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Metal Gear:Second Snakes is a fanon written by Jim Logan following Catherine after the events of Sins of the Patriots

Chapter 1:Picking Up the PiecesEdit

It's been three years since the UN re-captured Metal Gear Tormentor from the PMC Reyes in Egypt. I participated in the mission and I suffered a serious injury to my stomach and I needed a blood transfusion.., Luckily my adoptive father had my blood type and was there to give me what I desperately needed. After I got the transfusion, I was jokingly stated to be a legit blood descendant of Snake. A year after the mission I was contacted to be in position to get the title of Big Boss and now I have been on a personal mission of my own to become the next Snake|Catherine on her recent life. ~Catherine on her recent life

Catherine was standing on her deck on her beach house in Florida, cigar in mouth.

Catherine sighed to herself "I wonder what Snake and Meryl are doing now."

Just then a small figure ran onto her deck and as Catherine turned, the figure gave Catherine a hug.

Hope shouted "Hey big sister, it's been forever!"

Catherine smiled "Hey Hope, it's been a few years."

Hope pulled away, and Catherine almost immediately noticed Hope had gotten taller, so tall Hopes head could reach her chin and her hair had turned into a darker yellow color and it now had a red tint to it.

Catherine said "You grew a lot in only a couple years eh kid?"

Hope nodded "Yep, just wait, in a couple years i'll be taller than you!"

Catherine tapped Hope on the head "We'll see about that kiddo."

Hope asked "When did you start smoking cigars?"

Catherine replied "I don't know, a year or so."

Hope asked "So how's your mission going?"

Catherine replied "About as slow as Uncle Otacon's classes always went."

Hope smiled "Wow, that sucks."

Catherine nodded "So, how are Snake and Meryl doing?"

Hope said "Oh, mom and dad are overseeing some offshore facility in Cuba for Uncle Otacon. Something about Metal Gear REX."

Catherine tossed her now burnt up cigar off the side and turned to the shore.

Hope asked "So can you finally tell me what your super secret mission is about?"

Catherine sighed "Alright. You know how Snake earned the title of well, Snake a long time ago?"

Hope nodded "Yeah. Why?"

Catherine said "Well, I was told I am in the running to earning said title and I have been on a mission to hell to earn the title."

Hope asked "So you're on a hell bent mission to become Snake?"

Catherine nodded "You got it."

Hope pointed to the scar on Catherine's right eye "Where did you get that?"

Catherine replied "Sword scar from an old enemy of mine. I will pay her back one day. I swear it."

Hope smiled "I know you will."

Catherine said "Thanks. But first I need to know. How the hell did you get here? I didn't hear a car."

Hope said "I walked from the airport."

Catherine asked "Alone?"

Hope nodded "Yep!"

Catherine asked "Snake and Meryl trust you to travel alone?"

Hope said "To an extent."

Catherine asked "Where did you say Snake and Meryl are?"

Hope said "Oh uh a base in Cuba, why do you want to go?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah I think it's time."

Hope asked "What are we taking?"

Catherine sighed and took out her phone "Second class."

Two hours later Catherine found herself strapped into a helicopter with Hope sitting next to her with a smile on her face and she was literly surrouned on all sides by new Marines from DC who were called in to assist in defense by Meryl. Catherine hated flying, she wasn't afraid of it, she just didn't like it and she was shaking so much she could literly feel the dirt on her skin vibrating off.

Hope asked "You alright sis?"

Catherine raised her hand "Yeah i'm fine, I am just going to try and sleep."

Hope nudged Catherine "Good luck."

Catherine eventually found herself in Russia looking over a burning town with the bodies of hundreds of people, all missing limbs, some missing heads, some cut in half, and blood everywhere. Catherine shouted in anger over the losses as rain started pouring. Catherine heard a stick snap, she turned quickly to find a white-clad person standing behind her with a blood-stanied sword gleaming. Catherine drew her own sword.

Catherine shouted "Who the hell are you?"

The person drew back her hood to reveal Katnis, Catherine's friend from her training days in DC. Now Katnis sported long black hair that streached down to her hips with a red streak going over her left eye.

Catherine asked "Why the hell are you doing this? Why are you killing so many innocents Kat?"

Katnis gave Catherine an evil smile "There is no such thing as innocent, they're all guilty, their crimes just haven't been commited yet. I am just giving justice before their crimes. Call it...Early punishment."

Catherine shouted "It's sensless murder, you've become the very thing you swore to fight!"

Katnis shook her head "God has shown me the true way to life, the way of life is to bring justice even before crimes are committed. You may join me Cat, join me or die!"

Catherine raised her sword "I'd rather die then become a blood thirsty maniac!"

Katnis smirked "If you're not with me, then you must die!"

Catherine said "I don't want to do this Katnis. We don't have to do this."

Katnis nodded "Yes we do."

Katnis lunged at Catherine, sword dripping with blood and struck at Catherine with so much anger, she could feel it radiating off of her. Catherine blocked several, sloppy hate filled death stabs from Katnis, Catherine smacked Katnis's sword away from her and went for Katnis's arm to try and get a non-lethal ending but left herself open and Katnis went to cut at Catherine's head but instead dug her sword inches away from her eye, barely missing her eyesocket. Catherine shouted in pain and hit the ground, defeated.

Katnis smiled "You were lucky, I usually kill with that move. Next time we meet, one of us will die."

Catherine awoke in a cold sweat,panting. Catherine looked to her left to see Hope relaxing on Catherine's shoulder.

Hope yawned "Are you alright sis?"

Catherine fought to catch her breath "Yeah, yeah, just a really bad dream." 

Hope tried to give Catherine an awkward hug to try and comfort her. Catherine smiled and patted her on the head.

Chapter 2:Family ReunionEdit

An hour later, Catherine stood wide awake staring out at the ocean as calming as it was, Catherine couldn't shake the dream nor her loss to Katnis. Catherine drew a cigar from her pocket and lit it.

One of the soldiers said with fear "Uh miss, you know this is a no smoking flight?"

Catherine shot the man an angry look causing him to sink in his seat, and for Hope to laugh to herself. Catherine lit the cigar and went back to looking over the water.

Catherine asked "When are we due for landing?"

The pilot replied "In about ten minutes."

Catherine nodded "Thanks."

The pilot said "No problem Miss Snake."

After the cigar burnt out, Catherine tossed it out of the door to the ocean below just before they started to land. Catherine then stepped out of the helicopter, to Meryl nearly tackling Catherine to the ground.

Catherine tried to choke down a laugh "Hey Meryl. It's nice to see you."

Catherine felt tears on her neck as Meryl tried to reply. Catherine returned the hug and Meryl eventually released her death grip. Catherine turned to see a now hair-graying Snake waiting for her. Catherine gave Snake a salute;instead of a salute Snake held his hand out. Catherine shook his hand but he unexpectantly pulled her into his own hug.

Snake whispered "I missed ya rookie."

Catherine choked back her own tears "I missed you too Snake."

Once she pulled away, Catherine started to wonder if she was the cause of his gray hairs.

Snake asked "Where'd you get the scar rookie, I thought you said nothing could ever touch you?"

Catherine ran her finger over the scar. "An old friend of mine I underestimated, I payed for it."

Snake put a hand on Catherine's shoulder "You'll never let it happen again will you?"

Catherine smiled "Yeah, why don't I tell you about it in private huh?"

Catherine and Hope followed Snake and Meryl to a secret room where apparently no soliders were stationed, the doors from the elevator to see what appeared to be seven Metal Gear RAY's but the RAY's looked like that had been through hell and back.

Catherine asked "What happened to those?"

Snake said "He did."

Snake nodded to a man with white hair and he was wearing a black suit and sunglasses. Once Catherine got into a few feet of him, Catherine only saw him as a desk jocky.

Catherine sneered "This guy, killed seven RAY's...Alone?"

The man turned to Catherine "The name's Raiden, I take it this woman here is my successor?"

Catherine raised an eyebrow "Successor?"

"Raiden" made a few passes around her. "You don't seem to have augmentations, how are you a CN?"

Catherine asked "A Cyborg Ninja?"

Raiden unbuttoned his shirt to reveal a white Cyborg body.

Catherine muttered "The hell?"

Raiden sighed "Forced surgery. What about you?"

Snake replied "Her's is a removeable, similar to Olga."

Raiden nodded "I see."

Catherine said "And how the hell did you kill the RAY's?"

Raiden smiled "With an HF blade of course. Where's yours?"

Catherine sighed "In my armory at my house."

Raiden asked "How'd you get the scar?"

Catherine shot back "Is that any of your business?"

Snake said "Before you two wreck this place to hell, can you tell us what happened?"

Catherine sighed "I was on a mission in Russia, I was told to take out a PMC target in a small city, once I got there I found everyone, the target, his bodyguards, and every. Single man woman and child massacred."

Raiden asked "By who?"

Catherine felt a tear going down her face. "A friend of mine from my training days to become a Ninja."

Raiden asked "Who was it?"

Catherine shot Raiden an angry look "Katnis Rowe."

Raiden said "Never heard of her."

Catherine sighed "I thought it was like the old days when I kicked her ass so easily, but she's turned into a bloodthirsty maniac and she beat me so quickly. I barely survived her last attack and I will forever be reminded of that." Catherine put a hand over her scar.

Raiden said "I'm sorry to hear that Catherine."

Catherine nodded "Yeah thanks."

Raiden asked "Was she really that strong?"

Catherine grinned "Yeah, she'd kick your ass to the curb."

Raiden smiled "Yeah, I highly doubt that."

Catherine asked "You're really that full of yourself?"

Raiden nodded "Unlike you, I am a full Cyborg Ninja, I would not only last longer against her but I would kill her if gotten the chance."

Catherine whispered "There's more of a chance of hell freezing over Mr. Lightining Bolt."

At that second, what seemed like several dozen alarms going off at once.

Catherine shouted "What the hell is going on?!"

Otacon said "We're being attacked by a PMC army again, this time it's much bigger and I think we might not make it this time."

Raiden asked "Why not?"

Just at the second there was a hundred explosions and an earth shattering rumble and what felt like an earthquake surged around them.

Catherine said "Otacon, what the hell was that?"

Otacon let out a gasp of terror "We just lost struts A, D and C Snake. What do we do?"

Meryl said "I think it's time to leave, if those struts so fast, there is no way we can defend this place."

Snake sighed "She's right. Otacon, get the Kasatka ready."

Otacon asked "Wait, what about the self destruct sequence?"

Catherine said "I can put it in just tell me what to do." and Otacon started typing away on his computer.

Snake picked up his AK 102 and tossed Meryl her Desert Eagle. 

Meryl gave Catherine a quick hug "See you on the other side."

Catherine nodded "I'll be there."

Otacon said "Just type in the code 41273 in three minutes and run like hell to the helipad."

Catherine said "I got it."

Otacon said "Good luck Catherine. I'll see you in a few minutes."

Catherine nodded "Try not to get yourself killed Otacon."

Otacon smiled "Will do." And he ran down the hallway with Snake and Meryl.

Catherine placed a finger over the enter button and counted the three minutes as she heard nothing but muffled gunfire, explosions amoung other things. Catherine bored, hit another button and Raiden appeared on the screen, now not wearing a suit and slashing PMC's and blocking bullets to protect the Kasatka. 

Catherine sighed "I wish I was out there."

Catherine's Codec started going off and she hit the button.

Otacon shouted "Hit the button now!"

Catherine quickly hit the button, picked up her M4 and rushed down to the helipad, dodging hail fire from enemies storming the halls. Catherine quickly spotted the Kasatka and tried to board but when she jumped she miscalculated the distance and came up short, but while falling, she felt as something spear her so hard she felt as if she was split in half and she soon found herself on the helicopter, she checked herself and found that she suffered a broken rib and she guessed she had minor internal bleeding.

Catherine asked "What the hell was that?"

Catherine tried to sit up but Snake pushed her down and shook his head.

Raiden smiled "I saved your ass Catherine. You're welcome."

Snake said "Just stay still rookie, you're hurt."

Catherine sighed "Not this crap again Snake, I am fine." 

Snake grabbed Catherine's rib cage, finding the broken rib, causing Catherine to wince in pain.

Snake smirked "You were saying Cat?"

Catherine shot him an angry look "Shut up."

Catherine looked over to the former base, which was now in flames and she started to think about all the lives lost and wondered if they were worth it, eventually Catherine found it diffcult to keep her eyes open and fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 3:Awkward IntroductionEdit

Catherine eventually found herself fighting the blackness of sleep when she felt something warm on her hip and side. She opened her eyes to see someone lift up her shirt, causing her to jump back, pull her shirt down and attempt to slap the person, but she was blocked by Snake.

Catherine shouted "What the hell is going on, where am I?!"

Snake said "You're home, this is a doctor she was looking over your injures."

Catherine's eyes widened  and asked "Wait, doctor?"

Catherine looked at the woman who appeared to be around her own age, Asian descent, hazel eyes, black hair.

Snake nodded "Yeah, relax."

The woman nervously waved "The name's Doctor Clementine Clark. Nice to meet you."

Catherine said "Nice to meet you too, sorry I nearly hit you."

Dr. Clark waved her hand in dismissal "I just looked at three more patients who were in critical, they actually hit me, it's not worry Catherine, plus I should have waited until you were awake to do it.But I need to do one last test. If you're up for it."

Snake asked "You're not going to freak out are you?"

Dr. Clark said "Well this next part you might want to leave the room."

Catherine blushed "Wait what?"

Dr. Clark smiled "Nothing like that, but it might make you feel more comfortable."

Catherine nodded "Please, Snake. I'll be fine."

Snake placed his hand on Catherine's shoulder. "Call me if you need me." And walked out of the room. After the door shut the women exchanged a small chuckle.

Dr. Clark said "Well to continue, you need to lift your shirt."

Catherine raised an eyebrow "Excuse me?"

Dr. Clark said "I just need to physically check your rib cage."

Catherine did as she was told and felt heat rise to her cheeks as the doctor's warm hand searched her rib cage.

Catherine thought to herself "This is what it must feel like when you get searched at an airport."

Dr. Clark squeezed Catherine's injured rib, causing a squeal to come out of Catherine.

Dr. Clark laughed "Did that hurt?"

Catherine said "No, not really."

Dr. Clark asked "You thought it would?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah."

Dr. Clark asked "Does this hurt?"

Catherine felt as Dr. Clark literally jabbed her rib cage, but she felt no pain.

Catherine shook her head. "No."

Dr. Clark asked "Are you lying?"

Catherine replied "No, why would I lie?"

Dr. Clark smiled "Meryl warned me about you lying just to dodge a medical exam."

Catherine rolled her eyes "Of course she did."

Dr. Clark said "You can put your shirt down now, we're done."

Catherine asked "So how am I doing?"

Dr. Clark said "You're doing just fine, you're a faster healer than your father."

Catherine asked "Do I have to do anything?"

Dr. Clark said "Nope, just take it easy for a day or so and you should be able to rush back onto the battlefield."

Snake walked into the room "Is it alright to come in now?"

Dr. Clark smiled "Yes Snake you're fine. It looks like your daughter here is going to live. Just make sure she doesn't get hit there for a few days."

Snake asked "Do I owe you anything?"

Dr. Clark shook her head "It's on the house, Snake. Catherine, call me if you have any questions or concerns."

Catherine nodded "Thanks, I will."

Dr. Clark winked, grabbed her bag and walked out. Snake walked up and took Dr. Clark's place on Catherine's bed.

Snake asked "You feeling alright rookie?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah,is everyone alright?"

Snake nodded "Yeah, everyone's fine."

Catherine asked "What about Hope?"

Snake raised his hand "She's fine, everyone is fine Cat."

Catherine asked "Where's Mr. Lighting Bolt?"

Snake pointed out her door "In the living room. Why?"

Catherine replied "I am going to tell him something."

Snake stared in confusion as Catherine got out of bed. "What could be that important?"

Catherine said "You'll see."

Catherine stumbled into the living room and found Raiden relaxing on the couch talking to Dr. Clark.

Dr. Clark smiled "Well look who's up already."

Raiden said "Hey Catherine."

Catherine asked "Are you the one who speared me into the helicopter?"

Raiden nodded "Yeah why?"

Catherine bent down so they were on eye level. "Thank you. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be here."

Raiden smiled "You don't know that."

Catherine said "Oh yes I do. You may have broken my rib, but I need to thank you."

Raiden replied "No problem."

Catherine whispered "But next time, try not to injure me."

Raiden said "Gotcha."

Catherine said with anger "I mean it, i'll make your surgery feel like a walk through a park. You feel me?"

Raiden nodded "Yeah, I got ya."

Snake said "Stop tormenting him rookie."

Catherine sighed "Fine."

Catherine sat down on the couch next to Meryl while Dr. Clark finished her exam on Hope.

Snake asked "So how much is this gonna cost me Clementine?"

Dr. Clark laughed "Snake, I don't charge for house visits, especially family."

Catherine asked "How big is this god damn family?"

Dr. Clark said "I didn't mean it like that. I only consider you guys family from what Big Boss did with my mother in the Cold War."

Snake said "I appreciate it."

Meryl asked "So how do we look?"

Dr. Clark replied "You all seem fine, Catherine there seems to be the most beaten up out of all of you, but she'll live."

Dr. Clark got up and went to leave. "Bye everyone, call me if you have any questions or concerns."

Everyone waved goodbye as Dr. Clark left.

Chapter 4:News from a FriendEdit

Three days passed in slowly in the hot summer sun for Catherine and her family since Raiden left a day earlier to go on another mission to Mexico. Catherine had just gotten done sparring with a VR training model of a Metal Gear RAY and lied down in a hammock on the back porch with the sun shinning on her face, little noise and a light breeze blowing, Catherine found it difficult to keep her eyes open and eventually found herself dreaming of her fight with Katnis again but her dream was stopped just before she got the cut on her eye as someone was shaking her. Catherine opened her eyes to see Hope standing there with a plate of watermelon, and Catherine had guessed some time had passed as now the sun was now setting in the west. Catherine looked at Hope and saw fear and sadness on her face.

Catherine asked "What's the matter Hope?"

Hope visably choked back a tear "On the TV."

Catherine rushed into the living room to see the channel set to a news program from England, and from what Catherine could gather, it reported there were one thousand deaths in London Square. 

Catherine asked "Who the hell did this?" But she already knew the answer, as her scar started to burn.

Just then an image of Katnis slaughtering another group of innocents flashed across the TV. 

The TV announcer shouted "The assailent to these mass murders today in England were committed by a PMC  Cyborg Ninja. Her only reason we can guess to killing was her constant shouting of "Fight me Cat, fight me!" We can only hope to guess of who this Cat is."

Snake said "Catherine, don't blame yoursel-"

Catherine shouted "I don't! And when I get my hands on her I will kill her!"

Snake replied "Calm down Catherine."

Catherine said "Don't tell me to calm down, this is my fault if I stopped her in Russia this wouldn't happen!"

Meryl said "You don't know that Catherine."

Catherine replied "Anything and everything she causes is my responsibility Meryl, I cannot deny that!"

Snake asked "Did you kill those people, did you cause Katnis to become insane, did you turn her into that?"

Catherine sighed "No."

Snake said "Then don't kill yourself over something you have no control over."

Meryl said "And in you right now going up against her, I doubt you would last long."

Catherine gave Meryl an expectant look "Thanks Meryl, that really helps."

Snake said "Hey, the truth hurts sometimes rookie."

Catherine sighed "It still doesn't make it right, Snake."

Catherine boot on her boots and went for her motorcycle keys.

Meryl asked "Where are you going?"

Catherine replied "The pub."

Snake said "Come on, don't that won't make anything better, I should know."

Meryl said "If you're going out, at least take this." 

Meryl started rummaging through a closet;withdrew a black leather jacket and handed it to Catherine.

Catherine said "Uh..Thanks."

Catherine tried it on and found it fit perfectly. She looked on the front right of the jacket and found it said "Diamond Dogs."

Snake said "It was your grandfather's."

Catherine nodded "Thanks. I'll be back soon."

Catherine walked into the garage and rode out on her Harley Rebel to the nearest pub, once there she shut the cycle off and walked inside, sat down at the bar and ordered a beer. Catherine was then approached by a man who seemed to be a few years older then her. The man had an obviously practiced grin on his face and was wearing a three piece suit.

The man said "Hey, pretty thing, the name's Travis what's yours?"

Catherine replied "Catherine."

She could tell he was looking her over.

Catherine said "If you don't want to get hurt then stop what you're doing."

"Travis" asked "How the hell can you tell?"

Catherine replied "I'm not a moron."

Travis said "I am sorry, I shouldn't have done that. Can I make it up to you?"

Catherine said "You can by leaving me alone."

Time passed fast the rest of the night as Catherine spent most of her time drinking alone and avoided calls from Otacon and Hope. 

After the third attempted call from Otacon, Catherine thought to herself "Can't they tell I want to be left alone?"

Catherine then found herself waking up in a bed with white sheets, in a room sparcely decorated and virtually no sound going on around her. Catherine looked to a chair on her right and found her jacket folded neatly on it with her motorcycle keys on it. Just then the door opened to Dr. Clark walking in with a glass of water.

Dr. Clark smiled "Oh you're awake!"

Catherine blushed "What the heck happened?"

Dr. Clark gave Catherine a confused look "You don't remember? You called me."

Catherine asked "I did?"

Dr. Clark nodded "Yeah, you got really drunk and you said you didn't feel well enough to drive back so I walked to the bar and I drove you here."

Catherine said "Oh, thank you."

Dr. Clark nodded "It was no problem. How are you feeling?"

Catherine said "I am fine. Did Snake call?"

Dr. Clark shook her head "No, I called Meryl and told her you were staying here for the night."

Catherine asked "Thanks."

Dr. Clark said "I am surprised you didn't call Snake or Meryl."

Catherine turned away "I didn't want to let anyone see me like that."

Dr. Clark smiled "The bartender told me you punched a guy named Travis."

Catherine laughed "Yeah, he was being a pervert."

Dr. Clark asked "Are you OK Catherine?"

Catherine shook her head "No, something bad happened and I don't think I can stop it."

Dr. Clark said "Oh, you're friend Katnis?"

Catherine's face turned red with anger "She is anything but a friend anymore."

Dr. Clark put a hand on Catherine's shoulder "I know it must feel bad now but it will pass."

Catherine said "Thank you Clementine."

Dr. Clark smiled "No problem."

Just then Catherine's Codec started going off.

Catherine said "Excuse me."

Dr. Clark replied "Of course."

Catherine answered it to Meryl on the other end.

Meryl said "Catherine, can you hear me?"

Catherine replied "Loud and clear."

Meryl asked "Are you alright?"

Catherine said "Yeah, I am fine. I am here with Dr. Clark."

Meryl asked "Are you sure you're alright, I never thought you wouldn't be well enough to drive."

Catherine smiled "Yeah, I had a feeling."

Meryl asked "Do you have any idea when you will be home?"

Catherine said "I won't be gone three years. Maybe later in the afternoon."

Meryl laughed "Alright, be safe. Bye!"

Catherine said "Alright, see ya."

Catherine shut the Codec off and turned to Dr. Clark.

Catherine asked "You doing anything today?"

Dr. Clark said "Well today is my day off from work. What do you want to do something?"

Catherine asked "I havent been in town for a few years. What is there to do?"

Dr. Clark replied "Hmm. Let me think."

Dr. Clark looked over Catherine's tattered, shirt and track pants and ruined shoes from countless hours of VR training.

Dr. Clark smiled "Uh, how about we go shopping, your outfit is....Well normal for a Snake."

Catherine shrugged "Sounds fun. You wanna walk or you want to take my motorcycle?"

Dr. Clark shouted "I hate riding that thing, let's walk."

Catherine asked "Then how....Did you get it here?"

Dr. Clark replied "I rode it. I never said I can't ride it, I just said I don't like riding it. I am not my mother in that matter."

Catherine said "I understand. Let's get going."

Catherine picked up her jacket, placed her keys in her pocket and walked out of the apartment with Dr. Clark, to which they spent most of the morning and afternoon shopping, in which Catherine purchased a new outfit, mostly consisting of black attire keeping up with her namesake, and the pair found themselves back outside Dr. Clark's apartment.

Catherine said "Thanks Dr. Clark, i'll pay you back."

Dr. Clark smiled "Think nothing of it, it was my pleasure. Oh and you can call me Clementine if you want."

Catherine replied "Well thank you Clementine. I wish there was something I could do to repay you."

Clementine winked "Don't get hurt on your missions."

Catherine smiled "I'll try."

Clementine held out her hand, expecting a handshake but Catherine gave her a quick hug.

Clementine said "Well I think you better get home before Snake bites my head off."

Catherine smiled "Yeah...I better. Thanks again."

Clementine said "Call me if you wanna hang out again. Today was fun."

Catherine replied "I'll see ya later."

Clementine said "Bye Cat."

Catherine made her way down to the parking garage, hopped on her motorcycle and rode home to an agrivated Snake, relieved Meryl and happy Hope to welcome her.

Chapter 5:Passive PresentationEdit

A few days earlier, Snake recieved a letter inviting them to a presentation by Mei Ling who wanted the company. Snake accepted on behalf of the family and now they were all set to go, all being dressed their best except for Catherine who didn't half any dresses.

Catherine smiled squemishly "Uh Snake, Meryl. What the hell am I suppose to wear?"

Meryl snapped her fingers and darted into her room.

Snake mumbled "That's never a good sign."

Catherine asked "Why is that?"

Snake said "The last time she did something like that I swear it was a dressing montage."

Catherine asked "You?"

Snake sighed "Me."

Meryl walked out with what appeared to be Snake's old Marine outfit with a smile and handed it to Catherine.

Catherine said "Are you sure it's going to...Fit?"

Snake asked "Are you saying I am fat?"

Catherine replied "No Snake...I am a bit bigger in an area then you."

Meryl pointed to Catherine's room. "Just try it on. If it doesn't fit I am sure I can find a tuxedo."

Catherine said "Alright alright I am trying it on."

Catherine quickly changed into the outfit and found the fabric to be softer then she expected  and actually fit her without making her look too much like Lara Croft. Catherine walked into the living room  to Snake visiably trying to conceal a laugh while Hope and Meryl started to clap. Catherine tossed Snake his old headset but kept the sunglasses.

Catherine asked "How do I look?"

Snake replied "It looks fine. We are going to be late, and I don't want to see Mei Ling pissed"

Meryl said "You look fine, let's get out of here."

The family found themselves at the military compound and were met outside by Mei Ling who was dressed in her Captain colors. When she saw Catherine she started laughing, much to her dismay.

Catherine asked "What are you laughing at?"

Mei Ling replied "That outfit...It suits you."

Catherine smiled "It's nice to see you too."

Mei Ling nodded "Well, let's go in shall we?"

Snake nodded "Let's go."

The group was seated near the front row behind UN Military generals and UN Marines, and had a clear view of the entire stage.

Meryl asked "Do you know what this presentation is about?"

Mei Ling shook her head "No clue. I hear it will change the face of the military however."

Catherine said "I hope it's entertaining."

Just then a man dressed in a suit walked onto the stage with a scratch across his face. He picked up a microphone and saluted the Marines in the audience.

The man said "My name is General W.R Monger, and I am here to present the next gen in fighting forces!"

Catherine asked "Doesn't his name sound weird?"

Meryl smiled "I think it's a joke Cat."

"Monger" said "And now, presenting, A.I Soldiers!"

Catherine coughed "Wait what?"

On cue a dozen soldiers marched onto the stage in almost synced motion.

Monger said "These soldiers shall only be apart of the solution to protect living breathing men on the front lines by assisting in the fight! However, a living man will need to be in charge of these AI's and in charge of Alpha squad.. Johnny Akiba!"

Meryl whispered "What the hell?"

Catherine asked "How the hell can robots replace soldiers on the battlefield?"

Snake replied "They've been trying to do that with the Gekko and Metal Gears as of late. It's not right and doomed to fail."

Otacon said "Well, these AI are cheaper and easier to make and replace than regulars."

Meryl asked "Why is Johnny in charge of this...Why is he even involved in this?"

Monger said "If you have any questions you may ask myself in the back now!"

Monger walked off the stage, followed by the squad of AI's and a dozens of parading paparatzi, Meryl, Snake and Catherine made their way up to the stage to see Johnny tinkering with his keyboard on his arm.

Meryl asked "Johnny...Is that really you?"

Johnny looked up and smiled "Meryl! It's great to see you, yes it's me!"

Meryl said "Congrats on being in charge of the squad."

Johnny replied "Thank's. Who's the kid and the hottie?"

Meryl said "They're our kids Johnny."

Johnny looked over Catherine again, stopping every few seconds.

Johnny's eyes widened "Wait, she looks like she's your age Meryl!" 

Catherine shouted "I'm adopted pervert!"

Johnny said "Oh...Sorry. So wait, the little one...."

Meryl nodded "She's ours."

Johnny nodded "Congrats."

Just then wall behind Johnny exploded with a hole the size of a semi truck , knocking the group back, and Raiden landing at Snake's feet.

Raiden weakly shouted "Ru...Run!" Before passing out.

Catherine bent down "Raiden, are you alright?!"

Catherine went to turn him over but found him covered in white and black blood.

Catherine whispered "Wait a sec..."

Just then Katnis creeped into the room through the smoke, visably bleeding lightly.

Katnis shouted "Fight me Catherine, FIGHT ME NOW!"

Catherine could see just by looking at her face, Katnis was on the very edge of insanity and the only thing keeping her from totally slipping was to fight Catherine. Catherine bent over and drew Raiden's HF blade and to her it felt much lighter than the sword she was used to using. Catherine took her stance ten feet away from Katnis and watched as she continued to laugh silently to herself.

Katnis shouted "Are you ready to die!?"

Catherine replied "We don't have to do this."

Katnis said "Yes we do. I need to prove my way of life is the right one!"

Johnny asked "What the hell is the crazy chick talking about?"

Meryl replied "These two trained to become Cyborg Ninjas together, Catherine backed out of the surgery because she feared it would take away her humanity but Katnis went in as soon as she could because she believed Cyborg Ninjas were the soliders of the future. Katnis seems to want to prove she was right."


Catherine smirked "There is one thing that makes me better than you."

Katnis laughed "And what is that?!"

Catherine drew a Chaff Grenade "I don't get jammed!"

Catherine threw a Chaff and flash grenade at Katnis, exploding on imact releasing it's insides, jamming Katnis and visably harming her. Catherine jumped at her with fury and nearly got the killing blow but was barely blocked by a very disoriented Katnis.

Katnis shouted "Damn you you bloody cheater!"

The two former friends continued a long, exhausting battle, swords clashing, sparks flying before Catherine made a swift slice, cleaving off Katnis's left arm causing her black blood to splatter everywhere. Catherine followed it by knocking Katnis's sword out of her hand and finished it by stabbing Katnis in the stomach.

Catherine whispered "I'm sorry."

Katnis replied "You.....You won."

Katnis threw out one last blood-filled cough before passing on. Catherine bent down on her former friend's body and started to cry.

Meryl said "It's going to be OK, you had to do it."

Catherine replied "I..I want her to have a normal funeral."

Snake said "I think that could be arranged."

Catherine closed her friend's eyes and walked away .Catherine spent the next three days alone on the porch sulking about Katnis's death. Catherine looked up to the blue sky with her blood shot eyes and sighed in sadness. Just then the door opened to Clementine.

Clementine asked "Are you alright?"

Catherine shook her head "No I am not. I don't understand why. Why did she have to die?"

Clementine replied "You knew what had to be done, so did she. Yes, she's gone, but life waits for no one; it's about time we move on and start a new chapter in this book called "Life"."

Catherine choked down a cry "I..I just miss her."

Clementine held out her arms "Let it out."

Catherine buried her face into Clementine's shoulder and let out all her sadness and tears.

Clementine whispered "That's it...Let it out. It will be OK."

Catherine eventually stopped crying and pulled away from her friend.

Clementine asked "You feel better now?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, thank you."

Clementine smiled "Anytime. You ready to go inside?"

Catherine replied "Yeah, now or never."

Catherine wiped the tears on her cheeks away that didn't rub off onto Clementine and followed her into the living room to an awaiting Snake and Meryl.

Meryl gave Catherine a weak smile "Are you feeling better?"

Catherine nodded sadly "Yeah, I am alright."

Snake said "You know rookie, I have lost friends all the time on the battlefield, it might not be pretty, it might not be good but it happens."

Catherine asked "And what friends have you lost?"

Snake replied "Gray Fox, dozens of people friends I got to know when I was in FOXHOUND."

Catherine said "It never gets easier does it?"

Snake replied "Well, with time and a hardened heart, it does."

Catherine nodded "But that's not always the case."

Snake shook his head. "Unfortunatly, yes."

Catherine turned to Clementine "You mind going somewhere with me?"

Clementine nodded 'No, not at all."

Meryl asked "The bar?"

Catherine shook her head "No, but I just want to do something. I'll be back in the morning."

Snake said "Hold on."

Catherine asked "You need something?"

Snake tossed her his USP, Catherine caught it and smiled.

Catherine said "Thanks."

Meryl shouted "Be safe!"

Catherine winked and was followed by Clementine out the door to her secret destination.

Chapter 6:Dead DreamsEdit

Catherine and Clementine walked into the house the following morning to a waiting Snake and half asleep Meryl.

Catherine waved "Hey, good morning."

Snake asked "Well what did you do?"

Catherine asked "Clem, can you help me?"

Clementine nodded "Sure."

Snake raised an eyebrow "Huh?"

Catherine turned around and Clementine lifted up Catherine's shirt to reveal a tattoo of a snake twisting around her spine, with the words "最後まで忠誠心" inside the snake and what appeared to be the FOXHOUND and Philanthropy logo above the snake's head on the base of her neck.

Meryl asked "What does it mean?"

Snake said "Loyalty to the end."

Catherine asked "What do you think?"

Meryl said "It's beautiful."

Catherine smiled "Thanks. Oh, here Snake."

Catherine tossed Snake his USP back, caught it and re-holstered it.

Meryl asked "So how much did that set you back?"

Catherine said "$300, no big deal."

Clementine said "The guy who gave her the tattoo was pretty nice. A guy from Chicago, they had a nice chat while he was working."

Catherine grinned "Yeah, he was cute."

Meryl asked "Did it hurt much?"

Catherine shook her head "No not much."

Clementine said "She didn't even flinch."

Catherine yawned "Listen, I don't want to be rude but I am tired and I need a nap. Thanks for coming with me Clementine."

Clementine smiled "It was my pleasure, now remember don't sleep on your back, you will regret it."

Catherine replied "I won't. Will you be staying?"

Clementine shook her head "I would but I need to get to work in a couple hours."

Catherine said "Bye Clem."

Clementine shouted "Bye everyone!"

Catherine waved to Snake and Meryl as she entered her room, undressed and lied down on her stomach and drifted to sleep. In what seemed like no time at all she found herself in what appeared to be an empty room with grey fog going around in the room. Catherine looked around but found no one else there.

A man appeared behind her "Hello young warrior."

Catherine shouted in fear "What the hell are you?!"

Catherine drew her MP7 and pointed it at the man.

The man waved his hand "Fear not young one. I am not here to harm you. But someone wants to talk."

Catherine asked "Where am I, who are you?"

The man said "They call me The Sorrow. You are in your dreams, the bridge between life and death."

Catherine asked "Who wants to talk to me?"

The Sorrow waved his hand into the mist and a figure began to slowly faze into her vision. The figure slowly turned into a young girl around her age and wearing a Yukata, she eventually appeared to be Katnis, but now missing her Cyborg body, longer hair and a much calmer demeaner.

Catherine shocked asked "How....How the hell is this possible?"

The Sorrow said "She requested an audience with you and since tonight was the first night you slumbered, this was the first chance she has gotten to speak to you."

Catherine said "Kat...I am so.."

Katnis said "I am not angry at you for killing me Catherine, it was either kill or be killed and you won."

Catherine said "I wish there was a way for both of us to have survived."

Katnis smiled "I am happy here Catherine. No war, no fighting, always peaceful. I should really be thanking you for relieving me of my pain."

Catherine started crying "I just miss you, and I know this will end soon and I will always miss you."

Katnis said "Hey, calm down. Yes it will end, but you can always request an audience with me. Before you go to sleep just ask The Sorrow for a talk with me, he usually says yes."

Catherine lunged at Katnis and gave her a hug. "Thank you."

Katnis asked "What are you thanking me for?"

Catherine replied "For easing my pain."

Katnis said "You know, you have a new friend and a family to help you through this. You don't need me anymore."

Catherine nodded "I know Katnis, I know."

Katnis asked "So what's with the tat?"

Catherine replied "Oh it means Loyalty to the End."

Katnis smiled "I know, I am Japanese. I meant why is it a snake?"

Catherine replied "Why not?"

Katnis sighed "It was never easy getting an answer out of you was it?"

Catherine then started to feel a small pain on her back.

Catherine asked "What's going on?"

The Sorrow pointed up to a vision of Meryl trying to shake Catherine, most likely to wake her up, which caused Catherine to start to tear up.

Katnis said "Hey, don't cry. We can meet any time you want."

Catherine smiled "Yeah. Well have fun in the afterlife."

The vision of Katnis and The Sorrow fadded and Catherine's eyes opened to Meryl standing over her. Catherine gave her a smile.

Meryl asked "You feeling better?"

Catherine smiled "Much."

Meryl asked "A two hour nap made you feel better?"

Catherine replied "It wasn't just a nap."

Meryl gave her a questioning look, before she snapped her fingers.

Meryl asked "Were you talking to a guy who let you talk to dead people?"

Catherine shouted "How the hell did you know?!"

Meryl smiled "The same thing happened to Snake when I found out I was pregnant with Hope. I thought he was just screwing with me but I met the guy too. He let me talk to my parents."

Catherine asked "Have you talked to him recently?"

Meryl shook her head "No. I feel like they're with me all the time. So who did you talk to. Your parents?"

Catherine replied "No, I talked to Katnis."

Meryl's eyes widened "Really, is everything alright?"

Catherine smiled "Everything is fine. She gave me closure."

Meryl sighed "Well I am sorry I woke you up. I wish  I knew that was happening."

Catherine waved her hand "It's fine.

Meryl smiled "Well, it's your turn to make dinner."

Chapter 7:Familiar FacesEdit

Catherine started to attempt to make an Italian dinner, which she really had no hope of succeeding in making anyway, because she was a worse cook than Meryl and despite taking cooking lessons she couldn't cook for her life. When Meryl went away Catherine took out her phone and ordered a pizza. 

Meryl asked "How's the pasta coming?"

Catherine looked into the stove and found it had exploded.

Catherine gave Meryl a scared look "I have a better idea."

Meryl asked "And what's that?"

Catherine said "You'll see."

Ten minutes later a man rang the doorbell and handed Catherine the pizza. Catherine payed the man, closed the door and placed the pizza on the table.

Meryl gave Catherine an expectant look "You really chickened out?"

Catherine said "Well the pasta kinda...Blew up."

Meryl waved her hand "Better than half my meals end up."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

Catherine asked "We expecting someone?"

Meryl shook her head "No, I don't think so."

Catherine opened the door to Sunny and a robot dog following her.

Hope shouted "Cousin Sunny!"

Hope jumped at Sunny, giving her a hug.

Catherine whispered "What's with the dog?"

Sunny replied "Oh, Raiden gave him to me."

Catherine said "Well that was nice of him."

Sunny smiled "Yep. So how are you guys?"

Meryl replied "Well everything's fine. How are you doing?"

Sunny said "I just got back from a mission with Raiden in Africa. Right now he is in Europe with Doktor and they're at the UN telling them the PMC activities in the area."

Catherine asked "Any Metal Gears?"

Sunny shook her head "Yep, and Raiden turned them into scrap metal!"

Hope asked "So what's your next mission?"

Sunny replied "I don't know yet. But all I know is I will always be on Raiden's support team. Say,  do you know where Uncle Hal is?"

Meryl pointed up toward Otacon's lab, "Yeah, I think he's working on his stupid OctoSuit again. His last attempt short circuited and he's been working non stop since then to fix it."

Sunny said "I'll try and help."

Catherine replied "Good luck."

Sunny said "Thanks."

The family sat down to dinner, but within a few minutes Sunny walked into the room with Otacon, who now had a stubble of hair on his face and looked as if he hadn't sleep in a week, which was believable.

Catherine asked "You two want to have some dinner?"

Sunny said "I think he needs sleep."

Otacon said "I don't need sleep Sunny, I need to finish the project!"

Hope mumbled "Sounds like you when we interrupted your video games."

Catherine tossed an olive at Hope, hitting her in the forehead.

Meryl said "Hal, just eat something, take a shower and sleep. Or do I have to get Snake down here?"

Otacon sighed "Fine."

Catherine thought to herself "I've never seen Otacon like this, I wonder what made him turn into such a workaholic."

Otacon asked "So Sunny, what have you been up to?"

Sunny replied "Hacking computers and satellites for Raiden."

Otacon smiled "So, staying out of trouble?"

Meryl asked "So do you plan on staying long Sunny?"

Sunny nodded "Yeah, until Raiden calls me up then I am off to help him on a mission in Italy."

Catherine laughed "You really get around don't you kiddo?"

Sunny said "I guess so. It would be more fun but George got assigned to some other place."

Catherine asked "Who's George?"

Sunny replied "My very first outside friend!"

Catherine raised her hands in a mock surrender "Sorry. Didn't know."

Meryl asked "So what's going on with the UN now?"

Sunny sighed "They made it illegal to even mention Revolver Ocelot in any form of the military."

Catherine asked "Why the hell would they do that?"

Sunny replied "Well, he nearly ended the world...twice."

Catherine rolled her eyes "It's just an excuse to imprison more people if you ask me."

Meryl asked "What do they do if someone mentions Ocelot?"

Sunny replied "They're imprisoned. I am not sure of the specifics."

Catherine sighed "It's just stupid."

Otacon asked "So how's Raiden doing?"

Sunny replied "He's fine. Right now he's using his first or second Cyborg body and he's talking to the UN."

Raiden as Sunny remembered last seeing him.

Otacon asked "Talking to them about what?"

Sunny replied "Using Rail guns to wipe out PMC targets."

Otacon asked "Why the hell would they want to do that?"

Sunny said "They think it's easier to do that then to just send in soldiers and AI's in to wipe them out."

Meryl said "It's true, it would be more cost effective and it would cut down on soldier casulties. But it's worse becasue they're also going to take out innocents."

Catherine asked "Don't the bad things they're doing?"

Sunny said "According to Raiden, They're voting on it, and it's losing right now, the only ones supporting it are China, Russia, England and America."

Catherine said "They could easily gain support quickly."

Sunny smiled "Raiden will never let that happen!"

Catherine frowned "I wish I had your confidence."

Meryl whispered "It's always darkest before the storm."

Sunny asked "Did you say something?"

Meryl shook her head "Oh no, nothing."

The rest of dinner and the night were absorbed with silence, during which Meryl forced Otacon to take a shower and go to bed, abiet she had to use a Desert Eagle to do so. Sunny slept in Hope's room, and the adults went to bed not long afterword.

Chapter 8:Ridiculous RevelationsEdit

Meryl walked into Otacon's lab to find Sunny working on the computer, while Snake was practicing in the VR room. 

Meryl asked "Hey Sunny, can you step outside, I need to talk to Otacon."

Sunny replied "Uh...sure."

Sunny closed down the computer, got up and left the room.

Otacon asked "What did you want to talk about?"

Meryl replied "What do you think about Catherine?"

Otacon sighed "Not this again, didn't we go through this with Snake?"

Meryl said "Just tell me."

Otacon replied "She's a nice gi..woman, she has her kinks but so does everyone. Why?"

Meryl turned away "Well, sometimes I just feel like she is more of a mother to Hope than I am."

Otacon smiled "Meryl, she isn't more of a mother then you are, she operates more like a big sister to Hope and Sunny, not a mother. You have nothing to worry about."

Meryl sighed "You always know what to say."

Otacon asked "Why do you ask, why bring this up all of a sudden?"

Meryl replied "If you promise not to tell Snake."

Otacon waved his hand "Whoa whoa whoa, wait. Not tell Snake?"

Meryl nodded "Yeah."

Otacon asked "What could be so important?"

Meryl said "I think I might be pregnant again."

Otacon's eyes widened "Oh crap."

Meryl said "I don't want to tell him because I am not sure, and I don't want him to either freak out or get his hopes up."

Sunny walked into the living room to find Catherine lying down on the couch with her hands behind her head and an unlit cigar in her mouth.

Sunny asked "Uh...Catherine, are you awake?"

Catherine opened her left eye to see a visably shaking Sunny staring at her.

Catherine replied "Not anymore."

Sunny said "Oh I am sorry, I will just leave you alone."

Catherine sat up and laughed "It's alright Sunny, I was just joking. What did you need?" 

Sunny said "Oh, well I was wondering if I could ask you something."

Catherine replied "Sure, go ahead. Why don't you sit down?"

Catherine patted down the seat next to her to which Sunny sat down on the couch.

Sunny asked "Can you tell me about..about your past?"

Catherine placed her cigar back into her pocket.

Catherine asked "Why do you want to know about my past Sunny?"

Sunny smiled "I don't know, I am just interested to learn more about you. I hardly know anything about you"

Catherine tapped her head "There's really nothing to tell ya Sunny."

Sunny cupped her hands "Please Catherine?"

Catherine sighed "Well, I was born in Yonkers, New York. My mother was named Rachel White, she married a man named Vincent Black, my aunt was Holly White, she visited me often but after my sixth birthday, she stopped visiting and I never saw her again. When I was fi.."

Sunny asked "Did your mother ever read you any stories or sing?"

Catherine thought for a minute. "Yeah actually."

Sunny asked "Do you remember what it was?"

Catherine nodded and started humming a lullaby and unnoticed that she started to rock back and forth with the tone of the song, looked down and saw Sunny had actually fallen asleep. 

Catherine thought to herself "Whoops, guess she was tired."

Just then Otacon walked past the open door tot he living room and eyed the sleeping Sunny on Catherine's shoulder.

Catherine winked "She was tired."

Otacon said "It's fine. You know she's the first adult woman she's talked to other then Meryl since Naomi passed in 2014."

Catherine's eyes raised "You gotta be kidding me."

Otacon shook his head "Sadly no. But I am glad to see she trusts you."

Catherine smiled "Yeah well, she came in here asking me to tell her about my past. I barely got past telling her who my parents were and she interrupted me to have me hum her a song my mother sung for me, and now you see the result."

Otacon asked "Who were your parents?"

Catherine shrugged "I wish I could remember. Sorry."

Otacon nodded "It's understandable. Say who was your aunt, do you remember?"

Catherine replied "Uh...Holly White, why?"

Catherine looked up to see Snake leaning against the door.

Snake said "She is an old friend of mine from Zanzibar land."

Catherine asked "Really?"

Snake nodded "Yeah, we were suppose to have Christmas dinner together but I kinda stood her up and I moved to Alaska. I wish I could have apologized to her."

Catherine gave Snake an expectant look "I know you're sorry Snake, I think she would have figured it out sooner or later."

Snake mumbled "What's done is done." 

Just then Raiden appeared on the TV screen.

Raiden said "Hey guys..Oh I am sorry, I didn't know you were sleeping."

Catherine looked at the still sleeping Sunny and shrugged.

Catherine said "Oh no we're not, she just dozed off. You need something?"

Raiden nodded "I have to go back to Africa for a tour with a Prime Minister and I needed to know if Sunny wanted to come with me, but she can't answer me right now."

Catherine said "Hey i'll come with!"

Raiden asked "Why do you want to come?"

Catherine replied "It's way too boring around here."

Snake said "You could take Hope too if you promise to be careful."

Catherine nodded "Sounds like it will be fun. Also, do you really think I won't be careful?"

Meryl turned the corner with a towel over her shoulder. "Won't be careful with what?"

Raiden said "Catherine, Hope and Sunny are coming with me on a trip into Africa."

Meryl slowly turned to Catherine "What?!"

Catherine smiled slugishly "Uh..I was bored."

Meryl shouted "I don't...!"

Catherine put her finger to her lips "Shh." Catherine nodded to the still sleeping Sunny.

Meryl lowered her voice "I don't give a crap about that, I mean you saying you would take Hope without asking me or Snake!"

Snake replied "I told her she could. It's fine."

Meryl said "It's fine It's fine? It's fine?!"

Raiden said "I am gotta go now. Good luck."

Raiden signed off and Meryl turned back to Snake.

Meryl sighed "You know what, I am sorry. I shouldn't have reacted like that, I should have known, and you're an adult Catherine, you know if something is too dangerous to take not one but two kids along."

Catherine said "Meryl, I should have asked, she's not my child to put in danger."

Meryl turned "It's fine. Just come home safe Catherine."

Meryl walked out of the room and Catherine let out a breath of relief.

Snake asked "What was that for?"

Catherine smiled "I thought I was going to be shot for a second there."

Snake said "She wouldn't kill you..."

Catherine asked "What makes you say that?"

Snake replied "She didn't have a gun."

Chapter 9:WastelandsEdit

Catherine, Sunny, Bladewolf and Hope met Raiden at the UN Embassey in Africa in what seemed like forever, a Stryker pulled up to the curb outside the door and Raiden, who was dressed in his suit disguise stepped out followed by another man similarly dressed.

Sunny said "Hey stranger!"

Raiden smiled "Hey ladies, may I introduce to you, the UN Senator Ryan Reeves. We will be joining him on a tour today."

Catherine said "Hello Mr Reeves."

Raiden asked "What's with the get-up?"

Catherine looked over her wardrobe, which consisted of a white tanktop, short shorts, black combat boots, a navy blue bandana and sunglasses.

Catherine replied "What about it?"

Raiden said "It's a little revealing don't you think?"

Catherine raised an eyebrow "It's better then sweating to death."

Just then Drebin walked around the corner of the Stryker.

Drebin said "Well I hate to break up this heartwarming reunion, but the day is a wasting."

Catherine, Hope, Sunny, the Senator and Raiden all packed into the back of the Stryker, but there was no room for Bladewolf.

Sunny asked "What about Wolf?"

Drebin thought for a second before snapping his fingers and pointed to the top of the Stryker.

Drebin replied "He can ride on top, if he thinks he can stay on."

Drebin turned ot Bladewolf who "nodded" before hopping on top of the tank.

Catherine asked "Any booze?"

Raiden shouted "Catherine, show some respect!"

Reeves waved "It's fine, I was about to ask the same thing..a little more well mannered however."

Drebin shook his head "Sorry, this is an alchohol free ride only. However, there is soda there ready for you if you get thirsty. Now remember, please keep all hands and feet in the Stryker at all times, I have installed transparent windows on the sides in case you want to look outside without opening the window above you, please don't use my weaponry without my knowlage and have a fun trip!"

Drebin pressed a button and closed the back, walked to the front of the Stryker and started to drive on an obvious, predecided course. Within a minute Catherine noticed it was so hot that her skin was glossy with sweat even with the AC on "full blast", so she bought a soda which was cold as ice to her hand and after she started to drink she also noticed that the soda was literally evaporating from the can as fast as she could drink it, and it was sweating more then she was. Catherine looked over to see Sunny stand up, open the top window and she started talking with or petting Bladewolf, while Hope sat back and watched with a curious look on her face, and Raiden had already sat back and was talking up the Senator about the recent events with the UN.

Drebin shouted "First stop up ahead!"

Drebin suddenly stopped in what seemed like nowhere, but when Catherine stepped outside she saw was a small village, striken with poverty, disease and grief.

Drebin whispered "Here, take this."

Catherine took what looked like an ear plug and put it in her right ear.

Catherine asked "What is it?"

Drebin replied "It's a translator."

Catherine suddenly was pounded with dozens of voices all begging for something weather it be food, water or permanent shelter or for the group to take their children away for a better life.

One elderly woman approached Catherine "Are you here to help us, are you here to protect us?"

Catherine turned to Raiden "What do I say?"

Raiden replied "Have you ever seen the movie "The Postman"?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, it sucked what does it have to do with this?"

Raiden said "Well, we may be here to help, but we don't know if they're about to be bombed with Rail Gun blasts so I don't want them to get their hopes up."

Catherine shouted "You want me to lie to them?"

Raiden nodded "Come on, if you tell them the truth they might panic. Plus if they don't get Rail gun'd you will have nothing to worry about."

Catherine turned to the woman. "We are here to help where we can, but due to recent money shortages.."

A young man shouted "Money shortages, what does this UN use all their near-limitless resources on?"

Raiden replied "With the attack on the UN Capital four years ago, they had to build an offshore facility in the center of the Atlantic ocean. They had to cut costs and with the war with the PMC's they cannot spend nearly as much as they want to."

Catherine walked up to a UN solider posted near the center of the town.

Catherine asked "What's your name?"

The soldier turned and to Catherine he appeared to be in his mid teens, white hair, green eyes and a very pastey appearence.

The solider replied "I am Randal Edgewalker of the UN eight-oh-seventh ma'am!"

Catherine said "Uh...At ease."

Randal lowered his hand "Did you need something ma'am?"

Catherine replied "Yes. I read there were nearly ten times the rations delivered. Where did they go?"

Randal's face turned to stone with fear. "Uh, you see ma'am when we came to deliever these supplies we came across another villiage that was in more desperate need, I didn't think it was right, so we split some of the rations with them."

Catherine raised her arm, causing Randal to flinch to which Catherine placed her hand on his shoulder. He opened his eyes slowly to a smiling Catherine.

Catherine said "You did the right thing kid. Keep up the good work."

Randal nodded "Thank you ma'am." And Randal ran off back to work.

Raiden asked "Ready to go?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah."

Catherine re-joined the group in the Stryker and they started off to the next location. Catherine knocked on the wall.

Drebin asked "You need something goregous?"

Catherine nodded "Can you look someone up for me?"

Drebin replied "I would be honored. But who do you need me to look up?"

Catherine sighed "I need you to look up a woman. My aunt, Holly White."

Drebin nodded "I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you."

Catherine said "Thank you."

Drebin said "Glad to."

Drebin closed the window, and Catherine returned to her seat. Ten minutes later, Catherine's Codec started going off. 

Catherine said "Hey I got a call, can you stop this thing?"

Drebin stopped the Stryker and opened the back door. Catherine nodded as he walked out. Catherine answered it to see Snake and Meryl on the other end.

Snake asked "How's it going over there?"

Catherine replied "It's freaking hot. If it weren't for the Stryker I am pretty sure we would have sweated to death by now."

Catherine heard a gunshot and quickly switched off the Codec.


Hope had seen Catherine had gotten out of the Stryker, Raiden and the old man had been talking non-stop since the trip started, and Sunny was passed out from the heat in the seat next to her. Hope took the advantage and snuck out of the Stryker. Hope walked a few feet and found a small town where it seemed bussling with people but what she found froze her in her tracks and she felt her heart leap to her throat. Hope saw a soldier, a UN soldier putting a P90 to a man's face and shooting, causing his brains splatter onto the ground and the soldier did nothing but laugh as he did it. He walked over to a crying woman, placed the gun to her forehead and started laughing.

The man shouted "Beg me bitch beg me, beg me not to pull the trigger!"

The woman cried to her child "Don't look."

The man shouted "Looks like you don't want to live!"

The man pulled the trigger, causing her head to explode like a watermelon and he continued to laugh like an insane person while the child started to sob over his mother's dead body.

The man grinned "It looks like the brat wants to meet her in the afterlife!"

Hope sprang from her hiding spot, stepped between the man and the child and drew her revolver at the man, who stopped in his tracks when he saw Hope.

The man said "Get out of the way girly, or else."

Hope stood her ground, but found she couldn't pull the trigger. The man backhanded Hope to the ground, placed the gun to the child's head and shot him as if he was swatting away a fly.

The man turned to Hope "It looks like there will be another death today!"

Hope could do nothing as the man pointed the gun to her forehead and started to laugh again, she closed her eyes in fear, however she opened her eyes to see Catherine chop the man's hand, snap his elbow and proceed to elbow him in the neck, causing him to hit is face off a nearby water well. Catherine proceeded to bend down to Hope and gave her a hug.

Catherine asked "Are you alright?"

Hope buried her face into Catherine's neck and started to cry.

Catherine said "Shhhh, it's going to be alright."

Catherine handed Hope to Raiden, picked up Hope's revolver and placed it on the man's forehead and he started to cry.

Catherine said "You're not worth the bullet you bastard."

The man sighed in relief, but Catherine quickly turned and smacked him in the face with the butt of the revolver.

Catherine returned to Raiden, the Senator and Sunny. Catherine turned and fired the gun.

Chapter 10:Warm WelcomeEdit

Catherine had been dreading coming back home to Meryl and Snake after what happened, but she was glad Hope seemed alright, just very shaken up and they had Clementine ready and waiting for a medical checkup. Catherine walked in, carrying a sleeping Hope on her back to Snake and Meryl, who had been obviously crying. Meryl ran up to Catherine and Catherine was ready to be slapped in the face, or punched, but instead Meryl gave her a hug.

Catherine said "I thought you would be angry with me."

Meryl replied "I would be angry, but if it wasn't for you. Hope wouldn't be here."

Catherine turned and handed Hope off to Catherine who put her in the couch to be looked at by Clementine. Catherine started to feel a burning sensation in her chest and tears start to rise in her eyes, she walked over to the door to the patio, and punched the wall, causing half the room to jump, Catherine sighed and walked outside.

Clementine whispered "I'll go talk to her."

Snake put a hand on Clementine's shoulder and shook his head. "No. Just keep looking over Hope."

Snake walked outside to find a crying Catherine in the hammock. Snake sat down and Catherine turned away.

Catherine said "I shouldn't have left her alone, I should have just taken that call inside the Stryker, I...I...I"

Snake locked Catherine in a hug "It's not your fault. It's ours, we shouldn't have called."

Catherine shook her head. "It just shouldn't have happened."

Snake said "At least you were there to save here. Be thankful for that."

Catherine said "Let's get back inside."

Catherine and Snake walked inside to find Meryl cradeling Hope, and rocking back and forth on the couch.

Snake asked "Well, how's Hope?"

Clementine replied "Well she looks fine to me, just very shaken up. I advise she sleep for a few days, make sure nothing loud goes on around the place, no guns near her. It might cause her to panic."

Catherine asked "Was she hurt anywhere?"

Clementine shook her head "Besides a scartch on her right elbow and a red spot on her left cheek, no she's fine."

Meryl said "I am going to put her to bed, I'll be right back."

Meryl returned a few minutes later with a small smile on her face.

Snake asked "So, the the solider, was he alone?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah."

Snake said "I'll have Drebin look into it."

A few days had passed since Catherine and Hope returned and all seemed well, but Catherine lost track of Hope breifly and found her playing one of her video games, which she seemed fine. Later she found Hope practicing her aim on the roof, which she also seemed unfazed Catherine started to wonder if she was repressing the experience or if she was really tough enough to take it so lightly. Catherine was lying down on the couch, trying to take a nap after chasing Hope down around the house because she wouldn't let go of Catherine's gun when Meryl turned around the corner, with black circles under her eyes.

Meryl asked "Catherine, can you help me feed Hope. She won't eat unless I do something special."

Catherine replied "Like what?"

Meryl said "Like a dance, but I am really tired and Snake is off with Otacon."

Catherine nodded "Sure."

Catherine looked down and noticed Meryl had been gaining a small gut, and Meryl had noticed her staring.

Meryl asked "What are you looking at?"

Catherine replied "Oh nothing. I think you should lay off the candy."

Meryl slapped Catherine up-side the head. "Stop being rude."

Catherine asked "What are you pregnant?"

Meryl quickly turned away and Catherine stopped dead in her tracks.

Catherine said "You are pregnant aren't you?!"

Meryl replied "I don't know, I am too afraid to take the test."

Catherine asked "Why would you be afraid?"

Meryl sighed "I don't think I could handle another kid."

Catherine put a hand on Meryl's shoulder "I think you would do great with another kid. Just believe."

Meryl rolled her eyes "Alright Disney."

Catherine and Meryl walked into Hope's room to find her painting a picture,and from what Catherine could gather, it appeared to be the village in which Hope was nearly killed but it appeared to be on fire and in the top left corner "Mercy shall not be given." written in green paint.

Catherine asked "You OK kiddo?"

Hope gave Catherine an angry look "I'm fine."

Meryl's eyes sprang open "Well, that's the first time you've talked since you got home!"

Catherine said "Well Hope, it's time for lunch, what do you want?"

Hope replied "I'm fine, I am not hungry."

Catherine said "You haven't eaten since last night. Come on."

Hope shouted "I want to be left alone!"

Meryl said "I understand but.."

Hope said "Ever since Africa you guys have been treating me like I was a special needs kid, and I needed twenty four seven monitoring, and that the entire house needed to be on freaking lockdown, I am sick of it!"

Meryl said "I see. You want to be left alone, then stay in here see if I care."

Meryl got up and walked out of the room with the tray she brought with her for Hope. Hope's face turned from anger and rage to sadness and regret as soon as the door shut.

Hope asked "Did...did I say something wrong?"

Catherine said "Well screaming at her probably didn't help."

Hope said " I am just sick of feeling like a damn prisoner in my own house."

Catherine sighed "I know what you're feeling Hope. It's not a good feeling."

Hope asked "When have you ever experienced near death?"

Catherine replied "Twice, in fights against Katnis."

Hope said "But you didn't see a mother and her child get shot in the head at point blank then nearly get killed the same way yourself."

Catherine shook her head "You're right I am not. But I have seen enough death for one, maybe two lifetimes, and I haven't seen a fraction as much as Snake has. Listen, I know I am not the best person to take advise from but I need you to calm down, work out your experience and be nice to Meryl and Snake."

Hope asked "Why not to you?"

Catherine shrugged "I don't care if you use me as a punching bag, we're sisters after all."

Hope asked "Is there something wrong with mom?"

Catherine raised an eyebrow "I don't know, why?"

Hope said "I can hear her crying in the bathroom."

Catherine asked "How in blue hell can you hear that?"

Hope shrugged "It's kinda loud."

Catherine waved "Come on."

Catherine lead Hope out the door, walked a few feet to the door to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

Meryl asked "Who is it?"

Catherine said "It's Molly Redgrave, who the hell do you think it is?"

Hope asked "Who's Molly Redgrave?"

Catherine whispered "A name I made up."

Meryl asked "What do you want?"

Hope asked "Are you OK in there mom?"

Meryl gasped in shock. "Uh, yeah. I uh, I just need to talk to Snake, is he back yet?"

Catherine replied "Hold on, let me see."

Catherine turned on her Codec and turned it to Snake's channel.

Snake answered "Snake here, what do you want?"

Catherine replied "Meryl needs you. Where are you now?"

Snake said "Otacon and I are at the front door."

Catherine nodded "Thanks."

Catherine hung up and turned back to the door.

Meryl asked "Well, where is he?"

Catherine said "Hold on."

Within a minute Snake was walking up the stairs.

Snake asked "Did Meryl get stuck in the toilet?"

Meryl shouted "Shut up!"

Snake smiled and asked "Then what did you need?"

Meryl opened the door, and she looked like she had been through hell and back, black rings under her eyes, hair messy and looked as if she could pass out at any second.

Meryl said "I...i'm pregnant."

Chapter 11:Gracious Goodbyes and ReunionsEdit

A few days past and Catherine was contacted by Drebin, and told her that Holly had been living in Canada for the past few years, and had her address ready. After much thought, Catherine decided to take a trip via her motorcycle instead of flying due to her hatred of it, and she felt she needed the fresh air and extra time to come up with any conversation she could have with Holly. After about two hours of packing, Snake handed her her Diamond Dogs leather jacket, she took it with a thanks and gave Snake a quick hug. Catherine quickly said goodbye to Hope and Meryl

Catherine smiled "I will be back in a few months or so. I promise."

Snake nodded "That's what you said last time."

Catherine waved goodbye then went out into the garage and proceeded to start her motorcycle, but just as she did, Otacon and Sunny ran out the door.

Catherine shut off the bike  asked "Did you need something?"

Otacon, trying to catch his breath nodded and handed Catherine a tan folder, she withdrew the papers and found them to be adoption papers.

Catherine asked "What are these for?"

Otacon said "They're for Sunny. I would lik...I need you to take her with you."

Catherine asked "Why's that?"

Otacon sighed "Because if I keep her here, she's going to spend the rest of her life being a computer worm, never make any other friends besides George, Raiden and the people who worked for her during the 2018 incidents and I think going with you would be a great experience."

Catherine looked at Sunny, who had a hopeful look on her face and was already dressed to go. She thought for a minute before nodding.

Catherine said "I'll take her. If she promises to be good."

Sunny nodded with enthusiasm. "I will, I swear!"

Catherine raised an eyebrow "You swear on your computer?"

Sunny nodded "Hell yes!"

Catherine pointed at Sunny. "Don't talk like that alright? It's rude."

Sunny saluted "Aye aye!"

Catherine patted the seat "Get on."

Sunny went to hop onto the back but Catherine cut her off and pointed to the empty space in front of her,

Sunny asked "Is that safe?"

Catherine put on her sunglasses and smirked "Is anything safe in this world?"

Sunny shrugged "You got a point."

Sunny climbed on awkwardly in the front seat, and Catherine started the bike, causing Sunny to briefly jump. Catherine and Sunny waved goodbye as they pulled out of the driveway into the empty road in the early morning. 

Three days later, Catherine and Sunny found themselves in snowy Aberdeen, Canada. Catherine pulled up to a creme colored, three story house with the numbers "1138" on the front. Catherine shut off the bike and found Sunny somehow sleeping peacefully leaning on her back, she wouldn't mind living in Canada, it was peaceful and quiet, but it was too cold for her taste. Catherine nudged Sunny, waking her up.

Sunny yawned "Are we there yet?"

Catherine smiled "Yep."

Sunny hopped off the bike and noticed a Type 17 Mauser on her belt.

Sunny asked "You carry guns everywhere don't you?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah. You never know when you're gonna need it."

Sunny said "Just like Snake."

Catherine said "Yeah, I guess so."

With Sunny following closely behind her, Catherine began to get butterflies in her stomach as she walked up the driveway. Every step felt like an eternity, though she soon found herself looking at an old, wooden door.

Sunny asked "Aren't you going to knock on the door?"

Catherine nodded and reluctantly swung the knocker three times. The sound each time it hit the base was like a piercing gunshot right next to her ears.After a few seconds an older woman resembling Meryl, but with blonde hair opened the door. Catherine noticed she was carrying a standard military .45 ACP.

The woman asked "Can I help you?"

Catherine said "Yes, um. Does Holly White live here?"

The woman fearfully nodded "Yes, that's me. Who are you?"

Catherine sighed to herself "Of course she doesn't remember me."

Catherine replied "My name is Catherine...Catherine Black.."

Holly grabbed Catherine with such force that it nearly knocked both of them to the ground.

Catherine thought to herself, "She's quite unlike Meryl."

Holly said "It's been so long Catherine, I am sorry I hadn't visited you after the incident!"

Catherine nodded "It's OK Aunt Holly. I am just glad I found you."

Holly turned to Sunny, looked back at Catherine and whispered "So, is this your daughter?"

Catherine waved her hand in the air "Yes, but not by blood."

Holly nodded "I see. So what's your name sweetie?"

Sunny waved "I'm Sunny Black, pleased to meet you ma'am!"

Holly smiled "Pleased to meet you too!"

Catherine said "I am sorry for barging in unannounced."

Holly shook her head "It's fine. Come on in, it's getting cold out here!"

Catherine and Sunny followed Holly into the house, which was decorated with mostly French artwork, and military items such as a cabinet full of shotguns and rifles. Holly's living room consisted of a large plasma screen, two leather couches, a coffee table and a rocking chair.

Catherine said "Nice place."

Holly smiled "Thank you. Would you two like a drink, maybe something to eat?"

Catherine said "I'm fine. Thank you."

Sunny asked "Can I have something?"

Holly replied "What do you want?"

Sunny asked "You have any soda?"

Holly thought for a second "I think so. Give me a second would you?"

Catherine and Sunny sat down on a couch in front of the coffee table and Holly returned with a bottle of soda and beer and proceeded to give them to Catherine and Sunny. Catherine went to pop the cap off on the table but stopped herself and opened it with her pocket knife.

Holly laughed "You know, you don't have to be so modest in front of me Catherine."

Catherine smiled "I know, but I am just trying not to look so rude or anything."

Holly nodded "Just like your mother."

Catherine looked away "Can we please, not talk about either of them?"

Holly said "Of course. So might I ask, what have you been doing with your life?"

Catherine looked at Sunny, turned back to Holly and placed her hand under her chin.

Catherine said "Not much to tell really. I joined the UN Marines, tried to become a Cyborg Ninja but I didn't go through with the procedure, I got adopted by Solid Snake and Meryl..."

Holly shouted "Wait wait wait, you got adopted by Snake?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, why?"

Holly laid her head back and closed her eyes.

Holly said "Well back in the old days, Snake and I were partners in the incident in Zanzibar. We were going to have Christmas dinner together but Snake ducked out to go live down in Alaska."

Sunny asked "Are you mad at him?"

Holly nodded "Yeah, at first I was. But over time, I began to forgive him. He was always a loner at heart."

Catherine asked "You know he got married right?"

Holly said "Yeah I do. I saw his award ceremony on TV a few years back. I am happy for him."

Catherine asked "So what did you do after the incident?"

Holly shrugged "Nothing really. I tried to become a teacher and an instructor but both fell through after the rise of SOP. Now I am retired."

Sunny asked "Can I watch TV?"

Sunny gave Catherine an innocent face that could melt even the coldest heart.

Catherine sighed "If it's alright with Holly."

Holly said "It's fine with me."

Sunny turned on the TV and switched through the channels until she found the news network and sat down watching with intent and a curious look on her face.

Holly asked "So how was the ride over here?"

Catherine said "Well every time I tried to light a cigar Sunny would tell me "It's a no smoking ride!" it was funny after a while. She did well for her first motorcycle ride."

Sunny shouted "Look!" Pointing at the TV.

Catherine and Holly turned to the TV to see a news report, Holly turned up the volume and all three of them listened intently to the reporter.

Reporter "It has been announced by the United Nation that the building of an undersea city has been under development since the attack on the original capital three years ago happened and has been reported that the city has been completed as of today. Now it has been reported the UN will not allow tourists inside the city for a year or so to make sure there will be no attacks. The only people allowed in the city so far are AI soldiers, official UN military personnel and UN Senators."

Catherine rolled her eyes "A city underwater. Ridiculous."

Holly started humming Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid

Sunny said "I think it would be interesting."

Catherine turned to Sunny who was giving her an innocent look.

Catherine said "No no no no no no. No we're not going."

Sunny cupped her hands "Please, please please can we go?"

Catherine asked "Why do you want to go?"

Sunny said "It would be fun and interesting!"

Catherine said "We can't go, we're not AI's or UN Senators."

Sunny said "You're still a CN."

Catherine sighed "You're not going to stop until I agree are you?"

Sunny shook her head "Nope!"

Catherine asked "You want to come with us Aunt Holly?"

Holly replied "I would love to, but I will have to take a rain check."

Sunny asked "Are you sure?"

Holly nodded "Yes sweetie. Maybe next time."

Catherine said "You know, you could visit us later down in Georgia if you want."

Holly nodded "I think I will have to take you up on that offer one day."

Catherine asked "How do we even know how to get to this place?"

Sunny replied "Why don't we sneak in?"

Catherine said "Yes, and how are we going to do that, we have no idea where it is."

Sunny smiled "I have a few ideas."

Chapter 12:City of the SeaEdit

Catherine found herself sitting in a very cramped submarine with a half dozen AIs, Sunny,three UN Marines and a security officer all going to the same destination, the UN Capital in the underwater city which hadn't been named yet. Catherine had Snake send over his old Marine uniform through the mail and they were given passes on board the sub by Drebin. Catherine soon discovered she hated being in this submarine more then she hated sharks, alligators and flying combined due to the lack of space between each person.

One of the soldiers asked "Does anyone know when the hell they started building that place?"

Another soldier said "No man, but it looks like it should have taken a couple decades to do it."

the officer said "All of you shut it. The work on this city started three years ago, it was completed two days ago and all you bloats need to know is you are the ones guarding this magnificent city!"

Catherine groaned "How long till we dock sir?"

The officer replied "In about ten minutes!"

Catherine saluted "Thank you...sir."

One of the AI's asked "Who is this child with you miss?"

Catherine turned to the AI and replied "Oh, she's my daughter."

The AI said "I didn't know children were allowed in this city yet."

Catherine replied "Yeah, neither did I."

Catherine started humming a song as Sunny curiously looked out the window at the vast open ocean. A few minutes later they docked and Catherine tried to leave the cramped submarine, but she was stopped at the entrance to the city by two extremely heavily armed men.

Catherine asked "What do you want?"

One of the guards said "Security Check, ma'am."

Catherine said with anger "Yeah I can see that dumbass."

The other guard said "It's just a weapons check miss."

Catherine thought to herself "I only have two guns. What's the worst that can happen?"

Catherine first withdrew her Mauser from her holster and placed it on the conveyor belt then placed her carbine down as well and the three packs of ammo she had for each gun. After they were scanned the guards motioned for her to go through the scanner as well. When she walked through a minor alarm sound went off.

Catherine asked "What's that?"

The guard waved his hand in dismissal "Oh nothing miss, it just detected your watch."

Catherine walked through the line and met the other guard who handed her the guns and ammo back.

The guard said "Welcome to the City."

Sunny came up behind Catherine in almost a moment's notice.

Sunny asked "Does this city have a name?"

The guard shook his head "Nope, but there have been unofficial names from the guards around the city."

Sunny asked "Like what?"

The guard replied "Atlantis. Neptune City. Suit City."

Catherine asked "Why don't you call it Miracle?"

The guard gave Catherine a confused stare "Why would we call it that?"

Catherine smiled "It's a miracle this place exist."

The guard said "Yeah yeah that's funny. I got work to do, and so do you. Get going girl."

Catherine rolled her eyes "Come on Sunny."

Sunny followed Catherine to a line up of Marines near the Welcome Center, where a Commander was giving a speech. Catherine and Sunny took seats near the back and listened as read off rules of the city off a sheet of paper which most of them were understandable, no shooting citizens, no stealing, no sleeping on the job. Some were odd like, don't go swimming without someone to watch you. Others just seemed unneeded like "don't spend money on junk." but to Catherine it seemed like it was a joke. Catherine was handed a card with a number to their room and a foodcard, after another half hour of pointless talking Catherine and Sunny were approached by the commander.

The commander asked "And how are you fine women doing today?"

Catherine saluted "I am doing fine, thank you for asking."

The commander looked Catherine over, causing Catherine to blush.

The commander asked "Do you have dog tags miss?"

Catherine pretended to be scared and acted as if she forgot them, which she could tell had the commander fooled.

The commander smiled "Don't worry, there's a man in the city who can make you some. Just ask around, there will be tours of the city later and dinner is at seven, don't be late!"

Catherine nodded "Thank you sir."

The commander saluted "Please, call me Zack."

Zack walked over to another group of people and started a chat while Catherine and Sunny walked into the city to find the guy who could make her some dog tags. While walking Catherine was amazed by the sea, how the city was constructed, and how she could look nearly anywhere and she would be peering out at the vast ocean and creatures swimming about. Catherine asked a few citizens who pointed her to a shop called "Marvel Metals Management" when she walked in she heard bangs and clangs of metal which was unable to be heard outside the door, she walked up to the counter and rang the bell which seemed silent compared to the sounds going on around the room.

A man in rust colored overalls walked up to the main counter, he was about Catherine's height, strong build and had a bald head.

The man asked "What can I do ya for?"

Catherine said "Well, I need a pair of dog tags made. I lost mine back in the States."

The man nodded "Oh yeah sure, that's simple. What do you want them to say?"

Catherine thought for a minute "Catherine Black, 5471354."

The man said "Yeah, that should be simple enough. They should be ready within an hour. I will call you when they're ready!"

Catherine smiled "Thank you so much."

The man nodded "My pleasure miss."

Catherine walked out of the loud shop, wondering if she could still hear anything and found Sunny admiring the ocean. Catherine sat down next to the wall and punched in Snake's Codec number and called.

Snake answered "Snake here."

Catherine said "Hey Snake, how's it going?"

Snake replied "Meryl just started suffering from morning sickness, Hope just started her psycho therapy today. How are you doing down in the middle of the ocean?"

Catherine said "We're doing fine. It's wonderful down here, Sunny's been glued to the windows, it's hard not to and the people down here are nice."

Snake asked "Meet any trouble?"

Catherine said "No, I just need some dog tags, which are being made now."

Snake said "Just watch yourself, anything bad can happen in a moments notice."

Catherine nodded "Will do. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, have you talked to Holly?"

Snake said "Yes, she called, she said she would be stopping by tomorrow."

Catherine said "I wish you luck."

Snake laughed "Thanks."

Catherine asked "'s Hope doing?"

Snake's voice got low and sounded depressed "She's not doing so good. The doctors think she is trying to block out the memories she has, which isn't good for her."

Catherine asked "Isn't there anything we can do?"

Snake replied "I don't know. Just hope for a better tomorrow."

Catherine asked "So, how's Meryl?"

Snake laughed "Oh she's started to have weird cravings."

Catherine smiled "Like what?"

Snake said "Pickles and ice cream. Chocolate and hot sauce. You name it."

Catherine said "Hey. I'm sorry I am not there to help you."

Snake said "It's fine. I can handle this myself."

Catherine said "Are you sure? I mean taking care of a pregnant wife and a kid isn't as easy as taking out a giant ass robot with nuke capabilities."

Snake said "I gotta go rookie, Meryl wants something. You take care of yourself."

Catherine smiled "Semper Fi."

Snake signed off and Catherine turned to Sunny who was still looking out the window. Catherine got up and tried to see what she was so fixated on but only saw other buildings and plant life.

Catherine asked "What are you so amazed at?"

Sunny replied "How big the ocean is, and how small we are compared to it."

Catherine patted her on the head "We learn something new every day, eh squirt?"

Sunny nodded "Yeah. I hope one day I can just travel the ocean."

Catherine smiled "I know you will."

Sunny yawned "I could just stare out this window all day if I could."

Catherine said "I bet you could."

A few minutes later, the man called on her Codec and told her the tags were ready. Catherine stepped back inside the noisy shop. The man handed her the dog tags, which were made to her specifications and were warm to the touch. Catherine tried to them on and found them to fit perfectly.

Catherine said "Thank you."

The man smiled "My pleasure."

Catherine paid the man, and the girls walked out of the noisy shop back into the streets. Catherine checked her watch and found it to be 6:45.

Catherine asked "You want to get to the dinning hall?"

Sunny nodded "Sure!"

Catherine and Sunny found their way through the maze of a city to the dinning hall and found it bustling with people and soldiers alike. Catherine and Sunny found their seats near the center of the dinning hall and Zack made his way up the stage.

Zack shouted "Marines, citizens. I am here to welcome you to the opening day of the city, and I humbling ask you to please enjoy your meals, be safe, be gracious, thank our wonderful cooks, and get a good nights rest after dinner. Curfew is at 9:00. Now without further ado, please enjoy your meals."

At a snap of his fingers, two dozen chefs and waiters delivered steaks and mashed potatos to each patron in the dining hall. Compared to Meryl's meals, it was goddamn heaven on a plate. After dinner, Catherine and Sunny made their way to their room, which was room 207, Catherine opened the door to find a fully furbished room with a two bedded bunk bed, a TV, a bean bag chair, a closet and a porthole window. Catherine placed her weapons near the foot of the bed and took off her jacket.

Catherine asked "You want top bunk?"

Sunny nodded energetically. "Yes, please!"

Catherine smiled "Alright."

Sunny jumped up to the top bunk while Catherine shut off the lights and lied down on the bottom bunk. Catherine sat in the bed with her hands behind her head staring up at the other bed for a short amount of time before her tired eyes slowly began to droop and become heavy and she eventually found herself sleeping soundly in the city under the sea.

Chapter 13:A New DayEdit

Catherine dreaming happily heard a sudden, silent knock at her door. Catherine rubbed her eyes of sleep but found it hard to do, there was another knock and Catherine knew she had to get up.

Catherine said "Come in!"

A woman dressed in Marine attire walked into the room silently and handed Catherine a few pieces of paper, saluting and walking out before a word could be said. Catherine read the paper over and it was her work schedule. Possibly due to Zack pulling some strings, she had no jobs that day. The other piece of paper was the meal schedule and a map of the city, though a copy of the map had already been forwarded to her Solid Eye. Catherine tapped Sunny's bunk which didn't get a response so she started shaking it, which caused Sunny to wake up with a stir.

Sunny rubbing sleep from her eyes asked "What's going on?"

Catherine said "Get dressed, it's time for breakfast."

Sunny moaned "I'm still full from dinner."

Catherine said "Come on, we'll eat then we can get on with that tour Zack promised."

Sunny asked "You like him don't you?"

Catherine said "Come on, let's go."

Catherine grabbed her Mauser and jacket and followed Sunny out the door. Catherine and Sunny found their way back to the dinning hall, quickly ate their breakfast of eggs and bacon and found Zack near the welcome center.

Catherine saluted, saying "Hello Zack".

Zack smiled "Hello miss...."

Catherine said "Catherine Black."

Zack said "I see you got your dog tags."

Catherine smiled "Yep."

Zack asked "Would you like that tour?"

Sunny asked "Can we go now?"

Zack said "Sure thing."

Catherine and Sunny followed him around the city and showed them many of the landmarks around the city, and even showed them the areas with the Senators, which Sunny wanted to stay for the debates but Catherine and Zack left before Sunny could protest.

Zack asked "So, what do you think of our city?"

Catherine said "It's beautiful."

Sunny said "It's amazing."

Zack asked "So have you been assigned a post yet Catherine?"

Catherine shook her head "No, why?"

Zack said "Well that paper I had delivered to you says your schedule but I guess I can assign you a post."

Catherine asked "Well where should I be posted?"

Zack said "Maybe somewhere close."

Catherine grinned "I'd like that."

Sunny asked "Are you gonna kiss?"

Catherine quickly backed away and attempted to hide her blush without looking weird but she knew it was doomed from the start.

Zack cleared his throat "So, see you in the morning."

Catherine saluted "Yes sir."

Zack walked off to his other jobs while Catherine collapsed into a seat.

Sunny asked "Are you alright?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah yeah. I'm fine."

Sunny asked "If you like him so much why don't you tell him?"

Catherine said "It's not as easy as when you're a kid Sunny."

Sunny said "Whatever."

Just then Catherine's Codec started to ring. Catherine answered it to find Clementine on the other end.

Catherine said "Hey Clem, what's up?"

Clementine said "Hey Cat, I just got back from a psych session with Hope."

Catherine felt as if her blood turned to ice, her eyes opening wide with fear.

Catherine asked "How's she doing?"

Clementine sighed "She's not doing well. Her mental state is declining, we brought in a specialist to try and read her thoughts but she couldn't find anything that could help. She only found a bunch of memories.She's becoming increasingly twisted in her view of the world and the value of the things around her."

Catherine asked "What do you mean?"

Clementine said "Well, during one of the tests, she kept mumbling "It's their fault, their time is done." Over and over."

Catherine felt tears start to well up in her eyes. She whispered "It's all my fault."

Clementine asked "What's your fault?"

Catherine said "If I hadn't left her alone, she wouldn't be like this. No child should ever have to go through something like that!"

Clementine said "It's not your fault, if anything it's the UN's, if it wasn't for them hiring some psychopath,giving him a P90 and a limitless leash, none of it would have happened."

Catherine sighed "Do you think she's going to get better? Tell me the truth."

Clementine replied "I don't know yet, but from the results, it's possible she could get better or she could become a mad gunmen like her great uncle."

Catherine smiled "He wasn't mad, he just was disillusional ."

Clementine said "Whatever you say. Listen I need to get back to work at the hospital, talk to you later, kay?"

Catherine nodded "Sure. Talk to you later."

Catherine signed off and turned to Sunny.

Sunny asked "Is Hope doing better?"

Catherine shook her head "They don't know, it's too early to tell."

Sunny asked "Do you think she's going to get better?"

Catherine said "I hope so."

A few months past and with each day it seemed Hope's mental state deteriorated and the specialists couldn't pinpoint the cause and to make matters worse it was reported that she was starting to suffer from the same aging problem Snake was going through back in 2014, but at a much smaller rate, and she had been given nanomachines that by accident hadn't helped with her aging problem. But also the UN meetings had been going badly due to it seemed the Rail Gun Initiative gained major headwave after several PMC strikes in Africa and Europe. Catherine layed face-down on her bed trying to comprehend everything that was going on when there was a knock on the door.

Catherine asked "What?"

The door opened to show Zack, who proceeded to walk into the room. Over the past few weeks the two had grown close and had nearly shared a kiss twice, but they were interupted by Sunny on each occasion.

Zack asked "Are you alright, you haven't been answering calls. Your father told me to see if you were feeling OK."

Catherine nodded "Yeah i'm fine."

Catherine sat up and looked at Zack, who tried to put the most convincing, happy smile on his face. Zack's false smile quickly faded when he got a good look at Catherine's physical state.

Catherine asked "What are you looking at?"

Zack replied "You want the truth?"

Catherine said "You know it."

Zack sighed "Well you got giant black circles under your eyes, you're starting to get crows feet, your hair is a mess and your clothes are filthy."

Catherine rolled her eyes "Thanks."

Zack sat down and shrugged "You wanted the truth."

Catherine nodded "Yeah. I know."

Zack asked "Have you slept at all?"

Catherine leaned against Zack's shoulder and shook her head "No, none at in three days."

Zack wrapped his arms around her and started to rock back and forth.

Zack whispered "You need to sleep kitten."

Catherine replied "I need to watch over Sunny."

Zack shook his head "No, she's asleep in her bunk. Just go to sleep Cat, i'll keep you two company."

Catherine said "I can't sleep. Not now."

Zack said "Shh, yes you can.If there are any calls I can tell them to wait. You can't go without sleep."

Catherine felt her eyes start to droop and become heavy, she found her entire body quickly relax and she found sleep come easier then she expected as she was rocking back and forth with Zack. The next thing she knew she was in a familiar dark gray room with a white fog enveloping her eye sight. Catherine turned to see a blonde haired woman holding a bottle of booze, which would explain why the woman looked totally wasted. The woman looked Catherine over several times.

Catherine asked "Anything I can help you find?"

The woman shook her head "No, Catherine. Just wanting to see for myself."

Catherine rubbed her eyes and asked "I'm in one of those damn meetings aren't I?"

The woman nodded "You got it!"

Catherine asked "So, who are you?"

The woman said "You remind me so much of them."

Catherine shouted "Answer me damn you!"

The woman said "My name is Cynthia, but everyone calls me EVA, and to answer your next question, yes I am your grandmother."

Catherine asked "What the hell do you people want now?"

EVA replied "Well, I am here to tell you, not to blame yourself for what's happening to your little sister, but instead to help her through it. They, however have something else to talk to you about."

Catherine sighed "And who are they?"

EVA pointed behind Catherine to show two figures hiding in the mist, nearly invisible to her eyesight.

EVA said "Well, I think they can introduce themselves."

The first figure was that of Big Boss, who was wearing a black suit, smoking a cigar. The second figure however was shorter then Big Boss, and she had blonde hair blue eyes and was slightly slimmer then she was, Catherine tried to match her face to all the names running through her head but couldn't find a match.

Big Boss smirked "I should have known you wouldn't be able to recognize her."

Catherine's face turned red with shame, and whispered "Who is she?"

Big Boss replied "Catherine, this is The Boss."

Catherine quickly bowed in respect, and shouted "I am so sorry I didn't recognize you!"

The Boss whispered "She takes after you right there,Jack."

Catherine asked "So what did you want to tell me?"

Big Boss said "Well, I wanted to tell you to just take it easy, from what I have been seeing you act the past few weeks, if you're not careful you could become as insane as Psycho Mantis or a unit I know."

Catherine threw her hands up in the air and shouted "Yes, it's so easy to just ignore the fact you caused your sister to go insane."

Catherine heard The Boss clear her throat causing Catherine to quickly turn to attention but she was met with a slap in the face. Catherine put a hand to her cheek and stared at the Boss in shock.

The Boss shouted "It's not your god damn fault Catherine, now stop acting like it was and stop blaming yourself for it. If it wasn't for you, she would be dead!"

Catherine sighed "But whatever she turns into, whatever happens to her. I am to blame."

The Boss asked "You want me to snap your elbow, it will be snapped when you wake up too. You don't think I will, even ask him!"

Big Boss rubbed his left arm "She will."

The Boss sighed and spoke softly "Could you have prevented it? Yes. Should you have shut the door? Yes. Could you have taken the call in the tank. Yes, but you cannot blame yourself when it isn't your fault. That causes denial which leads to your downfall as a soldier."

Catherine said "But..."

The Boss shouted "No buts! You have a child in your care now. She has no one left to turn to if your crack!"

Catherine nodded "I understand."

The Boss asked "Are you going to get your act together?"

Catherine said "Yes ma'am."

Catherine suddenly found herself back in her room, with Zack wrapped around her sleeping soundly.

Catherine asked herself "Was it my imagination? Was it real?"

Catherine slowly sat up, trying not to disturb Zack and stared off into the darkness of her room.

Sunny asked "Are you alright?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, just a weird dream."

Sunny said "You have a lot of those don't you?"

Catherine smiled "Yeah I do."

Chapter 14:I'm Coming HomeEdit

The following morning, Catherine and Sunny were packing up what little possessions they had brought with them down to the city in their room when Zack walked in.

Zack asked "Are you feeling better Cat?"

Catherine kissed him on the cheek, and reploed "Yes I am, thanks."

Zack asked "Where are you going?"

Sunny said "We're going back home."

Zack's eyes widdened "Why are you leaving so early?"

Catherine said "My sister's condition isn't getting better and I need to be there for her."

Zack said "Please, I don't want you to go. I don't think I could live in his place without you."

Catherine replied "I know, but this is something I have to do."

Zack said "Hey wait, you need permission to leave!"

Catherine said "I already talked to the General. I got a personal leave."

Zack gave Catherine a hug, "Please, don't leave."

Sunny asked "Why don't you come with us?"

Zack said "It would be against the rules!"

Catherine said "It wouldn't be the first time this family has broken a rule. Plus, I got a friend who could pull some strings for me."

Zack said "I don't understand why you have to leave."

Catherine replied "It's a family thing."

Zack asked "Are you sure it's not going to be a problem that I am coming with you two?"

Sunny said "What's the worst that can happen?"

Catherine replied "I don't know, maybe a broken elbow."

Sunny asked "Will we be able to come back here one day?"

Catherine smiled "Yeah, I am sure we will."

Zack asked "So when are we leaving?"

Catherine said "The General told me in an hour."

Zack asked "Do I need anything?"

Catherine shook her head "No, but if you do I can get it for you later."

Zack said "Alright."

Catherine, Zack and Sunny quickly finished packing, walked to the welcome center and boarded the submarine home. The next day  Catherine and Zack walked into the house in Georgia with Sunny sleeping on her back and no one else awake, not surprising considering it was three AM. Catherine heard someone slowly walk down the steps and see Zack first.

Snake said "If you're a robber you aren't walking away with an arm."

Catherine said "Hey Snake."

Snake asked "What are you doing here rookie?"

Catherine said "I left you a message we were coming."

Snake sighed "I haven't had a chance to check them since. Now"

Catherine said "Sorry. We should have come later."

Snake sighed "It's fine. It's just late. Who's the kid?"

Zack pointed to himself. "Me, sir?"

Snake lit a cigarette and nodded. "Yeah who are you, Catherine's escort?"

Catherine laughed and said "No Snake, this is uh...this is my boyfriend."

Snake's eyes opened wide at the word "boyfriend".

Snake asked "What?"

Catherine smiled "You heard me."

Snake patted Catherine on the back and said "I didn't think you had it in you."

Catherine thought for a second. "Hey!"

Snake smiled "I'm only joking."

Catherine said "It just doesn't"

Snake replied "I have been awake for days on end now. I just want to sleep."

Catherine said "I could too."

Snake gave Catherine an angry look.

Catherine asked "What?"

Snake shook his head "You take care of a pregnant woman, then you tell me about being tired."

Zack asked "Is there anything I can do for you sir?"

Snake said "Yeah, I am going to try and sleep, if Meryl needs anything can you help Catherine do it?"

Zack nodded "With pleasure sir."

Catheried layed Sunny down on the other couch and placed a white blanket over her.

Catherine whispered "Here you go Sunny."

Snake asked "So how was the city?"

Catherine said "It was amazing, it was beautiful, it was just breathtaking."

Snake said "You can tell us all about it in the morning."

Catherine took the hint and went off to bed with Zack following on her heels like a lost puppy. The night was silent with nothing happening and when Catherine awoke she found Zack missing. she got up and walked into the living room to find Meryl holding him at gunpoint.

Meryl said "Who the hell are you?!"

Catherine yawned "Meryl don't kill him."

Meryl asked "Why not?"

Catherine said "He's my boyfriend!"

Meryl lowered her gun and said "Sorry, can't be too careful now can we?"

Zack looked back and forth between Meryl and Catherine before lowering his arms and sighing in relief.

Zack replied "It's not problem ma'am, I understand."

Catherine whispered "I'm not so sure you do."

Meryl asked "Do you remember what day it is today Catherine?"

Catherine gave Meryl a blank stare before shaking her head.

Meryl said "It's your birthday!"

Catherine sighed "Yay me."

Zack asked "What's wrong?"

Catherine replied "I don't have the greatest track record when it comes to birthdays."

Zack asked "Why's that?"

Catherine started to tear up and said "My parents died on my thirteenth birthday!"

Zack said "I am so sorry, I didn't know."

Catherine replied "How could you have known if I never told you?"

Zack said "Well...I could..."

Catherine said "Just leave it be, I really don't want to talk about it."

Zack replied "If that's what you want."

Catherine nodded "It is."

Meryl whispered "Compliment her."

Zack nodded "'re beauty is so that makes even Aphrodite become angry."

Catherine smiled "Don't be a kiss ass."

Meryl asked "Snake, have you seen Hope?"

Snake said "I thought she was with you."

Meryl replied "No, I just checked, she's not in bed!"

Catherine said "She couldn't have gone far without anyone noticing."

Zack asked "Can I ask what happened to her?"

Catherine replied "You really need to stop asking uncomfortable questions."

Zack shrugged "I'm sorry."

Catherine shouted "Oh my god stop saying that, I know you're sorry!"

Meryl said "She was nearly killed in Africa."

Zack said "Oh..and I take it she's going through trauma?"

Catherine said "Yes, and now we can't find her!"

Zack asked "What's the worst that can happen?"

Snake said "Uh...she took over an AI army."

Catherine said "I don't wanna know how she did it so fast...but how did she hack an army of top of the line AI's?"

Sunny said "I taught her how to hack things on the computer, I guess she adapted it."

Catherine shouted "Dammit Sunny!"

Sunny said "I'm sorry, I didn't know this would happen."

Catherine replied "Where is she Snake?"

Snake said "She's in Florida."

Catherine asked "How the hell did she do all this in one night?"

Sunny said "I take it she's been planning this over a few weeks."

Catherine said "Snake where's The Patriot?"

Snake said "In the vault, but you aren't taking it."

Chapter 15:EndgameEdit

Catherine found herself standing on the roof of an army base with a battle of epics going on around, in the sky air and on the sea, pitting men against machines with blood and bullets flying. Across the roof was standing Hope, and due to her aging disorder she looked as if she was in her twenties instead of her ten years of age she was. Catherine felt a mix of sadness, regret and anger against her sister. Hope, watching through all the blood and the carnage laughed similar to that of the man who nearly killed her.

Hope asked "Isn't it so god damn amazing dear sister, the end to humanities death bringers?"

Catherine replied "Is this really what you want?"

Hope shouted "They're the reason for half the deaths in the world, they're the reason wars are so bloody, they're the reason wars are so damn bloody. You will see this even if I fail! The AI's bring peace and love, they have no emotion, they can only end wars sooner!"

Catherine said "Really Hope? Look at the battlefield, do your damn AI's look peaceful and kind? To me they're just as bad or even worse then humans."

Hope replied "Why can't you just join me sister it can go back to the way it used to be?!"

Catherine had a flashback of Katnis saying those same words before Catherine had to kill her.

Catherine shook her head and said "Hope, I can't do that, I have a loyalty to our family, our country, our race!"

Hope shouted "Cut the Loyalty to the end bullcrap!"

Catherine said "Those aren't words! They're a motto! They're what I live by!"

Hope said "If you're not with me...then you're against me."

Hope drew a revolver from her jacket and pointed it sideways directly at Catherine's head. In return, Catherine drew a carbine from her backpack and pointed it at Hope.

Hope asked "That's a bit of a handicap isn't it dear sister?"

Catherine shook her head and said "Hope we don't have to do this, Meryl is having another baby, we can just walk away now!"

Hope shouted "Shut up and fight!"

Hope fired first narrowly missing Catherine's left ear, Catherine, in turn, fired off three shots; one grazed Hope's left shoulder, causing both of them to run to cover. Catherine ducked behind a shed while Hope hid behind some of the rubble produced by her destructive AIs. Hope fired another shot that missed Catherine by several orders of magnitude. Catherine took a flashbang out of her backpack, noticing the only weapon she had left was a SOCOM. Catherine felt something trickle down the side of her head, she went to wipe it away and found it to be blood.

Catherine thought to herself "God damn that was too close."

Hope fired off another shot that hit no where near Catherine's position. Catherine took her flash grenade out of her backpack and saw the only other weapon she had was a SOCOM. Catherine peaked around the corner and found no movement and only the sound of the battle happening around them. Catherine listened closely and heard a bullet chambered, Catherine's eyes widened and she threw herself behind cover as four shots were fired. Catherine tossed the flashbang near Hope, temporarily blinding and deafening her. Catherine, taking advantage of the situation and CQC skills, incapacitated Hope, leaving her on the ground.Catherine pointed her carbine at Hope.

Catherine said "We can end this now."

Hope shouted "Screw you!", firing several shots at Catherine.

The bullets nearly missing Catherine. She tried to dive behind cover again but before she hit the ground another shot was fired and Catherine felt an immense pain in her stomach, when she landed behind stable cover, she looked down and saw blood pouring from a wound.

Catherine thought to herself "Damn my luck."

Catherine peered out to see her sister covered in blood, clutching her left hip. Hope was slowly walking towards Catherine, knowing she was fatally wounded and had little time left. Hope stopped in front of her sister, aiming her revolver at Catherine's forehead. Despite her mouth dripping with blood, she remained unfazed, only caring about her goal: dispatching Catherine. She clicked the final bullet into the chamber.

Hope said, "Goodbye, sister. This is all your fault. If you'd of just joined me, I'd of—"

The sound of a gunshot was heard; Hope fell over, dead. Catherine, in tears, dropped her SOCOM and fell to the ground, clutching Hope's dying body, watching as the life drained from her eyes.

Catherine, choking back tears, screamed into the heavens, saying "Why does this always have to happen?!".

Hope's body went limp, Catherine closed the now-corpses' eyes in despair, hoping that she wouldn't at least rest peacefully. Several minutes later, a medical team burst onto the roof, tending to both Catherine and Hope's body. Eventually, the human soldier's gained the upperhand as the now-leaderless AIs scrambled. Several days later, the family had Hope's funeral in Georgia. A few days later the family had Hope funeral in Georgia, Even Raiden, Rose, Little John, Holly and Clementine attended, attempting to comfort the in-tears Meryl. Snake and Catherine stayed together the entire funeral, both of them choking back tears.

Meryl, her water breaking, shouted "The baby's coming!"

A surprised Sunny commented on the oddness of the event, while the rest of the group scrambled to get Meryl to the hospital. After hours of labor, Meryl finally gave birth. Snake walked out of the delivery room holding a child in a pink blanket.

Snake said "It's a girl."

Catherine asked "What are you going to name her?"

Meryl said "What about...Molly?"

Catherine smiled "It's a cute name."

Sunny asked "So are we going to make sure something like what happened to Hope doesn't happen again?"

Catherine pulled Sunny close and nodded. "We sure will."

Months later Meryl and Snake continued to live in Georgia while Catherine moved back to the undersea city, now named "海底の平和" with Sunny and Zack. Two years later Catherine and Zack were the first people to be married in the city and had a child of their own, who they named David.

Hope opened her eyes. There was nothing. Just black, stretching on forever.

Hope said, "Where am I? What is this place?"

A voice spoke, saying, "You're where you belong."

The voice continued, "You were weak. The burden your frail arms were forced to carry was too much to handle. Yet you never thought twice about your actions. You struggled. The innocent truth, once spoken, can never be unheard. You fell. The truth concerned those around you. Your innocence was your undoing, for it stirred them into action. In the end, you gave up. You shared the blame for what befell your world.

Hope had no idea if this was real or if she was hallucinating.

The voice continued "You will die. The end is inescapable. Your enemies, your allies, your city, your gods, will all die. You will die. Fulfillment, regret, tranquility, suffering. Everything will become nothing. Should you fight against this nothing, it will still come to pass. Everyone fights against the end from the moment of birth. They set their feet down on the ground and move forward, and paw at the infinite with little fingers. There is no need to run from the truth. Open your eyes."