Metal gear RAIL
Ground Bipedal tank
Used by:
The Patriots, Rezonalva Mercenary
Soviet Union Arms program (SUAP) ArmsTech.Inc
1/AI controlled
Titanium alloy
Standard Armament:
Electro-magnetic Railgun

2 x 30 MM rotary gun

Anti-tank Missles

Surface to Air Missles

100+ Megawatt free-electron laser

8 x TMD missiles

Amphibious missiles
Appears in:
Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Current state:

Metal Gear RAIL was a bipedal tank that was created after the Metal Gear REX. It was developed by ArmsTech Inc, as soon as the Soviet Union Arms Program (SUAP) abandoned the project, RAIL has since been a black project. It's name comes from the primary weapons it's equipped, which is a electromagnetic Railgun.

History Edit

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, some Soviet Scientists had ran into hiding in Eastern Russia, near the Bering Sea, from there the Soviet Union Arms Program was created and a base of operation was soon constructed. After learning about the American's black project, known as Metal Gear Rex, SUAP feared that the United States government will use Rex against Russia, the Soviet Union Arms Program soon started to develop Metal Gear RAIL under the code name of Russilkau, however the SUAP did not get very far with project and scrapped it due to not having enough resources or materials to complete the RAIL. Sometime in 2005, a few months after the Shadow Moses incident, ArmsTech soon discovered the Metal Gear RAIL projected and adopted it, making RAIL, Metal Gear Rex's Successor. The project was left a secert, so that the Patriots would not attempt to steal it. The project was soon after completed in 2009, right after the Manhatten Incident and it was soon discovered and stolen by the Patriots and given to Rezonalva Mercenaries, an army of Russian soldiers hired by The Patriots to find and terminate Raiden.

Metal Gear Solid: RisingEdit

Metal Gear RAIL makes it's first in-game appearance in North Africa, where some local rebels of Egypt are fighting Rezonalva Mercenaries. Metal Gear RAIL, soon appeared from the sands in the desert and immediately destroyed many Rebel vehicles and killed many Rebel Soldiers, with it's Rail Gun. Raiden was hidden under a destroyed tank as he watched RAIL kill the soldiers.

RAIL, then reappeared in Colombia, destroying 3 F-16s sent from the United States, before leaping away through Colombia's rainforest.

RAIL finally appeared in Alaska, with Rezonalva (leader of the Mercenary company with the same name) piloting the Metal Gear, this time RAIL appears as a boss.

Raiden defeats RAIL by leaping on to RAIL head, near the cockpit and lunges his sword several times into RAIL computer hardware that was protected by a layer of Titanium Alloy. Raiden, then absorbs all the energy from the hardware and uses it to blast off one of Metal Gear RAIL's leg. RAIL, then collapsed to the ground crushing Rezonalva, who was piloting it.