Metal Gear Solid:Redemption is a fan fiction written by Jim Logan following Catherine after the events of Second Snakes

Chapter 1:New BeginningEdit

Catherine awoke in her bed, sleeping next to Zack clad in a black tank top and panties with a minor headache, she sat up slowly and peered over to her window out to the ocean. Catherine slowly walked into the kitchen and found Sunny sleeping on the couch with a laptop on her stomach with a screen full of coding she could only hope to understand.

Catherine thought to herself "Oh man, another glorious day in 海底平和."

Catherine felt someone grab her from behind but found it was Zack.

Zack whispered "Good morning my Aphrodite."

Catherine turned and kissed him. "Good morning."

Zack asked "Any messages?"

Catherine turned to her answering machine and saw there was one, she flipped a switch and Meryl appeared on the screen holding Molly in her arms.

Meryl said "Well, Snake,Molly and I are stopping by in a couple days, I hope you're ready!"

Meryl's image fazed out and Catherine started to panic and proceeded to start cleaning.

Zack asked "Are you alright?"

Catherine said "If she sees this house like this she will kill me!"

Zack whispered "Calm down, it doesn't look that bad just a few blankets on the floor. Relax!"

Catherine said "When did she send the message?"

Zack looked over the records and his eyes widened in horror.

Zack turned to Catherine and said "Uh...two days ago."

Catherine slapped him upside the head. "Dummy! You wake up Sunny and get cleaning, I'll take a shower."

Zack asked "Can I join?"

Catherine sighed "Not now pervert!"

Catherine hopped into the shower and quickly got dressed in a black shirt, camo pants and came out to the living room to find Sunny and Zack finish cleaning.

Zack asked "Feel better?"

Catherine said "Yeah, now both of you get a shower."

The two nodded and did as they were told. Catherine waited patiently for seven minutes and both of them came out eagerly dressed as nicely as possible. Catherine nodded in approval as there was a knock at the door. Catherine opened it to find Meryl and Snake waiting with Molly being held by a now gray-haired Snake. Catherine welcomed them with a hug and invited them in.

Meryl said "Hey everyone, how's it going?"

Catherine replied "Fine, thanks. How are you?"

Meryl smiled "We're doing fine. Let me guess, you just got the message ten minutes before we got here?"

Catherine's eyes opened wide "How did you know?"

Meryl waved her hand "Classic half-assed cleaning job from Sunny."

Sunny shouted "Hey!"

Catherine said "Hey it's true."

Sunny just gave Catherine an angry look and returned to her computer.

Catherine asked "So how's Molly been doing?"

Meryl said "She's started to learn how to walk and she likes to pull at Snake's mustache. I tell him to shave it but he refuses to."

Snake asked "So how's it going with you rookie?"

Catherine sighed "Tiring, last night was the first time he slept the whole night."

Meryl smiled "The first year is always the worst. You just have to live through it."

Zack asked "So how have you been since you know?"

Snake said "We're holding up."

Catherine asked "Has Holly come by since then?"

Meryl smiled "She comes and visits all the time."

Catherine nodded "That's good."

Snake asked "So what have you guys been doing around here?"

Catherine said "Well, Sunny got a job as the city's lead computer person, I forget the official title but Zack and I switch days we work. I work usually guarding the Meeting room and I listen to the arguments, while Zack works well, everywhere else."

Snake asked "Any news on the Rail Gun strike?"

Catherine nodded in sadness "Yeah, it seems it's going to be passed and some soldiers have started to evacuate some people."

Meryl asked "Why do you think it took so long to pass?"

Catherine replied "I think it's because of the anti war hippies."

Meryl asked "So how many people do you think are going to die?"

Catherine sighed "It's reported to be in the millions."

Sunny said "That's only if the aim is spot-on but I know it's not so the death toll will be a lot higher."

Catherine said "I don't know why they don't just charge in with guns blazing and take those bastards out. It would have a lot less pedestrian deaths."

Snake replied "It's more cost effective."

Catherine rolled her eyes "It shouldn't even be happening. Sunny how long do you think it will take for the land to become fertile again?"

Sunny typed onto her computer for a minute before looking up.

Sunny said "According to this, it will take thirty five years seven months two weeks and three days for the land to regrow, if it's lucky."

Catherine said "Damn."

Zack said "It has to happen Cat, it's either that or have the world be in an eternal war with the PMC's."

Meryl said "I agree with Catherine, there needs to be a way to have less deaths."

Catherine said "Well, let's stop being all depressing, someone say something positive!"

Snake looked at Molly, still being held in his arms and handed her to Catherine. Catherine saw that Molly had ruby-red hair, green eyes and tanned skin.

Catherine smiled "She's cute."

Meryl said "Uh, be careful, she has a tendency to.."

Catherine looked down and saw Molly giggling and bouncing her breasts.

Catherine laughed "You're perky aren't ya kiddo?"

Meryl smiled "She does that a lot."

Catherine asked "Do you know why?"

Meryl shook her head "No clue."

Catherine put grabbed Molly's hands to try and stop her and handed her back to Meryl.

Catherine asked "You guys want a tour of the city?"

Meryl nodded "Sure we would love one. Wait what about Sunny?"

Sunny waved her hand in dismissial "I'll be fine Meryl, I have work to do."

Meryl asked "Are you sure?"

Sunny smiled and nodded "Yeah I am sure, i'll take a rain check."

Catherine said "Your loss."

Catherine followed Meryl, Snake and Molly out the door and locked it behind them. She then lead them into the more populated parts of the city, turned to them and gave a worried look.

Meryl asked "What's wrong?"

Catherine replied "You guys don't have dog tags do you?"

Snake said "No, why is that a problem?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, it's a rule around here. Everyone has to have dog tags. I can get you some pretty quickly."

Snake said "I think that would be best."

Meryl asked "How long do you think it would take?"

Catherine said "An hour or two."

The couple followed Catherine and Zack to the familiar, loud-as-hell "Marvel Metal Management" building, the same man greeted Catherine with a smile.

The man asked "You lose yer tags back in the States again miss?"

Catherine smiled and shook her head and said "No Mick, my parents are visiting and they need some dogtags for themselves and their kid."

Mick asked "Well what do you want them to say mister, miss...little miss?"

Snake said "Snake, N313. Meryl, 777 and Molly, 123195."

Mick's eyes lit up "Oh it would be a pleasure, i'll start working right away, they'll be ready within the hour."

Catherine said "Thanks Mick."

Mick waved "Sure thing miss!"

Snake, Meryl and Zack followed Catherine out and Molly started to whimper.

Meryl said "I think she's hungry."

Catherine pointed down the long hallway and said "The food court's not too far down that way, we can get something to eat."

They walked down and each received a plate of pancakes and bacon. After breakfast, Mick called them back to which they collected the dog tags.

Once outside, Meryl asked "We all following the rules now?"

Zack said "Yeah, you're up-to-standards."

Snake asked "Do you know if we can listen in on the UN Meeting?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, of course. You just need to turn in your weapons Snake."

Snake sighed in annoyance "Yeah, yeah yeah."

Catherine lead them to the UN Meeting room with seven armed guards with heavy body armor on standing at the door.

One of the guards said "Identification please."

Catherine and Zack showed their dog tags and the guards waved them through. Snake and Meryl showed their tags and the guards shook their hands.

Snake asked "What?"

The guard said "Your weapons sir."

Snake groaned "Fine."

Snake withdrew his USP and handed it to the guard. Meryl followed suit by handing them her Desert Eagle.

The guard asked "Any other weapons?"

Snake replied "No."

Snake and Meryl followed Catherine and Zack into the hall, which housed hundreds upon hundreds of Senators from every country in the world, all arguing over the same thing:The Rail Gun Crisis.

One Senator shouted "If you fire those blasted rail guns on those poor innocents, the English shall secceede from the UN!"

Snake said "This cannot end well."

Catherine sighed "Nope, France and Germany have threatened the same thing for the past two weeks, they've either bluffing or they got some balls."

The President said "People, people please calm down. The nuke Strike yes will kill many but it will also save billions more lives!"

The German Senator shouted "That's bull, Mr. President! The only lives this "ultimate solution" is saving are a few soldiers from all our countries!"

The President sighed "Listen to me, we have been arguing this for over three years now, today we will settle this in a vote!"

Catherine whispered "This will not end well."

After about an hour of waiting, the President and his two assistants started counting votes and sighed in annoyance.

The President cleared his throat. "Well ladies and gentlemen! You have voted and made the decision."

Snake said "This...will be interesting."

The President shouted "We will not launch nuke Strikes on the country of Africa to rid us of the PMC's!"

The crowd of Senators erupted into glorious applause as the President covered his ears and Molly started crying from the loud noise. Catherine, Zack, Meryl and Snake returned to her apartment to find Sunny still typing away on her computer.

Catherine asked "Have you even moved?"

Sunny asked "How long has it been?"

Zack said "About three hours."

Sunny asked "So what's happened?"

Catherine replied "How do you know something has happened?"

Sunny said "I can hear people shouting for joy out here."

Zack said "The nuke plan got denied. They're going to send in soldiers in two months."

Sunny nodded in minor annoyance "Awesome."

Meryl said "Sunny, you need to go for the walk and give the computer a rest."

Sunny sighed, got up and stretched out, as if she had been asleep.

Sunny asked "So how's Bladewolf?"

Meryl replied "He's fine, he's a really good watchdog."

Snake said "Well, we gotta get going."

Zack asked "Wait, you're leaving?"

Snake nodded "Yeah, I know if we leave Otacon alone for too long he'll turn the house to his own personal lab."

Catherine said "You guys can stay the night, we have a spare guest room."

Meryl's said "We don't want to impose."

Catherine waved her hand and said "It would be no trouble."

Snake asked "Hey rookie, you got a smoke?"

Catherine nodded and started to rummage through a cabinet and pulled a pack of cigarettes.

Meryl asked "I thought you smoked cigars Catherine?"

Catherine said "Oh I do, well did. The local who sells these can't sell cigars anymore since they're expensive to get down here, he only has local made cigarettes."

Snake asked "Is there a reason it says it's safe for kids on the box?"

Catherine said "I don't know, I don't wanna know."

Catherine and Snake each lit a cigarette before going off to bed.

Chapter 2:Righteous ReconEdit

Catherine awoke to the sound of Molly crying the following morning, and found Zack trying to cover his ears with his pillow, but to no avail. Catherine tapped him on the shoulder and motioned for him to get up. The two walked into the living room to find Meryl trying to calm Molly down while Snake and Sunny were holding their heads in annoyance.

Catherine asked "What does she want?"

Meryl said "I don't know, she's not hungry, she doesn't need a change, lord knows she's not tired."

Sunny groaned "Please, make her stop."

Snake said "Hey you were no different when Raiden brought you to us."

Sunny replied "I don't care. I just want it to stop"

Meryl sighed "I'm trying."

Catherine asked "You mind if I try something?"

Meryl handed Molly to Catherine, who proceeded to start humming a lullaby and within a minute, Molly started to quiet down and stare at Catherine.

Catherine smiled "You all calm now?"

Molly grabbed a fist full of Catherine's hair and tugged hard.

Catherine sighed to herself "She just wanted a toy Meryl."

Meryl said "Hey, I don't have any here."

Just then they were interupted by an explosion outside the door. Catherine handed Molly to Meryl and picked up an upgraded German MP 18. loaded it and looked out the door to see three young men, clad in red and black holding Carbine rifles running away. Catherine fired off seven shots before getting back inside.

Meryl shouted "What the hell is going on?"

Catherine replied "They're a group of anarchists who want "change" to the city."

Meryl asked "And when were you going to tell us about them?"

Zack said "They only make small attacks once a week or so."

Meryl asked "Why didn't you tell us?"

Catherine replied "I didn't know you were coming, and I didn't know they would attack."

Just then there was a knock at the door, Catherine opened it to see the General standing there holding an AK-47.

Catherine asked "You need something sir?"

The General nodded "I saw you fire back at those bastards, and I came over to check if you were alright."

Catherine nodded "Yes sir, I am fine. My family is visiting and they were just spooked."

The General asked "May I come in?"

Catherine nodded and opened the door  "By all means."

The General walked into the home and looked over the family inside.

The General said "Oh, I didn't realize there were children here."

Catherine nodded "Yeah, we're fine."

The General asked "And who are you three?"

Catherine said "That's my father..Da-"

Snake said "My name's Snake, this is my wife Meryl and my other daughter Molly."

Meryl said "Pleasure to meet you."

The General asked "Wait...the Solid Snake?"

Snake nodded "Yeah."

The General asked "Catherine, do you think you and your father could go on a mission for me?"

Catherine replied "What kind of mission?"

The General said "Undercover, recon."

Catherine asked "Where to?"

The General said "The H-District."

Catherine sighed "Fine, but I need to know these guys will be safe."

The General nodded "Of course, i'll help provide you with whatever you need."

Catherine winked "I think I can manage, I have some contacts."

The General saluted and walked out of the house.

Meryl said "He seems nice."

Catherine mumbled "He's more uptight then Zack."

Zack opened his mouth to protest but shut it and sulked down into his seat.

Snake asked "So what do we need rookie?"

Catherine replied "Why are you asking me?"

Snake said "It's your show."

Catherine thought for a minute before snapping her fingers in realization.

Catherine said "Alright, Snake can you get in touch with Drebin and get some supplies?"

Snake nodded "Yeah, what do you need?"

Catherine replied "A Repeater, no code locks, and another FaceCamo for you."

Snake raised an eyebrow "Huh?"

Catherine said "Everyone in this city knows you Snake, the second they see you they will know something is up."

Snake asked "And no one knows you?"

Catherine replied "Not as well, but that's why I will get a disguise."

Snake asked "Anything else you think we will need?"

Catherine shook her head "No I don't think so. I'll go get ready."

Catherine disappeared into her room and came out wearing mostly tattered, dirty-looking clothes and a hooded cloak which, combined with the shadow line came over her nose and hid her eyes fairly well.

Catherine asked "Well, how do I look?"

Zack said "Poor and filthy."

Snake walked into Catherine's view and handed her an unlocked Triple R and a few packs of ammo. 

Catherine said "Thanks, did you get anything else?"

Snake rolled his head and it transormed into a young man with shaved black hair and he appeared to be in his mid twenties. Snake put on a dark yellow colored long coat that went down to his ankles and could easily hide an SAA in his coat pockets if he wanted to.

Meryl asked "You want any other weapons?"

Catherine thought and picked up her Mauser and attacked it and it's holster to her belt, which, along with the Repeater was also easily hidden under her cloak. 

Snake asked "You ready?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, but let's get in there at different locations, so it looks less suspicious, I forwarded the location to your Solid Eye."

Snake nodded and the two went to the H-District. Once there, Catherine's Codec started to go off, Catherine found a more secluded area, and sat down like a drunken slob. Catherine answered it to find Snake.

Catherine asked "What do you need?"

Snake replied "Why do they call it the H-District?"

Catherine replied "It's nicknamed the Hoover District, it's mostly full of poor people or minorities who can't afford the apartments in the other districts."

Snake nodded "I see. I think there is a rally going on, maybe you can sneak in and listen in on whats going on. I can't get too close."

Catherine asked "Why, where are you?"

Snake said "In the upper balcony."

Catherine said "Alright, i'll see what I can get from it."

Catherine turned off the Codec and walked slowly through the hundreds of people, blending in as if she was always one of them and made it to the middle of the rally's crowd. Catherine looked up to the man on the stage, who appeared to be in his thirties, had slicked back black hair, a ring in his lip and had tattoos over his arms.

The man shouted "We the people should reclaim the city for who it was truly made for. The People!"

The crowd started to chant "We the people."

The man shouted "We, are no longer the Voiceless of this city! We are the Voice of the Voiceless!"

The crowd erupted into cheers, similar to the announcement in the Meeting hall the day before.

The man shouted "We The Voice will take the city from the government man and make this city ours in the name of my father Andrew!"

The crowd started to chant "Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!"

Catherine called Snake on her Codec. "Snake, I don't think he's just a psycho, he's actually getting support for this."

Snake asked "You want to kill this guy?"

Catherine said "No no no, let's see if we can calm him down. I'll try and talk to him."

Snake asked "Are you sure?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, I am sure, if it stops a conflict before it starts, I will do it."

Snake said "If you get in trouble, we don't have a lot of ammo."

Catherine said "Yeah I know."

Snake said "Just call if you need backup, I got a sniper rifle on me."

Catherine looked at the man who walked into a pub with a mob of people behind him.

Catherine sighed "I don't know how much good it would do from up there."

Snake said "I could hop down and help you in a gunfight."

Catherine understood Snake trying to comfort her, but he wasn't helping.

Catherine shook her head "Just, wish me luck."

Snake said "Try not to die in there, rookie."

Catherine rolled her eyes "Thanks."

Catherine turned off the Codec and walked into the bar, unnoticed by anyone inside besides the bartender. Catherine sat two tables away from the rebel leader, whom was conversing with a blonde haired woman with a blue streak in her hair in front of her eye. They were making googly eyes at each other which made Catherine's stomach turn. Catherine sighed to herself, got up and walked over to the man and sat down at his table.

The man turned to Catherine and asked "Can I help you with something?"

Catherine pulled her hood up to her forehead and nodded. "Yeah, can we talk?"

The man turned to his lady friend "Can you give us a minute Liz?"

The woman nodded, got up and went to the bar for a drink.

The man turned back to Catherine and asked "So, what did you need to talk about goregous?"

Catherine replied "About your little insurrection."

The man laughed "You're not going to convince me to stop, my mind is set, we are going to drive those government bastards out of the city, it's time for them to learn we can govern ourselves!"

Catherine said "You're not going to win, they have hundreds of soldiers all heavily armed then all of your people and you have...fifty...a hundred hardly trained people with guns who probably don't even know how to pull the damn trigger."

The man replied "I don't plan on killing everyone, I just want to force them out."

Catherine said "You're not too damn smart are you mister?"

The man said "The name's Ryan, and yeah I am smarter than the average person."

Catherine said "Then you know, even if you force everyone out of the town, they will come back and kill you. They will not hesitate."

Ryan gave Catherine a questioning look and asked "How would you know?"

Catherine replied "That's none of your damn business, now I need you to tell me why you're trying to take the city over."

Ryan replied "You really wanna know? Fine. My father Andrew wanted to help the people of the city by making it so there were no more poor people, there was no more pain and fighting, no more arguing and he gained a lot of support, and on the verge of him being made Mayor of the city he was gunned down in cold blood by one of those damn AI's."

Catherine asked "And you took up his mantle?"

Ryan nodded "Yeah, but before I could take over his  cause, the bank possed everything my family had and I was moved to the H-District."

Catherine finished "And now you're rallying the poor people in a revolution."

Ryan jumped up on the table, and spread his arms in the air. 

Ryan shouted "I am the Voice of the Voiceless! We will reclaim this once proud city!"

The doors burst open to seven AI Police armed with mini guns opening fire. Catherine tackled Ryan to the ground and they crawled behind the bar. Catherine's Codec went off, she opened it to see Snake.

Snake shouted "Are you alright?"

Catherine said "Yeah, we're fine. How about you?"

Snake said "I'm fine, there are ten AI Police in total, I can take out a couple before I get spotted."

Catherine shook her head "No, i'll call if I need it, we can take care of ourselves."

Catherine shut off the Codec and turned to Ryan, who now had a shotgun in hand. 

Ryan asked "Can you fight girl?"

Catherine took out her Repeater and took aim at one of the AI's and shot it in the stomach casuing it to fall over and malfunction, it's allies followed suit and opened fire at Catherine, causing her to drop back under cover.

Catherine asked "That answer your question?"

Ryan nodded and shot one of the AI's in the head, causing it to explode. Catherine, not wanting to be shown up, used a clip of ammo to take out two more.

Snake called on the Codec "The others are retreating for backup, you have about a minute before backup arrives, how much ammo you got?"

Catherine replied "About half a clip."

Snake said "Get out.Now."

Catherine nodded, shut off her Codec and turned to Ryan, who was still taking watch for guards. Catherine followed suit but her Repeater was destroyed by a stray gunshot into the barrel, this forced her to take out her Mauser.

Catherine said "Come with me if you want to live."

Ryan sighed in disgust "Fine."

Catherine lead Ryan through the now-smoke filled street into the Welcome Center, with little trouble. Once into a safe location Ryan tossed his gun to the ground and threw his arms up in the air with rage.

Ryan shouted "How the hell could it have gone so wrong?"

Catherine asked "What the hell are you talking about? You're alive, your supporters are mostly alive and well and the H-District is fine, what could have gone so wrong?"

Ryan said "They saw my face, now they're gonna be on alert for me!"

Catherine said "You know, if you really want to help your people, you could help them get jobs, get them enlisted into the local military, it pays well and it would really help them."

Ryan asked "How do you know all this?"

Catherine sighed, and took off her cloak. "I'm a member of the military you dumbass."

Ryan went for his gun and Catherine shot it away from him with her Mauser.

Ryan asked "What do you want?"

Catherine said "I want you to cut the revolution bull crap."

Ryan said "I am the Voice of the people who cannot speak for themselves, you cannot begin to understand the position they're in, they're poor, homeless!"

Catherine shook her head "No, I couldn't but I see why you do what you do."

Just then two guards rushed the corner.

One of the guards asked "Miss Black, are you alright? Do you need us to detain this man?"

Catherine said "No thank you."

The other guard said "Hey, wait a minute he's the terrorist's leader!"

Ryan shouted "Crap!"

Catherine watched as he was handcuffed and taken away since she knew if she tried to help him, she would be arrested too. Snake walked up behind the guards with a guilty smile on his face.

Catherine asked "Snake, why the hell did you do that?"

Snake said "The peaceful way never works Catherine, if you tried to talk to him, he would have said he would change, then turn around and start his damn revolution."

Catherine replied "You don't know that."

Snake said "Yes I do."

Catherine sighed "Whatever."

Catherine and Snake walked back to her apartment and they were greeted by the rest of the family.

Sunny asked "Well how did your mission go?"

Catherine replied "It was a success, we got intel, and we stopped the uprising."

Meryl smiled "Well that's good."

Catherine said "Yeah, perfect."

Chapter 3:Powerful PresentationEdit

Catherine walked into the jail the following day, with Sunny following on her heels with a scared look on her face as they passed through the halls with dozens of hands reaching out at the two girls. The two reached cell A23 and the door was opened by a guard and the two walked into the cell to see Ryan sitting on a bed reading a book entitled "The Glory of Death".

Catherine asked "How are you doing?"

Ryan replied "Well considering I am getting the death sentance for having a rally speech, some ass broke my arm trying to rough me up and I lost a tooth I am just peachy."

Catherine said "You're not getting the death sentence. I had the General pull some strings."

Ryan asked "Well that's great, but why am I still here?"

Catherine replied "Well, you still need to stay here for a week for trying to start a revolution."

Ryan shouted "A week?!"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, it's regular procedure."

Ryan asked "So what happens afterwords?"

Sunny said "Oh, you will be monitored by an AI guard for three months until you prove you will not cause any more disturbances, and if you pass that you will be given an anklet so you will be tracked for a few months, and if you pass that you will be considered a free person."

Ryan sighed " months of just being monitored?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, sorry."

Ryan shrugged "Hey at least I'm not dead."

Catherine said "Just hang in there, seven months will pass bye before you know it."

Ryan smiled "Easy for you to say hot stuff."

Catherine winked "Just take care of yourself, right now I have to get to the infirmary for some shots, apparently I got some bug bites from that bar I helped you escape from."

Ryan said "Have fun."

Catherine said "Shut up."

Catherine and Sunny made their way to the infirmary, which they were stopped at the door by two guards.

One of the guards said "Sorry miss, you cannot have weapons on your person past the door."

Catherine said "Fine."

Catherine turned to Sunny, who was busy on her data pad and handed Sunny her Mauser.

Sunny asked "What's this for?"

Catherine replied "I need you to hold onto this while I get a few shots, can I trust you with this?"

Sunny took the gun slowly with fear. "I guess so."

Catherine smiled "If it makes you feel better.."

Catherine flipped the release switch and made the clip fall out of the gun and stuffed it into Sunny's pocket.

Catherine asked "That make you feel better?"

Sunny nodded "I won't let you down."

Catherine smiled "I know you won't."

Sunny sat down and went back to her pad and Catherine sat down next to her, a few minutes later a nurse called her in to which she met the doctor.

The doctor asked "Well how are you today miss?"

Catherine replied "I'm fine doc, can I ask what the shot is for?"

The doctor replied "Well you see you were bitten by an insect in the H District which if left untreated, you could lose your sight."

Catherine asked "If it's that bad, why do we still let people live there?"

The doctor said "Oh well the insect that carries this disease is very rare."

Catherine said "Well, does this shot work?"

The doctor waved his hand "Oh yes miss, it works fine."

Catherine breathed a sigh of relief. "Well that's good news."

The doctor started to draw a vial and said "Oh yes, you should sleep this off for the next couple of days."

Catherine nodded "Yeah, say do you know if Ryan got this shot?"

The doctor shook his head "Yeah, I think he did."

Catherine said "Thanks."

The doctor replied "No problem. Now, where do you want it?"

Catherine asked "Excuse me?"

The doctor said "Arm or...glutes...?"

Catherine blushed "Uh...arm, please."

The doctor nodded "Of course."

After getting the shot, Catherine found Sunny still tapping away on her pad as if she had never left.

Catherine asked "You ready to go kid?"

Sunny nodded "Yep."

Sunny got up, put away her pad and handed Catherine back her Mauser.

Sunny asked "So how was the shot?"

Catherine smiled "Painful."

Catherine and Sunny made their way home to again find Molly screaming and her parents trying to scramble to get her to cease.

Sunny asked "How long has she been crying?"

Meryl sighed "Since you left."

Catherine said "That was....four hours ago."

Meryl shouted "Yeah I know!"

Catherine asked "What does she want?"

Meryl replied "I have no idea!"

Catherine asked "Did you try giving her a toy? Feeding her? Changing her?"

Snake said "Yeah, she won't be quiet!"

Zack said "They have literly tried everything, we figured she would get tired and go to sleep eventually but she hasn't."

Sunny mumbled "She's got some lungs."

Catherine said "Here, hand her to me."

Meryl sighed and handed Molly over to Catherine, who only continued to scream louder.

Catherine whispered "Hush little baby, don't say a're big sister's gonna...uh..."

Molly giggled "...Sissy!"

Meryl dropped her glass of water in shock and said "Did...she just talk?"

Catherine asked "What's the problem?"

Snake said "She hasn't said a word since we got down here."

Catherine smiled "You just not chaty below the sea border are ya?"

Molly said "!"

Catherine laughed "You're such a goofy girl."

Zack whispered "Says the woman talking like a giant purple dinosaur."

Catherine said "Shut up."

Molly said "Tired!"

Catherine handed her off to Meryl who put her to bed.

Meryl asked "So, did the doctor tell you to do anything?"

Catherine said ", not a thing."

Sunny tapped on her pad and said "No alchohol, no nicotine,for twelve hours, and plenty of sleep."

Catherine mumbled "Why did I bring her again?"

Meryl put a hand on her hip and gave Catherine an evil look "Are you going to ignore a doctor's orders?"

Catherine replied "Since when did I obey them?"

Snake said "Since we shot you with a tranquilizer."

Catherine raised an eyebrow "You did what?"

Meryl replied "When we first met you, and the doctor told you to sleep and you refused to, yeah Snake shot you with a tranquilizer."

Zack said "She does have a hard time sleeping."

Catherine slapped him upside the head and said "Shut up."

Zack pointed to their room "Go to bed Cat."

Catherine said "I don't want to."

Meryl said "Go to bed!"

Catherine replied "Alright!"

Catherine found she fell asleep within a minute, possibly due to the shots but she didn't care because she found sleep to be blissful and she awoke to quiet for the first time in three days, much to her thankfullness. Catherine walked into the kitchen and found Meryl trying to feed Molly while Sunny watched with curiousity.

Meryl asked "You feeling better Catherine?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah, where's Snake?"

Meryl nodded her head torward the guest room "He's talking with Zack about guy stuff."

Catherine rolled her eyes "Of course."

There was a knock at the door, Catherine opened it to see a man in a two piece suit.

Catherine asked "May I help you?"

The man said "I am here in behalf of the General to invite you to the weapons expo later this afternoon."

Catherine said "I think we will be there. When is it?"

The man nodded "Thank you miss, in an hour."

Catherine shut the door and turned back to Meryl.

Meryl asked "Well who was it?"

Catherine replied "I think I just accepted an invite to a weapons expo later."

Meryl asked "Remember what happened last time?"

Catherine sighed "Don't remind me."

Meryl said "Sorry. So when is it?"

Catherine said "In an hour."

Meryl gave Catherine an annoyed look "Really?"

Catherine nodded "Yup."

Meryl sighed "Remind me to hurt you later."

The family found themselves in the front row and the General stepped out onto the stage.

The General shouted "Since Operation Snake Eater, we have been trying to discover how people could have supernatural powers while others couldn't.."

Catherine mumbled "What's next? Being able to fire electricity out of your hands?"

The General said "And now, after forty years of failed attempts and botched experiments, we have finally succeeded in our cause, we can now in a lack of a better term, provide people with powers and if they were to chose to, be able to be taken away."

One person asked "What kind of powers?"

The General replied "I'm glad you asked! We have a set of people listed to be given a set of powers."

Catherine's eyes widdened in fear. "Please don't say me, please don't say me, please don't say me."

The General called someone else up. much to Catherine's thankfullness, but they were absent, so the General went down the list and landed on a name.

The General shouted "Catherine Black! Come on down!"

Catherine mumbled "Dammit!"

Catherine slowly made her way up to the stage, to which the General was waiting patiently. When Catherine turned she saw a man with white hair, wearing a suit and a sword on his back.

Catherine asked "Raiden, is that you?"

Raiden waved "Hey Catherine, yeah long time no see."

The General held out a syringe and a bottle filled with a blue liquid. "Take your pick Mrs. Black."

Catherine asked "What's the difference?"

The General replied "You get injected with the syringe, you drink from the bottle, from our reports, drinking from the bottle hurts worse."

Catherine sighed "I'll take the shot."

The General asked "Are you sure?"

Catherine shouted "Yes, just give me the damn shot!"

The General nodded, and stuck the needle into Catherine's arm below her shoulder and the cold liquid went into her veins, at first Catherine thought it didn't hurt, but after the needle was taken out her hands felt like they were on fire, her vision blurred and her heart wouldn't stop racing. Catherine wanted to scream in pain but found no voice when she opened her mouth, when she turned to the General, he looked as if he seen the same thing happen a billion times before, and just as soon as it started, Catherine's vision cleared, her hands stopped hurting and her heart slowed down.

Catherine asked "What the hell?"

The General asked "You feel better now?"

Catherine nodded "Now what?"

The General said "Try to imagine creating something discharge from your hands."

Catherine closed her eyes hard, and the first thing that came to her head was electricity, which when she opened her eyes, she saw static spinning around her arms like it had been there her entire life. So many questions ran through her head, but none were above all then the one she was about to ask.

Catherine asked "Is there any way to turn this off?"

The General nodded "You can get a shot to deactivate them, or if you mean right this second, then just do what you did to turn it on, in reverse."

Catherine did as she was told and the electricity vanished, and as she was pleased with herself, she turned the powers on and off several times.

The General laughed "And unlike in one of your many many video games, your elecricity will not cause the gunpowder in your guns to explode."

Catherine couldn't help but laugh at his joke, as that was the very next question she had in mind, Catherine thought if he injected himself with one of those things and gave himself mind reading powers.

The General said "Well Catherine, I think it's time you get to your seat, we have more presentations, would you require assistance to get back?"

Catherine waved him off "No, thank you sir."

Catherine walked back to her seat on her jello legs and found herself  unable to sit still from the adrenaline she had inside her. 

Molly giggled "Sissy sparky sparky!"

Catherine smiled "Yep! Great observation!"

Molly shouted "Again!"

Catherine shook her head "Not now honey."

Molly asked "Please?"

Catherine said "No, Molly."

Meryl asked "Does it hurt?"

Catherine replied "Does what hurt?"

Meryl asked "Making the electricity come out of your hands."

Catherine said "No, it's actually is warm and when I make it go away my hands become cold as ice."

Snake said "Try not to show it off so much around the city."

Catherine nodded "Good thinking."

Chapter 4:Movies, Massacre, MadnessEdit

A week had past since Catherine recieved her powers, which she quickly learned how to control it with ease. During this time, Molly wouldn't stop shouting for Catherine to do tricks for her, which annoyed Catherine to no end. Catherine walked into the room with Meryl, Sunny and Molly eating popcorn watching a movie marathon on her TV.

Meryl asked "How was the workout?"

Catherine checked herself over and found herself covered in a layer of sweat.

Catherine replied "Fine, I think I got these powers down."

Meryl said "Good, I hope so."

Catherine asked "What are you watching?"

Meryl replied "Monster movie marathon."

Catherine asked "Are you sure it's OK to be showing Molly this stuff?"

Meryl waved her hand "It's from the 50's nothing was ever shown."

Catherine put her hands behind her head and said "If you say so."

Sunny said "It's really not bad, I don't understand why people hate old movies, these are great, sure the conversations are dated,but the characters are more identifyable and are less cliched."

Catherine asked "You've been watching Nostalgia Critic again haven't you?"

Sunny nodded "Yep!"

Catherine rolled her eyes and sat down next to Meryl and Molly, and after a few minutes, Molly crawled into Catherine's lap and grabbed her arm.

Molly shouted "Sissy spark spark!"

Catherine sighed "No, Molly."

Molly shouted "Spark!"

Just then there was a knock at the door, Catherine picked Molly up and opened the door to see the General.

Catherine said "Hey General, you need something?"

The General nodded "Yes, may I come in?"

Catherine nodded "By all means."

Meryl asked "I'm sorry to ask this, but what's your name?"

The General said "William Richard Matthews."

Meryl nodded "Thanks."

Catherine asked "So, what did you need?"

The general replied "I wanted to see how you're handling your new powers."

Catherine said "Oh, I am doing fine."

Molly shouted "Sparky!"

Molly grabbed Catherine's left hand and continously poked it.

Catherine said "No Molly."

The General asked "Why won't you do it?"

Catherine said "Because I know if I do it now, she will expect me to do everytime she asks."

The General said "I doubt that."

Catherine sighed and forced a ball of electricity to form in her hand, causing Molly to burst out laughing. 

The General asked "So, how's that feel?"

Catherine replied "Warm, very warm."

The General nodded "That's normal. Any problems?"

Catherine said "Well, whenever I make it go away, my veins feel like they have been frozen."

The General said "Ah, I see. Listen, stop by my office in an hour and a half, I should have something to help you there."

Catherine said "Oh no, it doesn't hurt, it's just uncomfortable."

The General smiled "Yeah, and I would like to help you there, just stop by."

Catherine turned off the elecricity around her arm and almost instantly her veins turned to ice, Catherine proceeded to start rubbing her arm, trying to warm it up. The General got up and took his leave and Catherine handed Molly back to Meryl. An hour and a half later, Catherine found herself inside the General's house, which it's only decoration was a red lamp, the General walked in with a syringe and a glass of water on a tray.

The General asked "Are you ready Catherine?"

Catherine lifted up her sleeve and nodded "Just do it."

Catherine felt the syringe  get stuck into her arm and felt as the hot liquid pour into her veins, but unlike her first injection, it didn't screw up her vision or head, and before she knew it he withdrew the syringe. Catherine turned her powers on and off three times, and her veins no longer froze over.

the General asked "You feel better?"

Catherine nodded "Thank you sir."

The General smiled "No problem, Catherine. Come back in an hour, i'll have another syringe for you incase this one doesn't last long."

Catherine saluted "Thank you. I will."

Catherine went back home, picked up Zack and went back to the General's house to find the door open.

Catherine quietly cracked the door open "Sir, are you home?"

There was no sounds in the house and Catherine saw a man in a black hoodie with a glock.17 in his hand standing over the bloody body of the General.

Catherine raised her shotgun "Freeze, put your hands in the air and drop the gun!"

The man did as he was told and tossed the gun and it landed at Zack's feet.

Zack inspected the gun and said "Catherine, this gun hasn't been unlocked in three days."

Catherine shouted "Turn around and remove the hood!"

The person removed his hood and it was Ryan, Catherine lowered her gun for a second before raising it back to his head.

Ryan said "Whoa whoa whoa, wait, I can explain why I am here."

Catherine said "You have ten seconds."

Ryan said "I chased a girl in..."

Zack laughed "Big shock."

Ryan replied "Shut up ass, not like that."

A little girl, around age seven emerged from behind the couch with a frightened look on her face.

The little girl asked "Big brother?"

Ryan said "Grace, it's alright, just a misunderstanding."

Catheirne asked " long have you two been here?"

Grace pointed at the clock behind her "Since the big hand was on the one."

Catherine looked at the clock and it was on the two, she turned to Zack and asked "How long has he been dead?"

Zack said "About a half hour."

Catherine gave Ryan a questioning look "Why are you two in here?"

Ryan sighed "There was a firefight in the market a half mile away, Grace got scared and she ran into here, so I chased her in."

Grace asked "Are you taking away my big brother?"

Zack said "No sweetie, but he needs to report this murder to the police."

The General said "You know I am not dead."

Everyone in the room shouted in fear as the should-be dead body of the General stood up.

Catherine asked "How are you standing? How are you alive?"

The General said "I put my body in hibernation, a state of false death to ward off my potential killer, I see it fooled you."

Catherine rolled her eyes "Come on, we need to get you to the hospital."

The General replied "No wait, I want to see what they took."

The General slowly walked around his home and returned with a disappointed look on his face.

Catherine asked "What did they take?"

The General tossed Catherine a syringe "They didn't take anything, I figured he would have at least that cure right there."

Catherine asked "If they didn't take the cure, why did they bother trying to kill you?"

The General said "I don't know."

Catherine grabbed a handfull of his bloody shirt "I know you're lying to me."

Ryan said "Just tell her. You gave me one of those damn shots too."

Catherine asked "What is he talking about?"

The General said "You know how I gave you a shot for your powers?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah."

The General said "I took one of those shots myself. Ryan over there took one as well and the man who attacked me did."

Catherine tossed the General to Zack and turned to Ryan "What powers do you have?"

Ryan shrugged "I don't have powers per say, he gave me a shot with "T.B" on it. After I got the shot, I got uncontrol able charisma and leadership."

Catherine thought for a minute "Wait, not powers, more like abilities?"

Ryan nodded "I don't know what the General got however."

Catherine said "Tell me."

The General held out his hand and fire appeared, much to the shock of everyone.

The General said "The man who attacked me had the power over hornets."

Zack said "Wait a minute, electricity, hornets, fire....powers of the Cobra Unit!"

Catherine said "Let's get him to the hospital."

After getting the General to the hospital, Catherine and Zack returned home to an awaiting Meryl and Sunny.

Meryl asked "Where have you two been?"

Zack said "The General was attacked, we took him to the hospital."

Catherine finished "And we took Ryan back to the police station."

Sunny asked "What did he do this time?"

Zack said "He was suspected for the murder of the General but he was faking it, instead he was taken in because he kept his adopted sister away from the cops."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

Catherine grumbled "Who the hell could that be at this hour?"

Catherine opened the door to find Otacon standing there in his normal attire, but now sporting longer hair and a goatee.

Otacon asked "Catherine?"

Catherine waved him in "Hey..."

Sunny shouted "Uncle Hal!"

Sunny jumped into Otacon's arms who happily returned the embrace. "Hey Sunny. Sorry it's been so long."

Sunny crying said "I missed you so much."

Otacon said "I did too. I am sorry I didn't visit, the military has been running me rampid with their projects."

Catherine couldn't help but smile at the reunion of the two.

Otacon said "I think you'll be happy to know, Bladewolf was to come with me, but he had to go with Raiden out to France."

Sunny replied "Right now, I am happy you're here."

Chapter 5:Tale of two citiesEdit

Three weeks past and 海底平和 had gone to hell, battles between the people of the H-District and the police grew worse, and the General had started to fight with his attacker over the other's abilities, Catherine had made sure Meryl, Snake, Molly, Sunny and Otacon had left back to Georgia so they were safer, after Zack died and she had said they would meet again in a week. although Catherine wasn't sure she could keep that promise. Catherine armed with an M4 walked through the now ruined streets littered with dead bodies of H-District pedestrians and police, the Senators had been evacuated a week earlier and a majority of military, the only way to the biosubs was to go through the H-District, as the only other way was blown up with a rocket launcher. Before she knew it, she was at the welcome center and at the entrance to the submarine, but before she could enter and leave her now-destroyed underwater home, the General crashed through the wall followed by hornets, Catherine unleashed several dozen bullets, killing a few of those damn bugs, that were followed by a man clad in black bandages.

The man shouted "I will have your power!"

Catherine rolled her eyes "Take his for all I care, I just want out."

The General shouted "Help me Catherine, together we can rule this place!"

Catherine said "Yeah...rule a ruined city, with broken glass which will probably drown...-"

Catherine looked at the floor and saw it was filling with water, which caused a smile to spread across her face.

The General gave her a confused look "What are you smiling about?"

Catherine opened the pod, stepped in, turned around and fired off a bolt of electricity before closing the pod and escaping to the world above, as she surfaced. Catherine could only cry as she left behind the city she had lived in for three years, the place she called her home.

A month later, she stood out on the familiar deck when the door opened behind her and she saw Clementine.

Catherine said "Hey Clem, long time no see."

Clementine asked "How are you doing?"

Catherine said "I am doing fine, I just hope Ryan and Grace made it out alright, I never saw them board."

Clementine said "I'm sure they're fine."

Catherine said "I hope you're right...I hope you're right."

Catherine spent the rest of the year living with her family before she and Sunny moved back down to Floridia, which they were eventually followed by Clementine who moved in with them. Six months later, they received a letter to a city in the sky, as a successor to Peaceful Sea garden. Catherine found herself and Sunny inside a Church-like location wearing a black tank top, black pants amd a light red leather jacket, surrounded by candles and water filled the floor, giving the rooms an almost calming mood. Catherine and Sunny found themselves inside a room full of people clad in white robes bowing their heads and mumbling prayers to statues.

A Priest asked "Who is there? Is it someone new?"

Catherine pushed her way through the crowd of people to meet the Priest and said "Listen, we just need passage into the town."

The Priest laughed "The only way into the city, is to receive the Baptism."

Catherine rolled her eyes "I'm not a religious person, can you just let me out of here?"

The Priest shook his head, "Sorry miss, we let a man through here without Baptism a couple hours ago, I cannot do it again."

Catherine asked "What did it take for him to be let through?"

The Priest said "Well, he held a gun to my head until I let him pass..."

Catherine went for her Revolver but found it to be missing.

Catherine sighed "Alright, i'll take the damn Baptism."

The Priest held out his hand, to which Catherine accepted it and she felt water surround her as the Priest forced her under it and shouted some chant as she felt blood rush to her ears and she blacked out. When she awoke, she found herself in a garden, with multiple people clad in the same white robes praying to statues of the Founding Fathers and Sunny standing over her.

Catherine said "That priest needs to learn the difference between a baptism and drowning someone."

Sunny asked "How do you feel?"

Catherine replied "I'm fine...wait you're not wet!"

Sunny nodded "Yep!"

Catherine asked "Did you sneak past him?"

Sunny shook her head "Nope, no one under 18 can be baptized."

Catherine gave her an annoyed look. "Where is it?"

Sunny asked "Where's what?"

Catherine shouted with anger "My gun, Sunny!"

Sunny patted herself down and shrugged innocently. "I don't know Catherine."

Catherine said "If you're lying to me...I am throwing your computer out when we get home."

Sunny raised her hands in a mock surrender "I swear I am not!"

Catherine smiled and said "Come on, we've got to meet someone at the raffle."

A man said "Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes?"

Catherine looked up and saw Ryan sitting on a bench with a cigar in his mouth and Grace sitting next to him with a gleeful smile on her face.

Catherine waved "Well I see you got out safe and sound."

Ryan smiled and shrugged "Best in the world!"

Catherine rolled her eyes "So how'd you get up here?"

Ryan pointed to the Church "Same as you, apparently. Did that damn Priest drown you?"

Catherine nodded "Yeah."

Ryan asked "You going to the raffle too?"

Catherine said "Yeah, I got a note to meet someone there."

Ryan stood up and tossed his now-burnt out cigar over the edge. "I'll see you there in a little bit, I have to go visit someone. You going to be able to find your way there, Aphrodite?"

Catherine said "Don't call me that Ryan."

Ryan nodded "Sure, so are you going to be able to find your way to the raffle?"

Catherine nodded "We'll ask around if we get lost."

Ryan said "Well, take care of yourself angel."

Ryan walked out of view with Grace following closely on his heels. Catherine looked down to Sunny, gave her a smile and followed a group of people to the center of a park full of booths and they were greeted by the sounds of laughter and games being played with joy by the children. Catherine was called over by a woman holding a basket of numbered lottery balls, Catherine payed her a dollar for a ball and found the number to be 54.

The woman said "That's a lucky number...I'll be voting for you." And walked off to tend to another couple.

Sunny mumbled "That wasn't creepy."

Catherine elbowed Sunny in the shoulder "Hush, Sunny."

Catherine followed Sunny around and played a few games before a man on the intercom announced the raffle was about to begin. The two made their way to the stage.

The man said "And today, to celebrate Ville dans le ciel's first half year anniversary, we shall draw a raffle for one of these fabulous prizes!"

Catherine sighed to herself "I can never win at one of these things."

Just then she felt someone nudge her elbow, and she figured it was Sunny, but when she turned, she saw it was Ryan and Grace standing behind her.

Catherine smiled "Hey, just in time."

The man drew a random number from the bowl, read it and picked up his microphone. "...And the lucky winner is!...number 77!"

Catherine tossed her number up into the air as if at a graduation ceremony, at first everyone looked at her as if she was insane, but they shrugged and followed suit.

Sunny asked "Who do you think we were suppose to meet? We've gone around the entire carnival and we haven't seen anyone we know."

Catherine shrugged "Let's keep looking, whoever we're suppose to meet is bound to show up eventually."

Ryan asked "Do you know who sent you the letter?"

Sunny shook her head "Nope, we hope to find them here as promised."

The group started walking around but found no results.

Catherine asked "Wait, you weren't the guy who pointed the gun at the Priest?"

Ryan laughed "No, I assumed it was someone else."

Catherine said "I wonder who it..-"

Catherine saw Molly running up to Catherine with a toy pop gun in her hand shouting "Sissy!"

Catherine picked her up with a laugh "Hey mini Molly, what are you doing here?"

Molly said "For a party!"

Catherine asked "Where's mommy and daddy?"

Molly pointed behind her and Catherine followed her gaze to see Snake and Meryl standing there with a smile on their face.

Catherine said "Hey guys, long time no see."

Meryl replied "Yeah, at least it wasn't three years this time."

Catherine asked "You're never gonna let that go are you?"

Meryl grinned "Nope."

Catherine handed Molly back to Meryl and she followed the two into town. 

Ryan asked "You guys mind following me somewhere? I have someone for you to meet."

Catherine shrugged "Fine with me."

Meryl sighed "Alright, but let's make it quick."

The group followed Ryan into a less crowded area of the city, he stopped at a dirty, run down house, knocked seven times on the door, which proceeded to open to a man who appeared to me in his twenties, had brown hair slicked back, and was wearing torn, oil-covered clothes.

Ryan said "Hey man, these are my...friends."

The man said "Oh, come in, I am sorry about the mess. If I knew I had company I would have cleaned up a tad bit."

Catherine stepped inside the house to find it cluttered with a mess which not even Sunny or Otacon could rival, with the rooms being filled with magazines, tools, metal, tesla coils and various machines which she was afraid to ask about.

The man said "Welcome to my humble abode!"

Just then a woman stumbled into the room with a glass of what appeared to be tea, she was Asian, had brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing a black sundress.

The man said "This is my wife, Selenia, she doesn't speak much English though, so excuse her if she doesn't follow our conversations."

Ryan nodded "That's fine. You said you would have some weapons for me?"

The man gasped "Oh yeah, give me a minute."

The man disappeared behind his curtain and started to rummage through his materials.

Catherine asked "Who is this guy?"

Ryan said "This is my friend, Jeddidiah. He's a maker of weird weapons."

Catherine asked "Like what?"

Ryan smiled "You'll see."

Jeddidiah returned holding a locked box and set it on the table.

Jeddidiah asked "So, who's the one with the electric powers?"

Catherine raised her hand "Me. Why?"

Jeddidiah unlocked the box and withdrew a revolver with two blue cords stretching from it's barrel to it's handle and gave it to Catherine, she inspected the gun and found it to have ten chambers, a leveled scope and it was missing a safety lock.

Catherine said "This doesn't look that weird, just a little bulky."

Jeddidiah said "Try and channel your electric powers through the cords and fire the gun at the target on the wall over there."

Catherine spotted the target twenty feet away, loaded a bullet into the chamber, and channeled electricity into the gun, which flowed through the cord which manifested at the barrel. Catherine took a deep breath and pulled the trigger, she watched as the bullet flew out of the gun with a string of electricity following the bullet like a tail and impacted the target, leaving a burnt hole just above the bullseye.

Catherine smiled "Impressive."

Catherine spun the gun around her finger several times before putting it away in her holster.

Jeddidiah asked "Where'd you learn how to do that?"

Catherine said "I don't want to talk about it."

Jeddidiah nodded "Fair enough."

Ryan said "Hey thanks Jed, i'll see you tomorrow for my other ordered gun."

Jeddidiah said "Right, it was nice to meet you guys."

After the group left, Catherine asked "Why did you want us to leave so suddenly?"

Ryan relpied "Because, if we stayed any longer, he would have gotten us drunk and we would have stayed there for a night."

Meryl smiled "That would have been torture!"

Catherine laughed "He seems nice. I wouldn't trust him with a bomb though."

Catherine took out a cigar and lit it as they passed a man drapped in a white robe, that was half covered with mud and holding a piece of paper above his head.

The man shouted "We must save the people from the world below! Without us, the world will devolve back into war! You there! Woman in the red jacket! You must agree with me!"

Catherine took her cigar out of her mouth and gave the man an annoyed look. "Excuse me?"

The man said "Why, you haven't heard? The UN plans to give the entire military god-given abilities through those unholy syringes, we must stop them to keep the innocents pure! We must keep them human!"

Catherine grabbed a fist full of the man's shirt and pulled him close.

The man, now afraid shouted "What are you doing?! Get your hands off me now!"

Catherine asked with a sinister voice ""

The man asked "What do you want?"

Catherine looked around and saw very few people on the street, and the few who were on the street were preoccupied with the ending day.

Catherine asked "You think people who have abilities are not human?"

The man nodded "Yes, of course!"

Catherine forced a ball of electricity to form in her hand. "We the people, with these powers are not only human, but some of us are more human than you people."

Catherine tossed him to the ground, and the man proceeded to search for something, which turned out to be a gun.

The man shouted "You must die!"

Catherine quickly withdrew her revolver and shot the man's gun from his hand. ""

The man picked himself up and ran into the shadows of the night, Ryan pointed his sniper rifle, which Catherine was astonished he could conceal it so well, and aimed it the way the man had just fled. Catherine forced the rifle down to the ground and shook her head.

Ryan asked "What, why did you do that?"

Catherine shook her head "He's not worth it, not like anyone would believe him anyway."

Catherine started to breath heavily,her vision started to blur and she felt herself fall and everything turned black. When she awoke, she found herself in a hospital bed with Sunny sleeping next to her. Just then Meryl walked in, followed by Clementine.

Meryl smiled "Hey Catherine, you feeling better?"

Catherine asked "What happened?"

Clementine said "You passed out from heat exaustion."

Meryl asked "Say, Catherine, in the past few months, has anything happened due to your...abilities?"

Catherine nodded in sadness "Yeah..."

Meryl asked "Like what?"

Clementine asked "Catherine, you want me to tell her?"

Catherine shook her head "I'll tell her."

Meryl asked "Well, what's wrong?"

Catherine said "Well, I cannot have children, at least not naturally..."

Meryl tried to comfort her but Catherine waved her off.

Meryl asked "Do you know why?"

Catherine said "No, we don't."

Meryl said "It's going to be fine Catherine, you have a child who loves and needs you right there."

Catherine nodded "I know, I know. It doesn't help, Meryl."

Clementine grinned "You've been through worse."

Catherine sighed "I can't tell if this is a blessing or a curse."