HMS Reliance was a Naval vessel operated by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom, operating as a mobile deployment platform for the Metal Gear bipedal tank war frames utilized by the British as a means to replace its aging Trident missile program, part of Britains permanent at sea nuclear deterrent. HMS Reliance was destroyed in 2017 of the coast of Japan following the detonation of one of the Metal Gear war frames that were in transit to mainland Japan as part of a sale between NATO and the JSDF.

History Edit

Commissioned in 2013 following the use of multiple automated Bipedal war frames, and calls for the Metal Gear war frames to replace the United Kingdoms aging trident fleet, which had suffered a number of close calls due to faults in repairs, maintenance and safety procedures, all of which was raising the eyebrow of many a inspector; both civilian and Military. HMS Reliance was a unique class of vessel built for the Royal navy, due to its large deployment bay at the rear of the vessel, to accommodate the recently acquired Metal gear platforms already coming in to service with the United Kingdoms Armed Forces.

Entering service in late August 2015, HMS Reliance acquired its first war frame for operational deployment following a great deal of negotiation between the British Government and the French Government, over the concerns of deploying a Metal Gear war frame in the English Channel, which was a matter of heated debate and concern.

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