Falcon is the 22 year old brother of Meryl Silverburgh as well as the husband of Mei Ling.

History  Edit

Jacob was born on May 8th 1991 in Columbus Ohio as the brother of Big Boss and is now a government agent under the President's orders and his long time friend Jackson. Jacob was friends with Snake who had died of old age and heard of death from the General which caused him to blame himself for not being there for Snake even though it wasn't his fault for anything. Jacob then develops a crush on Meryl but hasn't realized he is far from her age with her being 22 but they start to date each other anyway. Meryl is Jacob's most prized possession and he really cares about her. Though he is being blamed for the death of his brother but Falcon knows the truth realizing his supervisors betrayed him by defecting to a now revived FOX-HOUND which are the people responsible for his mother's death in 2011 leading to his vengeance on the squad. Falcon can be a jerk at times but he loved his mother and father very much. Falcon really cared about his brother and would do anything to save his life from an enemy ambush. Jacob served in the Afghanistan war for the September 11th attacks on American soil. Jacob later leaves the military and returns home saying to himself he is done fighting in wars as he was almost killed during the Afghanistan war.


  1. 2 Desert Eagles 
  2. FAMAS Assault Rife 
  3. His RSASS is his signature weapon with a ACOG scope and silencer. 
  4. M4A1 with a grenade launcher
  5. M-79 Grenade Launcher
  6. Rocket Launcher

​Resemblance to Big BossEdit

Jacob and Big Boss are twin brothers (like Solid and Liquid Snake).