Catherine Black, as she appears in the story.

Metal Gear Solid:Dark Syndicate is a fanon written by Jim Logan. It takes place two years after the events of Days of Darkness. Its protagonist is Catherine Black.


Catherine was sitting in her garage, head dripping with sweat, her golden blonde hair tied into a knot to keep it out of her eyes, her blue eyes locked into her objective, she finished screwing in the final bolt on her motorcycle, giant globs of black oil falling onto the ice-white floor. She stood up and wiped the remaining sweat from her brow and nodded at her hard work. She had successfully assembled a Bati 801 Custom from scratch, it had taken her over a year to just find the correct parts, let alone put it together. Catherine ran her hand over the primarily white colored motorcycle, and checked to make sure the secondary navy blue color matched it. On the left side, her custom logo she requested, a black and white painting of the Chicago flag with an albino snake twisted inside the flag itself. Catherine peered to her left, outside the open garage door to the California sun beating down on the ground, it was at least ninety-eight degrees out, it hadn't rained in at least three weeks. She cursed her now-former mechanic for breaking their air conditioner on his way out.

A few seconds later the door opened and a little form walked into the garage in a white knee-length sundress, her black hair tied in a bun, she was carrying a glass of what appeared to be iced-tea. The little girl handed her the glass with a smile and said "Mommy said you might be thirsty, she told me to give this to you." Catherine patted the little girl on the head and said "Thank you Molly." Molly was the birth-daughter of Katnis, and despite looking almost exactly like her mother, she instead took up Catherine's habits, she bit her thumb nail while in deep thought, the way she sat on a couch, and even how she walked. A week before they had visited Jack and Meryl in Alaska, to which the entire time, Molly had complained about how cold it was, Catherine had guessed she had become spoiled from the constant warm weather. However, Catherine was pleased to see how easily Molly had gotten along with Jack and Meryl.

Catherine was snapped out of her trance by Molly poking around her newly-constructed motorcycle, gawking at it's pristine cleanliness. Catherine said "Be careful Molly, there's a lot of oil, don't slip." Molly nodded "Alright." Catherine asked "Where's your sister?" Molly looked up and asked "Sunny? She's asleep on the couch." Catherine smiled, Sunny had been accepted into college the year before, majoring in cybernetics and minoring in cooking or something along those lines. Sunny was currently visiting for the weekend, and she had often complained about the class being "too easy." Molly tugged at Catherine's jeans and asked "Mommy, may I have sip?" Catherine was about to hand her the drink, but took a drink herself and realized Katnis had put some alcohol in the liquid. Catherine shook her head "Sorry kiddo. You can have something from the fridge." Molly nodded energetically "Alright!" Molly skipped over to the fridge and withdrew a can of soda from the fridge and sat at the counter. After a few minutes, Molly asked "So what's that big bike?" Catherine said "It's a Bati 801 Custom, bullet proof tires, racing-level engine and and exhaust. Top level 209 mph and top of the line brakes." Catherine peered over to Molly who seemed extremely lost. Catherine asked "Where did I lose you?" Molly said "Ba-Bat-Bait-y." Catherine smiled "It's alright. You'll get it one day."

Molly asked "So are you done with these motorcycle thingies?" Catherine shook her head "No, why?" Molly said "You spend so much time out here." Catherine said "I know. But I promise, when you're older, we'll go on rides." Molly asked "Why not now?" Catherine patted her on the head and said "You're too young right now."

A set of three shadows appeared on the floor of the garage. Catherine turned and saw Jericho, now with an informal buzz cut and he was wearing a three-piece navy blue suit, and was accompanied by two AI guards. Catherine, on instinct went to pull her SOCOM but Jericho raised his hands and said "Calm down sugar tits. I'm not here to fight." Catherine asked "What do you want?" Molly, who was cowering behind Catherine's leg, asked "Mommy, who's that guy?" Jericho smirked "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Francisco Jericho. The Director of Operations for the CIA." Catherine said in a mocking tone "That was a quick rise through the ranks." Jericho shook his head "I was always part of the CIA. I was undercover you see. When you murdered... him, you left right away and they gave me the credit." Catherine rolled her eyes "Great to hear. Now what do you want?" Jericho spread his hands and said "You see, there is a new threat to the East..dare I say, the world. You see. Twelve PMC's have united under one banner. A man by the name of Vergil. He was a major powerhouse in the stockmarket, made millions upon millions, and with his money, he plans on starting his own...warrior nation." Catherine nearly burst out laughing "So, he wants to be the new Big Boss?" Jericho nodded "In a way." Catherine asked "And this pertains to me, how?" Jericho said "I need you to help the CIA take him out." Catherine asked "And why would I do that?" She turned around and started putting away her tools. Jericho raised his voice "They have a nuke, and we think they may have possession of a heavily modified Metal Gear REX." Catherine dropped her wrench and asked "You're going to send me into some country, no weapons, no backup and expect me to take him out?" Jericho shook his head "No." Catherine turned, faced him and asked "Then what?" Jericho smirked again "We are going to provide you with a mobile base, a full armory of weapons, a team to assist you and anything you might require." Catherine asked "What's the catch?" Jericho spread his hands again "Kill the son of a bitch." Catherine nodded "Fine."

Mission 01:Meet the teamEdit

A few days later, Jericho called and informed Catherine that he had sent a military helicopter to pick them up and bring them to the base, to which Catherine, Katnis, Molly and Sunny were all transported to an airport, and shown what looked like something out of a sci-fi movie, it was an extraordinarily sized plane, almost the size of two battleships, what appeared to be solar panels on the top and multiple gun turrets on the sides of the plane . The group stepped off the helicopter and entered the "plane". Jericho met them inside and said "This ship is powered one hundred percent by the solar energy, it's crew size is fifteen humans, and ninety AI soldiers." Katnis asked "What about when the sun isn't able to give this thing power?" Jericho waved his hand "It stores power while being charged. From what I last read, it could go twelve hours without any sunlight and still run like a dream." Catherine asked "What about the rest of the crew?" Jericho smiled "You'll meet your team, actually, your subcommander will give you the rest of the tour. I'm late for a meeting and I think you'll be taking off soon." Katnis asked "What do you mean taking off?" Jericho said "You'll be flying. Don't worry, a pilot can give you a ride home later." Jericho took his leave, and as he walked out of sight, Catherine noticed Molly burst down the hallway shouting with glee.

Catherine sighed "Molly, get back here." Catherine started running after the child, and caught the sight of Molly crashing into a woman with a plastic spoon in her mouth, causing both of them to tumble to the floor. Catherine helped them up and said "I'm so sorry." The woman waved it off and said "It's no trouble. Children are like that." Molly said "I'm sorry, ma'am." The woman said "Please, call me Naomi."

Catherine asked "Naomi?" Naomi nodded "Yes, Naomi Hunter." Katnis asked "Wait... didn't she; I mean you die almost ten years ago?" Naomi shook her head and smiled "No, you have me mistaken for my template." Katnis raised her eyebrow "Template?" Naomi nodded "I'm a clone. Before you ask, no it doesn't bother me." Katnis nodded "I see." Naomi asked "And what are your names?" Katnis said "The name's Katnis, this is Sunny and you've met Molly." Naomi nodded "And what's your name?" Catherine said in a nonchalant, angry tone "Cath-Snake." Naomi smirked "Cat Snake? That's a funny codename." Catherine said "My codename, is Black Snake." Naomi's face changed from a joking attitude to a more serious look and she said "So you're the commander. I'll give you the tour." Naomi turned on her heel and started walking down the hallway. Katnis asked "Were you expecting us?" Naomi nodded "Yes ma'am. However, I was never given a description of what you look like. So our meeting wasn't...proper. I must apologize for that." Katnis shook her head "Don't worry about it. It was no problem, right Cat?" Catherine just looked away. Naomi slowed her pace so she was at Katnis's side, she pulled in close and asked "Did I do something to make her mad?" Katnis shook her head "No, she's just had a bad past with clones." Naomi's eyes widened in realization "That dealing with Ocelot in Mexico?" Katnis said "Yeah, don't let it get to you." Naomi asked "Anything I can do to get on her good side?" Katnis smirked "Don't piss her off." Naomi smiled "I'll keep that in mind." Naomi raised her pace, got in front of the group and stopped. Catherine asked "Why'd we stop?" Naomi sighed "Listen, Snake. I know what my original did to your father was terrible. But I didn't do it. I'm asking you to forget the past."- Naomi nodded to Molly and Sunny - "Instead look to the future we want to help." Catherine peered into her eyes and said "The past? I don't care about the past. What your... other self did to my father, that's none of my business. I'm concerned about what he did to me. I don't want to sound like a bitch here, but my faith in clones isn't that easily diverted." Naomi sighed, apparently Catherine's reply was suitable, at least for the time being. Naomi again turned and started walking, she showed them the hanger, the armory, mess hall, living quarters, and break room. Naomi said "I have one last room to show you. That would be the mission coordinating center." Catherine said "Then lead the way." While walking, Molly started tugging on Catherine's cargo pants. Catherine bent down and asked "What's up milk dud?" Molly said "I'm hungry." Catherine said "We can get you something to eat once we're done. Kay?" Molly nodded "Alright mommy."

Naomi lead them to a door and tapped in a number sequence, opening the door to show the room, it contained a computer that looked like something out of a comic book, a king-sized table, which as Naomi explained was like a giant iPad. At one end of the table was Pierre LeClare,and at the computer a brown haired woman, she had brown eyes, a slender figure and had a happy smile on her face. Naomi spread her heads "Let's meet the team, shall we?" Catherine nodded anä Namoi said "I believe you've met Pierre. He's the team's Sniper and alternate mission man. The woman here is Madison. However, we call her Mad Mantis." Katnis asked "Why?" Naomi said "She has psychic powers. However, she cannot speak." Catherine asked "Then how does she communicate?" A voice popped into her head. It was a female voice, it was soft and kind, like a mother's voice. The voice said "Hello there, my name's Madison, pleased to meet you Snake." Catherine replied to Madison "Err...pleased to meet you too." Madison said "Sorry for intruding on your mind, this is the only way for me to communicate." Catherine smiled "That's fine." Naomi said "There's another woman here I think you should meet." Catherine raised her eyebrow "Who?" Naomi said "She's the team's medic. Her name's Clementine. Clementine Clark." Catherine smiled "She's an old friend. Where is she?" Naomi waved her hand "She was called off to Russia. She'll be back in a week." Katnis said "Uh... I don't remember Catherine ever agreeing to take the mission." Catherine walked over to the table, placed her hands on the edge and asked "Where do we start?"

Mission 02:Initial daysEdit

It had been a few days since the entire team had met together and discussed what the plan of attack for the mission was; Capture or kill Vergil, and destroy their nuke and potential Metal Gear. The only problem was, they had no idea where he was or if he even had a Metal Gear. It was explained to Catherine by Naomi that Vergil had entered the stock market when he turned fifteen, and started investing mainly in stocks pertaining to military and science, and by the time he was thirty he was a billionaire. Three years earlier, he purchased two PMC's, which he re-branded as his personal militia and bodyguards. A year earlier he had also purchased ten more PMC's which he renamed "The Freedom Syndicate." Directly after purchasing the PMC's he dropped off the stock market and vanished. He re-appeared three months ago he re-debuted and launched firebombs into Russia. After explaining, Catherine asked if there was any possibility of being related to him, to which Naomi denied the possibility, when asked why Catherine dodged the question and asked where he was last sighted to which Pierre stated Moscow.

Catherine was lying on the rust-colored couch, eyes scanning the papers regarding to Vergil and his private militia, Katnis teaching Madison how to put together a gun and Naomi typing away on the computer. Catherine sat up, rubbed her eyes and peered over to Naomi as she downed another spoonful of peanut butter, wiped a small bit from her lib and continued to type away. Molly, who was sitting next to Katnis, got up and walked over to Naomi and tugged on her shorts. Naomi peered down and asked "Yes?" Molly offered Naomi her glass of milk and said "Here. You need this more then me." Naomi raised an eyebrow and Molly pointed to the jar of peanut butter next to her keyboard. Naomi waved her hand "Oh no, thank you Molly. I'm alright." Molly asked "Why do you eat peanut butter like that?" Naomi smiled "It helps me stay focused." Molly asked "On what?" Naomi tapped her left knee and Molly hopped up to look at her computer. Naomi tapped the screen and said "I've been studying a 3D diagram of Metal Gear REX sent to Dr. Hal to see if there are any weaknesses your mother could take advantage of in case we run into one." Molly asked "Isn't this what gramps destroyed?" Naomi smiled "Yes, however, he only disabled it. Ten years later more bad guys tried to use it, but again your grandfather stopped them. After Shadow Moses sunk into the ocean Metal Gear REX was fished from the ocean by the United States government." Catherine asked "On who's orders?" Naomi called back without turning "Roy Campbell." Catherine nodded "I see." Molly motioned for Catherine to look, to which she walked over to the computer screen and saw a 3D scan of REX. Catherine asked "What is it Molly?" Molly said "This is the toy Uncle Hal gave to me last Christmas!" Catherine asked "The one you broke?" Molly sighed "Yes." Naomi offered Catherine the jar of peanut butter to which Catherine gave her an angry glare. Naomi shrugged and placed the jar back."

Catherine asked "Do we have any leads on where this jackass is?" Naomi shook her head "No, every lead we have gotten, they've all gone cold." Catherine nodded "Fine. Tell me if anything pops up." Catherine placed her hands behind her head and started walking off. Naomi asked "Where are you going?" Catherine stopped at the door, and without turning said in a distasteful tone "I'm going to take a nap." Catherine walked out of the room and Naomi returned to the computer. A few minutes later, Molly poked Naomi in the leg and Naomi looked down at the child. Naomi asked "Yes?" Molly asked "Did you make my mommy mad?" Naomi sighed "Your guess is as good as mine." Molly said "Whenever I get into a fight with someone at daycare. Mommy says to talk it out." Naomi asked "Which one?" Molly pointed over to Katnis and said "That one." Katnis laughed "I'm that one now?" Molly shrugged. Naomi said "Alright, it's worth a shot." Naomi placed Molly on the floor, and Molly proceeded to walk over to Katnis. Naomi sighed and walked down the long hallway, past the cafeteria and tèe lounge before making it to Catherine's door. She thought about knocking but decided against it. She punched in the code to the door; 7-7-7-5-4 and walked into the darkened room. After a quick scan she spotted Catherine lying down the room's couch. Upon getting á few feet next to her, Catherine said in a mocking tone "If you're going to poison me with a virus, at least make sure to tell me first." Naomi grabbed a hold of a chair, placed it front of the couch and asked "Can you tell me something?" Catherine snarled "What do you want?" Naomi said "Can you tell me why you hate my...species?" Catherine opened her eyes and gave Naomi a long stare before stating "I don't hate your kind...I don't have any trust." Naomi asked "You know your father, Jack is a clone, right?" Catherine nodded "Yeah." Naomi asked "Then why don't you trust clones?" Catherine replied "I'm not getting out of this, am I?" Naomi grinned "Nope." Catherine asked "Why do you even want to know? You read the report." Naomi said "Yes, I read the report. But all it said was you were kidnapped, Snake went after you and he killed Ocelot." Catherine chuckled "He didn't kill Ocålot." Naomi asked "What do you mean?" Catherine smiled "Wrong Snake, Naomi." Naomi asked "You killed him?" Catherine nodded "With his own revolver...ironic, isn't it?" Naomi asked "Can you give me the whole story?" Catherine raised an eyebrow "Why?" Naomi said "I want to know why you have such a disdain for clones." Catherine said "You know why." Naomi shook her head "Can you just please do this?" Catherine said "Fine. We met Ocelot when I was eleven shortly after we reformed FOXHOUND, Snake made him my mentor, trainer...-" Naomi asked "Master?" Catherine shook her head "Wouldn't go that far." Naomi asked "So what happened?" Catherine said "Well...about seven months after he started training me...he called me into the shooting range, just like any other day...he shot me with tranq'. Next thing I know I am tied up to a chair, no shirt and he's asking me about a 'Metal Gear'." Naomi asked "So what did you say?" Catherine said "I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, so I told him the truth..." Naomi asked "Then what?" Catherine said "He started electrocuting me, beating me with a pipe, punching me." Naomi asked "Why didn't you lie?" Catherine chuckled "And tell him what? He would of seen through my lie and killed me anyway." Naomi nodded and asked "Then what?" Catherine said "After what felt like an eternity...what was really a few hours... he pulled a revolver...loaded a bullet...said "You've outlived your usefulness. Say hello to your mother." He put the gun to my head and started counting down from twenty." Naomi moved to the edge of her seat, sweat rolling down her head. She asked "What happened next?" Catherine smirked "He blew my brains over the wall. What do you think happened?" Naomi groaned in annoyance. "Come on. Please?" Catherine said "Snake drew around the corner, pulled his gun. Told Ocelot to put down the gun, he refused and went to pull the trigger. Next thing I knew, Raiden was jumping from the ventilation shaft, and sliced off Ocelot's hand." Naomi asked "And then?" Catherine finished "Raiden cut my bonds, I picked up Ocelots gun and I shot the son of a bitch in his forehead." Naomi shrunk back into the chair and cupped her chin. Naomi said in a warm tone "I'm sorry." Catherine asked "About?" Naomi said "What happened to you." Catherine asked "You know what?" Naomi replied "What?" Catherine said "I think I feel better...." Naomi asked "Does this mean you aren't going to treat me like an enemy from now on?" Catherine shrugged "Maybe." Naomi asked "Mind if I ask you another question?" Catherine replied in an annoyed tone "Haven't you learned enough about my past today?" Naomi smiled "No, have you been sleeping well?" Catherine shook her head "No. Been having bad dreams." Naomi said "About that incident?" Catherine nodded "Yeah." Naomi said "I could give you some sleeping pills, or you can ask Clem for some." Catherine shook her head "Don't believe in that stuff." Naomi said "Well...I think I'll get you sleep." Just as Naomi was about open the door, Catherine said "Hey, can you do me a favor?" Naomi said "Sure, what is it?" Catherine said "If I'm not up by eight, sent Molly here?" Naomi smiled "Will do...Snake."

Mission 03:First missionEdit

Catherine walked into the meeting room, half awake. She stretched her arms and let out a soft yawn and noticed Naomi tapping away at her computer, with four empty soda cans, two empty peanut butter jars lying around her chair. Catherine asked "How long have you been awake?" Naomi replied "Never went to sleep." Catherine asked "You've been awake for twenty seven hours?" Naomi shook her head "Fourty-five." Catherine sighed and tried to pull her away from the computer "Come on. You need sleep." Naomi shouted "No! If I do our only lead will be gone." Catherine said "We can always find another lead." Naomi turned and asked "Why do you care, I thought you hated me." Catherine raised an eyebrow "Didn't we just have this conversation last night?" Upon inspection, Catherine noticed what she thought were soda cans were actually beer cans...Naomi was drunë. Catherine said "Come on. Don't act like a child." Naoíi pointed at the screen and shouted "Snake! This could be our last chance to catch this guy!" Catherine said "I can get Madison to take over for you. She knows how to do this stuff, right?" Naomi nodded "Yeah. I taught her myself." Catherine said "Then let her do it for a while, so you can sleep." Naomi sighed "You're right...if I keep going like this, there will be nothing left of me..." Catherine asked "You gonna need help up?" Naomi shook her head "I'm drunk, not crippled." Naomi went to stand but Catherine saw her legs start to wobble and Naomi went to the floor. Catherine said in a smug tone, "You want my help now?" Naomi rolled her eyes "Please?" Catherine smiled "Come on." Catherine placed her right hand on Naomi's hip and left arm below her breasts and hefted her off the floor, to her surprise, Naomi was much lighter than she looked. While walking down the hallway, Naomi said "I'm sorry for snapping at you." Catherine said "Forget it. But for future references, try not to drink so much." Naomi nodded "Yeah...can't depend on nanomachines to break down the alcohol enzymes anymore." Catherine asked "What do you mean?" Naomi said "Before I was assigned to this team, I had nanomachnies in my body to help break down alcohol and sugar enzymes. However, when I was assigned, Campbell had me take suppressors to deactivate them." Catherine asked "You know why?" Naomi shook her head "No, I was just following orders." They nearly passed a rose-colored door to which Naomi said "Wait! This is my room." She punched in a four-digit code and the door opened to a sparsely decorated room, it only contained a bed, a nightstand and a small sofa. On the nightstand there was a picture of the original Naomi and a younger-looking Frank. Naomi said "I can make it to bed. Thank you."

Catherine nodded and walked back to the meeting room and already found Madison typing away on the computer. Catherine asked "So what's this lead Naomi was referring to?" Madison's voice appeared in Catherine's head "It appears to be a contact hiding out in the Middle East. One of Vergil's bankers." Catherine said "Lovely. We have good idea of his location yet?" Madison shook her head "No, but we should by tomorrow." Catherine smiled "Take your time." Madison nodded "Will do, Snake."

A few hours passed an eventually the entire team; including Naomi ventured out into the meeting room and started their daily activities. Molly asked "Did you catch the bad guy yet?" Catherine smiled "No honey, but we will." Naomi shouted "We got the location of his banker!" Catherine asked "Where?" Naomi tapped the screen with her pen and said "Right here in the Middle East. Specifically, Afghanistan." Catherine said "Good. I'll get down there, get the information out of him, and get out." Naomi shook her head "It won't be that easy, that area is a war zone. The banker's PMC faction has been fighting a turf war for five months. The second you touch down there, you'd get shot." Catherine asked "Then what?" Naomi said "We'll get you some special equipment. Disguise you as a militia woman, and we'll try and help you through it." Catherine asked "What's the equipment?" Naomi said "Meet me in the weapons lab in twenty minutes. Put on your Sneaking Suit."

Catherine nodded "Alright." Catherine ran down to her room, slipped out of her clothing and put on the dark navy blue-colored sneaking suit. It fit rather snugly in her chest area and around her buttocks. She secured the zipper around her neck and looked herself over to make sure everything fit right. She placed her hand against the wall and within two seconds her hand became the same color as the wall. She pulled her hand away and shook it, causing it to become it's natural dark blue color. Catherine ran a hand over her stomach and found it to be slightly more loose then when she wore it two years prior. She assumed she had lost some weight over time.

Catherine walked into the weapons lab her cheeks red with embarassment and Naomi handed Catherine an eyepatch. Catherine asked "What's this?" Naomi said "Place it over your inferior eye." Catherine raised an eyebrow "'Cuse me?" Naomi said "What eye is superior?" Catherine shrugged "My right eye, I guess." Naomi tapped Catherine on her left eyebrow and said "Then put it on your left eye." Catherine put it on and Naomi flipped the dial causing her vision to change to a green color. Within seconds her head started to hurt so she flipped the dial again and the device changed to more of a binocular mode, she flipped it again and various nametags appeared in front of her. She looked at Naomi and the words "HUNTER, NAOMI (c), AGE 21" appeared above her head. She moved her eye toward Katnis and saw the words "BLACK, KATNIS, AGE 23" appeared above her head. Catherine flipped it again and it switched to a thermal vision mode and finally flipped it again and it turned off. Catherine blinked twice to let her vision re-adjust.

Naomi said "Next. Your equipment. All spare weapons, items, attire and other necessities will be held in a Mark 2." Catherine asked "What do you mean, spare weapons?" Naomi replied "Well, for this mission you will only be able to gave two weapons. Everything else will be contained in the Metal Gear Mark II." Catherine asked "Why?" Naomi said "Security reasons. How would the world react if they found ON bullets in a warzone?" Catherine asked "You mean UN, right?" Naomi shook her head "The UN rebranded itself to the One Nation about a year ago. It was all over the news." Catherine shook her head "Back on topic; my gear. What am I using?" Naomi smiled "Well first, your side arm will be a Ruger MK. 2 Pistol, and your primary, lethal weapon will be an M4 Custom." Catherine looked over the MK.2, checked the ammo pack, put it back and placed it in her holster. Naomi handed her the M4 and saw there was a red indicator near the trigger. Catherine asked "What's with the blue and red indicators?" Naomi said "Blue means non-lethal, red means lethal. You're to use lethal weapons as little as possible. Only use it when it's truly necessary. The M4 comes with an already-equipped suppressor and scope." Catherine nodded "Anything else?" Naomi smiled "Yes actually. Here." Naomi handed her two small boxes. Upon inspection, the first was a pack of cigarettes, while the other were something she didn't recognize. Naomi said "Make sure not to get the two confused. It could mean a little relaxation...and an unwanted nap." Catherine placed the two in separate pouches on her belt and said in a sarcastic tone "How thoughtful." Naomi said "One more thing." Catherine sighed in annoyance "Now what?" Naomi handed her a Middle Eastern militiamen disguise and said "Just drape this over your sneaking suit. With your eye patch, weaponry and such you shouldn't be questioned. However if you are caught. The story you are ordered to be given is "I am an ON Inspector sent to oversee PMC activity." Understand?" Catherine nodded "I understand." Naomi said "Then repeat it." Catherine said "I am an ON Inspector sent to oversee PMC activity." Naomi smiled "Good. Now, while on mission the entire team will have one codec frequency." Catherine asked "Why?" Naomi shrugged "I don't know." Catherine asked "What's your number?" Naomi said "140.85." Catherine nodded "I got it." Naomi said "Repeat i-" Catherine said "I got it. 140.85." Naomi said "Alright, alright." Catherine said "Let's get this over with." Just as Catherine was about to head to the hangar, Molly ran up shouting "Mommy wait!" Catherine asked "What is it?" Molly dug around her bag and withdrew a black Bandana and handed it to her. Catherine accepted it with a thanks and wrapped it around her forehead.

A few hours past, and Catherine found herself crammed into the back of a pickup truck with twenty seven other soldiers, all armed with AK-47's and AK-102's, a lit cigarette in her mouth. The heat almost unbearable, the sounds of bullets flying bombs bursting, people screaming filled the air. The smell of blood and gun oil filled her nostrils. Catherine took a quick look around the truck, she witnessed most of the men around her were mostly young teenage boys, mostly seventeen to twenty. All of them looked petrified. She pitied them. A few moments later, the truck in front of them exploded, sending it's contends into a burning wreck. The truck containing her stopped on a dime and the soldiers around her went scurrying out as bullets picked several of them off. Catherine herself hopped over the edge of the rail and slid behind the cover of a broken wall just as another rocket blew her now-former transportation to hell. Catherine went to pull her M4 and shoot the three PMC soldiers but a small static shock went up her arm and up her spine. A hint of realization dawned upon her; Naomi was blocked her use of lethal weapons.

Catherine sat on her knee and punched in 140.85 and called. Naomi picked up in a few seconds. Naomi answered with a cheerful "What's up, Snake?" Catherine replied in an annoyed tone "Are you blocking me?!" Naomi nodded "Yeah, I am." Catherine asked "Why?" Naomi said "I told you. Lethal weapons only in extreme circumstances. You're in a skirmish and you don't need to use it. Plus there are extremely dangerous explosive materials in the area. One misfire and you will all be blown to pieces." Catherine asked "What would you have me do then, this tranquilizer doesn't have that great of range." Naomi said in a nonchalant tone "You could just ignore them." Catherine asked "How to I unlock my weapons?" Naomi said "Either call me to do so, or I will unlock them for you." Catherine asked "How will you know if I need them?" Naomi said "I'm watching you via the Mark II. It's shadowing you at all times, remember?" Catherine sighed "Fine."

When Catherine switched off the Codec, and noticed the battle had died down and the rebels had chased the PMC's away. Catherine grinned and got up from her hiding place. However, seconds later there was an odd sound. What followed was seven Gekko smashing through a building, and they proceeded to open fire on the unaware Militiamen, killing several. In the ensuing battle, Catherine charged through the wrecked buildings and alleys before another Gekko fired one of their wires, catching Catherine's left ankle. Catherine mumbled "Naomi..kinda need my gun right now!" Catherine went to fire her M4, but the static feeling in her arm continued. Catherine continued trying to fire, causing the static feeling to worsen. Catherine shouted to herself "Naomi!" A second later she heard a click sound and the static feeling in her arm ceased. Catherine grinned to herself and opened fire on the Gekko, shooting it in it's sensor node, effectively blinding the Gekko. Catherine mumbled "Naomi..kinda need my gun right now!" Catherine went to fire her M4, but the static feeling in her arm continued. Catherine continued trying to fire, causing the static feeling to worsen. Catherine shouted to herself "Naomi!" A second later she heard a click sound and the static feeling in her arm ceased. Catherine grinned to herself and opened fire no the Gekko, shooting it in it's sensor node, effectively blinding the Gekko.

Catherine took advantage and ran for a collapsed building, however the Gekko opened fire, ripping holes in her disguise, in turn Catherine tossed the robes up in the air, causing the Gekko to tear it to shreds with a barrage of bullets. Catherine placed herself against the wall, slipped her hood over her head and sat as still as possible while her camo adjusted to the wall behind her, effectively making her invisible. A few minutes the Gekko lost interest and left. After she was sure she was alone, she turned on her Codec and saw Naomi trying to scrape the last of the peanut butter of her jar. Catherine said in a calm, collected tone "Naomi.. are you there?" Naomi tossed the jar aside and replied "Sorry Snake, did I keep you waiting?" Catherine shouted "What the hell is wrong with you?! I could've been killed by that thing!" Naomi said "Sorry, I wasn't at the computer, Madison took over and she didn't know the unlock code." Catherine said "Either leave it unlocked. Or tell. Her. The code." Naomi nodded "Will do." Catherine asked "How far away am I from the target's location?" Naomi said "You're about twenty blocks away. However there doesn't seem to by any direct route. Everything's blocked off from rubble. Unless you have a lot of C4 you aren't going anywhere." Catherine asked "Is there any other route?" Naomi shook her head "Unless you can walk through walls...." Catherine sighed "I'll try to find something. Keep me posted in case something shows up." Naomi nodded "Right." Catherine signed off and carefully stood up. She noticed her ankle was starting to hurt and she could feel blood running down her leg. The cable must of caught of as she was escaping. Catherine next checked the ammo pack in the M4, and noticed it was nearly empty. Not wanting to take any chances, she replaced the pack and started walking toward the street. She placed her back against the wall and peaked around the corner, she didn't see anything except corpses and went to go into the market, however as soon as she was in the street, she heard a pair of voices scream "Freeze!" Catherine sighed in disgust and nodded "Alright." One of the voices said "Put your gun down. Slowly now." Catherine nodded and put down the M4. The man next took her MK.2 and asked "Anything else?" Catherine shook her head "No." The man said "Walk." and jabbed the tip of his rifle into her back.

After a half hour of walking, they arrived in an underground safehouse and she was lead to a table. The man said "Sit." She nodded, sat down in a chair and waited as their apparent leader scanned her over. The man asked "Where are you from, what are you doing here?" Catherine said "I uh... I'm an ON Inspector sent to oversee the PMC activity in the area." The man laughed "Right, like we haven't heard that before. How do we know you aren't some spy sent to kill us?" Catherine pulled a cigarette out of her pouch, lit it and blew a puff of smoke into his face. The man asked, now in an angry tone "Well?" Catherine smirked and pointed at him with her cigarette "If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now. All of you." They all laughed and Catherine sprung from her seat, disarmed the man, grabbed his knife from his sheath and held it against his throat. Catherine smirked again "Believe me now?" The man nodded and said "Yeah." The soldiers surrounding her slowly lowered their guns with a sense of uneasiness. Catherine flipped the knife over in her hand and handed it back to the man. After doing this, Catherine asked "Where's my weapons?" The man waved his hand in the air and her M4 and Mk.2 were handed back to her. Catherine said "Excuse me." and she proceeded to a darkened corner of the safehouse. She spent five minutes looking over the guns, but due to not having the proper tools, she had them sent back to Naomi for her to look them over. Before signing off, Naomi asked "You're not going to last long without a weapon, what do you want?" Catherine smiled "I'd like my SOCOM." Naomi nodded and said "Alright. I'll have a suppressor installed." Before Naomi got up Catherine stated "Without the weapon lock." Naomi smiled "Fine."

Within a few minutes, the Mark 2 handed Catherine her SOCOM, already loaded and with an installed suppressor. Naomi's voice chimed "The suppressor should last twelve shots. Or one clip. I can send you more if if breaks." Catherine nodded "Thanks." Catherine went to walk out the safehouse when the man she held up stopped her at the door. Catherine looked at him in the eye and asked "What do you want?" The man said "We need help if we are to reclaim or land. Our home from those PMC bastards." Catherine shook her head "Sorry, but that's not my problem. It's not part of the mission." The man nodded "I understand. Good luck, امرأة." Catherine nodded and departed from the safehouse. After getting out she darted beneath a collapsed building and wondered why the militia men had let her go, she she shrugged it off. Just as she was about to stand up, she heard the screeching sound of Gekko smash through buildings followed by a dozen PMC's. Catherine wanted to stay hidden, but a Dwarf Gekko spotted her and raised an Alert. Catherine swore to herself and shot the Dwarf Gekko between it's 'eyes' causing it to spark and explode. Catherine crawled out of her hiding spot to find the three Gekko, and the twelve PMC's waiting, and their weapons raised. Catherine raised her weapon in defiance, and a second later, the Gekko fell down dead with a roar of "pain" and the soldiers looked in shock. Catherine took advantage and shot them all down. A split second later a person landed behind her. She turned and pointed her gun at the person and found a white-bodied man in a black jacket sheathing his sword. The man asked "Did I keep you waiting?" Catherine placed her gun in her holster and jumped at the man and shouted in glee "Cousin Raiden!" Raiden returned her hug and said "Hey kiddo. Been a while huh?" Catherine gave him a questioning stare as Raiden pushed her away and looked up and down at her body. After a few "passes" Catherine blushed and asked "What are you staring at?" Raiden smiled "You look just like your father."

Catherine smiled "Thanks. I guess that's what I was going for." Raiden asked "So what are you doing here? Aren't you a little green to be in a war zone?" Catherine rolled her eyes "I need to get into contact with a target here." Raiden asked "Where?" Catherine said "About four blocks that way." Raiden indicated toward the building with the decayed roof "That one?" Catherine nodded "Why?" Raiden smirked "Unless you can take out seventeen Gekko. You're screwed." Catherine clapped her hands together and asked in a sweet, convincing tone. "Hey cous' can you do me a favor?" Raiden smiled "I'll distract the Gekko, you sneak in and get up to the top floor." Catherine smiled "I owe you one." Raiden said "Just hurry up. Once those Gekko are dead, they're going to be sending an army." Catherine asked "So...ten minutes?" Raiden smirked "Five." Catherine took out her gun, reloaded it and asked in a smug tone "You have that much confidence in yourself?" Raiden just nodded and charged after the nearest Gekko.

Once he was out of her sight, she mumbled to herself "He sure doesn't waste any time." Catherine slowly opened the door and crept up to the top floor before finding most of it demolished, possibly by artillery. Catherine pondered for a second "Where the hell are the guards?" Catherine opened the crimson-colored door and pointed the gun and the only occupant. A bald-headed man in a black tuxedo and white glasses. Catherine shouted "Freeze!" The man ignored her order and asked "So, you're my executioner?" Catherine asked "What?" The man smiled "The name's Jeremiah. Jeremiah McMercy." Catherine only continued to stare at him. Jeremiah asked "Might I at least get the name of my executioner before she kills me?" Catherine shook her head "I'm not going to kill you." Jeremiah asked "I see...then you're with the US Army?" Catherine said "Not exactly." Jeremiah said "Well, then why are you here?" Catherine said "I need information from you." Jeremiah asked "What?" Catherine asked "What's Vergil up to, does he have a nuke, a Metal Gear?" Jeremiah let out a howling laugh "Metal Gear? Nuke?! Heh why would I know? I'm just a little fish who got a hold of information I shouldn't have." Catherine asked "What do you mean?" Jeremiah tapped his left eye and said "Switch to inferred mode." Catherine nodded and did so, and she noticed instead where the red parts of his body, were green colored, however his brain was still red. Catherine asked "The hell is wrong with you?" Jeremiah smirked "Lethal Snatcher." Catherine asked "Snatcher?" Jeremiah nodded "Snatcher Nanomachines. Inventions of his. The machines invade the brain and control them like puppets. However, a lethal variation was created and they slowly kill off their hosts. However in our tests, they took adults minutes to die, while it took children fifteen minutes, a slow, painful death." Catherine shouted in disgust "Tests!? You performed tests on children?" Jeremiah nodded "War orphans. Ones who wouldn't survive. Ones who were suffering from PTSD." Catherine wanted to punch him in the throat but she asked "Shouldn't you be dead?" Jeremiah tapped his glass of wine and said "Alcohol represses them. However I know I only have minutes to live. Now with this information, I need you to tell your President something." Catherine asked "What?" Jeremiah tossed the glass to the ground and grabbed Catherine by the shoulders "Nuke Vergil!" A few seconds later, Jeremiah grabbed his head and chest before spasming on the ground, started foaming at the mouth before dying.

Catherine searched Jeremiah's corpse and discovered several manila papers on him. Catherine next dialed Naomi's number on the codec. Naomi answered "What's up?" Catherine said "I need a pickup for two." Naomi's voice changed to a fearful tone "Who's the other?" Catherine said "Raiden." Naomi nodded "Alright. We'll pick you up in about ten minutes." Catherine nodded "Alright." She signed off and listened as she heard another Gekko self destruct from damage. She looked at her watch and counted down "" She looked up at the door and Raiden appeared, his jacket tattered and torn with a few cracks in his armor. Raiden smirked "How long was that?" Catherine replied "Four and a half." Raiden said "Told ya." Catherine asked "You know anything about these 'Snatchers'?" Raiden looked at the folders and said "No..but it gives me a sense of deja vu." Raiden opened a red-colored folder and a syringe clattered to the floor. Raiden asked "What's this?" Catherine shook her head "Your guess is as good as mine." Raiden tossed her the syringe and when she caught it, she felt a prick and after inspection, she found the cap was off, whatever was in the syringe had just been injected into her. Catherine swore to herself and tossed it back to him. After finishing reading, he looked up at her and asked "You feeling OK?" Catherine nodded "Yeah, why?" Raiden said "You look terrible." Catherine suddenly felt light headed and said "No, I'm fine. Really." A few minutes later, Naomi reported that they had landed outside the outskirts of the city. Catherine asked "Why didn't you send a chopper?" Naomi said "We did. It got shot down in less than a minute." Catherine sighed and asked Raiden "You know how to hotwire a jeep?" Raiden shook his head "No, why?" Catherine said "We're gonna need to."

They made it down to the floor level of the building and found another firefight raging in the streets. Raiden said "Another convoy should be arriving any time." Catherine asked "And how do you know this?" Raiden said "I've been on the battlefield longer than you have." Catherine rolled her eyes as a jeep did arrive and it's five Militia troops ran out onto the battlefield to join the fighting. Raiden said "I told you-" Catherine shouted "Shut up." The two dashed for the jeep and sped off toward the airfield. After they were away from the battlefield, Raiden asked "Are you sure you're OK? You're looking red." Catherine nodded "It's" Just then two vehicles burst through buildings behind them. At first Catherine assumed they were just PMCs rushing to the battle, but upon inspection, she noticed they were Haven troops. Catherine swore to herself and continued driving. Raiden said "I can easily take them out." Catherine nodded "I know, just cover me." Four more vehicles followed the two already following them as the plane came into view. Catherine dialed Naomi who picked up in a panicked tone "What's going on?" Catherine said "We're being chased. Get the guns ready." Naomi nodded "Mantis is already out there waiting. She's armed." Catherine nodded "Alright." Catherine and Raiden stopped a few feet from the plane, hopped out and drew their weapons just as the FROGS started opening fire. Catherine ducked behind their jeep and attempted to return fire but found she was unable to lift her arm. Mantis's voice appeared in her head "Are you alright?" Catherine nodded "Yeah, yeah." Mantis stood up to try and help her into the plane when a stray bullet hit her in the chest. Catherine's eyes widened as her body hit the ground. Catherine cupped her head and said in a panicked tone "You're going to be alright. You're going to be alright." Mantis smiled and said "You're...a terrible liar." Catherine shook her head "Why did you stand up? Why didn't you stay in cover?" Mantis said "I don't know, guess I wasn't thinking." A second later her eyes fluttered and shut. Catherine shouted "Raiden! Cover me while I take her in!" Raiden nodded and said "Leave it to me." Catherine half carried, half hobbled into the plane and passed her onto Clementine just as she collapsed to the ground. Katnis asked "Are you alright?" Catherine shouted "Can everyone stop saying that?!" Clementine flashed a light in her eyes and said "You're not alright. Your eyes are beat red." Catherine shook her head "I'll be fine." She went to inject herself with her suppressor nanomachines when Haven troops started storming the plane. Katnis opened fire on the troops, taking some of them out and they returned fire, to which Katnis noticed they were firing darts...why would they be firing darts? Naomi pricked one of them out from the wall and shouted "They're full of nanomahines!" Catherine thought to herself "They're testing the Snatcher things on us?" A second later, Molly screamed in pain as one of the darts hit in her in the leg. Catherine picked up Mantis's AK-47u and opened fire killing five of the Haven troops.

Catherine ran over to Molly who was now spasming on the ground, holding her head in pain and crying. Catherine picked her up, wrapped her legs around the child and whispered "Hush, it will be alright." Catherine took out her syringe of suppressor nanomachines as her vision started to blur. Catherine thought to herself "Either I save myself, or Molly dies. Either I kill the only thing I've been able to call a real family, or Molly grows up without a second parent." She looked up at Katnis who was visibly crying. Catherine thought to herself "One parent is better than none." She looked into Katnis's eyes, smiled and said "I'm sorry."-A tear went down her face.-"Goodbye." And she plunged the syringe into Molly's neck.

Mission 04:AwakeningsEdit

Catherine fought against the darkness, fought against her light headedness. She opened her eyes and found a breathing mask over her face, an IV in her arm and she concluded she was in a hospital from her current state. The lifted her head and found Clementine checking her stats before she looked over and saw Catherine smiling at her. Clementine shouted in glee "Oh my god, you're awake." Clementine gave her a hug before Catherine replied "What's up?" Clementine said "Give me a minute." Clementine sprinted out the door and returned with Katnis, Naomi, Meryl, and Snake. The first three gave a brief hello, except Katnis who was visibly crying and said "Don't ever do that to me again! If you do, I will kill myself, alright?" Snake, who was dressed in a suit, said "Hey rookie, how was your brush with death?" Catherine said in a grim tone "All I saw was blackness." Snake nodded "Right." Catherine's eyes widened "Where's Molly, is she alright?!" Naomi nodded "She's fine" She pointed to the bed next to her, and Clementine drew the shroud away showing Molly with a similar breath mask over her nose and mouth, and a bandage on her neck. Catherine asked "What happened?" Naomi said "You plunged the syringe a little...deep into her neck." Catherine asked in a panicked tone "Is she going to be alright?" Naomi tapped her head "Yeah, a few migraines for the next few days. But besides that everything should be fine." Catherine nodded "That's good." Clementine shined a light in her eyes and said "You should be able to leave in a couple days. Just in case." Catherine said "Yeah, sure." Naomi said "She'll be leaving the same time as you, don't worry." Catherine asked "What about the plane?" Naomi asked The Cobra?" Catherine rolled her eyes "Yeah, the Cobra." Naomi said "It suffered minor engine and wing damage. It should be repaired within a few days." Catherine said "Good." Clementine turned to the group and said "Let's give her some space to sleep." Catherine said "You don't need to-" Clementine hit her on the head with a small hammer and said "You. Need. Sleep." Catherine rubbed the top of her head where the hammer hit hit and said "OK, OK, jeez." A majority of the group left except for Naomi. Who proceeded to check over Molly's machines, looked over her heart rate, her breath rate and such and proceeded to close the curtain and turned to Catherine. Catherine said in a mocking tone "If you're going to poison me..." Naomi cut her off with a chuckle and asked "You still going on about that?" Catherine nodded "Yup." Naomi dug into her pocket and handed over a small container. Catherine asked "What's this?" Naomi said "Consider it a happy birthday present." Catherine opened the container and found it to be a package of cigarettes. Catherine smiled "Thank you." Naomi nodded and said "I made sure they aren't the ones that will knock you out." Catherine chuckled "I appreciate it." Naomi said "Don't mention it. Get some sleep, and I'll visit in a couple days." Catherine said "Right." After Naomi departed, she lit a cigarette up and blew a puff of smoke into the air, she lied back into the bed and as the smoke drifted in the air she wondered "How am I even alive?"

Two days later, with the sunlight shinning through the glass of her room, Catherine opened her eyes and peered toward Molly, still sound asleep in her bed, now not needing the breathing mask lying there. Catherine shrugged to herself, stood up and walked over to her bed, lied down next to the girl and started to stroke her hair. Catherine whispered into her ear "I'm sorry for nearly abandoning you like that...given my choices... I know you would have done the same." Catherine noticed Molly's eyes flutter and eventually open and for a solid minute, they stared at each other. For a second, Catherine thought about jumping back into her own bed and pretending like she was still dreaming, however she knew it wouldn't work. A second later, Molly jumped onto Catherine, nearly causing her to crash into the ground from the child's momentum. Molly screamed "Mommy! I am so happy you're here! I'm so happy you're awake! Aunt Naomi told me everything, she told me what you did for me! You shouldn't have! I nearly caused you to die!" Catherine felt the child's warm tears run down her neck as the girl started bawling. Catherine hugged the child and rocked her back and forth until she stopped whimpering. Catherine moved her neck so she could look at the child's face. Catherine said in a sweet tone "I know you don't like what I did. But I had a choice. Me or you." Molly asked "Why did you choose me?" Catherine said "Well...I will tell you everything when you're older, but for what I can tell you now, you deserve to live far more then me." Molly asked "What do you mean?" Catherine patted her on the head and said "I will tell you when you're older." Molly said "Can I ask you a question?" Catherine looked at the child, smiled and said in a joking manner "You just did." The child stared blankly at her until Catherine said "What's your question?" Molly asked "Why does my neck hurt so much?" Catherine smiled, petted the child's head and said "Nothing sweetie, just some medicine." Molly asked "Did they have to make my neck hurt so much?" Catherine said "You get some sleep and the hurting will stop." Molly yawned, rubbed her eyes and said "But I'm not even tired." Catherine rocked slowly back and forth, and started humming a lullaby. Within minutes the child was asleep in her arms, almost snoring. Catherine placed her head against the wall just as a nurse walked in. She looked at the two and asked "Ma'am is everything alright? Your monitors stopped reading your vitals." Catherine nodded "Yes, she just needed help getting back to sleep." The nurse said "I can help you get back into your own bed if you desire." Catherine shook her head "No thank you. I'll just sit here for a while." Several hours later, the doctors cleared both Catherine and Molly and they were escorted back home and were greeted by the entire team. Five days passed and Naomi announced the Cobra was fully repaired and they would be lifting off in an hour. Catherine proceeded to pack any left-over gear and clothing she thought she might need, locked the door on her way out and drove to the heliport. Once boarded she met Molly, Naomi, Pierre, and Katnis in the Meeting room. After some minor conversation about how her head was feeling, then Catherine felt the plane lift off the ground and they were on their way. A second later the screen started chirping. Catherine asked "Who is it?" Naomi said "President John Goldvane." Catherine said "On screen." She suddenly blushed, she felt like a sci-fi character from 90's TV show. The President appeared on screen, he was seemingly in his late forties, green eyes, olive skin, white hair and a slight stubble on his chin. He was elected two years prior and he had approved of the team's mission, and since been under extreme pressure due to the incident in the Middle East. The President said in a demanding tone "Listen...Snake. After the fiasco in the Mid-East, the ON has been up my ass trying to explain to them how we contain the situation. What do you have for me?" From his tone it wasn't really a question, more of a demand. Catherine took out her cigarette box, and picked one of the rolled up miracles, lit it up and started smoking, all the while keeping her glare on the President. The President asked in an equally demanding tone as before "Well?" Catherine said "We don't have anything..sir." The President shouted "What?! You are there to get me results, soldier!" Catherine said "I would get results, but oh wait. I was just in the hospital for three days!" The President said "That is none of my concern." Catherine smirked "Well then..." The President raised his voice "You know I can blow you right out of the sky with a single order." Catherine gave the President an evil glare "Right...and I should care?" The President nodded "Just. Get me. Results." Catherine said "Answer me one question and we'll get right to work." The President folded his hands "What?" The right side of Catherine's face turned into an evil grin, which she hid behind another puff of smoke and she asked "How in the name of The Boss did Vergil not only get his hands on not one, but two nukes, and two Metal Gear REX's?!" The President's eyes turned from anger and intimidation to that of fear and regret. He muttered "That... bastard." Catherine raised her left hand to her ear and asked "Could you repeat that?" The President's face turned back to it's normal, intimidating form and he shouted "Do you have proof to back up your claim?! If you don't I will have you hunted down like a dog!" Catherine smirked "Like you and your predecessors have treated my family so much better in the past." The President said "Answer the question." Before she could answer, another voice appeared behind her, a familiar one. The form pushed up it's glasses and said "We're analyzing the banker's old information disc to verify this as we speak, but from what we've obtained it seems he does have those items in his possession." The President breathed a sigh of relief and said "Get me results, Snake." He signed off unceremoniously and Catherine turned to the figure. Catherine looked the figure over and it was a girl, in her late teens, she had blonde-white hair brown eyes and wore what appeared to be olive pants, a blue t-shirt and a white hooded sweat shirt over that. She also wore glasses that, to Catherine appeared fake. Catherine asked in a scared tone "Sunny, what are you doing here?!" Sunny smiled "Well the semester's over at school and President Goldvane asked me to join the team, so I accepted." Catherine sighed "Dammit. I don't want any more of my family on board." Sunny said "It's OK, I accept the danger. I've always been in danger with these kinds of things, even before I was born." She couldn't argue with that. Catherine nodded "I know. So, care to tell me why your uncle isn't doing this instead?" Sunny said "He wanted to stay in Alaska with Jack and Meryl." Catherine smiled "Well, it's good to have you aboard." Sunny nodded "I'm sorry I couldn't visit you in the hospital, the teachers wouldn't let me leave finals." Catherine nodded "I understand." Sunny smiled "Before I forget, Uncle Hal wanted me to give you a present!" Catherine raised an eyebrow "Oh?" Sunny shouted "Hey! Metal Gear! Get in here!" Catherine gave Sunny a questioning stare "What?" A small form rolled into the room and when it got in front of Catherine, she noticed it was just a Metal Gear Mark 2. Catherine said "Err...thanks?" The robot said in a static voice "Hello Miss Catherine, I am pleased to be your partner!" Catherine shrieked and her first reflex was to pull her SOCOM and shoot it to pieces but Sunny's laugh relaxed her. Catherine asked "Did that just talk to me?!" Sunny nodded "It's been installed with an AI chip. It can talk to you, do tasks for you, responds to various voice commands and hold your gear." Catherine nodded "That's... great. The Metal Gear replied "Hello there! I am Metal Gear Mk. II! You may call me Metal, Gear, Metal Gear or MG!" Catherine nodded "Right..." Sunny smiled "I know it will be odd getting used to. But it will grow on you!" Catherine nodded and said "Welcome to the team."

Mission 05:Second MissionEdit

A week later, Catherine was wearily looking over the holographic image of the planet on the table floating in mid-air in front of her, studying the possible routes Vergil could be using from the Banker's notes. Thus far she hadn't been able to find anything. She peered behind her to the couch and found Katnis and Molly sleeping soundly. She thought about joining them, but shook her head, trying to erase that possibility from her mind. She then peered around the cabin and found no sign of the rest of her crew. Naomi and Sunny had gone to bed at least four hours earlier, Pierre was off on a mission in Paris and the only thing she could talk to was the Metal Gear, which had been watching her the entire time. She peered down at the thing and it "sputtered" at her glance. Metal Gear asked "Do you require anything? A beverage? Headache medicine?" Catherine shook her head "No. I need a lead." Metal Gear shook it's head and said "I do not have the capabilities to do this, ma'am." Catherine sighed "It's fine Metal, I'm just trying to have conversation." Metal "nodded" and said "I see. Do you require me to rouse someone?" Catherine said "No, I just might join them in a minute."

Sunny appeared through the door, holding a cup of coffee, yawned and pushed up her glasses before plopping down at her computer. Catherine asked "Shouldn't you be in bed?" Sunny replied "Shouldn't you?" Catherine said "Alright then." Sunny tapped the screen and said "I think I might have a lead..." Catherine threw her arms in the air and asked "How the hell do you and Naomi keep finding leads before I do?" Sunny replied in a sarcastic tone "I know where to look." Catherine asked "What do you got?" Sunny tapped a map of Russia and said "Moscow. It's been ravaged by the war, but it might be where Vergil wants to set up his renegade nation." Catherine looked at Sunny and asked "Didn't he want to build it off of China?" Sunny shrugged "He must of changed his mind." Catherine asked "How much time do you think it could take for us to get there?" Sunny said "Uh...give or take, get landing cleaòance, travel and such...about seventeen hours." Catherine said "Plenty of time to sleep. Could you get the pilot to charter the course and get Jericho to get us landing clearance?" Sunny nodded "Of course! But where are you going?" Catherine said "You'll see." Catherine disappeared into her room.

Three hours later, she moved back into the meeting room, now the crew was mostly awake and tèey all glanced up at Catherine, their eyes widened in shock at her appearance. Catherine had dyed her hair a ghostly black, and she had also donned a Skull Suit. Molly blinked in confusion "Mommy, is that you?" Catherine nodded "Yes sweetie, it's me. What do you think?" Molly shook her head "I don't like it. Make your hair yellow again!" Catherine chuckled "I will after the mission." Sunny spun in her chair and said "We'll be landing in about twelve hours." Naomi said "Ah, your father sent us these. Here." Naomi handed Catherine an olive drab uniform. Catherine asked "What's this?" Naomi said "Just put it on." Catherine did as she was told and zipped the outfit up and said "Alright, what about the other thing?" Naomi protruded a Patriot. Catherine's eyes widened "Is that...?" Naomi shook her head "Not the original one. It's a reproduction, a built in silencer." Naomi handed it to Catherine who turned it over in her hands. Catherine said "Here Metal, I'll only use it in dire situations." Metal nodded and stored it. Naomi said "Next, your equipment." Naomi latched a watch onto Catherine's left arm and said "This is how you can alternately see our communications via Codec." Catherine said "Cool...I guess." Naomi said "And finally, your default weaponry. A USP and an AK-47u ." Catherine said "Alright."

Mission 06:The PlanEdit

Vergil was sitting at his desk made of Xexel wood, the most expensive type on the entire planet. Just an inch of this wood costs thousands of dollars...and it was all his. He swiveled around in his chair and looked outside to his army, no his legions of soldiers ready to die for him, ready to do anything at a single whim. Even with his billions of dollars... he was bored. He wanted his own nation to be free of corporate control. He was tired of the world's laws, their enforcements, their restrictions. But now that he had not only the Snatchers, but two nukes and the ability to launch them, the ON had no choice but to give into his demands. There was a knock at his door. He shouted "Enter." The door opened an entered a sentry, armed with nothing more than an AK-47u. He said in a timid, dry voice "Sir, your banker posted in Moscow..we have information he may have been exposed. What are your orders?" Vergil smirked "Have him moved to our Hong Kong safehouse. Triple the security." The soldier saluted, and ran down the hall. Vergil sighed to himself as his communicator started going off. Vergil flipped a switch and President Goldvane appeared on his television screen. Vergil asked "And what do I owe the pleasure?" Goldvane said in an unusual cool, calculated tone "My... informants have reported you have this true?" Vergil spread his hands "If I'd be the first to know... Commandante." Goldvane breathed a sigh of relief and said "Good. But keep your Snatcher program contained. I don't need a global panic. Vergil nodded "Yes...Commander." Goldvane signed off and Vergil was returned to his state of bordum. He sighed to himself and said "Where or where...can I strike next?" Vergil retrieved a dart from a drawer and fired at the map of the world hung on his wall. The dart landed directly on London, England. Vergil started chuckling..which turned into a silent laughter and eventually into an insane outcry. Vergil paged his right hand man, Arkham into the room, when he entered, Vergil eyed the man. He was seven foot, seven hundred pounds of pure muscle. Despite his size he would match any Olympic runner and he could take several bullets before dropping. Arkham asked in a monotone voice "Yes, King?" Vergil said "When my banker arrives in Hong Kong...would you please...take care of him?" Vergil gave a bow and said "Yes, King." Arkham immediately departed and within seconds he heard a helicopter depart and head east. Vergil took out his PSS and started twiddling it between his index fingers. He started mumbling "London bridge is falling down...falling down..falling down..heh heh heh."

Mission 07:Altered CourseEdit

Catherine had been wandering the inflamed streets of Moscow along with Metal Gear for over seven hours, and the lead they had vanished. She slumped up against a wall, and let herself slide down until she reached the ground. After a few minutes, Metal Gear asked "Madame, would you like me to contact someone?" Catherine waved her hand and said "No." Metal Gear said "I will engage sonar mode to detect any possible dangers while you rest." Catherine nodded "Yeah, yeah yeah go ahead." Metal "nodded" and his eye sensor turned from it's normal red hue to a navy blue. Catherine dug around her utility belt and withdrew her special cigarettes, specially made packs for her called FOX. 20 mm tar, it had heavy second-hand smoking dangers, which is why she avoided smoking them near Molly. She lit one, and started smoking. A minute later, Metal "looked" at Catherine and said "Madame, you have an incoming voice message." Catherine asked "From who?" Metal replied "Sunny." Catherine tapped her ear and Sunny's image appeared on Metal's screen. Catherine asked "What's up?" Sunny said "The banker, our informant was moved out of the country about ten minutes ago." Catherine asked "Where to?" Sunny said "Directly to Hong Kong." Catherine said in a smug tone "Care to give me a lift?" Sunny said "Sure just give us a few minutes."

An hour later, Catherine walked out of the bathroom, her hair returned to it's natural golden-blonde state, again dressed in a normal, everyday clothing. Metal Gear gave a salute and said "Looking great, madame." Catherine groaned "Call me Catherine or Snake, alright?" Metal nodded "Certainly." Catherine walked into the meeting room and asked "Alright, now what am I doing?" Naomi said "The banker has been moved to a location in Hong Kong, right in the center of PMC-controlled territory." Catherine grumbled "Great to know. So what am I doing?" Naomi said "The same as what we attempted last time." Catherine said in a mocking tone "Walk around an entire city for three hours and come up with nothing?" Naomi smirked "Meet up with the guy and get whatever info you can out of him." Catherine went to the hanger, but Naomi asked "You're going out like that?" Catherine said "Yeah, if I'm going in, why look like someone who's ready to fight an arm? Why not look like a normal, everyday person?" Sunny turned around in her chair, pushed up her glasses and said "She's got a point." Naomi said "Alright, but if you want to play the part, you're going to have to go through a security check." Catherine raised an eyebrow "So?" Naomi said "I don't think Metal here would go well if he went through a detector." Sunny said "I can send a message saying it's a new maid-model prototype." Catherine shrugged "That could work, I guess." Naomi said "You'll need to create an identity." Catherine was already halfway out the door when she said "I got it!" After she left, Naomi mumbled to Sunny "She's gonna be the death of us." Catherine shouted back "I heard that!"

A few hours passed, and Catherine, was standing in the airport, awaiting to pass through a checkpoint while the man in front of her was being patted down. Her translator device in her ear buzzed as it converted the Chinese into English. One of the guards motioned for Catherine to pass through the scanner to which it started going off, which was to be expected. Another guard ordered "Please hand any weapons and items over, they will be inspected and handed back to you after the process." Catherine nodded, took her SOCOM out of her holster, placed it into the tray and the guard asked "Anything else?" Catherine shook her head "Nop-" Catherine raised her index finger -"One more thing." The guard took an annoyed stance as Catherine dug around her belt and withdrew her cigarette box. She placed it into the tray, and placed one of the cigarettes in her mouth. The guard gave her an angry glare and Catherine spread her hands, giving them a "You got a light?" The guard sighed and lit Catherine's cigarette with a forced smile and motioned for her to walk forward, to which she was greeted by a younger, female guard who gave her a once-over, patting her down before saying "She's clean." The male guard handed her back her cigarettes and SOCOM. Catherine gave the guard a mocking salute before walking outside to the rest of the tourists waiting the trolley system to take them into the city. While waiting she gawked at the beauty of the city, it's almost god-like structure. She snapped a picture of it with the Codec's Camera function and sent it back to Sunny. A few minutes later her Codec started chirping to which Catherine answered it to see Sunny and Naomi. Sunny said in a cheerful tone "It's pretty. We should take a vacation when we're done here." Catherine smiled "We'll see kiddo. Did Molly see it?" Sunny shook her head "No, Molly's asleep. I'll show her when she wakes up." Catherine said "So Naomi, are there going to be any more check points I should be worrying about?" Naomi said "There's one more. They will be checking your name against the database to make sure you're not apart of the Russian army or a PMC." Catherine sighed as the trolley arrived, destroying her opportunity to take more pictures for Molly. She thought about waving the trolley off, but she had a schedule to keep. She smoked the last of her cigarette before dropping it into her portable ash tray and boarded the trolley. Five minutes later the trolley docked and they were each questioned one by one. When she finally got her turn, the guard asked in an annoyed, tired tone "Name?" Catherine said "Pliskin." The guard said "Gonna need a first name." Catherine nodded "Joy" Catherine heard Naomi and Sunny type away via the Codec and within minutes the guard said "She's clear" and waved her passed. After getting away from the dock, she lit another cigarette, this time her specially made, tar-heavy brand and lit it. Sunny's said "You know smoking's bad for you, right?" Catherine said "So is sitting at the computer for more than two hours." Sunny groaned "Touche." Catherine asked "Where's Metal?" Sunny said "Right next to you." Catherine peered down by her right foot and noticed Metal standing there. She had no idea how long he had been there and she didn't care. Catherine asked "Alright now where am I going?" Sunny said "About a mile down main street, there will be a gun supply store called "Inner Haven." That's their safehouse for the district, however it's currently suffering from a gang war. Everyone wearing red or blue clothing will be shot on sight." Catherine said "Oh! So that's why you didn't have me wear my sneaking suit." Sunny nodded "Correct. Now hurry, from our mole, we may only have a half hour before the banker is moved again." Catherine nodded "Roger." Catherine signed off and turned to Metal Gear and asked "Ready to go?" Metal nodded "Ready, ma'am." She said "Go into shadow mode, activate stealth camo and let's go." Metal nodded and became invisible.

Catherine used the back alleys and darkened corners to move swiftly across the map before seeing the building called "Inner Haven." She whispered to Metal "You think if we asked nicely, they'd let us talk to the banker?" Metal said "I think that would be unwise, Snake. I would presume they would shoot you on sight." Catherine said "It's called sarcasm, Metal." Metal replied "I see...I detect movement behind us." Catherine asked "What is it?" Metal said "Thirty humans, all armed." Catherine said "Box. Now!" Metal retrieved Catherine a Cardboard box and Catherine hid under it. She thought to herself "Hey it worked for Jack, why can't it work for me?" Just as Metal had predicted, dozens of soldiers, all looking poor and filthy started shooting at the building and launching grenades. A minute later a man stepped out armed with a mini gun. The street soldiers attempted to scurry back into the shadows before the man opened fire, immediately killing five, and within seconds thirteen more were dead. The others retreated back into the shadows before the single man smirked to himself and strode back into the building, ignoring the carnage the building itself had sustained. After making sure the coast was clear, she tossed the box off herself and looked at the carnage. She mumbled "Damn, I don't want to have to fight him." Metal replied "I concur. You would surely parish." Catherine mumbled "Nice confidence." Metal said "Only stating the obvious, ma'am." Catherine rolled her eyes "Come on. Can you hand me my Solid Eye?" Metal nodded and protruded the device to which Catherine placed it over her left eye and switched to heat vision mode, something that was installed by Sunny between missions. She scanned the building and found twenty signatures, mostly guards. She saw two men conversing in the center of the building but that was it, the rest were pacing around the outer edges of the building. She mapped out how high she'd have to go, took off the Solid Eye and handed it back to Metal and started climbing the building. She counted the floors, upon reaching the twelfth floor, halfway up she got her footing and found the guard resting against the window she needed to listen in on. Catherine placed her back against the wall, dialed Sunny and asked "Hey, if I use a suppressor, do you think I could take this guy out without anyone noticing?" Sunny shook her head gravely "No, someone would notice." Catherine sighed "What do I do?" Naomi said "Get his attention, knock on the wall, the two inside won't hear but the guard should come over, then you can throw him over the ledge, snap his neck or knock him out. Whatever you prefer." Catherine said "Throwing him overboard would be fun, but snapping his neck would be quietest." Naomi said "Whatever you prefer." Catherine signed off, knocked on the wall and the guard snapped awake and asked "Is someone there?" The guard walked into her view, but she was still visible she said "It's nice night to die, isn't it?" The man went to turn but it was too late. She side stepped him, grabbed his gun, jammed it into his ribs and while he was recovering, she grabbed his neck and snapped it. She let his body crumble to the ground and moved toward the window. Catherine asked "What do I do, Metal?" Metal placed a wire arm against the glass and handed her an ear piece. Catherine cautiously put it in before hearing what sounded like the tail-end of the conversation. The larger man from before said in a cool, monotone voice "Your business with Vergil is over..." Catherine mumbled "Why does he kill all his bankers?" However, before the man could protest, a scratching, and clanging noise was heard, screams of men dying as they were sliced in half filled the room. Then a split second later, the large man was thrown through the wall, narrowly missing Catherine by a foot. His head was danging from his neck. Catherine went to pull her SOCOM but the attacking figure was already in front of her. The form was obviously a Cyborg Ninja, but it was also obviously not a full Ninja. It's form was too bulky, too large. Maybe it was just a wearable suit, one that could be taken off at any time. Catherine held her gun to the forms head, even though she knew the form could easily block it. The Ninja did a half-bow wiped it's sword clean and placed it's sword in it's holster before asking "What's your codename?" Catherine said "Joy P-" The Ninja said "No. Your codename." Catherine said "Snake. Black Snake." The Ninja said "The name's X." Catherine asked "Who do you belong to?" The Ninja chuckled "The crew of The Cobra." Catherine raised an eyebrow "What?" She knew Katnis was a Ninja, although she declined the full surgery. She didn't know she had another Ninja on the team. "X" said "Allow me to explain. Mr. Jericho sent me here to gain more experience and to hone my abilities as a Ninja." Catherine groaned and held her nose in annoyance "Jericho put you up to this?" X nodded "Yes, ma'am." Catherine asked "The banker still alive?" X shook her head "No ma'am." Catherine sighed "We need him." X folded it's arms behind it's back and looked embarrassed and ashamed. Catherine asked "What's your name?" X said "I alread-" Catherine said "Your name" X said "Keira."

Mission 08:New ArrivalsEdit

Catherine stepped off the helicopter with her newly antiquated team mate following on her heels, gawking at everything they passed. When they walked near the armory/VR room, Keira stopped short and started spinning her head. Catherine poked the girl on the should and asked "Hey...are you alright?" Keira nodded "Yes...when can I use this room?!" Catherine said "After you meet the team." Keira started jumping up and down in anticipation and shouted "Let me meet them now!" Catherine pointed down the hall and said "Straight this way." Keira raced ahead of her and ran into the cafeteria. Catherine walked slowly down the hallway, counted to seven before Keira ran out of the room and waved for Catherine to follow. Catherine asked "You know..I could lead you right to it. You just have to be patient." Keira shouted back "Patience is for the weak!" Catherine rolled her eyes, took out a cigarette and lit it, keeping her pace as Keira desperately searched every room before stopping at the entrance to the meeting room. Catherine said in a commanding tone "Stop." Keira stopped short and asked "Is this the right room?" Catherine walked up and looked into the sensor on her helmet and said "Yes. But let me introduce you. I don't want you cutting up everyone in there." Keira nodded "Alright." Catherine opened the door and said in a mocking, announcer like voice "Hello everyone." Molly , Katnis, Sunny and Naomi all exchanged a stare before looking at Catherine as if she was insane. Catherine asked "What?" Katnis replied "Did you hit your head?" Catherine rolled her eyes "Shut up. We have a new crew member." Katnis's eyes widened "Who?" Catherine motioned behind her and Keira slowly walked into the sight of the crew members in the room. She gave them a nervous wave and said "Hello. I'm X." Catherine nudged her "Hey, we're all friends here. No secret identities." Keira nodded and said "My name's Keira." Catherine motioned toward the crew and said "That's Naomi and Sunny our computer people, Clementine who's downstairs is our medic. Katnis and Molly, my family." Keira bowed "Nice to meet you." Molly asked "Ma'am...Do you have a head?" Keira nodded "Yeah." Molly asked "Why is it covered by a helmet then?" Catherine said "Hush Molly." Keira waved her hand and said "It's no issue. It's been getting stuffy in here anyway." Keira placed both her hands at either side of her helmet and almost inserted her fingers in designated slots before pulling off the device, revealing short dark brown hair, deep pool like brown eyes and a fair completion. After a quick examination, she appeared to be no more than seventeen or eighteen. Molly shouted "You're pretty!" Keira chuckled and said "Why thank you." Naomi said "You'll be staying in Catherine's room until we can get you an empty one." Catherine raised an eyebrow "What?" Naomi said "We don't have any open rooms and you're the only one who sleeps alone." Catherine rolled her eyes "Fine. Follow me if you will." Keira nodded "Yes, ma'am." Catherine and Keira walked down to the dormitories and entered her room. Once inside, Keira said " ma'am." Catherine said "I don't clean. Katnis does." Keira nodded "I'm sorry to ask ma'am, but do you have any spare clothing?" Catherine nodded "Uh yeah." She dug around her drawers and withdrew a baby blue tanktop , and white shorts and placed them on the bed. Keira smiled "Thank you ma'am." Catherine nodded and turned so she was facing the wall. Keira asked "What are you doing ma'am?" Catherine replied "You're getting dressed..." Keira mouthed "Oh, I see." Catherine said "Just hurry up." Keira nodded and slipped out her her outfit, leaving her completely nude. She waited for a few seconds then proceeded to put on her new outfit. Catherine, thinking she was done turned as Keira was still slipping on her shirt. For the first time, Catherine noticed Keira's slim, athletic body. It was obvious to her that she still had to grow into her body a little more. Keira asked "Like what you see, ma'am?" Catherine felt the blood rush to her cheeks and she shouted "No-Ye-May-Just forget it!" Keira chuckled "I'm flattered ma'am." Catherine's tone turned from embarrassed and happy to serious and angry and stepped up to Keira's face and said "Listen to me." Keira's eyes showed fear and nodded "Yes, ma'am?" Catherine said "If you harm me, my wife, my sister, my friends or god help you, my child. I will not hesitate to rip your god damn head off. You feel me?" Keira nodded nervously "Yes, ma'am." Catherine, pleased with the answer said "Good." Naomi's voice came over her Codec "Hey Snake, can I see you in the workshop? If you're not busy?" Catherine nodded "I'll be there in a second." Catherine turned to Keira and said "Why don't you mingle around with the crew while I see what Naomi and Sunny want." Keira nodded "Sure, ma'am." Catherine walked to the workshop, which was cluttered with tools and inventions created by Sunny and Naomi over the past few weeks, most of which she hadn't been briefed about. Catherine turned to Naomi who was helping Sunny hold what appeared to be a high-powered rifle while she tinkered with the muzzle. Catherine said "That better not have a bullet in it." Motioning to Naomi's finger which was dangerously close to the trigger. Sunny smiled and replied without looking up from her duties "No bullets." Catherine asked "What did you need?" Naomi asked "We done?" Sunny said "One...more...second." Sunny screwed in another bolt, retrieved an ammo pack from her pocket, locked it into the gun and handed to Catherine. Catherine asked "What's this?" Sunny said "A modified M4 carbine with a built in suppressor in the barrel." Catherine said "Thanks...I guess." Sunny motioned to her left and said "Shoot one of the targets." Catherine lined up her shot on one of the three bullseye-like targets in the workshop and fired, hitting just above the center. To her shock, the gun barely made a "puff" when she fired. Catherine said "This will come in handy in any stealth mission." Sunny smiled "Yup! I'm glad you like it!" Catherine asked "Is that all you called me down for?" Naomi shook her head "No Sunny just needed my help. Come on, I have something to show you in the meeting room." Catherine nodded "Alright." Once there, Naomi tapped a few key numbers into the "iTable" and a holographic image of what appeared to be a glacier between Canada and the Northern ice cap appeared before her. Catherine asked "What's this?" Naomi said "This is Alpha Center. A base used by PMC's. It's outside the ON's jurisdiction and we believe it's where Vergil is keeping his base." Catherine nodded "Then just order a nuke to be dropped." Naomi shook her head "If we do it would poison the water in the area for decades. We can't risk it." Catherine said "Then order a bombing." Naomi said in a stern tone "No. We can't risk ecological contamination." Catherine sighed "You want me to charge in, kill everyone and if Vergil is there, you want me to kill him too?" Naomi shook her head "No. Well, yes. We don't think he's there, but we should make sure if that is his base." Catherine said "So standard infiltration?" Naomi nodded "Yes." Keira's voice erupted beside Catherine "Can you send me in instead?" Catherine asked "And why in blue hell would I ever send you in there?" Keira said in a "Just-so-you-know" voice "I need experience. Why wouldn't you send me in?" Catherine turned to Naomi for support but Naomi just shook her head in a "I don't care" kind of way. Catherine sighed "Alright, you want it? You got it. You're going in, unarmed. Weapons OSP, if you get captured there will be no backup. Got it?" Keira saluted "Yes ma'am!" Catherine said to Naomi "Give her an anti-freezing pepticide shot, and get her into a sneaking suit." Naomi nodded "Roger." As Keira turned Catherine slapped her on the rump and said "Go get 'em." Keira stuck her tongue out and said "I will." Catherine said "Get going." Keira sat down, and winced at Naomi injected the pepticide into her arm. Naomi said "Alright the suit's in the bathroom, go get changed." Keira nodded and ran into the bathroom, once the door was closed, Naomi knelt toward Catherine and asked "You gonna rescue her if she botches something?" Catherine nodded "Oh always."

Mission 09:Rescue MissionEdit

Catherine was twiddling over the control panel waiting for a distress call, or a call of any form come to think of it from Keira for three hours after she arrived on the island, but nothing came. She left like exploding from the wait, or at least she wanted to get out of the chair. To her left, Naomi said in a sarcastic voice "She'll be fine, Snake." Catherine said "Just wait, she'll call saying she raised the Alert. Or that she dropped her gun or maybe...she killed someone by accident." Naomi said "You know she'd never do that." Catherine reverted her attention back to the computer monitor, watching as Keira's blue-colored blimp weaved across the Soliton Radar image on the screen dodging enemy patrols. A second later Molly nudged Catherine's side with a plate. Catherine asked "What cha need sweetie?" Molly held up the plate, which contained a sandwich and said "It's lunch time and I thought you'd be hungry." Catherine asked "Is that your lunch?" Molly shook her head "No, Mommy helped me make it." Catherine took the plate and placed it on the empty space near the monitor and said "Thank you Molly. Now go play with your toys alright? Mommy's busy." Molly sighed in sadness, nodded and walked off into a darker place in the room and started playing with her dolls. Katnis's voice appeared at Catherine's shoulder "You know, she just wants to spent time with you." Catherine growled "I'm working." Katnis said "And your dad says you're the more mature one." Catherine said "I'm not the one who threw paint on every wall in the house just to entertain her." Katnis said "Come on, don't be like that." Catherine turned to Katnis and asked "Be like what?" Katnis waved her hand toward where Molly walked off to and said "Like this. You become so obsessed with your work you ignore everything else in your life, me, Sunny. Hell even Molly. When you got those stupid tapes, you sat at that damn table for nearly three years, only getting up to help me with the baby, maybe twice a day if I was lucky. Sunny got into college you barely gave her a pat on the back. You decided to build that motorcycle, you let Molly watch, but you didn't speak to her until you were finished and now...this! You nearly died, and now you can't pay a lick of attention to anything or anyone!" Catherine grabbed Katnis's arm and said in an angry toned voice "I'm trying to stop a madman who blew up half of London, killed the President and you're telling me to drop it to play tea time with Molly?!" Katnis said in to Catherine's surprise calm tone "Yes. Take ten minutes out of your day, spend some time with her. The little mad bomber can wait." Catherine couldn't contain her laughter "Let the mad bomber go...just to spend ten minutes with Molly, which I could use to track down this bastard?" Katnis nodded "What aren't you getting? We've spent months with no leads. What are ten minutes aren't going to do anything." Catherine said "Every second is critical in a mission." Katnis said "And I am giving you a mission; Spend more time with your daughter." Catherine rolled her eyes "If it gets you to shut up, I will when we get Keira back. Deal?" Katnis smiled "Deal." Catherine sat back down in her chair, but from the corner of her eye she saw Katnis still glaring at her. Catherine asked "What?" Katnis said "I need something to compensate if you don't keep your promise." Catherine said "I'll quit smoking." Katnis's face turned into a wicked grin "Really? Very interesting!" Catherine said "Don't get your hopes up,I'll do it." A minute later the Codec went off and Keira appeared on the screen in an enemy sentry uniform. Keira said "Uh guys... I-" Catherine asked "Evac?" Keira nodded in sadness "Evac." Catherine said "I'll be there in an hour." Keira saluted and signed off. Catherine turned and said "Naomi, I'm gonna need that shot." Naomi nodded and got up to prepare the anti-freezing pepticide. Sunny asked "Do you need me to get landing clearance?" Catherine shook her head "An enemy base and you want us to get landing clearance?" Sunny nodded "Stupid question." Catherine patted her on the head and said "No, just trying to be through." Catherine made her way to the armory to grab a gun for the mission when she walked past Molly playing with her dollhouse. Catherine bent down and said "When we get Keira back, we'll have some playtime, alright?" Molly's face brightened and she shouted "Alright!" Catherine said "As long as you behave." Molly nodded "Yes mommy." Catherine got up and peered toward Katnis who gave a silent nod to her in acceptance. An hour and a half later, Catherine was standing in the harbor behind some boxes on the glacier, dressed in similar attire to her father from his mission to Shadow Moses. She was armed with a SOCOM, and although she wanted to use Sunny's special M4, she thought it would be too bulky for the mission at hand and chose only to go with a sidearm. Catherine dialed Keira on the Codec and asked "Where are you?" Keira said "One floor up, but I'm trapped in the bathroom. One of the guard saw through my disguise." Catherine asked "How'd that happen?" Keira said "There are no female guards." Catherine sighed "I see. Just stay put I'll be there in a minute." Keira said "Alright. I'll stay right here." Catherine smirked "Good girl." Catherine signed off and checked her surroundings, finding several guards walking around the area, armed with AK's. Catherine climbed up the guard rail, and placed herself against the wall behind a pillar. Just as one of the guards came into her sight, Catherine pulled her gun and whispered "Freeze!" The guard gasped and she sliced his throat with her knife and hid his body behind the pillar. She then proceeded to crawl into the ducts before she found the armory, hopped down and scoured the room before finding another SOCOM, an AK, a few grenades and a P90. Catherine decided to grab an extra SOCOM, latched another holster to her belt and placed the gun in it's proper place, picked up a P90 and equipped a silencer and thought to herself "I feel like a damn cowboy." Catherine sighed to herself and went to walk out the door when it buzzed. She wiped the snow off the door and found it to have a number "4" on it. Catherine dialed Naomi and said "Help, I'm locked in here." Naomi smiled "You need a keycard, according to the radar there should be one in the box to your left. Catherine searched the box and found the card, it had a number "5" on it. Catherine asked "Will a five work for a four door?" Namoi burst out laughing "Your father never told you about stuff like this, did he?" Catherine glared into Naomi's image on her watch and said "No, he didn't." Naomi said "I'll tell you when you get back." Catherine asked "Any guards on the radar?" Naomi said "No Snake, they're all preoccupied three floors above you. Some kinda teleconfrence. It says it will be over in about three minutes." Catherine nodded "Thanks." She held her P90 up just in case the radar was wrong and carefully ran up a floor until she found the bathroom, sighed and opened the door, to which she found a FAMAS pointed at her skull. Catherine said "Take it easy Keira." Catherine peered down at the girl who was standing in the ice cold temperatures in her bra and panties. She was gorgeous but she had no time to stare. Catherine said "Just put the gun down and get dressed." Keira asked "How do I know you aren't one of those guards?" Catherine said "One. If would've killed you if I was a guard. Two.There are no female guards." Keira's face turned from anger and determination to sadness and embarrassment. Catherine asked "Why are you naked?" Keira looked down at herself and said "I'm not naked." Catherine hit herself in the head and said in annoyance "Why aren't you wearing a shirt or pants?" Keira said "I was changing my uniform." Catherine looked in the only stall and saw nothing there and asked "Into what?" Keira pointed beneath the sink to show another guard uniform. Catherine said "Don't bother, I got your Ninja uniform." Catherine handed it to the girl and said "Hurry up, we have a minute before the guards will swarm this place." Keira asked "Why?" Catherine said "I may or may not have killed a guard." Keira asked "So?" Catherine said "I may not have hidden the body very well." Keira turned, now fully dressed in her armor, minus her head and said "I've been meaning to ask you something." Catherine asked "What is it?" Keira asked "Why don't you ever use a sword? I know you received training as a Ninja." Catherine shrugged "Not a big fan of blades." Keira asked "Can you pass me a gun?" Catherine said "Why?" Keira smirked "You can spare at least one." Catherine tossed her the P90 and said "If you need ammo, you're gonna have to find it." Keira asked "What, no infinite ammo bandanna?" Catherine said "This isn't some video game or fiction book!" Keira raised her hands in defense and said "Alright alright, sorry I asked." Catherine dialed Naomi and said "How long would it take us to get evacuated?" Naomi said "About two minutes. Just make it to the harbor and hold off any soldiers for two minutes." Catherine nodded "Alright." Catherine and Keira made their way down the hallway and to the door to the harbor without any resistance, but as soon as they stopped at the door, one of the guards shouted "Hey! Intruders!" Catherine shouted "Crap!" She proceeded to shoot her unsilenced SOCOM at the guard, hitting him in the forehead. Keira asked "You know they probably heard that..righ-" Catherine shouted "Shut up and shoot!" Keira asked "Shoot at wha-Oh god dammit!" A barrage of bullets nearly hit her in the head as a squad of heavily armed soldiers charged around the corner. Keira returned fire, with seven shots, hitting one of the guards in the helmet, and hitting him in the neck, forcing him to the floor and causing his blood to spill out onto the floor. Keira went back behind cover from more bullets and she asked "Got any smoke grenades?" Catherine smiled "That'd be too easy." Keira said "I got a Chaff grenade." Catherine said "These guys aren't AI's." Keira asked "So they aren't going to do any-" Catherine said "No they aren't and we're only gonna have to last another minute." Keira said "I could make quick work of these drones if I could use me sword." Catherine said "We aren't trying to kill them, we're trying to get away!" Catherine bent around the corner and fired four shots into an approaching guard, puncturing three holes in his chest and painting the wall behind him in crimson. Catherine threw herself back behind cover as a shotgun wielding guard opened fire. Catherine said "Take him out, I gotta reload." Keira nodded and fired ten shots into the guards head and neck and dashed back as another barrage nearly hit her. Catherine said "Only ten more seconds." Keira laughed "Only". Keira counted down slowly from ten as a submarine rose through the water. Catherine dashed to Keira's side, tapped her shoulder and said "Come on, time to go!"

Mission 10:Family vacationEdit

Catherine was standing at the iTable tapping away at various coordinates contained in the microfilm Keira had procured, but none of them had any good information pertaining to Vergil. Katnis tapped Catherine on the shoulder, she turned to see a look of sadness and annoyance on her face. Catherine asked "What's wrong?" Katnis jabbed her in the ribs "Your promise." Catherine waved her hand "I will afte-" Katnis raised her voice "Now." Catherine switched off the iTable and said "Alright, where is she?" Katnis raised her thumb over her shoulder "Back there." Catherine nodded "Alright, alright." Catherine silently walked over to a darkened corner of the room and found Molly fiddling with a pair of toy pop gun revolvers. Catherine said "Hey sweetie, how are you doing?" Molly continued playing with her toys but replied in an empty tone "Fine, mommy." Catherine asked "What cha doing?" Molly replied "Cowboys and Aliens." Catherine raised her eyebrow "Don't you mean Indians?" Molly shook her head "Mommy said to play Cowboys and Aliens." Catherine nodded "I see. Mind if I be your partner?" Molly's face brightened and she nodded energetically "You will?!" Catherine smiled "Yeah." Molly said "Here, put this on!" Catherine asked "Put what o-" Molly forced something on her head and when she went to take it off, Molly shouted "No! Keep it on!" Catherine craned her head to look at herself in the mirror and saw it was an old fashioned cowboy hat with a feather in it. Molly held up one of the toy revolvers and shouted "Draw!" Catherine raised her own, but Molly started popping and shouted "You're dead!" Catherine and Molly took turns chasing each other around the plane "popping" at each other for at least an hour. The entire time, Catherine felt ridiculous, but at the same time she felt happy she was spending time with the girl. Catherine and Molly stopped in the meeting room where Molly herself was stopped by Katnis who picked her up mid-run. Molly shouted "Why'd you stop?! We were having fun!" Katnis said "We're getting a message." Catherine said "Oh, put it on screen." The image appeared to be the newly-inducted President Rachel De Santa. Catherine had met the woman back when she was eleven when Rachel was a black haired bombshell. Eleven years later she now had bleached-blonde hair and was far more charismatic than she was when Catherine had met her. Rachel said "Hello there, Snake. Err...what's with the cowboy hat?" Catherine's face turned red with embarrassment, but a thought popped into her head. Catherine tipped her hat and said "Howdy, ma'am. The hat's nothing. What do you need?" Rachel said "Well, after reviewing my predecessor's files, we have discovered that he and Vergil had been in contact since before he was in office. He knew Vergil's location. His army's size and if they had a nuke or Metal Gear at the time." Catherine lit a cigarette and said in a bored tone "I'm not surprised." Rachel said "Oh? Why's that?" Catherine said "He was an asshole." Rachel said "A-Anyways. We are having another special team try to pin-point his coordinates. But it should take about three days. In the meantime, you and your team the hook." Sunny asked "You mean, a vacation? But I just got here!" Rachel gave an understanding glare at Sunny and said "Yes, a vacation. We'll keep in touch." Before Catherine could utter another word, Rachel's image vanished. Katnis asked "Now what?" Catherine asked "What day is it?" Katnis said "December twenty second." Catherine smiled "It's time for a family Christmas." Sunny turned in her chair and asked "Set a course for Alaska?" Catherine smiled "Sorry, but only you me, Katnis and Molly are going. Everyone else is going to have to make their own plans. Katnis, could you get the helicopter ready?"

Three hours later, Catherine, Katnis, Molly and Sunny were standing outside the log cabin belonging to Jack and Meryl. It was located on the border between Alaska and Canada, which the only way to said cabin was a single road. One could not fly to the cabin due to the high winds and potential of crashing into the mountainside. Instead one must take a snow mobile or dog sled, which to Catherine's knowlage, Jack and Meryl cared for at least three wolf-dogs. Molly tugged at Catherine's coat and shouted "What if they're not home!? It's freezing!" Catherine patted her head "They're home, sweetie. Their lights are on." A few seconds later, Meryl opened the door wearing a heavy sweatshirt and her normal camo pants, and much to Catherine's shock she looked little different than when she last saw her almost a year earlier. Although Catherine noticed a slight tired expression in her eyes. Meryl smiled "Hey everyone, come on in! You're going to freeze!" After placing their coats on the hangers, Catherine noticed the cabin was now filled with memorabilia from his previous missions during his life. Also above the fireplace in their living room was a painting of them in what appeared to be a Japanese garden. Meryl appeared behind Catherine and said "We had that painted last year. We had to sit still for three hours." Catherine said "Sounds dreadful." Molly shouted "Grandma Meryl. Where are the puppies?!" Catherine said "Molly, that's rude." Meryl smiled "It's fine. They're in the basement." Katnis asked "Why are they in the basement?" Meryl said "Jack wanted them inside." Molly asked "Can I see them?" Meryl nodded "I think Jack's down there right now. Come on." Catherine said "Katnis, Sunny. Why don't you guys relax?" They looked at each other, shrugged and sat down on the couch while Catherine and Molly followed Meryl down the steps to the basement. Once there, Catherine saw Jack tossing what appeared to be pieces of bread at the three little wolf-pups. Jack said "Kept me waiting, huh?" Catherine smiled "Sorry. We've been trying to save the world." Jack turned and smiled "Back in my day we saved the world in a day." Catherine flipped him off and said "Shut up." Molly asked "What happened to their mommy? She was here last time I was here..." Jack said "She uh...she went to a farm." Molly asked "Mommy, can we take one of them home?" Catherine shook her head "Our apartment doesn't allow dogs." Molly sighed "Aww well." Jack turned to Catherine "You want a smoke?" Catherine took the box from his hand and read the label. 20 millimeters of tar. Catherine said "You only live once." She took a cigarette, and tossed the box back to Jack and went to light it, but Meryl stopped her and said "Outside. Both of you." Jack said "Nah, let's take it to the living room." Catherine said "Can't, Katnis and Sunny are in there." Jack sighed "Then the kitchen." Meryl said "No, I don't want my kitchen smelling like smoke!" Jack smiled "It smells like that all the time." Meryl shouted "Screw you." Jack said "Come on, the patio should be warm enough for a smoke break." Catherine shrugged and said "Alright." Catherine followed him up to the second floor and he opened a door that lead outside to a closed-in patio. It was warm enough to the point where one could wear a sweater, but it probably wouldn't be healthy to stay out too long, since she was only wearing a shirt. She lit the cigarette, walked over to the window and watched as the plentiful snow fall to the ground. The crystals clinging to the ground was both beautiful, and relaxing, at least to her. She almost wished she could leave the team, sell their house, and come here and live with Jack and Meryl. But she knew it would be selfish of her. Jack coughed as he inhaled more of the cigarette smoke. Catherine, worried for the man asked "Are you alright?" Jack just smiled and said "I'm fine, my lungs aren't just what they used to be. I've been too lazy these past few years." Now that she got a good look at the man, she noticed his hair was truly starting to gray-over, his skin has lost some color and all around, he had gotten smaller, not much but it was noticeable. After a few seconds, Jack peered up at her and said "Take a picture, it'll last longer." Catherine shook her head in embarrassment and said "No no, it's look so different than when I last saw you." Jack let out a joking laugh, one she had never heard from him before and he said "That's what happens when you get older kid. You get lazy, and your body changes with it." Catherine nodded "Yeah...that's going to suck." Jack asked "So kid, tell you have any regrets?" Catherine replied "Regrets about?" Jack said "Well, anything. But I want to know if you have any regrets toward me." Catherine let out a chuckle and asked "Why would I have any regrets toward you? Because of you, I've lived a life people would only dream of! I mean, when people say "Oh my dad's a cop. Oh my dad's a firefighter." I get to say "Oh hell no, my dad's Solid Snake!" Jack gave a nod and said "I'm being serious, do you have any regrets?" Catherine said "Well...if I had one thing to complain about..." Catherine paused, tapped the ash off her cigarette and returned it to her mouth before continuing "It'd have to be you and Meryl ditching me for ten years." Jack nodded "I should've seen that coming." Catherine shook her head and said "I'm not mad anymore, I mean it. I know you had to do it. I've forgiven you already." Jack shook his head "I shouldn't have put you through that rookie. You were twelve, we should've taken you with." Catherine put a hand on his shoulder and said in a loving tone "I'm serious. I don't care about that anymore. Hell, if anything I've had a much better life if you had picked someone over me." Jack nodded "Right, so tell me, when are you going to start training your kid?" Catherine said "I'm going to wait until she's around nine or ten." Jack laughed "Back in my day, we started training as soon as we could walk." Catherine smiled "Yeah well, times have changed, Jack." He shook his head and said "Kid, call me David." Catherine raised an eyebrow "Why?" David said "Because that's my name." Catherine asked "Then where the hell did 'Jack' come from?" David said "It's just an alias." Catherine asked "Alright . so what's your last name?" David shook his head "Never had one." Catherine said "So I can assume Pliskin is also an alias?" David nodded "Yeah." Catherine asked "So besides that, what was on your list of last names?" David smirked and said "It's been years...but I think number three was Hayter. It had a nice ring to it." Catherine laughed "Jack Hayter..real nice." David said "No David Hayter- Never mind." Catherine felt something burning her finger and noticed that her cigarette had finally burnt out. She tossed it out the window and asked "You wanna go back inside?" David nodded "Yeah."

Once inside Catherine found Katnis and Molly sitting on the couch while Molly was sipping what appeared to be hot chocolate, while Katnis and Meryl were laughing at something. Catherine asked "What's so funny?" Meryl said "We've made a deal, you guys can stay until the road clears." Catherine asked "What do you mean?" Meryl said "The road's blocked by snow, we're closed in till December twenty sixth." Katnis grinned "We're trapped in an isolated the middle of a snowstorm with a guy named Jack...I've seen enough Steven King movies to know where this is going." Catherine elbowed her in the shoulder and said "His name's David." Katnis nodded "Oh, so I take it Jack's just a nickname?" David nodded "I guess." Meryl said "The other part of the deal is that you two not make too much noise at night." Catherine blushed "Meryl..." Molly looked at Katnis and asked "You oh mean like that one day you bought a whip.-" Molly looked at Catherine -"And that night you kept shouting 'harder!'" Katnis covered Molly's mouth and whispered "We told you not to talk about that again." Catherine felt the blood rush to her cheeks and looked up at her parents and saw them trying to contain laughter. Catherine sighed "Let it out." Meryl smiled "Don't feel bad, you walked in on us once or twice." Catherine's eyes widened "That's what you were doing?!" After a few seconds of silence, Catherine smiled "Just kidding." Molly tugged at Katnis's shirt and asked "What are they talking about?" Katnis said "Ask again when you're older..."

Mission 11:New RecruitEdit

Later, after everyone had Meryl's dinner of steak and eggs, which to Catherine's surprise were not burnt and actually tasted good. The family each went to bed one after another. Molly was put in bed around nine, Sunny and Katnis went in around ten, and Catherine went in at around midnight. Catherine found sleep welcoming, and it almost felt like she was meeting a long-lost friend. She was separated however what felt like a short time later by sounds downstairs. Catherine wanting to investigate, thinking it was an intruder went to get up, but found Katnis's arms and lets wrapped around her midsection. Katnis has used Catherine as a body pillow for at least since Molly was born, and although it didn't bother Catherine much, it did become a hastle when she really needed to get up. Catherine squirmed her way out of Katnis's grip, somehow without waking her up, which also didn't come as a shock to Catherine, as Katnis was known for her extremely heavy sleeping. She put it out of her mind, threw on a pair of black sweat pants and grabbed her SOCOM and quietly walked down the stairs to find David doing pushups on the floor. Catherine let out a sigh of relief and placed her gun in her holster. David mumbled "Morning, rookie." Catherine asked "What are you doing?" David, who was still doing his push ups replied "Working out." Catherine rolled her eyes "I can see that. Why are you awake?" David said "I do this every night. It keeps me at least halfway in shape." Catherine asked "Meryl know you do this?" David nodded "Yeah, she thinks I let the dogs out." Catherine sat down next to him and asked "You finding retirement boring?" David slouched up against the couch next to her and said "Yes. I was made for war, not being a couch potato." Catherine thought for a second before saying "I think I have an idea." David gave her a questioning look "Well, are you going to tell me?" Catherine said "Well, I am not really good at leading the team, and I was thinking if you would..." David asked "You want me to become the Commander?" Catherine smiled "Yes, it would get you out of Alaska." David shook his head "I don't know kid. A desk job isn't really me." Catherine looked him over " can't really do field work." David gave her a dirty look "Thanks a lot." Catherine shrugged "Well, you're not as young as you used to be." David sighed "What would I be doing?" Catherine said "You'd be the Colonel. You'd be doing whatever Grandpa Campbell did in your days." David smiled "Sit there, order you around and complain when something bad happens...sounds fun." Catherine smirked "So you'll do it?" David nodded "Sure, at least it gets me out of the cold for a while." Catherine smiled "That's great! Thanks dad!" David said "Yeah, yeah. Just don't get used to me being around." Catherine's eyes widened "Are you dying?!" David shook his head "No, no, no. I just don't plan on the mission going on long. Once it's over, I'll go back here." Catherine sighed "So, you don't want to move in with me, Molly, Katnis and Sunny down in California?" David shook his head "No, it's too hot down there." Catherine gave him a hug and whispered "You'll come around." David looked up and said "Huh?" As a shadowy figure walked into the dim light. Catherine asked "Molly, what are you doing up?" Molly, who was rubbing her eyes said "I heard you guys talking, so I thought it was time to wake up." David said "She's got some great ears." Catherine mumbled "She doesn't get that from Katnis." Molly asked "So what's for breakfast?" Catherine looked at the clock and saw it was six seventeen in the morning, shrugged to herself and said "I guess that's acceptable." David nodded "I'll get Meryl." Catherine asked "For what?" David smiled "Christmas breakfast." Molly's eyes widened and Catherine could tell she was fully awake. Molly shouted "It's Christmas?!" Catherine said "Yes, dear. But I don't think Santa came here." Molly started crying "But...why?" Catherine said "Uh...err...he uh...probably left the presents at our house back in California." Molly sighed "Why?" Catherine shrugged "We'll open them when we get home." Molly nodded in sadness "Alright." Meryl walked down the stairs followed in suit by Katnis, who still looked like she was half asleep. Meryl patted Molly on the head and said in a sweet tone "Come on milk dud, I'll make you a special breakfast!" Molly shouted "What is it?!" Meryl said "Follow me to the kitchen, you'll see." Molly skipped behind Meryl like a baby duck follows it's mother. Catherine hoisted herself onto the chair, to which Katnis sat on her and said in a seductive tone "We could kill some time upstairs if you want." Catherine said "Not now, pervert." Katnis asked "What are you talking about?" Catherine glared at her and said "I was your body pillow again." Katnis winked "It could be a preview." Catherine whispered "Later, I promise." Katnis said "I'll hold you to that, and remember, if you don't...there will be consequences." Catherine nodded "Yeah, yeah." Molly shouted from the kitchen "Oh my gosh! Pancakes?!" Catherine whispered to David "Isn't she a crappy cook?" David shook his head "She's improved a lot. She took a couple cooking classes after I refused to eat her meals for a week." Catherine asked "Didn't that hurt her feelings?" David nodded "Yes, but she got over it." Katnis smirked "Harsh." David said "You have to be sometimes." Molly ran into the living room holding a plate of pancakes. Catherine noticed multiple chocolate chips in them. Catherine sighed "Did you have to give her that?" Meryl smiled "You got a problem? Get over it." Catherine said "She doesn't need all that sugar." Molly offered Meryl the plate and asked "May I have seconds?" Catherine looked at her face and saw it was covered with chocolate. Meryl gave Catherine a questioning look and Catherine waved her hand in a fine, go ahead motion. Meryl took the plate and said "Maybe this time, I'll give you some whipped cream!" Catherine shouted "No!" Meryl asked from the kitchen "What's the worst that could happen?" Catherine said "I gave her a Mountain Dew once, she stayed up all night. If we give her all this sugar we are going to need an M9 to calm her down." Meryl smiled "Like that would ever happen." Catherine said in a sly tone "You really don't know Molly." Molly sprinted back into the living room, sat down and started eating the pancakes. Meryl slouched against Catherine's seat and asked "You want some?" Catherine sighed in defeat and said "Yes, please."

David, now dressed in an olive formal military uniform, complete with a beret walked toward the mission room onboard The Cobra, with Catherine close behind him. David asked "Tell me why again I'm dressed like this?" Catherine jabbed him in the rib cage and said "You look fine, Boss. Relax." David said "I don't understand why I can't wear a suit." Catherine said "You're the leader of a top-secret spy team. Not going to a wedding." David sighed "Let's just, get this over with." Catherine side stepped in front of him, blocking his way into the room and said "Just relax, take a deep breath and you'll be fine. Everyone in that room respects you. And besides, this isn't the first time you've lead a team." David said "True, but last time I did two teammates died." Catherine said "Put the past behind you. Or as you always tell me "Learn from your mistakes." David grumbled "Alright, alright." Catherine turned, walked into the room and said in a mocking tone "Introducing! Big Boss!" David walked into the room, scanned the team and said to Catherine "I'm going to get you for that." Catherine winked "Bring it." David said "Well I uh...we're here to stop Vergil and...uh...." Naomi said "Boss, we know the drill. You just give us orders and we'll get on it."

Mission 12:Final AssaultEdit

Three weeks passed, Catherine was sitting in her room playing with Molly when David walked in, gave her a salute and asked "Mind if I come in?" Catherine returned the salute and said "No problem, but can you watch her for a second? I need to use the restroom." David smiled "Sure." Catherine rose from her seat and moved to the bathroom. She closed the door, locked it and looked at herself in the mirror before sighing to herself and said " I need to do this?" She dug into her pocket, and popped out two Pentazemin and downed them before shuddering and a voice in her head said "It helps calm the nerves." Catherine shook her head, splashed some water in her face and moved back into the room, finding Molly singing "Meta-Meta-Metal Gear!" While David sat there, humming along. Catherine took a seat next to him and asked "Enjoying the opera?" David said "She's got a better singing voice than you." Catherine said "Screw off." Molly asked in a concerned tone "Are you alright, mom?" Catherine replied "What do you mean?" Molly said "Your eye is twitching." Catherine rubbed her eyes and said "Yeah, yeah I'm fine." David leaned in close and said "I know you're popping Pentazemin, kid." Catherine asked "How long have you known?" David said "Ever since you started." Catherine asked "How?" David nudged her ribs and said "Molly found the pill bottle." Catherine asked "How the-?" Molly said "Under your bed." Catherine cupped her face and said "I'm sorry." David placed a hand on her shoulder and said "It's alright, it gets the best of us." Catherine smirked "Like you ever had an addiction." David said "Yeah, for about four years, I had a heavy drinking problem." Catherine said "I didn't know that." Molly said "I won't ever drink, and I will never, ever smoke, mommy!" Catherine and David exchanged a glare before they started laughing. Molly gave them each a questioning glance before asking "What?" Catherine said "That's exactly what I told him, he found me smoking cigarettes when I was twelve." David said "It runs in the family, Molly. Can't escape it." Molly said "That's reassuring." Catherine said "Don't worry, I only started smoking because I saw him smoke. You don't have to pick up our bad habits." David asked "So I take it you're gonna quit?" Catherine said "You should too."

There was a knock at the door, and Catherine shouted in a mocking, royal tone "You may enter!" Sunny entered holding a data pad and said "Snake...and Snake...we've found Vergil." Catherine asked "Where?" Sunny said "He's hiding in Moscow Russia." Catherine asked "Why would he hide in his enemies capital?" Sunny said in a mocking tone "No one would suspect it." Catherine nodded "Right." David said "You better get suited up." Catherine saluted "Will do, Big Boss."

Four hours passed, Catherine was falling from the plane toward the ground, Sunny and Naomi chimed in her ear "Now two hundred mph..two ten...two twenty." She was thanking herself for popping another Pentazemin, and smoking a cigarette before jumping. She heard Sunny shout "Open your chute now!" Catherine pulled the string forcing the chute out, which caused severe whiplash, and felt like her shoulder was about to be ripped out of the socket. A minute later she collided with the ground, and barrel rolled before sharply raising her head. She stripped her backpack, extra oxygen support and other uneeded tech before placing her mask inside her pack on her belt and activated her Codec. David's face appeared on her watch screen. Catherine said "Successful landing, Boss." David said in a commanding tone "Good job Snake, now proceed with the mission objective. Eliminate Vergil, and anyone in your way." Catherine said in an uncomfortable tone "You sure that's necessary?" David nodded "Yes." Catherine said "A little extreme..." David said "Get over it. Now look at the weapons in your backpack and get on with the mission." Catherine turned from her Codec and dug in her back, withdrawing a Patriot and a Springfield Operator. Catherine placed the Patriot in her pack, raised the Operator and said into the Codec "Commencing Operation Ender." David mumbled "Fire the guy who came up with that name." Catherine said "Didn't you come up with it?" David covered his face and said "Uh no.." Sunny shouted "Yes you did! He's lying!" Catherine turned off the codec and walked toward the fortress. She found her way to a clearing, and after switch to heat vision mode on her Solid Eye, she counted three guards, all guarding the front door. It was apparent to her Vergil didn't expect any attacks. She next switched to binocular mode and zoomed in on the guards. She found they were armed with AK-47u's. She gave an evil smirk, and reported the situation and Sunny said in a helpful tone "You can shoot them, or you could use Stealth Camouflage to sneak around them, however the area around them consists of Singing Sand. So it's not recommended." Catherine smiled "Thanks Sunny." Catherine thought for a minute before switching on her stealth camo, slid down the side of the cliff, causing only minimal rocks to fall, to which even the nearest guard didn't pay attention to.

Catherine waited a few minutes before the guards got far enough way. She took the opportunity, tapped on a nearby tree, causing the guard to investigate. Once he was close enough, she grabbed him by the collar and snapped his neck before he could raise an alert. Catherine then raised her gun and shot the other guard in the head. The other guard went to check on his now-dead friend, but Catherine placed two bullets in the man's cranium. She then spent the next minute hiding the bodies.

Catherine then went up to the only visible window, and peered in, the only thing she could see was Vergil sitting at his desk, tapping away with a pen. Catherine walked around to the door before her Codec started going off. Catherine asked "What?" Sunny said "There are bombs planted at the door." Catherine rolled her eyes "Great, thanks Sunny." She signed off the Codec, aimed her gun at the steps and fired, blowing the door to hell and sending shrapnel away all around her. The next thing she knew the Stealth Camo had malfunctioned and stopped working. Catherine shrugged it off and stepped into the room, with caution. She raised her gun to Vergil. The man had black, messy, untamed hair, a filthy, white tuxedo and pants, and ruined dress shoes. He looked drunk and he'd been through hell. The man started laughing manically "Nevermore..nevermore...nevermore another eyesore...nevermore..nevermore." Catherine asked "What the hell happened to you?" Vergil smirked "Wouldn't you like to know? Bitch." Catherine said "Fine, then I shoot you now." Vergil raised his flask and said "Fine, fine. If you must know. I was forcibly removed from power, my own men turned against me. They were overtaken by China armies. Now I have been disgraced, this is my last safehouse...where I will make my last stand." Catherine said "So I guess, you're ready..." Vergil smirked "Say hello, to my little friend!" Catherine raised her eyebrow "The hell-" She jumped behind a pile of boxes as a barrage of bullets whizzed past her. She heard a gun clatter to the ground and he shouted "That's not all!" She raised her head just as Vergil stormed through the boxes like a wrecking ball, and punched the wall, leaving a large crater. Catherine swore to herself and Vergil shouted "This, is what my scientists were working on." Catherine fired three shots at the man, who only laughed as they bounced off his chest. Catherine winced in pain as Vergil countered with a powerful blow to her stomach, sending her six feet back, landing on the floor. She started coughing violently from the blow, causing blood to spill out onto the floor. As he got closer, her reflexes kicked in, and she fired her last two bullets at Vergil, narrowly missing his large forehead. Vergil proceeded to toss the gun to the ground before punching Catherine again to into the other wall, knocking the breath out of her. Vergil mumbled "Nevermore..nevermore...another eyesore!" Sunny called on the Codec "You're not going to kill him with his guard up! You will only be able to shoot him when he's stunned!" Catherine coughed up more blood "I got no stun grenades!" Sunny asked "You still have those knock out cigarettes?" Catherine nodded "Yeah." Sunny said "Try that." Catherine said "Alright." She signed off, quickly whipped out a Cigarette gas-spray gun, and placed it in her mouth, ready to fire. Vergil grabbed her by the collar and said "You enjoy your final cigarette, girly?" Catherine smiled "It's not's yours." Catherine blew the gas into his face, which he inhaled causing him to stumble backwords. Using the diversion, she withdrew the Patriot and fired seven shots into his chest.

With Vergil defeated, he started coughing up blood, adding to the growing pool on the ground. He dug around his pocket before retrieving a film and said " my vast fortune...use it as you so desire..." Catherine asked "How much?" Vergil said "Four billion...doll-" He coughed one last time before dying. David asked "What are you going to do with it?" Catherine said "I have an idea...something the President offered."