Alice Desperado

Alice in Desperado

Alice Look

Alice after her escape

Alice is a young girl trained within Desperado LLC. A succesful child soldier without a single flaw.


When Alice was 4-years-old, her parents were killed in a car accident, when she witnessed their own blood on her hands, she began to change a bit, becoming introduced to bloodlust.

Alice was placed in an orphanage, and was shown to have strong leadership skills. By the age of 8 however, she had the tendancy to make herself bleed to release stress.

When Desperado took posession of her at age 10, she was afraid to the point where she didn't even want to scream. Alice was used to any simulation no matter how dangerous, and never shown any fear or damage, she even laughed when she would see blood.

By the age of 15, Alice escaped Desperado to try and live the normal life that she wanted, unaware of the dangers that lied ahead of her. However the first time it's happened, her arm was cut off. They had replaced it with a robotic arm, but she hated the look of it, so she wrapped it in medical bandages.


Alice has long white hair, with a red ribbon tied around it. She wears a blue tank top with a light blue jacket over it, and blue jeans with black sneakers.. Her right arm is bandaged. Her sleeves make it easier to carry her masamune.

Alice has light blue eyes which almost make a dark and cold stare.


Alice is mostly quiet, not talking much due to fear, but she never wants to show how scared she truly is, because she believes it resembles weakness. When in battle, she can become quite feirce, sometimes beating someone to death. When she kills someone however, she has the tendancy to laugh due to the bloodlust she has.

Training ProceduresEdit

Each member of the Winds of Destruction has specifically trained her to fight in miraculous ways. When in battle she uses these methods, and it always seems to get her out of rough situations where it seems that all hope is lost.


"'re the imfamous killer. Jack the Ripper." (When meeting Raiden for the first time)

"You aren't so bad after all Ja-- I mean...Raiden."

"Scared? Me? Oh shut up!"


"You're going to die, and I'm going to kill you!!" (In Bloodlust mode)


After killing enemies for a long time, Alice can sometimes go into a blood rage, killing multiple enemies without pause. She learns to controls her bloodlust only at certain points.


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