyes, and had her mother's smile. Snake whispered "What do you want to name her?" Meryl, now half awake said "How about . . . Circe?" The doctor asked "Doesn't that mean Snake?" Snake smiled "Yeah, I guess she wants to keep the tradition going." Meryl asked "What about her middle name?" Snake replied "Hope." A man walked in with a Camera and asked "Last name?" Meryl replied "Plisken."  The following few years was better then the pregnancy, but Snake still didn't get nearly as much sleep as he wanted to, but raising Circe was very rewarding as a father. On the night of July 4, 2020, as Snake went to sleep, he contacted The Sorrow to set up a meeting between Boss and himself, which the Sorrow was more then happy to do. Snake was greeted by Boss with a cigar lit, and to his suprise, EVA at his side. Snake said "Hey Boss, EV-.. . Cynthia." Cynthia smiled "Hello David, it's been a long time." Snake nodded "I haven't been able to get any sleep in the past three years." Boss laughed "Never knew how it was to raise a kid." Cynthia finished "Much less three." Snake said "Well, life has been fun so far, I kinda miss the thirll of the battlefield though." Boss laughed "Feeling 'homesick' there Snake?" Snake said "No, but I am offically  retired from the battlefield, I will only fight in defense." Cynthia asked "So, who does she resmble, David?" Snake replied "She actually looks a lot like you, blonde hair, blue eyes, but she has her mother's chin and my nose." Boss asked "Any military traning yet?" Snake replied "Yeah, but only a few gun target practice, and some CQC." Cynthia asked "What else does she do?" Snake replied "She took up Sunny's job of cooking random things like eggs or pancakes, or she goes shopping with her mother. When she isn't doing that, she dresses up in a Sneaking suit and my old bandana and runs around and plays 'soldier' with a pop gun. Or she plays video games on a PS3 I bought her a year ago." Snake felt a tickle on his chest and asked "Sorrow, what the hell is going on?" The Sorrow replied "Your lover friend is trying to wake you up." Snake said "Damn . . I will try and talk tomorrow, 'kay?" Boss and Cynthia nodded. Snake was thrusted back into reality with ice-cold water poured on his chest. Snake said "What?"  Meryl replied "Time to go to bed!"

The following day, Snake took hope down to the shooting range to practice her shooting.

Snake said "Pick your weapon."

After opening up the weapon choices, she picked two revolvers, and after picking them, she started spinning them around in the exact same manner as Revolver Ocelot had done.

Snake in shock asked "Hope, where the hell did you learn to do that?"

Hope put away her pistols and shrugged "I don't know. I just know how to do it."

Snake turned on his Codec and called Otacon.

Snake asked "Hey Otacon, can you check if Ocelot and me are related in any way?"

Otacon said "Sure Snake. I can get into it right away."

Hope asked "Why did you do that?"

Snakre replied "I just want to check something."

Three hours later, Otacon called Snake, Meryl and Hope into his office.

Snake asked "Well did you find anything?"

Otacon gleefully said "Yep. It appears Big Boss and Revolver Ocelot were in fact step brothers, as The Boss adopted Big Boss during his youth. Why did you need to know this Snake?"

Snake nudged Hope "Show them."

Hope shrugged "OK."

Hope spinned tossed and juggled her twin revolvers just as she was taught by Revolver Ocelot himself.

Meryl whipsered "Damn."

Snake shouted "Meryl!"

Otacon said "Now Snake, you know that Mother Base your father used during the Peacewalker Incident?"

Snake replied "Yeah . . Why?"

Otacon hit a few buttons and three Metal Gear REX's appeared on the screen.

Snake shouted "What the hell?!"

Otacon smiled "These are my Metal Gears."

Snake sighed "Otacon, I spent twenty years fighting Metal Gears, ten of which you fought alongside me, and now you make three!"

Otacon waved his hand in dismissal "These are the Peacewalker Metal Gears."

Snake asked "Where the hell are they?"

Otacon replied "They're in an offshore facility called 'The Motherbase.'"

Snake asked "Is it guarded?"

Otacon said "By hundreds of AI soliders."

Just then the Codec on Otacon's TV screen started to go off. Snake answered it to see Colonel Campell appeared on the TV.

Snake said "Hey Colonel, what do you need?"

Campell smiled "Well Snake, it has come to my attention that you are being awarded the title of Big Boss due to your heroic efforts ever since 1995 until Liquid Ocelot's Insurrection.'

Snake said "Thanks Colonel, so when's the ceremony?"

Hope asked "What makes you think there will be a ceremony?"

Mery replied "There is always a ceremony honey."

Campell said "It is tomorrow at noon. Be there, and wear your most formal attire Snake."

Snake sighed "What's wrong with waht I am wearing?"

Snake looked down at his dirt and greese covered shirt and his torn pants with a grin.

Campell said "Just wear your suit Snake."

Chapter 3: Another MissionEdit

Snake, now dressed in his most formal suit, walked through the security check the fifth time and met Meryl, Hope, Raiden, Sunndy and Otacon in the Oval Office to meet the President Navarro.

Navarro said "Mister Solid Snake, I present you with the honorary title of Big Boss, and along with the tittle by tradition started by your father, you are now granted The Patriot. Thank you for all your efforts over the past twenty years."

Snake saluted the President "Thank you sir."

Navarro asked "So, what are you going to do now. go to Disney World?"

Snake said "No, I am going to do something much more fun."

Navarro asked "Disney land?"

Snake said "Nope."

Snake turned and planted a kiss on Meryl's unsuspecting lips on live, national TV.

Navarro cleared his throat. "I see."

Snake turned to the camera "Thank you all for watching I hope you enjoyed it!"

Three months after Snake was awarded the title of Big Boss, he was taking a vacation on the Nomad with Otacon and Sunny when he was contacted by Roy Campell about an informant telling him about a potential Metal Gear threat.

Snake, smoking a cigarette asked "And where did they get the tech to make a Metal Gear?"

Roy said "I am sorry Snake, I do not know."

Snake asked "Would it be possible they got it from an offshore lab in the Caribbean?"

Roy replied "What are you talking about Snake?"

Snake chuckled "Nothing. Where are these supposed terrorists?"

Roy sighed "South America. The same location you helped the Rebels free five years ago."

Snake asked "So let me guess. The Rebels I helped put back in power have turned all evil, what a shock."

Roy laughed "Nope, the Rebels you helped were pushed back again by a large former PMC, entitled 'Blackout'."

Snake sighed "So what do I do, walk in, take out the Metal Gear and get out before I am spotted, but then I see an old enemy, I try and kill him or her, that person gets away and reveals he or she has another more powerful Metal Gear and then I spend the next three days tracking him or her down before killing him or her."

Roy, Meryl and Hope's eyes all widdened in shock.

Snake shouted "What!? It happens a LOT!"

Everyone shrugged "Yeah, he's right."

Snake said "I accept the mission. But I will need to get my gear ready."

Roy nodded "I will get you landing clearence."

Snake nodded.

Snake walked over into Otacon's lab. 

Otacon said "Hey Snake! What do you need?"

Snake smiled "Hey Otacon, I need the Sneaking Suit and the Mk. III, and get in touch with Drebbin."

Just as Snake was about to put on his OctoCamo from Liquid's Insurrection when Otacon showed Snake what looked like a CQC Suit.

Snake asked "What's this?"

Otacon replied "It's my special prototype Snake Camo."

Snake asked "Well what can it do?"

Otacon said "It's a mix of Stealth Camo, OctoCamo and a new digital cloth camo."

Snake asked "digital cloth . .. Camo?"

Otacon smiled "It creates a cloth from digital specs, it is way out of the reach of the public, maybe another hundred years at most."

Snake asked "And how in hell did you get it?"

Otacon said "Well, it was a luck really, me and Sunny put in the right code sequence at the right time perfectly and it really works, I have tested it!"

Snake asked "Is there a time limit on it?"

Sunny said "Well, as long as you don't break the built in watch there is none. The suit is recharged by your body heat."

Snake asked "So like the nanomachines?"

Sunny nodded "Sorta. But this is a Super Camo."

Snake slipped on the camo, which fit perfectly, and it a little "snug" in certain places, but other then that, it fit perfectly.

Snake asked "So how do I change the outfits?"

Otacon replied "Well, press the watch and a few pre determined outfits will appear on the screen. Pick one and it will appear on you. It is also able to be taken off in case it is damaged. However after a few minutes it will vanish."

Snake selected the Sneaking Suit option entitled "SMSS" and the exact same suit he wore in 2005 appeared on him. Snake attempted several other outfit options, like his Iriquois Plisskin attire from the Big Shell Incident and his South American Rebel Attire.

Snake said "Damn, this is cool."

Otacon tossed Snake the Mk III. Snake checked that all his weapons from the Insurrection were in there. Snake placed the Patriot, his M4, his Mk.23, PSS, and a Russian Automatic Sniper Rifle in the "default weapons" section. Snake changed his outfit into his Suit

Snake said "Thanks Otacon, I will bring this stuff back as undamaged as possible."

Snake waved his hand as he walked out the door. Twenty five hours later, Snake landed in South America, now in his Iriquois Plisskin attire. Snake however put the headgear back inside the watch, placed his SOCOM in his handgun holster and his M4. Snake walked near the powerstation to see the same battle happening over again from five years before. Snake looked through the scope on the M4 to see a dozen PMC's guarding the station. Snake shot at least three down before the Rebels started to notice. 

The Rebel litenenit asked "Who the hell are you?"

Snake said "The name's Plisskin."

After an hour of holding the line  Snake, now tired of this constant battle, put the grenade launcher on the M4 and unloaded on the opposition force and took them all out within ten minutes. After the smoke cleared, the Rebels stormed the Power Station and took it over.

The LT Rebel asked "Now who are you?!" Pointing his machine gun at Snakes head.

Snake took off his sun glasses. "The name's Snake."

The man asked "Snake . . Plisskin The action hero?"

Snake said "Yeah . . . ."

Just then eight Milita men surrounded Snake, and two pointed their guns at him.

The Milita commander shouted "Who the hell are you!? Answer honestly or I will put a bullet through your skull!"

Snake said "The names . . ."

The commander shouted "If you lie I will put a bullet in your head!"

Snake sighed "The name's Solid Snake."

The commander lowered his gun "What do you want?"

Before Snake could respond, a small group of PMC's jumped out of their hiding spots and attempted to kill Snake but the bullets were stopped by a person in a silver and orange suit and a long bladded sword and killed the five soldiers.

Snake smiled "I thought you were retired ki-"

Snake looked to see not Raiden but instead the person who had just saved him was instead a woman.

Snake asked "Isn't that suit a little revealing?"

The woman removed her mask in a similar manner to that of Gray Fox but it unveilded her entire head revealing her short blonde hair. She opened her eyes, revealing their blue color and her skin was tanned.

Snake asked "Who are you?"

The woman saluted Snake and took a stance similar to that of a UN Marine.

The woman responded "The name is Catherine Black. Cyborg Ninja class S. I am head of the Cathound Unit and sent by Colonel Campel to assist you on your mission."

Snake asked "So...Catherine, you're a Cyborg Ninja, who gave you the surgery. You look a little young to go through that kinda torture."

Catherine replied "Nope, I didn't go through with the surgery, this is a removable suit!"

Snake asked "How old are you?"

Catherine replied "24."

Snake asked "And you're an S rank Cyborg Ninja?"

Catherine nodded "I impressed the Legandary Solider!"

Snake grinned "Impressed and shocked."

Snake hit his Codec and called Otacon.

Snake asked "So this Catherine girl, was she really sent to assist?"

Meryl answered "Yeah, Campel thought you were rusty and he also wanted to give someone young some field experience."

Snake grunted "And he couldn't have told me this before hand?"

Meryl smiled "Just don't get any funny ideas Snake. You know what I can do."

Before Snake could respond, the screen staticed and Catherine patched into the conversation.

Catherine asked "Can I help?"

Meryl shouted "Hey this is a private conversation!"

Catherine said "Sorry Miss Silverburgh, just thought I could help."

Meryl shouted "Maybe you should ask before you budge in on a conversation!"

Catherine said "Understood Miss Silverburgh."

Meryl asked "Wait why the hell do you know my last name?"

Catherine replied "Your father told me all about you madame!" With much enthusiasm.

Meryl whispered "Remind me to kill Campbell."

Snake asked "So. What are your orders Catherine?"

Catherine replied "My orders are to follow any order you give me without question, to protect you if injured or incompasitated and to assit you in destroying Metal Gear SHADOW."

Meryl whispered "Any order?"

Catherine giggled "Yes miss. Any order, but do not worry I shall not do anything sexual with your husband."

Snake coughed down a laugh "Don't worry, we will complete the mission and get out as soon as possible Meryl."

Catherine smiled "We will be back by the weekend, I guarentee it!"

Meryl said "Bye Snake,. be careful."

Snake grunted "As I always am."

Snake turned off the Codec and turned to Catherine.

Catherine quickly jumped up to attention causing her breasts to bounce. Causing Snake to quickly turned away.

Catherine asked "Am I making you uncomfortable sir?"

Snake said "No it's fine."

Catherine asked "Shall we go sir?"

Snake nodded "Let's get moving. But first, for the rest of the mission, whenever we find enemies, we will deal withthem non-leathally. No deaths only knock them unconsious. Understood?"

Catherine nodded "Yes sir!" and saluted Snake quickly.

Snake asked "Do you know where the Gear is stored?"

Catherine put her hand over her left eye, revealing a Solid Eye-like device pressed a button twice then made the Solid Eye disappear.

Catherine smiled "It's three miles north east in a supposedly abandoned military building controlled by the PMC Blackout."

Snake said "Alright let's go."

Snake lead Catherine uninterupted to the base in the hot, mugy weather.

Catherine whispered "It's about to rain."

Snake looked up into the sky and saw no cloud in sight.

Snake asked "You got some kinda weather tracker on that thing?"

Catherine smiled "No sir, I just got that feeling."

Snake looked around the building and saw no guards, he flipped a swtich on his eyepatch resting on his right eye, activating the night vision mode, still saw no one, then he activated the heat vision mode and saw over two dozen heavily armed soldiers patrolling the insides.

Snake said "Remember. No kills, just knock them out."

Catherine nodded, drew her mask over her face, activated her stealth camo and charged into the building before Snake could give her another order.

Snake smirked "Another rookie bites the dust."

Snake slowly walked into the building, and saw seven unconsious bodies of the guards on the floor.Snake looked up and saw Catherine toss their rifles on the floor.

Catherine asked "So how did I do Boss?"

Snake replied "Pretty good for a rookie. You missed one."

Catherine said "Huh?"

Snake pointed his M9 Beretta at Catherine.

Catherine asked "Snake, what are you-"

Snake said "Get down!"

Catherine dropped to the floor and Snake shot his gun, making his tranquilzer hit the unseen guard in the shoulder, knocking him out.

Snake said "You have to make sure all your surroundings are clear kid."

Catherine mumbled "You could have warned me."

Snake replied "It wouldn't have been much fun."

Catherine smiled "Jackass."

Snake and Catherine walked into the hanger room, and Snake stood in shock as he saw a fully functional Metal Gear REX standing before him, but now without a RAIL GUN, instead a recently developed Plasma gun.

Snake asked "Is that thing operational?"

Catherine shook her head "Nope, I sabatoged 73% of the systems. If this thing does fight us, it will be a difficult battle, but it will only be able to operate at 27% it's primary power. Its Plasma Gun is also not operational, they are missing it's primary power source."

Snake asked "What's the power source?"

Catherine replied "Plutonium."

Snake said "Well that's new."

A man's voice was then exploded out of the intercom. "SNAKE! I am glad to see you came out of retirement to meet your death!"

Catherine asked "Who is that?"

Snake heard a source of electricity building and looked up at REX2.0 to see one of the guns charging and one of the targeting lazers right on Catherine. 

Snake shouted "CATHERINE!"

Snake tackled Catherine out of the way as the blast was shot. Catherine landed on the ground as the blast hit the ground. She didn't see Snake anywhere. She tried to fight back tears and sorrow but found it was impossible.

Catherine shouted "Snake!"

The pilot sneered "I killed the Legendary Soldier! I am the greatest man that ever lived, and now I will kill his pet!"

Catherine said "You bastard, I will kill you for what you did to him!"

The pilot replied "Try all you want girl, this hull can withstand a nuke!"

Catherine said "As long as you die, I don't care!"

The pilot said "Try me!"

Catherine attacked REX's hull trying to get to the pilot, with sparks flying everywhere, but no signifigant damage made. After landing, she was kicked into a barrel by one of REX's legs, when she opened her eyes, she saw the machine gun pointing at her, she jumped out of the way as he unloaded all of the bullets REX had in his cache causing the contents to explode injuring her, forcing her sword to be thrown to the other side of the hanger and she was literly cornered by REX2.0.

The pilot laughed "And you stupid girl thought she could kill me!"

Catherine sighed "If you were going to kill me, at least show me your face."

The pilot lifted REX's hood showing his scared face possibly from a major burn, and there was a snake like scar streching across his face.

The pilot laughed "You satisfied girl, ready to die?"

Catherine said "Not until you're dead."

The pilot started to close the hood and Catherine threw her last knife jamming the door.

The pilot shouted "What will you do now, you have no weapons!?"

Snake now holding a Rail gun shouted "Sorry to keep you waiting!"

The pilot turned to see just as Snake pulled the trigger, causing the blast to completly destroy the cockpit and crippling REX2.0 forever.

Snake put away the Rail Gun in the Mk.III just as Catherine started to run torward him.

Catherine shouted "I thought you were dead!"

Snake hugged her and said "Yeah, you're not the first."

Snake caught the sent of a sickly sweet smell, looked down at Catherine's hip and saw a fairly large gash with blood pouring out of it like an open fire hydrant.

Snake said "I have to get you medical attention!"

Catherine waved it off "It's just a scratch Snake. I will be fine."

Snake released his hug and Catherine nearly collapsed to the ground. Snake called for a recovery from the near by US Embassy. They said it would be five minutes before help would arrive. Snake propped Catherine in the middle of two metal boxes and wrapped a piece of cloth over her injury. Snake handed her his Mk. 23, and six ammo packs.

Catherine asked "What's....This for?"

Snake started shooting his M4 at approaching guards.

Snake replied "Incase I don't make it."

Catherine said "Go Snake, I am not worth it. Go, save yourself."

Snake shouted "No, never leave a soldier behind!"

The ten minutes flew bye in a blink of an eye with Snake only having to shoot the M4 two more times to kill two guards. Just then a dozen United States soldiers and local allied militia charged into the building and rescued Snake and Catherine. Catherine was loaded onto a medical truck and treated for her wounds and preped to be transported to Washington DC. Just before Snake had Catherine's helicopter leave it started to downpour rain, causing ghost fog to appear from the ground.

Once Snake got home he was greeted by Hope and Meryl at the hospital where Catherine was being treated. Before they could enter, they found Drebin waiting for them.

Drebin said "Hey Snake, hey goregous. Hey kid."

Snake said "What do you want Drebin?"

Drebin replied "Well, I did some digging for you on this Catherine girl. It appears she watched her parents get killed in a car bombing in New York when she was seven, she was put into foster services but she escaped three years later and eventually joined the United States Marnies before she became a JTF2 soldier in Canada."

Hope asked "So she has no family?"

Drebin replied "Not a one."

Meryl whispered "Poor girl."

Snake said "Thanks for telling me Drebin."

Drebin replied "Anytime."

Snake, Meryl and Hope walked into Catherine's room to find a nurse looking over her. When she saw Snake, a wide smile spread across her face.

Snake said "Hey rookie."

Catherine replied "Hey Boss." In a weak voice.

Meryl asked "Is she going to be OK?"

The nurse smiled "Yes miss, other then the gash she suffered only small injures. The gash itself should be healed within a few days."

Hope asked "Do you have a place to stay Cat?"

Meryl shouted "Hope!"

Catherine waved her hand "It's OK. No I don't "Hope". I usually stay at the army base."

Hope asked "Why don't you stay with us?"

Snake said "You're welcome to."

Catherine smiled "Thank you, I will try not to impose."

Meryl nodded "We would be happy to have you over."

Catherine said "Not to be rude everyone, but. I am really tired."

Snake nodded "We will let you sleep. See ya later."

Chapter 4:Welcome home.Edit

Eight days after visiting Catherine in the hospital, she moved in with Snake's family in Georgia where she spent the first two days continuing to recover from her injures, but after a week since she was moved in she was able to move around, she first ventured into Snake's personal VR shooting range where Snake was practicing CQC with Hope. After taking Hope down for a third time since Catherine had walked in, Snake finally noticed Catherine in the doorway.

Snake asked "So, you feeling better rookie?"

Catherine nodded "Yes sir."

Snake asked "Did you need something?" As he tossed Hope a water bottle.

Catherine shook her head "No sir just seeing what all the noise was."

Hope said "It's just a little sparring session."

Snake said "Go see Uncle Otacon for your history lesson."

Hope grumbed "Do I have to?"

Catherine asked "Would you rather have your ass kicked by your dad again?"

Hope sighed "I would rather have another fight with dad then "study" with Uncle Otacon." As she was running up the stairs.

Catherine asked "Is he that bad?"

Snake grinned "He isn't bad, he is just boring and rambles a lot. He is more of a computer wiz then a history teacher."

Catherine asked "Then why is he your daughter's teacher?"

Snake mumbled "Lost a bet."

Catherine asked "Seriously?" Choking down a laugh.

Snake lit a cigarette and asked "Did you recieve any personality or psycological therepy?"

Catherine shook her head "No, why is it that noticable?"

Snake nodded "You have the personality similar to that of Hope."

Catherine asked "And that's a bad thing?"

Snake said "Catherine....She's six."

Catherine asked "So...?" Putting on a sad face.

Snake said "Come with me." As Snake ventured up into the steps into Otacon's lab.

Catherine asked "Where are we?"

Otacon waved "Hello Miss Black, hey Snake. Welcome to the classroom!"

Catherine asked "Are we interupting?"

Otacon replied "No no...Hope just is having trouble on a question."

Catherine asked "And what is that?"

Otacon said "Who were The Philosophers?"

Catherine said "The Philosophers were the precursors to The Patriots, founded during the first Great War and like the Patriots held a strong influcene on the world, causing the deaths of The Boss and her infamous Cobra unit."

Otacon dropped his marker "Co...Correct."

Hope asked "How do you know that?"

Catherine replied "All Marines are told this when recruited!"

Snake nodded "Good to know."

Catherine asked "What's the next question? I would be glad to help!"

Otacon mumbled "Uh, well. I see, well. The next question is uh. What year did the Shadow Mosses Incident occur?"

Hope said "Oh that's an easy one. 2005 and my dad took down Metal Gear REX, saved the world. Killed his brother and met my mom!"

Otacon said "Correct. Good job Circie!" Otacon tossed Hope a piece of candy.

Snake asked "Every time she gets a question right she gets a piece of candy...She'll have a cavity by the end of the day."

Otacon laughed "Yeah, if she gets the next few questions correct maybe."

Hope said "OK, tell me them, I will get them right!"

Otacon asked "OK Hope, what was the first documented case where the world was nearly unified before the UN?"

Hope said "Hmm....I think that's Outer Heaven?"

Otacon nodded "Correct. Now, next question...Who is credited as the founder of the US Special Forces?"

Hope shouted "My great-grandmother, The Boss!"

Otacon replied "Great job."

Catherine gasped "Wait...You're related to The Boss and Big Boss....How!?"

Otacon replied "Well Catherine, when Big Boss was in his youth, he was adopted by The Boss."

Catherine said "But wait, that isn't in any offical records."

Otacon said "Not in any public records."

Snake said "It's true Catherine."

Catherine shook her head "That's just weird to think about...Wait, all of your operations after the Shadow Mosses Incident, you pretty much murdered your entire family?"

Snake tossed his cigarette in the trash "I try not to think about it...But it's true."

Catherine asked "Do you regret any of their deaths?"

Snake nodded "Yeah, all of them, even Liquid and Solidus."

Catherine asked "Didn't they both try to kill you?"

Snake replied "They're still family."

Otacon said "Well Hope, next questi-"

Just then the Codec on Otacons TV started going off, and Snake hit the answer button, causing Roy Campbell to appear on the screen.

Catherine saluted the Colonel but when she noticed she was the only one to do so, she awkwardly lowered her arm.

Roy said "Hello Catherine, Snake, Otacon, Hope."

Hope shouted "Hey grandpa, where are you?"

Roy replied "Im at the UN capital in Switzerland."

Snake asked "What do you need Roy?"

Roy laughed "Ah Snake, always to the point eh?"

Snake shouted "Just out with it!"

Roy said "Well, I have another mission for you. I need you to go undercover on the Canadian warship Eco and find something out for the UN War Council."

Catherine shouted "Snake, I need to come on this mission!"

Snake replied "No Catherine, you're still recovering, plus I can't have you slow me down."

Catherine said "I wouldn't slow you down, I am fine Snake!"

Otacon said "You know you could be apart of Snake's support staff instead Catherine."

Catherine asked "Support staff?"

Snake said "If I need any help I can call you and ask for advice."

Catherine grumbled "Fine, but you will take me on the next mission."

Snake smiled "We'll see rookie. We'll see."

An hour later, Snake dressed in his US Marine attire, was handed an M4 Carbine by Otacon.

Snake asked "What's this for?"

Otacon said "It's the newest standard issue, Code-locked guns."

Snake chuckled "Code-locked, didn't the US learn their lesson with the System?"

Roy said "There is one major difference here Snake, the soldiers and their superior officers know the code, no one else, so if they're killed in battle, the enemy cannot use the gun."

Snake replied "Unless they guess the code."

Roy sighed "Right..."

Snake waved "Well I'm off."

Just before he got out the door, Catherine shouted "Wait!"

Snake turned and asked "What?"

Catherine forced a pair of sunglasses onto Snake's face.

Snake asked "What are these for?"

Catherine smiled "For good luck."

Snake said "Well, thanks Catherine."

Hope asked "Do you want your bandana?" Taking her father's bandana off her head.

Snake waved his hand "Nah, I don't need it for this mission, Maybe next time!"

Hope said "Ok, come back safe!"

Snake nodded "Will do."

Meryl winked "You better Snake, remember, I will find you if you don't."

Catherine asked "What does that mean?"

Otacon replied "Just a joke Catherine."

Chapter 5:The Eco'Edit

Snake found himself stepping off the Kasatka in a heavy rain with seven other UN Marines armed to the teeth to be greeted by the Canadian  Admiral Robert Jackson, a built, middle aged man with graying hair and an eyepatch over his left eye.

Jackson shouted "Welcome Marines, you are here to help guard this ships precious cargo. You are to protect it from any possible threat and you are to not question any order given to you. Anyone below the rank of Captain is not allowed in the lower levels, is that understood?!"

Snake along with the other Marines saluted. Jackson eyed Snake.

Jackson asked "Who are you Marine?"

Snake thought for a second and shouted "Commander James Pliskin of the UN Marines Corps sir!"

Jackson laughed "Commander eh, where are you from?"

Snake replied "Richmand Virgina sir!"

Jackson said "I like you Mister Pliskin, tell me are you related to a Pliskin from the Big Shell Incident back in 2007?"

Snake shook his head "No sir, but I get that a lot sir!"

Jackson shouted "All troops to your assigned positons!"

Snake and the Marines saluted and quickly scurried out of the rain and mostly below decks.Snake however walked into one of the crew quarters, put on the Solid Eye, which this time went over his right eye and turned on his Codec and set it to 141.80

Snake asked "Does anyone read me?"

Meryl and Otacon appeared on the mini screen.

Otacon said "We read you loud and clear Snake!"

Snake asked "Catherine there?"

Meryl shook her head "Nope, she's taking a nap with Hope in the living room."

Snake asked "What's the detail of my mission, I kinda left before Roy could tell me."

Meryl replied "Well, you're to search the ship's interior to find anything suspicious. Did you read the ship's docking reports?"

Snake nodded "Yeah, this thing is going down the Nile and will be dropping it's cargo to three seperate, feuding PMC's." 

Meryl asked "And when does it say the ship will dock?"

Snake replied "Three hours."

Otacon said "You have three hours to search that entire ship for anything suspicous."

Snake grumbled "Well the Admiral aboard this place I think suspects me, other then that I should be easy going. But it will take me at least three hours to search every inch of this place without looking suspicous."

Otacon smiled "You know if you took Catherine, it would have taken you a lot less time."

Snake said "She's injured she would only get in the way."

Otacon said "Hey man, I am just pointing that out."

Snake heard a man shriek and heard him thumb to the ground.

Snake shouted "I'll be right back!"

Snake turned off his Codec, picked up his M4, put in his code '1138" Snake heard the bullet click into the chamber.

Snake thought "This is actually cool." Before snapping back into possible danger. Snake readied his gun and blade, and slowly opened the door to see a shadowy figure finish hiding the unconsious body of the Canadian soldier into a locker.

Snake shouted "Freeze!"

The figure turned and Snake felt his arms drop as he saw Catherine standing in front of him with a guilty smile on her face. Snake dragged her into the crew quarters.

Snake shouted "What in hell are you doing here?!"

Catherine smiled "Uh, I didn't think I would actually run into you..."

Snake said "Why are you here, HOW are you here, Meryl just said you were sleeping with Hope!"

Catherine replied "I sneaked aboard the helicopter!"

Snake asked "How does Meryl not know you aren't there?"

Catherine shrugged "I'm just that good!"

Snake sighed "Fine, you will help me cover ground. But if you're caught do not attack."

Catherine asked "What will I do if I am?"

Snake looked around and found a stun baton. Snake handed it to her.

Snake said "If caught and feel the need, take them out with this."

Snake turned his Codec back on to see Meryl and Otacon waiting patiently.

Snake asked "Did you know Catherine left?"

Meryl replied "No, we just noticed."

Snake asked "How the hell didn't you notice she left?"

Otacon replied "I only noticed when I saw her outfit was gone!"

Snake said "Well, she's here. Better use her."

Meryl said "Be careful."

Snake nodded "Always."

Snake turned off his Codec to see Catherine guarding the door.

Snake said "You search the lower decks, i'll search the uppper decks, contact me on Codec at 140.80 or tell Meryl and Otacon at 141.80 who'll tell me."

Catherine nodded "Any other advice?"

Snake looked at her skin-tight black suit.

Snake said "Stick to the shadows." Catherine said "Thanks da-Snake."

Snake asked "Wait what?" As she sprinted down the hallway.

Snake called Meryl and Otacon on his Codec.

Meryl asked "You need something Snake?"

Snake replied "What do you think of Catherine?"

Meryl sighed "Not now Snake,"

Snake said "Just answer me."

Meryl shrugged "She's a nice girl, she's great with Hope, she's a nice help around the house and she's overrall very likeable."

Otacon said "She's cute,a great help around the lab and a good friend to Sunny and Hope, why do you ask?"

Snake replied "Just checking, because just before she left she nearly called me dad."

Otacon laughed "Well you're the closest thing she has to a father."

Snake said "Thanks. I need to get on with the mission."

Meryl and Otacon nodded and Snake shut the Codec off.

Snake opened the door and found no one patrolling and no one caring about the now unconsious guard in the locker. Snake made his way around the four decks he assigned himself but found nothing out of the ordinary other then instead of ketchup in the cafiteria, he found maple syrup. Snake eventually found himself in the command center with Admiral Jackson himself there ordering around the men and woman on the ship but his voice was barley audianble with the heavy rain hitting the roof of the ship. Snake walked into sight of Jackson and saluted.

Jackson asked "How was your search Mister Pliskin?"

Snake asked "Search,sir?"

Jackson replied "Search of our wonderful vessel? I know the UN sent you here to..."

Snake felt the seat go down his face.

Jackson finished "Our wonderful vessel and to protect our cargo."

Snake breathed a sigh of relief "Yes sir, sorry to keep you on the down low, I was told to keep it quiet."

Jackson offered Snake a bottle of beer but Snake declined.

Snake said "Sorry, not a drinker sir."

Jackson sighed "So how does my might vessel live up to the UN expectations?"

Snake lit his last cigarette and replied "Its fine sir, I have still to check the lower decks."

Jackson lifted his bottle "Happy hunting!"

Just then an alert started to wail and a man's voice came over the intercom.

Jackson shouted "What's happening?"

A soldier replied "Someone is attacking us, the person has already taken out a half dozen of our men!"

Snake thought to himself "Dammit Catherine!"

Jackson turned to Snake and said "You wanted to check the lower decks, get down there!" Snake saluted to Jackson and ran down to the stairs to the lower decks, but once he was on the second to the last floor, he noticed the walls and floor start being covered with blood. Snake thought to himself "I thought I told Catherine not to kill anyone." Snake shrugged it off and continued down until he heard gunshots and people dropping. Snake turned the corner to see Catherine whip her stun baton around and smack a man in the jaw casuing blood and a few teeth to fly out of his mouth and dropping him to the floor. Catherine proceeded to take out the other two Marines with kicks to the face and neck. Snake pointed his gun at her back.

Snake said "Freeze!"

Catherine turned to see Snake and her face turned to stone. Snake heard another group of Marines about to turn the corner and he mouthed "Take me out!" Catherine mouthed "Are you sure?" Snake nodded and Catherine "took Snake out" with a chop to the neck as Jackson and a squad of Marines turned the corner. 

Jackson shouted "Just stand down girl, we won't harm you, we just want to talk!"

Catherine shook her head "No!"

Jackson bent down and put his rifle on the floor. "It's OK, see, we just want to talk."

Jackson snapped his fingers and his seven followers, followed suit. Catherine holstered her baton but instead jumped up and slid down the guardrail to the lower decks. Jackson helped Snake and the wounded soldiers up.

Jackson asked "You alright Pliksin?"

Snake nodded "I'm fine, she just caught me by surprise. I'm going after her!"

Snake picked up his rifle before Jackson could protest. It only took Snake a minute before his Codec went off, Snake answered it to Catherine.

Snake asked "What do you need?"

Catherine replied "Are you OK?"

Snake said "Yeah, i'm fine."

Catherine cheered "That's great, but I found something!"

Snake said "I'll be right there!" And he turned off the Codec.

Eventually Snake found himself at the very bottom deck of the ship and found Catherine waiting for him in front of a large storage container.

Snake asked "What did you find?"

Catherine opened the door to find dozens of guns and bombs spill out onto the floor like a busted yolk.

Snake asked "What the hell?"

Jackson shouted "Hey, shoot her now!"

Snake asked "What the hell are all these guns for?!"

Jackson replied "If you must know, they're for the PMC"s of the Middle Eastern area, it is to supply their war so rich companies can profit from it."

Snake said "The UN is there to prevent war, not promote it!"

Jackson laughed "I don't give a crap unless I get money!"

Snake asked "So, how much does  a soldier go by these days?"

Jackson replied "Five million."

Catherine asked "Now may I kill him?"

Snake stepped out of her way and said "Be my guest!"

Catherine picked up a HF blade from the pile, and charged into the squad of twenty soldiers.. While fighting, Catherine started to laugh maniacly...Causing Snake to have a flashback to another young blonde girl who laughed while fighting. After only a few minutes, all the enemies were either dead or wounded. Just then a squad of Marines burst into the door and pointed their guns at Catherine, Snake stepped between them.

Snake shouted "She saved us from these people, they were PMC's in disguise!"

The Marines eventually put their guns down and Snake turned to see a visably exausted Catherine drop her HF blade and started to collapse. Snake threw his gun to the floor and caught her.

Snake whispered "Sleep, you've earned it."

Catherine quickly passed out on Snake's arms into a quiet sleep.

One of the Marines shouted "Who are you?"

Snake replied "My name is S....Big Boss."

The Marine in shock asked "Big....Boss... The Big Boss?"

Snake nodded "Yeah..."

The Marines lowered their guns.

The Marine asked "What do you need us to do?"

Snake replied "Just get me her a room."

The Marine nodded and helped Snake get Catherine into the infirmary.

Chapter 6Edit

As Catherine slowly regained consiousness she found she was in a pure white room, lying in a rough bed and her throat was dry as a desert. She lifted her head and looked around to see her bed was the only one there, to her right she saw there was three pillows and a few boxes. To her left she found Snake, still dressed in his Marine attire asleep in a chair at her side. Catherine went to poke Snake but found he was awake.

Snake asked "You need something Cat?"

Catherine nodded and replied in a dry raspy voice "Yeah. water, please."

Snake asked "Hey Nurse, can you get her a glass of water?"

A woman in her mid thirties walked into the room,nodded and left to grab a glass of water.

Catherine asked "How long was I out?"

Snake replied "Two days, we just left Spain."

Catherine asked "Spain?"

Snake nodded "I got the boat to dock in Spain and have the weapons shipped to the UN Embassy. Now we're heading back to Georgia."

The nurse returned with a water and put it on Catherine's nightstand.

Snake said "Thank you, that will be all."

The nurse nodded and left.

Catherine asked "How did you get to do all this?"

Snake grinned "Apparntly being Big Boss has it's advantages."

Catherine attempted to lift her arm again, but found that it was still asleep.

Catherine blushed "Can you...uh."

Snake smiled "Sure." and Snake helped Catherine get a drink of water.

Catherine said "Thank you."

Snake replied "You're welcome. So how are you feeling?"

Catherine asked "Why do you ask?"

Snake said "You kinda fainted, and you were unconsious for a couple days."

Catherine looked away "I don't know, maybe the rush of battle, I don't know."

Snake sighed "Are you sure you're going to be OK?"

Catherine nodded and smiled "Yes Snake, I am sure. So when are we due back to Georgia?"

Snake replied "In a couple days."

A doctor walked in with a clip board and stopped in front of Catherine.

The doctor said "Hello Miss Black, I am Doctor Lowell. How are you feeling today?"

Catherine replied "Hi, I am kinda sore, and i'm tired."

Dr. Lowell said "Well that's no shock, since you were through so much."

Catherine asked "So when can I get back out into action?"

Dr Lowell replied "Well, only a days rest in here and you should be able to get up, but you will need to take a break from the field. At least for a couple weeks."

Catherine asked "What, why?"

Dr Lowell replied "Well you seemed to have passed out from exaustion, which steams from the battlefield. It's only a couple weeks Miss Black."

Snake asked "So, no fighting what so ever?"

Dr. Lowell nodded "Yes. Say, might I ask what your relation is to Miss Black here?"

Snake said "Well uh I am -"

Catherine replied "He's my adoptive father."

Dr Lowell wrote on her notepad and asked "Well Mister Big Boss, I trust you will make sure Miss Black stays out of action for the next few weeks?"

Snake nodded "Thanks doc."

Dr Lowell nodded and walked out of the room.

Catherine moaned "This is going to be a boring few weeks."

Snake laughed "Well, at least you get to spend more time with Hope and Meryl, which you actually owe them since you kinda ditched them to come onto the mission."

Catherine's eyes widened "Is Meryl pissed?"

Snake shook his head "Nah, she doesn't mind."

Snake's Codec started to ring "Excuse me."

Catherine grabbed Snake's arm "Please, don't leave."

Snake took out his USB and gave it to Catherine "I'll be just outside."

Catherine took the USB with a smile as Snake left.

Snake answered the Codec "Snake here, what's up?"

Otacon said "Hey Snake, how's Catherine?"

Snake replied "She's holding up, she has to get out of the field for a couple weeks to recover from exaustion."

Otacon asked "When are you guys going to get home?"

Snake said "By Wednesday."

Otacon pushed up his glasses "Well, get home as soon as possible, and be safe."

Snake asked "Where's Meryl now?"

Otacon replied "Uh.. I think she went out with Hope and Sunny."

Snake said "Well, I gotta go, i'll try and talk to you later, it's almost midnight here."

Otacon nodded "Well, get some sleep Snake."

Snake hung up and walked back into the room to see Catherine cradeling his USB.

Snake asked "Was that so bad?"

Catherine handed Snake the USB "Shut up!"

Snake holstered the USB, sat down in his chair and put his feet up on the bed.

Snake said "Try to get some sleep."

Catherine turned off the light "Good idea. Good night."

Catherine awoke, looked at her clock to see it was nine thirty AM. She turned to her left and saw Snake was no longer there, but he left a note saying he put his M9 under her pillow. 

Catherine said "Excuse me Nurse!"

Seconds later, Dr Lowell walked in.

Dr Lowell asked "Do you need something Miss Black?"

Catherine nodded "Is it possible for me to get out of bed?"

Dr Lowell checked her clipboard and nodded "Yes I believe so, just take it easy."

Catherine sat up slowly and it felt like she had a major hangover. 

Dr Lowell asked "Are you feeling alright?"

Catherine nodded "Do you know where Snake went?" As she slowly stood up and quickly grabbed the M9 from under her pillow.

Dr Lowell replied "Oh. I think he went out onto the upper decks to see us port. He stationed a couple of Marines outside your door so you would feel better. He said he would be back soon."

Catherine found her legs felt like jello, but she could still walk fine.

Dr Lowell smiled "If you need any help, just call." pointing to her ear.

Catherine nodded "Thank you."

Dr Lowell left as Catherine herself started walking down the hallway. She eventually found herself in the control room, with the new Captain being a woman named Mei Ling, when the new Captain saw her, Catherine nervously saluted, Mei Ling laughed and returned the salute.

Catherine asked "Do I know you?"

Mei Ling smiled "I was on Solid Snake's contact list during the Shadow Moses Incident, and I captained the Missouri during Old Sun. I was temporarily re-assigned here by request of Snake himself yesterday. Might I ask who you are?"

Catherine replied "I am Catherine Black, Cyborg Ninja S-Class, US Marine, Age 23. Adopted daughter of Solid Snake."

Mei Ling said "So, Snake has taken you in?"

Catherine nodded "He's saved my life twice so far in the few weeks since I met him."

Mei Ling smiled "He's lucky to have adopted you. He's outside I believe."

Catherine bowed "Thank you Captain."

Mei Ling nodded "You're very welcome."

Catherine opened the hatched door to find a rain storm coming down so hard she could barley see a foot in front of her. She walked a few paces causing her to be drenched, but found Snake smoking a cigarette in a rain poncho. Snake turned to see her, causing him to grin.

Snake asked "How you feeling rookie?"

Catherine said "Much better, how long till we dock?"

Snake shrugged "Another hour."

Snake pointed to the horizon, Catherine couldn't see what Snake was pointing at and shrugged.

Snake said "You can see the docks from here."

Catherine asked "How the hell can you see that far?"

Snake motioned to his right eye. "Solid Eye."

Catherine mumbled "Cheater."

Snake bent down and grabbed a hoodie and handed it to Catherine.

Snake said "I know it's not much, but it will at least keep the rain out of your face."

Catherine accepted it "Thank you."

Snake nodded "Don't mention it."

Within an hour of uneventfulness, the ship docked in a harbor and were greeted by Meryl, Hope Sunny and Otacon.

Hope was first to greet them, with Hope jumping into Snake's arms.

Hope shouted "I missed you so much!"

Snake replied "I missed you too."

Hope jumped down and greeted Catherine while Snake greeted Meryl and Otacon. The following three passed at a snails place for Catherine. Snake walked into Otacon's lab to see Catherine, dressed in her "lazy day" attire, playing a video game entitled "Call of Duty" with Hope on her lap.

Snake asked "You having fun?"

Catherine replied "Yeah, but it's hard, these assholes go down after three shots to the face."

Snake smiled "It's a video game anything can happen."

Catherine sighed "It takes three shots to kill someone with a machine gun, yet a knife to the foot kills you?"

Hope shouted "Hacks!"

Waiting a few minutes before Catherine threw her controller to the floor. "Damn kids."

Snake asked "Problem?"

Catherine looked away "There are too many damn kids on those servers."

Snake asked "Isn't this game rated M?"

Catherine nodded "That doesn't stop care-free parents from buying these games."

Snake thought to himself."Reminds me of what Big Mamma told me all those years ago."

Otacon asked "So Snake, Catherine, how's it feelt to be out of the field?"

Catherine streched her arms "Boring as hell."

Snake said "Be thankful you were told to retire."

Otacon asked "You want me to contact Campel to request you a mission?"

Catherine jumped out of her seat and asked "Are you serious, you can do that?!"

Otacon smiled "Yeah, easily." Otacon immediatly started to type away on his computer.

Snake said "Don't get excited, the Colonel's sudden missions usually suck."

Catherine shouted "I don't carem I just wanna be able to do something!"

Hope said "But you went to the mall with me a week ago!"

Snake sighed "And she got into a fight over a pair of shoes."

Just then Roy appeared on the screen. "What can I do for you two today?"

Catherine shouted "Sir, I need a mission, any mission I don't give a crap what it is!"

Snake mumbled "Your funeral."

Roy said "Well I have this one mission, in Russia, in which you would have to find and interrogate an informant."

Catherine asked "What are the dangers?"

Roy nodded "The area in which you're searching is the area of war between the Russian army and three local PMC's. But it is a sneaking mission so fighting for either side is off limits."

Catherine asked "So if one had to fight which side would one be on?"

Roy sighed "I would say the Russians, fighting alongside them would really help relations."

Catherine saluted "I'll take it!"

Roy said "Good, but Snake is going with you."

Snake coughed "I am sorry, what?"

Roy replied "Well Catherine is still young, and from your report I can see she is still irrelavant in terms of sneaking missions, so a veteran in sneaking missions would be perfect for her."

Before Snake could object, he saw Catherine already had her "OctoSuit" on and was already packing her weapons into her Mk.VI.

Snake sighed "Any weapons gotten on site?"

Roy nodded "However you can have weapons already with you."

Snake said "Thanks Colonel."

Roy replied "Your welcome, and good luck."

Snake sighed, got his OctoSuit, Marine outfit, and several other camoflouges. while he also backed an M4, his specialized SOCOM with a built-in silencer and the Patriot.

Otacon said "Wait you guys, I got some new tech for you. Since the Mk III's can't exactly traverse the jungles you will be in easily, I got these special storage devices for you instead, and it has an optional display for Codec Calls. I call them the OctoWatches, they're also compatiable with your Snake Suits."

Snake and Catherine put the "OtcoWatches" on their left and right arms respectivly. Snake checked his weapons in the stock, satistfied thanked Otacon for the gadget.

Roy said "Remember Catherine, do not kill any Russians, we need to improve UN relations, not ruin them."

Catherine sneered "Why don't you tell Snake that?"

Roy pinched his nose in annoyance "He didn't destroy thirty tanks with his sword." Catherine said "Hey I thought I was still in Virtual reality, and do you want to be on my list?!"

Roy started to sweat "Uh...Good luck!"

Catherine shouted "Wait answer me you-" Roy signed off the Codec call.

Snake asked "He annoys you doesn't he?"

Catherine sighed "Yeah, but he is the reason I got to meet you!"

Snake nodded "At least we have one thing to thank him for."

Catherine asked "Are you ready to go?"

Snake said "Ready as you are."

Meryl walked in with a plate of food "Where are you going?"

Hope shouted "They're going to Russia for a mission!"

Merly sighed "What for this time?"

Catherine fearfully smiled "For a misson..."

Meryl shouted "Don't get smart with me!"

Snake said "She's not being smart with you, she requested a mission from Campbell."

Meryl asked "Well, what will you be doing?"

Snake replied "Find an informant and talk to him."

Merly raised her eyebrow "That's all?"

Snake nodded "That's all."

Meryl sighed "Fine, have your fun, but you owe me."

Snake smiled "Just add it to my debt."

Meryl said "I lost track three years ago!" As Snake and Catherine went out the door.

Chapter 7:To Russia with...Bad startsEdit

Snake awoke face down in the dirt with his right arm feeling as if it was on fire. Snake heard his Codec go off and Otacon was on the other end.

Otacon shouted "Snake are you alright, your parachutes malfunctioned and you two were seperated!"

Snake replied "I'm alright." Snake looked and saw his backpack was next to him and his OctoWatch was still on him.

Otacon asked "Can you see Catherine?"

Snake collected his backpack, loaded his USB "No but I will find her."

Otacon asked "Well hurry it up. You guys have a mission."

Snake said "Got it." And he hung up the call.

Snake could barley take three steps to his left when he heard Catherine shouting for him. Images of Catherine bleeding out, being impaled by a branch and worse things flashed through his head. Snake followed her voice, and found her in a tree next to a swampy area with three crocodiles at the bottom of the tree snapping their jaws at her, with Catherine shouting for Snake.

Snake asked with a grin "Having fun yet?"

Catherine shouted in anger "Shut up and help me you asshole!"

Snake asked "What you afraid of crocks?"

Catherine shouted "Yes, I am now hurry it up!"

Snake rolled his eyes "I'm on it."

Snake took out his EZ Gun, and fired two shots into each crocodile not knocking them out like Snake intended, but caused them enough pain to retreat into their swampy homelands.

Snake mumbled "Those types of crocodiles can live up to eighty years, which means they could have been here during Snake Eater."

Catherine whispered "Thanks."

Snake said "No problem. Hey are you alright up there?"

Catherine nodded slowly "Yeah, my parachute malfunctioned I got caught up in this tree. I was about to get down but then those green bastards showed up."

Snake smirked "Why are you so afraid of them?"

Catherine rubbed her eyes "Yeah, can't stand them, ever since I was five, one tried to attack me at the New York Zoo. I can't stand sharks either, which is why I dodged watching Jaws last week."

Snake said "Fear is what makes us human, but when we let the fear consume us is when we fail."

Catherine grinned "OK Lord of the Rings!"

Snake looked away "I still hate you for making us watch those movies."

Catherine said "And look who is quoting them now."

Snake asked with anger "You want help down or not?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, just let me get my backpack!"

Catherine balanced like a circus performer on the narrow branch and retrieved her backpack. She then jumped down and landed in Snakes arms fifteen feet below her.

Snake put her down "Come on, we gotta set up camp."

Catherine shouted in confusion "Camp?!"

Snake nodded "It's getting dark."

Catherine put on a pout face "Dammit Snake."

Snake sighed "Come on."

Snake lead Catherine to an opening in the forest floor and checked a hollow tree, big enough for both of them to sleep sitting up.

Snake said "I'll get a small fire going, you get some sleep,"

Catherine shook her head "Snake you have been awake for two days, i'll keep watch."

Snake said "Fine, but wake me if you need anything."

Catherine got a fire going while Snake sat down in the hollow tree. Snake slowly drifted off to sleep while Catherine sat down at the fire. An hour later, Snake felt something warm be placed on his chest. Snake thought it was an animal but it was too soft. Snake opened his eye to see Catherine sleeping soundly with her head burrowed in his neck. 

Snake thought to himself "What the hell is she doing?"

Snake thought about waking her up, but decided not to and drifted back to sleep. What felt like a short time, Snake heard a twig snap causing Snake to jump. Catherine's face filled with fear and shock.

Catherine mouthed "What's wrong?"

Snake whispered "Soldiers, at least a dozen of them."

Snake peered out of the hole in the tree to see ten soldiers armed with AK-47's and grenades crowded around the fire Catherine left to burn out.

Snake asked "Did you leave anything out there to give us away?"

Catherine replied "No, I don't think so."

Snake listened as the soldiers mingled on about their daily lives, how bad their weather had been and the on-going war with the PMC's.

Catherine poked Snake "Do you know what they're saying?"

Snake nodded "Every word."

Catherine sighed in sadness "I wish I could understand them."

Snake asked "You didn't recieve language training?"

Catherine shook her head "Nope."

Snake groaned "What did you learn as a Marine?"

Catherine shrugged "How to be a Cyborg Ninja."

Snake continued to listen onto the conversation when one of the soldiers found Catherine's water bottle.

The soldier said "Hey! I think this was a campground for someone!"

Another soldier said "So what, probably someone hunting, but if this is a campground for someone, they haven't been here for a while, this fire pit was cold."

The commander shouted "Spread out and search for them. They may be PMC's!"

Catherine asked "What do we do?"

Snake said "Just sit still and be quiet."

Snake and Catherine watched as the soldiers fanned out going into different directions and as three of them walked past the hollow tree, not bothering to search it for them. After what felt like an eternity, the soldiers met back at the fire pit.

The commander asked "Did you find anything?"

One of the soldiers said "No sir, it appears they went somewhere else."

The commander said "We're due North anyway, let's move out!"

The unit shouted at once "Yes sir!" 

As soon as the soldiers were out of eyesight, Catherine and Snake emerged from the hollow tree.

Catherine mumbled "That was close."

Snake said "Make sure you hide your items next time it could easily give away your position during your missions."

Catherine turned away "I'm sorry."

Snake sighed "Just don't let it happen again."

Catherine nodded "Well, now what?"

Snake looked up at the sky and saw the sun was creeping over the eastern horizon.

Snake said "We get on with the mission."

Catherine asked "Well what do we do?"

Snake replied "We find our contact, and I think it's to the North."

Catherine asked "Well what makes you say that?"

Snake said "I hear gunshots."

Snake and Catherine made their way North, closer to the gunshots when they found themselves witnessing a battle where years earlier, Snake found Sokolov during the Virtuous Mission

Catherine asked "What the hell..They're using Gekko!"

Snake peered to his left to see Russian-made Gekko pounce and kill three PMC soldiers.

Snake mumbled "At least they're not killing us."

Catherine asked "Can I fight too?"

Snake looked at Catherine, who had a very eager and happy look on her face.

Snake considered for a moment before saying "No, not this time, you need to complete the mission first."

Catherine sighed "Fine."

Snake and Catherine walked around the fighting soldiers unnoticed, using their stealth camo. Snake and Catherine made their way into the buidling itself and were confronted by three heavily armed Russians troops pointing their guns at Snake and Catherine, who proceeded to raise their hands..

One soldier shouted "Who the hell are you?!"

Snake said "The name's Snake, this is my daughter. We're here to see the Professor."

The soldier shouted "Who are you with?"

Snake repsonded "The United Nations."

The soldiers lowered their weapons and lead them to a room. When they saw the Professor, they saw it was a young-looking woman, with crimson hair, silver eyes and even toned skin.

Catherine whispered "She's cute."

Snake looked at Catherine with a look of disgust "You confuse me sometimes you know that kid?"

The Professor took off her glasses "How may I assist you today? I am Professor Amanda Drago, you may call me Amanda."

Snake said "The name's Snake, this is my daughter Catherine, we're here for the United Nation to ask you a couple questions."

Amanda turned to the two soldiers "Please, go help your comrades, I am safe here with these two."

The soldiers bowed and ran out to the loud gunfire and Gekkos.

Amanda said "And what are your questions Mr. Solid Snake?"

Catherine finally having enough put in her translator after only hearing "Solid Snake"

Snake asked "How did you know it was me?"

Amanda pointed to Snake's Solid Eye 'The eyepatch gave you away."

Catherine asked "So we have a couple questions for you."

Amanda said "I will help you as much as I can."

Snake asked "What is the news on a developing Metal Gear here in Russia?"

Amanda shook her head "We are using data stored from the Shagohod but all experiments result in failure due to strikes from those PMCs out there."

Catherine asked "Why do you have Gekko?"

Amanda raised an eyebrow "You mean the Irving? They're here as extra protection given to me from the Russian government."

Snake said "Last question. When are you going to be at the UN Summit?"

Amanda replied "I hope as soon as the battle outside dies down."

Just then a bloody Russian soldier burst through the door, riddled with bullet holes, and was followed by three PMC soldiers. Snake took out the Patriot while Catherine took out her USB and opened fire on the PMC's whom returned fire, Snake killed one with a shot to the neck while Catherine took one out with a shot to the stomach, however the third PMC got a lucky gunshot, hitting Amanda in the chest.

Catherine said "Snake, we she's down!"

Snake shot the last PMC in the forehead, killing him while Catherine tended to Amanda's wounds.

Amanda said in a weak voice "I'm done for child, go leave me, tell the UN about what has happened today and tell them that the Metal Gear....Shagohod2.0 has been shipped....To...Egy-" Amanda let out one final cough before dying.

Catherine closed her eyes slowly and layed her to rest. Catherine picked up her gun and joined Snake at the door.

Snake asked "What did she say?"

Catherine said "The Shago has been shipped to Egypt."

Snake confused asked "Egypt?"

Catherine nodded "That's all she said before she kicked the bucket."

Snake said "A little cold there don't you think?"

Catherine flashed an angry look "No use crying over spilled milk."

Snake said "We need to get to the Recovery point three miles south."

Catherine and Snake ran through the battlefield opening fire on the PMC's mowing down at least seven of them before they got to the recovery point without a scratch and were picked up by Otacon and Meryl in the helicopter.

Meryl asked "How did it go?"

Catherine looked away "Our contact was killed."

Meryl asked "Are you OK?"

Snake nodded "We got the info we needed and we got out without a scratch."

Meryl smiled "Well that's good!"

Catherine looked away and shouted "I failed, I couldn't protect her."

Otacon said "Your mission wasn't to protect the Professor, it was to get the info and get out."

Catherine replied "I still failed, I let her die!"

Snake said "There was nothing you could of done, the bullet went through and she would have bled out eventually."

Catherine asked "Where do we send our info?"

Meryl said "Otacon had me broadcast it to my Un-father at the UN HQ."

Catherine nodded "Thanks."

Once home, Snake popped open a bottle of beer for Catherine.

Catherine asked "What's this for?" As she took it from him.

Snake said "For your first successful requested mission."

Snake and Catherine clinked bottles and drank their alchohol in celebration.

Chapter 8:The Morning AfterEdit

The following morning, Catherine awoke surrounded by a dozen beer bottles on her bed and her head feeling like it was hit with a hammer and she felt as if she had eaten one of Meryl's dinners. Catherine sat up but saw she wasn't wearing a shirt, and she was thankful Hope didn't see her like this. Catherine put on a shirt with the letters "IF" and a man emitting electricity from his hands. Catherine slowly walked out into the kitchen and found the entire family, minus Snake at the table. 

Meryl held out a plate of bacon and eggs "Morning sleepy head!"

Catherine took the plate "What the hell happened last night?"

Meryl replied "You and Snake drank a lot and you eventually passed out so he put you in bed before he passed out on the couch."

Catherine blushed "Did anything..."

Meryl waved her hand "No no but maybe you should look into learning your limits with alcohol."

Catherine asked "Was it that bad?"

Meryl nodded "It was your first time wasn't it?"

Catherine asked "What do you mean?"

Meryl said "Your first time drinking of course."

Catherine nodded "Yeah."

Meryl smiled "Nothing to be ashamed of, we all did crazy things when we were teens. Except for Snake though, actually, he doesn't talk about his childhood much."

Catherine asked "He doesn't talk about it at all?"

Meryl shook her head "Nope, but I assume he spent his entire life fighting up until his final mission. Just recently did he start fighting again, but at least it's at a lower rate."

Snake sat up on the couch with his eyes red and half open.

Catherine asked "How are you feeling this morning?"

Snake gave an annoyed look to Catherine "About as well as you're feeling this morning."

Catherine turned to Meryl "How much did we have last night?"

Meryl sighed "About a case."

Snake laughed "That's not so bad."

Meryl sighed annoyance "Not in your standards but it was  Catherine's first time."

Snake grinned "Always good to get the bad time out of the way as soon as possible,"

Catherine said "It's fine Meryl, i'm fine, just a headache."

Meryl handed Catherine a painkiller "This will numb the pain till it wears off."

Catherine dropped to her knees faster then a rock hit the ground "Thank you Meryl!"

Meryl laughed "No problem Catherine just relax until the pain stops."

Snake asked jokingly "Don't I get something?"

Meryl kissed Snake's lips. "That should hold you over for a while."

Catherine sat down next to Snake, while Hope climbed into Catherine's lap and Catherine turned on the TV and started flipping through channels.

Meryl asked "Hey Catherine, can you put on the news, Roy said something about them airing a UN meeting live."

Catherine said "Sure!"

Catherine turned on the news channel to show the 200+ people screaming at each other about world affairs.

Hope asked "And this is suppose to be interesting?"

Meryl said "Yes, they're going to mention what happened to you guys in Russia."

After only ten minutes, Roy stepped up on the podium.

Roy shouted "I Roy Campbell am here on behalf of the United States of America and spokesperson of the President am here to announce that...-"

The Iraqi represenative shouted "Why isn't President Navarro here?!"

Roy replied "President Naravaro caught pnemonia two days ago and was declared not to be in condition to travel!"

The Iraqi rep nodded slowly "Proceed."

Roy continued "There was an incident in Russia less then twenty four hours ago when head scientist Professor Amanda Drago was working on a new Russian Metal Gear was shot and killed by PMC's during a battle near Gronzni Grad."

The room erupted with arguments and people blaming each other.

The Russian represenative shouted "It's true, her death is tragic but we have no idea where the Metal Gear is, it was stolen a week ago."

Roy said "We know where the Metal Gear is.It is stationed in Egy-" Just then there was an explosion and debris fell across the camera recording the meeting, and just before the screen disappeared it showed debris about to fall on Roy and the Russian rep.

Meryl shouted "Uncle!"

Catherine said "Holy shit."

The entire room was silent for twenty minutes before Snake got up and hugged Meryl to try and comfort her.

Catherine said "He could be OK."

Meryl sobbing replied "Yes, but I know that's a small chance."

Just then the phone started to ring. Snake asked "Can you get that Catherine?"

Catherine nodded and picked up the phone. "Pliskin residence, Catherine speaking."

The man on the other end said "I am here to report that your grandfather, Roy Campbell has been killed."

Catherine replied "Th-...Thank you for telling me this. Goodbye."

Meryl asked "Well...What's the news?"

Catherine shook her head and hugged Meryl who proceeded to start crying again.

Hope asked "Is Grandpa going to be alright?"

Meryl said "We won't be seeing grandpa anymore, he's no longer with us."

The family stood in a sad silence for a long time before the phone rang again. Hope picked it up.

Hope said "Pliksin residence, Circie speaking!"

The man on the other line asked "Can I speak to Snake please?"

Hope handed Snake the phone. Snake asked "What do you need?"

The man said "The name is Drake Pansca I am here with the United Nation Council. I am here to apologize for your father's death earlier."

Snake nodded "Thanks, listen this isn't a good time."

Drake said "I understand, goodbye sir."

Snake hung up the phone.

Chapter 9Edit

The following two weeks were near completely silent in the Snake household,Meryl sitting on the couch while Catherine sat in a chair and Hope sat on the floor playing one of Catherine's video games.  Snake walked into the room and felt nothing but sadness hit him when he looked at Meryl.

Hope waved "Hey dad, how are you?"

Snake said "I'm fine. What are you two doing?"

Catherine said "Playing this game.... Red Dead something"

Snake looked at the TV and saw it was a version of Poker.

Snake asked "Why are you doing so bad?"

Hope said "She sucks at gambling."

Catherine gave Hope an angry stare "At least I didn't lose in one turn with a bad bluff."

Hope shouted "At least I won a round!"

Snake sighed "Give me the controller."

After getting a hold of the controls, Snake won the entire game with three million in-game dollars within five minutes.

Catherine, with a shocked look on her face, asked Snake "How did you do that?"

Snake smiled "Always been good at gambling."

Snake handed her back the controller and watched as she had an old West shootout with several enemies.

Snake asked "Where did you get this?"

Catherine pointed out to the door. "Netflix."

Snake thought to himself "Revolver would love this game."

Hope asked "So what other games do you have Cat?"

Catherine took the Red Dead game out of the system, put it in her carrier case and started shifting through dozens of discs.

Catherine said "Well, I have this this sneaking game, and this game where you assassinate people! The third game kinda disappointed me though."

Meryl asked "Why are these all rated M?"

Catherine replied with a smile "Those are the ones that are the most fun!"

Meryl sighed "They're a little violent."

Catherine replied "Violent video games don't damage people, they're really fun."

Meryl said "Just be careful."

Snake asked "So what are the goals of most of these games?"

Catherine smiled "To kill people."

Snake rolled his eyes "Real nice Cat."

Catherine nodded "Yep, but I just love to explore and look at the amazing environments these people create."

Meryl asked "So it's not all about killing?"

Catherine shook her head "Nope you can do a bunch of side activities and really do whatever you like."

Meryl breathed a sigh of relief "That makes me feel better."

Hope shouted "But killing is fun to do, and it's realistic!"

Snake asked "And how the hell do you know that?"

Hope said "I've seen you and Catherine train in the VR room."

Snake said "I see. How much have you seen?"

Hope replied "I've seen Catherine fight Great Grandma a lot, and I've seen you fight Grandpa a lot. You guys get your asses kicked a lot."

Snake asked "Can you please tone down the language?"

Hope replied "Sure, but why do I have to? You,mom, and Cat all talk like that."

Catherine said "We're adults Hope, that's a perk of being one!"

Hope gave Catherine a pouty look "I can't wait to be an adult, then I can be an awesome solider like daddy!"

Meryl smiled "I think you will be a great solider Hope, you will be the best there ever was!"

Catherine said "You will be the destroyer of multiple dictators across the world, and the enemy of all PMC's!"

Hope giggled "Thanks everyone!"

Suddenly there was a minor "explosion" on the TV.

Catherine shouted "Dammit, why do these people put in that kind of AI?!"

Snake asked "What's wrong, did you lose at poker again?"

Catherine gave Snake an annoyed look, "No, I set off an alarm and a thousand enemies gang beat me!"

Hope asked "What are you playing now?"

Catherine waved her hand, "Splinter Cell."

Meryl asked "Why don't you do what everyone else does, use cheat codes?"

Catherine sighed "Because it's cheating, and on the battlefield there are no cheat codes."

Snake lit a cigarette and raised his hand, "Amen to that."

Catherine shouted "Screw this game!" And threw the game at the wall.

Meryl asked "A little immature don't you think?"

Catherine replied with a childish smile "Nope."

Snake mumbled "Oh yeah, that reminds me."

Snake turned on the TV to the news.

Catherine asked "What's immature?"

Snake replied "Politics."

The report showed the United Nation first meeting since the attack two weeks before and the American rep talking about where the new Metal Gear was stored and the aftermath of the mission.

The American Representative said "With our attack on the Middle Eastern and African PMC's who were believed to be holding the Russian branded Metal Gear Drago, we found the Metal Gear and destroyed it before it could do any major damage..."

Snake turned to Catherine, "Looks like they're going to ignore our efforts in his speech."

Catherine asked "What makes you say that?"

Snake sighed "It's happened alot to me."

The American rep said "And thanks to the efforts of two special agents, we were able to come to this shocking information."

The new Russian rep asked "And who were these two agents?"

The American rep replied "Solid Snake and his daughter Catherine."

Meryl smiled "Well, it looks like you're wrong Snake."

Snake waved his hand, "Yeah, yeah but this won't change anything. This world thrives on war and the United Nation needs to crush bugs to make them look powerful. The PMC's are their answer to make them look powerful."

Meryl shook her head, "Snake, you maybe right but eventually the UN will come to their senses and beat those monsters."

Snake said "I'll be dead by the time that happens."

Catherine broke out three beers, "Let's celebrate!"

Snake sighed "Fine, but you take it easy."

Catherine glared at Snake, "Nothing bad will happen!"

Snake asked "Let's hope so."

Chapter 10:The Best has yet to comeEdit

Meryl awoke the following morning. Meryl turned and saw Snake was still sound asleep but saw it was also Catherine's birthday. She slowly got up but he heard a rustling and found Catherine sleeping on the other side of Snake. Meryl found herself laughing at the sight. Meryl quietly walked out into the kitchen and tried her best to prepare something that resembled a meal for breakfast but became burned, Meryl also took the cake she had ordered out of the fridge. Ten minutes later she heard someone yawn and Catherine stumbled out into the kitchen in her underwear and she was wearing a gray shirt that went down to her knees.

Meryl said "Good morning birthday girl!"

Catherine smiled "Thank you Meryl, but before we do anything, can I get something to help my headache?"

Meryl gave Catherine an expectant look, "How much did you have to drink last night?"

Catherine started to count on her fingers but after getting to six, she said "A lot."

Meryl smiled "Well you're still young."

Meryl handed Catherine an advil.

Catherine said "Thank you!"

Meryl smiled "You're very welcome, now please go get dressed."

Catherine asked "Sure, where are we going?"

Meryl shouted "Go get dressed!"

Catherine got dressed in a black T-shirt, a hoddie with a man with white hair, a red jacket and two pistols on the back and "DMC" on the front, and short shorts.

Catherine asked "Can you tell me what's going on?"

Meryl said "Well..-"

Snake and Hope emerge from behind the counter "Surprise!"

Catherine said "Thank you!"

Snake handed Catherine a fairly large box while Hope handed Catherine a smaller box. Catherine opened them each to find a replica Patriot, while Hope's gift was a picture of t he entire family with the surrounding words being "One big happy family".

Catherine said "Thanks you guys!"

Snake replied "No problem."

Catherine asked "Now where are we going?"

Meryl said "Well, since it's your day and you never got to do it as a teenager, well... Shopping day!"

Catherine shouted "Oh my, that's awesome!"

Hope asked "Am I going to be like that one day dad?"

Snake said "I hope not."

Once at the mall, Snake and family followed Catherine around in an energy-filled shopping rush as Catherine went nearly everywhere in the super mall recently built in the city. At around noon Catherine lead them into a GameStop where Catherine got the final "Assassins Creed X" Catherine proceeded to give the teenage boy who tried to get the same game the bird.

Snake said "Who says you mature with age?"

Catherine replied "Shut up."

Catherine ran off to do more shopping while Snake and Meryl stayed behind.

Meryl asked "So Snake, I've been meaning to ask. What are you leaving behind for the future?"

Snake replied "I don't know, probably just helping this upcoming generation of soldiers to help make the world a safer place."

Meryl asked "And how do you propose to do that?"

Snake said "I guess we will ahve to wait and find out."